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this generation's on vacation.mp3

Full Trash 20 - V/A KILLED BY TRASH Vol. 2 LP
1st Press Sold Out / 2nd Press Limd. 150 / 2015 Edit. come with bonus V/A KILLED BY P.TRASH Vol. 50 7"
IDLE HANDS - "This Generation's On Vacation" by SHOCK
MUTAGENS - "Mindless Contentment" by PLUGZ

Here we go again feeding your quenchless appetite with another hep slab o' wax from P. TRASH. Being the sweet, loveable people we are, we thought that we should give you, the smalltime recordcollector, another chance to listen to an international bunch of contemporary bands doing some killing versions of songs by obscure bands from the Stone Age of Punkrock. By continuing in our fine footsteps we can hereby offer you 20 more trashy songs on our second KILLED BY TRASH compilation with a fine lineup too, we thinks.... but what beautiful punk it is.
Listen to the first side and the lovely melodies of:

VICIOUS CYCLE - "I Hate Cops" by the Authorities
LIVE FAST DIE - "I'm gonna punch you in the face" by Child Molesters
AGGRAVATION - "You Make Me Sick" by The Satans Rats
ORIGINAL THREE - "I Rock I Ran" by Toxin III
WASTED PIDO - "Neutron Bomb" by The Controllers
STATUES - "Television Sect" by Sods
RETAINERS - "Drugs" by Riot 303
RAD KIDS - "Neon Light" by Revenge 88
FASHION! FASHION! AND THE IMAGE BOYS - "Break Out Tonight" by U-Boats
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - "Rather See You Dead" by Legionaire's Disease Band"

Or just let yourself be enchanted by these crushers:

KILLERLADY - "Learn To Hate In The 80's" by Bobby Soxx
CHEAP THRILLS - "I'm Useless" by The Queers
FUCKED UP - "Job" by Nubs
COLA FREAKS plus ALICJA TROUT - "Surfin' With Steve And E.D. Amin" by Helen Keller
CPC GANGBANGS (Feat. A-Claude) - "L.A. Sleaze" by Reactors
PRESS GANG - "Matinee" by Kraut
SUDDEN WALKS - "Mom's A Fake" by The Stiphnoyds
KAMIKAZE TRIO - "Telepathic Love" by Wipers
BUD WHITE - "I Beat You" by Vicious Visions
ANTI YOU - "What's Your Problem?" by Circle Jerks

1st Press Versions:

Limd. 775 regular edition, black wax SOLD OUT
Limd. 125 have 2 color (black/red) silk-screened covers, printed on thick white paper & black wax SOLD OUT
Limd. 100 "Band Only Edition" have 2 color (black/gold) silk-screened covers, printed on thick grey paper & black wax
A handful of copies for the people involved in the making. Not for sale!

2nd Press Version:

Limd. 150 / 2015 Edit. come with bonus V/A KILLED BY P.TRASH Vol. 50 IDLE HANDS / MUTAGENS 7" 11,90 Euro

tv injection.mp3

Full Trash 19 - The Toyotas - ...Make Headlines LP
1st press SOLD OUT
2nd press with differend artwork SOLD OUT

Germany's THE TOYOTAS surely will make every garage punk gazette's front page with this wild and shredding platter. Head honcho of the 3-pack is DEAN DIRG's guitar swinger Claus-Daniel, who also provides all 12 songs with his ratty voice.
The "White Side" blasts out the fast and short tracks "Cars are not cool", "Get snotty with you" and "No one likes me messin' around", all well equipped with Daniel's typical chop chop guitar and sounding like a mix between punkier DEAN DIRG and THE INFECTIONS. "Got no car" and "Talk on the telephone", both underlayed with a spooky organ, could be rough demo takes of lost MANIKINS "Epileptic" songs, while supertune "Teenage nightmare" adds a good shovel of groovy 77-Punk to the whole thing.
The 6 songs on the "Black Side" were recorded in other session and are way more dirty and pushing. Again, "TV injection", "Lost in the city", "Pigswill U.K.", "Big mouth of the neighborhood" and "Obsolete machine" overhaul each other in a mud-splashing DEAN DIRG vs. MANIKINS staccato race. Hell, they all seem to have mixed up their fuel with some extra-catchy secret additive. And to demonstrate their love for good ol' English. Punk, the band finally throws in the slightly slower "Dead Joe Blogg", where the squeaking nasal voice reaches the top.
A short and hectic snot attack full of rough catchiness and a good sense of cool songs.

1st press limd. 500 black 160g wax LP SOLD OUT

2nd press limd. 500 with differend cover artwork SOLD OUT

Limd. 100 DoLP Europe-Tour Only version with THE MANIKINS. With amazing silkscreen sleeve! Artwork done by Marius Kowitz!
The double LP include the bands' recent releases "Crocodiles" & "Make Headlines".

cynical courtship of the seraphim sister.mp3

Full Trash 18 - Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones - Fait Accompli LP

This Wisconsin based four-piece consists of members of STRONG COME ONS, THE TEARS, THE KNOCKERS and BLUE BALLS.
With two twangy guitars, two drums, a drunk romantic heart and a love for cheap booze poetry, these guys create a groovy and noisy, yet wonderful sounding kind of garage blues that throws in some sloppy 60s riffs and also shows a preference for early New Zealand bands like THE CHILLS or THE CLEAN.
Melodic and slower tunes like "The Modern Lover`s Lament" or "I Forgot My Dancing Shoes" sound like if they have been written by JACK OBLIVIAN, complete with a saxophone or a cello here and there. Then again, the two openers "Notoriety" and "Black Ghevina" will please every fan of the BLACK LIPS and more fucked up ones, like "Time Machine", remind a lot of the DEMONS CLAWS. Perfect soundtrack to get drunk and stoned to.
The classy old-style artwork is printed on the rougher side of the jacket and the record comes with a nice lyric sheet.
Watch out! HBJO will also be on Vol.2 of the KILLED BY TRASH compilation series, covering "Hydrohead" by THE EJECTORS.

There are 4 dif. versions
Limd. 401 with "inside out" print cover and lavender color inserts / black wax 11,5 Euro
Limd. 33 copper edition, Copper/ purple silkscreen artwork on brown cover and vanilla color inserts / black wax SOLD OUT !!!
Limd. 33 silver edition, silver silkscreen artwork on brown cover and vanilla color inserts / black wax SOLD OUT !!!
Limd. 33 black edition, black silkscreen artwork on brown cover and vanilla color inserts / black wax SOLD OUT !!!
(Silkscreen edit. can be purchased through the P.Trash mailorder only)

All silkscreen sleeves handnumbered.

been there.mp3

Full Trash 16 - Original Three - Been Dealt A Losing Hand LP

This Memphis based trio, founded by BLACK LIP`s guitar player Ian, creates its minimalistic, yet damn catchy
and melodic Garage Punk by using the classic OBLIVIANS ingredients: Two guitars, grooving CRAMPS-like
drums, a slightly distorted and snappy voice and a swampy Memphis feeling.
The majority of these 9 songs range in a slower sector with cheap driving guitar leads and a drifting groove.
"This is the way I`m walking", "Needs fixing" and "Unplug" stand out as faster tracks in the vein of OBLIVIANS
or even THE REATARDS, whose boss JAY has a guest appearence here.
His ex ALICJA TROUT (LOST SOUNDS, RIVER CITY TANLINES,...) not only functioned as the producer of
2 songs, but also plays the piano on "It`s not the way you`re thinking".
Licensed from Empty Records, who did the CD.
All LPs come in a silkscreened cover in 4 different versions, a very limited version will come in colored vinyl as well. Check below for details!

There are 4 dif. versions
Limd. 500 black edition. Black silkscreen artwork on white cover/ clear wax 12 Euro
Limd. 200 gold edition. Gold silkscreen artwork on black cover/ black wax 12 Euro
Limd. 200 silver edition. Silver silkscreen artwork on black cover/ black wax 12 Euro
Limd. 100 red edition. Red silkscreen artwork on white cover/ red wax SOLD OUT !!!

All sleeves handnumbered.

nature boy strut.mp3
I want myself an office.mp3
undercover nothing.mp3
I really don't know, and I really don't care.mp3

Full Trash 15 - Local Oafs - Too Dumb To Reason, Too Fucked Up To Dream LP

Chopping up log after log like a mad lumberjack, these wild swedish guys blast out their load of 28 short, fast, fucked up and furious Punkrock hymns in record time.
On board are Kalle and Max of the mighty MANIKINS, swinging their axes, while partners in crime Nero and Chewbacca holler and thrash you insane. On some occasions, Kalle takes over the mic and throws in some tracks that surely have become too rough for THE MANIKINS, but still keep their catchiness and shakin` rhythm.
Image HENRY FIAT`S OPEN SORE and THE MANIKINS, together with THE REGULATIONS and THE BRUTAL KNIGHTS speeding down drunk a nocturnal freeway. It`s frantic, dirty, humorous and full of smutty melodies. A really raging ride!
Split release between P.Trash Rec. / Wasted Sounds and Cage Match Federation that comes with a cool collage printed on the inner sleeve. Ltd. to 500.
So we only have 250 copies here at the P.Trash mail order to sell. 1st comes 1st!!!

1st press comes with printed inner sleeve and 160g black wax SOLD OUT !!!

2nd press comes with printed inner sleeve and 130g black wax 11,5 Euro

self immolation.mp3

Full Trash 14 - Mind Controls - Same Picture-LP
Sold Out

Seems like Mark Sultan, better known as One-Man-Band phenomenon BBQ, felt the urge to go back to his faster and rock'n'rollier SPACESHITS days again.
So he gathered Ysael of the DEMON'S CLAWS on bass and a guy named The Duke on drums around him and spat out a handful of crunchy and energetic punkrock-songs with a decent Fuck you!-attitude!
Mark's fast and snotty 3-chord guitar, his less soulful voice and the furiously shaking rhythm bring back to mind THE PROBLEMATICS, Berlin punks PVC and THE SPACESHITS. They even get across a certain early ANGRY SAMOANS feeling in the mid-tempo song ''Grapevine''. One hell of a speedy and twistin' punkrock-slab!
Though this is the official European version of the Dirtnap release with the same title, some of these 11 songs are exclusive to this version, the same goes with the US-pressing, which will have some exclusive songs on it as well.
Get it? It`s a KILLER !!!

Limd. 500 comes as a amazing hypnotizing 250g wax Picture-LP SOLD OUT !!!


Full Trash 13 - Bob Burns & The Breakups - Frustration LP

There ain`t nothing much to do in a mid-west one-horse town in the middle of the Wisconsin farmland except spitting out all your teenage frustration. While their high-school comrades go to the agricultural fair, the tractor-pull or down to the churchhouse, these three youngsters meet in stinky basements to yell an rage.
This debut full-length unleashes 12 short, fast and crunchy tunes that bring early NEW BOMB TURKS, MARKED MEN or THE HEARTATTACKS to mind. Sharp, snotty and distorted riffs a la CATHOLIC BOYS and a raspy trashcan voice give songs like "Blow Your Head", "Outta My Face", "Trash City" or "My Kicks" an authentic twist. These boys are pissed off and they mean it. A 20 minutes electroshock therapy on 45rpm that cures every frustration. Don`t waste your money on psychoanalysis. It burns, burns, burns...

1st press limd. 500 black wax 11,5 Euro

US`- CD version on Mad Cook Rec. can also be purchased through the P.Trash mailorder 12,5 Euro

an android.mp3

Full Trash 12 - Das Pussyhound - Was Is Das?! LP

Was ist das? you're gonna ask puzzled and excited after listening to these Canadian fellas who hung out too much with their pals of the DEMON`S CLAWS & LADIES NIGHT and finally decided to unleash their own vision of how to wreck music. The result is a pure distortion fest, a mean and noisy attack on everybody's sensitivity, a spastic discharge of the most secret Trashpunk fantasies.
Imagine BLACK TIME in a wild catfight with THE FATALS and you get the picture of this hell of a disturbing record. There even is an absolutely no-wave version of NO MORE's ''Suicide commando'' at the end, as if the other 10 songs weren't lethal enough!
We all agree that this is the trashiest release on P.Trash so far. And that's a compliment!

There are 3 dif. versions
limd. 369 " Green The Dasasaur " Edition. Silkscreen Cover 12,5 Euro
limd. 128 " Silver The Dasasaur " Edition. Silkscreen Cover SOLD OUT
Special Edit.:
limd. 75 " Handcolored The Dasasaur " Edition. The blackline is silkscreened plus handcolored artwork by the P.Trash family. This 75 copies comes with special black labels 18 Euro

Full Trash 10 - V/A Killed By Trash LP
Sold Out

After two years of excessive planning, sleepless nights and more and more grey hair from putting all this shit together, P.Trash is more than proud to finally announce the birth of the long awaited first compilation KILLED BY TRASH! 20 of todays finest Low-Fi-, Garage- and Blues-Punkbands cover old and rare Punkrock-gemstones, most of which can be found on the KILLED BY DEATH compilations.
In the left corner, with even raunchier versions of already raunchy songs, you can witness these international champions:

ULCERS - Rome Is Burning (THE SINS)
FEELERS - Amerika First (THE GIZMOS)
CARBONAS - Don't Hide Your Hate (THE FILTH)
FLYING OVER - Do You Love The Nazis (THE KIDS)
FREAKS - 51 Percent (DEFNICS)

And in the right corner you get these:

EA 80 - Züri Brennt! (TNT)
DEMON'S CLAWS - (I`m the) Hillside Strangler (CHILD MOLESTERS)
MANIKINS - Radiation Masturbation (THE AUTHORITIES)

The LP comes in a heavy 350gr. carboard sleeve with "inside out" print in 3 different wax versions and with a cool KBD-styled Info-sheet.

Clear wax "Band Only Edition" limd. 100 plus a handful of copies for the people involved in the making. Not for sale

Limd. 400 Green wax Sold Out
Limd. 500 Black wax Sold Out

nothing to do.mp3

Full Trash 09 - Jeffrey Novak - Southern Trash LP
Sold Out

Oh Lord, this notorious youngster is doing the Trashcan-Boogie again. Meaner than a wet cat, he's shaking all his limbs and makes more noise with his warehouse guitar and his drumset than an entire Bluespunk-Orchestra.
In 23 minutes he pukes out all his teenage frustration in 14 dirty and distorted tracks like ''Nothing to do'', ''Southern Trash'', ''Leave me alone'', ''Medication'' and ''She's so wild''.
The selected coverversions ''Nothing can bring me down'' (TWILIGHTERS), ''Kick the door down'' (SILVERKINGS) and ''Better get ready'' (THE PACK) speak for themselves and were all beat-up and customized to Jeffrey's needs in a run down garage in the deep South.
Comes with 4 different artworks and in a screenprinted hard-cover and screenprinted inserts, all printed by SLOWBOY

There are 4 dif. versions
limd. 88 blue metalic silkscreen Cover. Sold Out
limd. 108 red silkscreen Cover Sold Out
limd. 286 black silkscreen Cover Sold Out

All sleeves handnumbered.

limd. 9 purple metalic misprint silkscreen Cover

working at a desk.mp3

Full Trash 08 - Digger And The Pussycats - Watch Yr Back LP
Sold Out

Sooo many labels want to release this wax edition!!! But we got the "OK" from Sam and Andy
Trust me!!! This new Digger and the Pussycats album Watch Yr Back has many and varied qualities that make it one of the stand out releases of 2005.
Damn, this guy is one hell of a good singer and knows how to scratch his guitar!!!
He is the new jung GREG SAGE from Down Under!!! While the brilliant drummer keeps these epic tunes together.
The music is raw, but often their sheer enthusiasm makes it seem larger than the one guitar, two drums and a cymbal they are equipped with.
Their pure, unrefined energy takes their sound, rolls it around in its mouth for a while and then spits it into your face. And you love it!!!

See this Blues/Trash duo live for even more fireworks.

1st Press limd. 500 comes with an amazing high quality 8 side 4 colour 12" booklet !!! Sold Out
Special Edit.:
1st 65 booklets signed by Andy, Sam and Andys lovely girlfriend Jess, who style this amazing booklet!!!
All 3 also write some dif. lyrics inside the booklet!!! So no booklet looks like the other!!! 1st comes 1st!!! Sold Out

Full Trash 07 - The Manikins - Lie, Cheat and Steal LP

The 4 sympaticos from Sweden are back with a bang. Jokes aside: if you liked their first two platters,
this one will stick to you like chewing gum on a dancing shoe. Poppier and catchier than ever before,
the album starts off with the title track ''Lie, cheat and steal'', that shows in the best TEENAGE HEAD manner,
that now the boys know even damn better how it's done. You can really catch everything here:
Fast songs with bombastic choruses like ''I don't need anyone'', ''The world that once was ours'' or ''The bells of St. Nicolai'', Rock'n'Roll smokers like ''Lovesick'', ''In love with you'' or ''Can't stop thinking of you'' (complete with that cool ''La Bamba'' Riff).
There's perfect little tearjerkers like ''I wanna say I'm sorry'' or ''Spent the night alone''
and songs like ''Highschool good boy'' and ''The Setup'' that simply overhaul THE HIVES on the fast lane.
And the Gran Finale ''Wish for things to be'' perfectly sets you up for a Friday night on the loose.
Beautiful cover artwork by Fritte, too!
Layout by S.Trash !!!

There are 3 dif. versions
limd. 97 clear wax Sold Out
limd. 400 red wax (tour edition and can be purchased through the P.Trash mailorder.) Sold Out
limd. 497 black wax Sold Out

All sleeves handnumbered.

made in usa.mp3

Full Trash 06 - Black Time - New Vague Themes One Side LP
1st Press Sold Out
2nd Press Sold Out

co-release with Slowboy Records

This english menage a trois is flogging the donkey once more with 5 crude and noisy cracks from the trash-whip.
Completely blunt beats, a screaming guitar and snotty, distorted vocals gush out in ''A band apart'' and
''Made in USA'', where CRAMPS noise meets the stubborness of PUSSY GALORE and the sassy boldness of the REATARDS.
Female bass player Lisa pukes out all her anger in the primitive half-minute assault ''Mother/Whore'',
while ''Cautions camera'' is a dark and slower Instrumental with a creepy organ sounding.
Finally, this fine looking piece o' plastic finishes off with the mean lo-fi ballad ''2 or3 things I know about her'',
which organ-lines will make you cry out loud.
This is a Split-Release with partner in crime Slowboy and it comes as a one-sided 12'' with an amazing
pink/purple silkscreen on the back, a 2-colored silkscreen Cover and pressed into 180 grams of vinyl.
>From the limited edition of 500 selected pieces only 250 will be available through P.Trash Records.
25 of them will come as a ''fuckin' collectors version'' only, but will not be for sale.
An edition of 25 in a fancy full-metal-jacket is in the making, too!

There are 3 dif. versions
"regular" Edit.:
limd. 200 black 180g wax, purple/black silkscreen on the backside, purple silkscreen sleeves
P.Trash edition comes numbered with silver ink. SOLD OUT !!!

2nd "regular" Edit.:
limd. 225 black wax, purple/black silkscreen on the backside, purple silkscreen sleeves
P.Trash edition comes numbered with gold ink. SOLD OUT !!!

''fuckin' collectors version'' Edit.:
limd. 25 black 180g wax, white silkscreen on the backside, neon pink/black silkscreen sleeves
P.Trash edition comes numbered with silver ink. not be for sale!!! Only for the band, family, friends and P.Trash assistants!!!

2nd ''fuckin' collectors version'' Edit.:
limd. 25 black wax, purple/black silkscreen on the backside, neon pink/black silkscreen sleeves
P.Trash edition comes numbered with gold ink. SOLD OUT !!!

''full-metal-jacket'' Edit.:
limd. 25 black 180g wax, silver silkscreen on the backside, silkscreen metal sleeves
In the making

action rock shrunk my cock.mp3

Full Trash 05 - Playmobils - International Lifestsyle LP

This international conglomeration of shakers consists of Martin Savage (BLACKS, DIXIE BUZZARDS, TOKYO KNIVES, LOCOMOTIONS) from Sweden, ERIC ULCERS from England and spanish Punkero Joe the Dog of the legendary LOS PERROS.
Though these 12 wild & crazy stompers combine the bluespunky crude- and the catchiness of all of these three countries, this time around the primitive spanish touch of loco is predominant!
Think of LOS CHINGALEROS, where Martin also swung his cheap guitar, together with THE FUN THINGS and the LOCOMOTIONS and you get the picture of raunchy and shakin' songs like ''Soy salvaje'', ''Don't need nobody'', ''Action Rock shrunk my cock'' or ''Quiero crack''.
And with the slower ''Leave me alone'' they even manage the DEVIL DOGS homage perfectly. Sure to appeal directly to the baser instincts of every leather ape!
LP come with a full-color artwork by Mr. Bratto (LOS ASS-DRAGGERS)

1st press limd. 500 black 180g wax 11,50 Euro

limd. 100 silkscreen 3 color release party poster 27x20 inch 15,00 Euro

48 copies printed with blue lines and pink, yellow color
52 copies printed with black lines and pink, yellow color

All printed on very thick 500g paper!!! Never before hold something like this in my dirty hands!!!
Signed / numbered by artworker Fritte and printer Slowboy


Full Trash 04 - Superhelicopter - Sweet Nice And Happy LP

Germans Gods are back to climb the Bluespunk throne with their 1st LP after the split with Eradicate
and a bunch of 7"es on Great labels like MANUEL WASTL, YAKISAKANA, HIGHSCHOOL REJECT/HIGHSCHOOL REFUSE, WRENCH... years ago
This 13 new distorted killers will clean your brain immediately!!! File under FATALS meets OBLIVIANS meets HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE

limd. 500 black wax, LP sleeves 101-500 numbered with black ink, 11,50 Euro
Special Edit.:
1st 100 copies comes with an unreleased 2 songs oneside Bonus 7"!!! The unplayed b-side wax comes with an amazing bronze silkscreen artwork. I never saw something like this before. Printed by Slowboy!!!
This 1st 100 x LP sleeves numbered with gold ink,1st comes 1st!!! SOLD OUT!!!

blood on my fangs.mp3

Full Trash 03 - Demon`s Claws - Same LP
Sold Out

Here is the new band sensation from the goddamn Montreal scene. THE DEMON`S CLAWS!!!
With the following band members: Lester Del Ray (the former Jeff Clarke of Edmonton) cut his teeth
in the short-lived menage a trois, the Cut Offs, before joining a couple of former Les Météors
(Pat Météors - guitar, Ysaél Pepin - bass) in the summer of 2003. A fan of both the Cut Offs and Les Météors,
Skip Jensen (Scat Rag Boosters frontman, and all four limbs of Skip Jensen and his Shakin` Feet)
filled out the band on drums. They set out to record demos with Edouard Laroque (Les Sexareenos, Scat Rag Boosters).
Sounds like part lo-fi distorted crunch, part Gibson Bros., part Back From The Grave,
part young Mick Jagger with a mouth full of pills.
They play with an "aw, fuggit" swagger that finds them falling on all sides of the beat and pulling it all together. Like flooring a V8 down a gravel road, but always managing to avoid the ditch. Deserts and rattlesnakes, love and jerkin`off, blood and guts, and an honest-to-god theme song.
Sleeve-Art done by " BONGOUT "

There are 3 dif. versions
limd. 110 pink wax SOLD OUT
limd. 120 yellow wax SOLD OUT
limd. 320 black wax SOLD OUT

DEMONS CLAWS - Same LP (Radio 81 Rec.)
The re-press from our friend from Radio 81 Rec. Pressed with the original P.Trash plates there in Canada!!! Only 500 copies are pressed for Europe. 500 other copies are distributed in America by Radio 81! Comes with new cover art done by Chany of Inepsy.
From the ashes of bands like The CUT OFFS, SCAT RAG BOOSTERS and LES Météores, the DEMON'S CLAWS quickly became an important part of the Montreal garage scene together with BBQ and CPC GANGBANGS. They originally released this first lp here on P.Trash records in 2004 (recorded by Edouard Laroque). After touring the US and Europe, they've been rapidly related to this new psych-country-garage-punk wave along with The BLACK LIPS. Short after, they signed on In the Red label and released their excellent "Satan's little pet Pig" album, that is acclaimed one of the best garage album of 2006. This is your last chance!

There are 2 dif. versions
limd. 400 black wax SOLD OUT
limd. 100 yellow wax SOLD OUT

can`t stand it.mp3

Full Trash 02 - The Heartattacks - Here Comes ...LP
Sold Out

Here is the story from this new swedish band sensation!!! Tokyo 2002: Chased by the yakuza Tomo (TOKYO KNIVES, MACARONI) grabs her bass and take her escape to sweden.
At a party she is introduced to Klack and they make planes to form a punk rawk band.
Tomo phone up Magnus (BLACKS, KAMEN RIDERS, HANDSOME STRANGLERS), who she met during an earlier visit to sweden and tells him about her plans. Magnus joins Tomo on her quest and calls his old friend Zeta (DONTCARES), and he takes on the role as the drummer.
So THE HEARTATTACKS are born in mars 2003. After a couple of weeks of rehearsing they have 11 songs ready and soon get their 1st gig at Stockholms CBGB`s, with The MICRAGIRLS and DIXIE BUZZARDS.
It`s a succes!!! The crowd goes crazy!!! Thomas Savage joins the band backstage and emediatly offer them a record deal.
Stockholm summer 2004 they released their 1st 7" on SAVAGE REC. I`ve got that 11 songs demo cdr from Magnus late summer. Oh my god!!! I really love this 1st demo with that raw versions!!!
After 2-3 e-mails Magnus gave me his `OK` for releasing the songs on wax!!!
And now, after MARTIN SAVAGE mixed all songs new, I`m glad to release THE HEARTATTACKS 1st LP
Trust me!!! You`ll get the next milestone LP on P.Trash Rec.

There are 3 dif. versions
limd. 153 pink wax SOLD OUT
limd. 98 white wax / some have black swirls SOLD OUT
limd. 300 black wax SOLD OUT

All sleeves handnumbered.

Full Trash 01 - Manikins - Epileptic LP
Sold Out

I can`t live without hearing this songs 10 times a day, ever since the band sent me a CDR with the demo songs some months ago. All songs will burn themselves immediately right into your brain like they did into mine when I first pushed the PLAY button. Now I`m an Epileptic, but call me a happy spastic, because I was allowed to release this masterpiece of Garage Punk, with a trashy pop flavor to it, on wax!!! Sink down the needle of your record player and you'll get 11 shaky originals and 1 great cover of RADIO BIRDMAN's "Monday Morning Gunk". This super catchy stuff rawks like our heros TEENGENERATE/DEVIL DOGS/SONICS. And this LP will find its way into the New Testament of the Garagepunk-Bible. These guys make the HIVES look like a combo of five-year-old girls.......
believe me!!!

There are 3 different limited versions of the LP:
limd. 324 red wax SOLD OUT
limd. 152 white wax / some have black swirls SOLD OUT
limd. 123 clear foggy wax SOLD OUT

All sleeves handnumbered.