CAMARO ROUGE - Got A Crane In My Head LP (Demolition Derby/ Nitro Rec.) 10,5 Euro
Debut album of this Chicago trio, featuring (ex-)members of the DISHES, FUCKEMOS, WHITEOUTS, HAMICKS, DRAPES & CHERY RODRIGUEZ. They've played with gore gore girls, guitar wolf, mike watt, nebula, honky ( j pinkus from buttholesurfers ), suicidegirls.com, operation s ( france) , modey lemon, headache city ,tyrades, black taj and a slew of local favorites .Dual vocals combining the pop sensibilities of the PONYS orANGRY ANGLES with a HEADCOATEES/A-LINES like garagepunk approach & even inserting some cool rockabilly licks & all culminating into the mesmerizing trip of "guttermouth". Sounding a lot like THE HUSBANDS; MR.AIRPLANE MAN or LITTLE KILLERS! The perfect garagepoppunk&roll record.

CANADIAN RIFLE - Deep Ends LP (Taken By Surprise Rec.) 11,90 EUR
My old friends from Chicago return with their second LP to date, after releasing a 7“ called FACTS on TBSR in 2009. Deep Ends is the second LP from CANADIAN RIFLE, arguably Chicago’s best melodic hardcore band. The band plays confessional punk with brash vocals (reminiscent of LEATHERFACE and early JAWBREAKER) with themes that range from crossing lines when you know you shouldn’t, trying to keep something alive when you’re running on empty, as well as struggles with addiction. Nee dless to say, it’s pretty bleak in its lyrical and musical approach, but played with an angered energy that’ll keep you fist pumping for the duration. Pretty fucking great for a band with no dreams and no goals.

CANADIAN RIFLE - Facts 7" (Taken By Surprise Rec.) 4,90 EUR
In time for their first European adventure a new 7" by Chicago's CANADIAN RIFLE! Jordan Atkins from their US label put it this way: "Following up their amazing LP last year, this new EP has one of the best songs they have ever written (Blank Trade) and hit it hard with two of the fastest songs they have ever recorded on the B-side." I have nothing more to add. Only 300 pressed on black vinyl so you better hurry up and get it.

CANADIAN RIFLE - Same 7" (Criminal IQ Rec.) 5,50 Euro
This is the second 7" these guys have done this year and the first with the current line up. Chicago's newest sensations CANADIAN RIFLE split amazingly catchy melodic punk ala D4 or LEATHERFACE with a darker edge and a more urgent presence. Solid as fuck! Darius pressed 500 which have just about sold out!!! Get them while they last!

CAPPUTTINI 'I LIGNU - Same LP (Jeetkune Rec.) 11,90 EUR
For those who have been wondering what the fuzz on this French Sicilian duo was all about, now it’s the time to fully satisfy your unquenchable desire for raucous, primitive, traditional-yet-hypnotic “blues with a twist”. CAPPUTTINI 'I LIGNU (literally “wooden jackets” in sicilian) is the result of the encounter between a boy (the multitalented CHEB SAMIR from Strasbourg – already in a gazillion bands such as AH KKRAKEN, CRACK UND ULTRA ECZEMA, NORMALS, BLACK SOULS OF LEVIATHAN, TWO TEARS etc.) and a girl, the dangerous sicilian femme fatale Cristina (also in CORPUS CHRISTI). Proud children of the rising new art-punk scene in Rome, the duo fills this record with sin, obsession, death, Appalachian rituals, whiskey driven despair, throbbing passion and greasy Sicilian meat pastries. Dark in its American roots, but clearly an entirely European interpretation of our tortured days. Beautiful exclusive cover art by CHEB SAMIR himself.

CAR CRASH - Same 7" (Secret Mission Rec.) 5,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Debut single from Tokyo's CAR CRASH. 3 tracks of blown out, pure-punk rock that perfectly combines the U.S. 70's KBD spirit with the blown out Japanese rock n roll sound that bands such as Teengenerate and Registrators made popular around the world in the early 90's. The comparisons end there though, as Car Crash stand out from their contemporary, polished/powerpop peers by bashing out stripped down, powerful, angry, songs that come in under a couple minutes and leave little room to breath. They've also recently become one of the most popular live punk bands in the new Japanese underground scene. Great record, you'd be smart to keep an eye on them.
Another split between Secret Mission Records, and Japan's great, Mangrove Rec. With handmade jackets and lyric sheet insert.

CAREER SUICIDE - Same 12" (Deranged Rec.) white/yellow colored Vinyl 17 Euro
CAREER SUICIDE - Same 12" (Deranged Rec.) black vinyl 12,5 Euro
12" version from their SOLD OUT 7" plus bonus song. It«s a real CLASSIC!!!
Features Jonah from FUCKED UP on guitar. It`s original Kangaroo Rec. press. The repress on Deranged Rec. come as a 12", and is also on the way to us. After a bleak spring in quarantine, these guys decided to pick up their gear and get some tracks on wax, and the result is nothing short of greatness. Yet another great band making their mark in canadian punk history like BRUTAL KNIGHTS and FUCKED UP. 7 new tracks of snotty pissed hardcore punk. They've been rightfully compared to Boston's FU's, Angry Samoans, and early Dischord titles. Watch out for their other stuff in our catalog very soon!!!

CARNATION - Human universals LP (Sounds of Subterrania Rec.)11,00 Euro
On 'Human Universals' The Carnation are leaving their new wave-infected sound for something rather different. While the harsh vocal delivery remains intact in places, the overall impression of the album is one of development. With the inclusion of synthesizers, dance grooves and Christian Bergman's melancholic-psychedelic slide guitar parts the band has certainly come a long way since their debut with 'Gothenburg Rifle Association'. The new record begins in a stylish way with the delayed drums of soul-pop effort 'Label slaves', before the punky guitar and bass of 'Thursday's kid' kicks in. These are followed by a list of songs that combines anger, hate and frustration with political awareness and hope for the future. When singer Eric Obo barks about terrace aggro in 'Where's the violence?', it's actually hard not to believe him. After a staggering 42 minutes the final chord of the 13th and last song 'On the losing end' fades out and the listener is guaranteed to have been affected in some way or another.

CASE STUDIES - Villain 7" (Sweet Rot Rec.) 6,50 EUR
Case Studies is the solo project of Seattle's Jesse Lortz, formerly of The Dutchess & The Duke. This is the just the 2nd Case Studies release after the excellent "The World Is Just a Shape To Fill the Night" LP on Brooklyn's Sacred Bones Records, and we feel that these two songs showcase Jesse's ability to write extremely memorable and sincere folk songs. "Villain" is the darker of the two, while "Dull Knife" is a bit more upbeat and while this is one of the more mellow records in the Sweet Rot archive, it's also one of our favourites. Recorded at his grandfather's cabin in Lake Inez, MT. 300 copies pressed.

CASUS BELLI - Punishment 7" - Scale 29 (Amphetamine Reptile Rec.) 9,00 Euro

CATBURGLARS, THE - You May Be Dumb 7" (Cowabunga Rec.) 5,50 Euro
The 2nd EP from tHE CATBULGARS this year and definitely a step up from the 1st one recording wise which can be nice and not nice depending on your taste if you like clean recordings or lo-fi but rest assured the playing is still sloppy and punk. The influence of STOOGES, DEAD BOYS, RAMONES and BLACK FLAG is still here like the 1st one but they also add a slight UK influence too on this one and yes the lyrics are still as 'dumb' as ever. 5 originals and a ZEROS cover, comes with a nice booklet cover. Other bands they could be compared to are the TRANZMITORS or the BRUTAL KNIGHTS!!!

CATHOLIC BOYS - Fixed 7" (Sweet Rot Rec.) 5,50 Euro
Sweet Rot brings us the second in a series of four posthumous Catholic Boys 7"ers. Sweet Rot hasnt steered me wrong yet and this ones no exception.

CAUSE OF DEATH - Radiation Burns 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Regular version is the black and shite autopsy design. 5,50 EUR
CAUSE OF DEATH - Radiation Burns 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Limd version cover is the green autopsy. 7,90 EUR
It was about time we released another hardcore punk 7” and we are proud to present the first 7” release by Cause Of Death. Cause Of Death are Final Solution (whose 7” we released a few years ago) with a different name. So technically, this is the second Final Solution 7” (but the first as Cause Of Death). Featuring members of Shattered Faith, this has the classic Californian hardcore punk sound with definite elements of early Posh Boy bands like Symbol Six, The Adolescents, Red Cross etc. This is proper hardcore punk with as much emphasis on punk rock as on hardcore and that’s what gives it that classic sound.

CAVE CURSE - Future Dust LP (Full Trash 141) (Co-release with FDH Rec.)
Limd. 100 "Regular" P.Trash Rec. Edit. 210 gram black vinyl! 15,90 Euro
Limd. 300 "FDH Rec." Edit. 210 gram black vinyl! 15,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. 210 gram black vinyl! Special sleeve edit. under progress...
New synth punk duo CAVE CURSE around BOBBY HUSSY. This is a new page for him, he is more known for his guitar/songwriting work in the HUSSY and FIRE RETARDED. Also been in a band called TIT with SHAWN FOREE who released one 12" since forming in 2014.
It's a new thing for Bobby to be known as a synth player, but trying out new shit is what makes life fun right?
The band started as a solo bedroom synth pop project but has since morphed into a full on synth punk band with live drummer Will Gunnerson from underground noise punk two-piece JABBERJOSH! "Future Dust" offers 9 songs (8 originals and a DIGITAL LEATHER cover) of dark synthpunk. Possibly best described by Bobby as "a record for all the stoners, loners and droners of the godforsaken world we live in". On "Future Dust", are upbeat synth smashers that could fit quite nicely on a classic synthpunk LPs from LOST SOUNDS like "Black Wave" or "Memphis Is Dead". This debut LP is limited to 500 copies and co-released with FDH Records in USA!

CAVE WEDDINGS - Never Never Know /w The Last Time 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,00 EUR
So this is it, the last release of the CAVE WEDDINGS ever… sad thing, yeah, but I am glad that we managed to get them to release it on our imprint. These two songs are sugar coated but still not too sweet, they are kinda lo-fi-ish but in a good way, and like most BACHELOR releases it has the right amount of melody in it, like that magic abra cadabra formula that made 60ties pop songs into nationwide hit singles! The CAVE WEDDINGS were Eric, Erin and Nathan, these songs were recorded in the summer of 2009, mastered by Justin Perkins, Bass and Backing Vocals by Logan, Matt and Chris of the MIDWEST BEAT, Sleeve Art by Chris Capelle.

CCCPn – Knulla Knulla Knulla 7" + CD (Ken Rock Rec.) 7,95 EUR
The CD is included In all 7” records. They weren't great musicians but they were great entertainers. Everyone can't be serious. The 2 front girls used to wear a jockey dress on stage or motorcycle helmet and black leather attire!!! Super sexy!!...and the music? File under: SUPERCHARGER or BOOBYTEENS!!! Another HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from our pal at Ken Rock Records!!!
Tracks on the 7” 1, Intro. 2, Knulla Knulla Knulla (mitt liv som snygging. 3, No Disco. 4, Olof Palme. 5, Efterfest med H.F.O.S. The CD also have these two tracks "Oj,oj,oj,oj,oj,oj" and "Kommer du ihåg?".

CCSS – Punkcore/punkwhores 7" (Radio 81 Rec.) black wax 5,00 EUR
CCSS – Punkcore/punkwhores 7" (Radio 81 Rec.) limd. 100 gold wax (1 copies pre order) 5,50 EUR
Europe exclusive distributed by P.Trash Records
Second release from these Montreal punkers! Their first ep, that originally came out in 2004 on Ugly Pop record label sold out very fast. CCSS was originally the side project of Steve and Sam from Inepsy. They decided to dedicate their inspiration to late seventies/early eighties punk rock. They toured with Born/Dead in 2005 and soon after, they became a full time band. CCSS reminds me of early UK punk ala One way System/GBH mixed up with Americans like Crucifix/The Germs/Dead Boys. We just can't deny that Steve Bennett's vocals resemble those of Darby Crash! Anyways, this band's the most original thing to have come out of the crust punk scene in recent years. … This new ep includes three super catchy songs + a very good version of "Dicks hate the police".

CELLOS - Bomb Shelter LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 12,50 EUR
Every once in a while band will come out of nowhere and just flat out knocks you on your ass. CELLOS are definitely one of those bands. Stewing in the same sludgey, riff infected cesspool as mid to late 90's heavy hitters like Karp, Unwound, Godheadsilo and Unsane; this Windsor, Ontario three-piece write some of the most punishingly awesome tunes you'll ever hear. This is harsh, destructive music where warm, fuzzy riffs are king and loud, noisy feedback is lauded as they melt, slice, and demolish each song into acute ear fucking precision. Nods to the Melvins and Black Sabbath are pretty much essential as foundational purveyors in the genre. And CELLOS fit right in with the above mentioned artists as a band that's pushing the boundaries of extremely heavy music, one crudely bashed low-end hit at a time. Really can't recommend this one enough. Great LP right here.

CHANDELI'ERS - Breaker LP (Dirt Cult Rec.) 15,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Chandeli’ers first full-length album. And their sophomore release. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Chandeli’ers bring you some pop-soaked rock & roll from ex-members of Ringers, The Besties, World Inferno Friendship Society & more. “Breaker” is a pop masterpiece gushing with rock influences from Elvis Costello to The Boss. If you like power-pop, then THIS is your summer soundtrack.

CHANNEL 3 - Put ´Em Up LP (Wanda Rec.) 12,50 EUR
"Put 'em up", CH 3 Long player # 6 in their discography, is loaded with ice cream melodies and oh-oh-oh choruses, but also thick rockin'. 10 strong cuts in 26 minutes. Sounds like a missing link between "Last time I drank" (1985) and the s/t album on DR. STRANGE (2002). Think ADOLESCENTS teamed up with early CLASH, topped with a splash of BEACH BOYS and you’ll get an idea of the CHANNEL 3 sound in 2017.

CHARLES ALBRIGHT - Things Have Changed / Let's Fuck 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Single with 3 different cover art variations:
Goodbye Boozy cover-art - limited 90 hand numbered copies
Black Recs. cover art - limited 75 hand numbered copies
Flag Recs. cover art - limited 75 hand numbered copies
From Sacramento Two new tracks for Charles Albright! ( The Pizzas , The Croissants) - Proto - Psych - Punk !! ... Black Flag in the TRIP with Blue Cheer...

CHARLIE & THE MOONHEARTS - I Thing You're Swell 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) Limd. 150 colored vinyl re-press(different colors) 6,00 EUR
CHARLIE & THE MOONHEARTS - I Thing You're Swell 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) Limd. 150 black vinyl re-press 6,00 EUR
4 songs of Fuzzy Trash Garage Punk from the Garages of southern California!!! With Mikal Cronin Recorded by TY SEGALL

CHEAP SOLUTION - The Wizard Of Chaoz 7" (Search For Fame Rec.) 4,50 EUR
CHEAP SOLUTION playing late '80s hardcore with awesome heavy guitar tunes! Comes along in best Search For Fame 7"-tradition, in a beautiful black/white cover!

CHEAP THRILLS - S/T 7" (Savage Rec.) 5,00 Euro
CHEAP THRILLS from Florida thrilled with their selfreleased debut split with the NERVOUS HABITS. Here's four more punkers in the vein of Aussie meets RIP OFF punkrock.

CHEAP TIME - Other Stories 7" (Sweet Rot Rec.) 6,50 EUR
Back in March 2007, Sweet Rot's second ever release was the debut 7" by Cheap Time. A couple of years later we released a single by front man Jeffrey Novak. Now Sweet Rot is pleased to continue the collaboration with a new two-song 7" which comes hot on the heels of the band's quite great "Wallpaper Music" LP on In the Red Records. These two new songs - "Other Stories" and "In This World" - are a prime example of what a 70s sounding glam punk single should be - short, well written and produced, and super catchy. We feel these songs perfectly complement each other and think fans of the band's previous work will too.

CHEATING HEARTS - Same LP (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) Black Wax 11,00 Euro
CHEATING HEARTS - Same LP (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) Limd. 200 Red Wax 12,00 Euro
Great bluespunk stuff from Montreal. Roy Vuncino a.k.a. Choyce from SEXAREENOS, DEL-GATORS, MILKY WAYS, and CPC GANGBANGS new band. Three guys, some dirty chords, screams, drugs, OBLIVIANS, VELVET UUNDERGROUND!

CHEB SAMIR & THE BLACK SOULS OF LEVIATHAN - Don't Like Girls 7" (Yakisakana Rec.) 4,90 EUR
CS & BSL are Cheb Samir (Normals, Crack und ultra eczema....) and Seb Normal (Crash Normal, Normals, Cheeraks...). They have a song on "Tete de bebe" comp (ss records).

CHEERAKS - Cheeraks are No 1 7" (Yakisakana Rec.) 4,90 EUR
Their 2nd 7" on Yakisakana Rec. Only a few back stock copies

CHENIERS - TROUBLE! 7" (Windian Rec.) 5,90 EUR
Europe exclusive distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
The CHENIERS sound exactly like what they are—a band in a room, in this case pushing through simple, catchy rock songs in the vein of the Fall. Lo-Fi, distorted, messy guitar; and then some atonal sax and synth. Cover art by David Berman [SILVER JEWS]. 300 Hand-Numbered Copies Black Wax.

CHIEFS - Speed Rock 7" (Bachelor Archives Rec.) 6,50 EUR
Bachelor Records in Austria just dropped a new 7" from their sub-label, the Bachelor Archives. THE CHIEFS were originally active in 1977, and this new 7" unearths the singles from the tapes of their earliest recordings.
Part of the tape that included these three songs also featured covers from the Troggs, the Kinks and the like, which shows what the band was going for over forty years ago. As the story goes, the trio practiced a whopping 5 times before getting their first gig at a local dive bar in Austria. The band eventually parted ways and the members went on to form various other bands: Sparys, Plastix, Westblock, Standart Oil and the Swamp Chiefs to name a few. The three piece band leaves us with three smoking tracks of early punk, buried deep in fuzz and loaded with jagged hook after hook.

CHIMIKS - Modern Storm LP (Frantic City Rec.) 11,90 EUR
When the Fatals broke-up, Vince Posadzki, ex-Vipères, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Bop Pop Killers and many others, originally from Quebec, moved to Paris where he started the Chimiks along with Louie Louie (Happy Burger) on bass and Ronnie Rollo (originally from La Rochelle, he played in a local cult Punk Rock band called Weak!!) on drums. It took them little time to record and put out a first 7" single limited to 250 copies on Élégances Records and then Slovenly put out their first 8-track eponymous mini-LP. This one was recorded at home, was super trash and fuzzy and sounded a lot like the "Free Cocaine" Dwarves : dirty, straight-in-your-face type of shit! Now the new LP, "Modern Strom", has been recorded in Toulouse, France, with Lo'Spider and Mike Mariconda (who playd in the Raunch Hands, Devil Dogs... and recorded a number of records for Crypt including the New Bomb Turks' first LPs!) who came up from Spain to help Mister Spider capture the wild and savage sounds of the Chimiks. Of course their collaboration was explosive and the sound on this record is fantastic! 10 new tracks that still reek of the good old bloody Dwarves but also bring to mind uncompromising bands such as the Dirtys, Reatards and Motards. Most certainly the best sound-track to the end of the world that's actually coming in a few months now they say!! This one is co-produced with Barbarella Club Records, new record label in la Rochelle...

CHIMIKS - Cool In Down 7" (Elegances Rec.) 5,25 EUR

CHOCOLAT - Tss Tss LP (Born Bad Rec.) 15,90 EUR
In 2006, Jimmy Hunt (then a proverbial punk-troubadour usually found in bars) and Ysael Pepin (bassist for DEMON'S CLAWS) started to jam here and there in one of the rooms of an apartment located above the late Zoobizarre in Montreal. Brian also DEMON'S CLAWS, Martin, and Dale eventually joined and the quintet recorded their first garage EP for Goodbye Boozy Rec. in two winter afternoons, and a 2nd for Radio 81 Rec. Going against the ebb and flow of indie-pop, receiving praise in both languages all over Canada (La Presse, Exclaim!, Voir), Chocolat participated in the Francofolies de Montréal in 2007 and, in 2008, they were one of the first bands signed on a new label named Grosse Boîte, the French section of Dare To Care Records. They went on to release their first album, Piano élégant, which was met with great acclaim. It featured Beatle- esque melodies, a clearer sound and an addictive chanson side. During the two years that followed, between disheveled yet jolly efficient performances, Chocolat strung together shows and insolence, and even performed at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Then, wanting to try something new, the band decided to take a break in the middle of 2010 and Jimmy Hunt eventually released his first solo album.
Jimmy and Ysael kept contact and kept playing together, laying the foundations of an abstract project named Fantôme. Then, at the end of 2013, during the Holidays, while on a break from the tour promoting his second solo album, Maladie d’amour, Jimmy Hunt pitched some ideas on his tablet. The few demos he recorded consisted of linear sequences with drawling riffs interspersed with rhythmic breaks and rudimentary electronic effects. Realizing that Chocolat represented the ideal band to play these, Jimmy got the members together and invited his close friend Emmanuel Ethier (Jimmy Hunt, Cœur de pirate) to replace Dale who had left for Europe. After only 3 practices, Jimmy booked the Victor studio in January 2014. For a few days, the guys recorded live and full band. In general, they stuck to the second or third take for each of the tracks. This allowed them to take advantage of the spontaneity of Ysael and Brian’s garage games played on the mechanical tracks composed by Jimmy. As spring blossomed and schedules filled up, the guys managed to remotely mix what would become Tss tss, an album recorded between friends, a pop dump of white heat, a discharge of hypnotic rock, and, still under the Grosse Boîte label, an essential tool to hit the roads and travel across Quebec again.

CHOOSERS - Hanging Up On You 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,50 EUR
They are from Japan, they love Powerpop and the know how to sing / write melodies!!! These three guys are living on the northernmost main island Hokkaido, right in Sapporo City, and they did one firecracker of a single back in 2010 on the Japanese label POP’N’ROLL with two songs, “Christine” and “I Can’t Stop”, those 500 copies sold out in a jiffy. We immediately sent out our A&R guys to Japan to persuade them to do a single on Bachelor! And here it is! A classic single with two songs, an uptempo kinda love song called “Hanging Up On You” and a tearjerker of a flipside called “In my Dream”! Think of classic power pop bands like RASPBERRIES, 20/20 and NERVES mixed with the latest Japanese hitmakers like RAYDIOS, TREEBERRYS and GIMMIES! Yes I know, that territory is being explored much these days, but THE CHOOSERS really take it to a next level. Stats: 500 copies housed in a thick glued cardboard sleeve.

CHOYCE - Won't You Come Back 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 5,00 Euro
Raw -Punk -Psycho-Blues new project by Roy (CPC GANGBANGS, LUXURY RIDES...) in "one way ticket" plays Oly Chi (SPACESHIT, MILKY WAYS) recorded Edouard Laroque (SCAT RAG BOOSTERS, ROYAL ROUTES)limited 300 press!!!

CHRISTMAS ISLAND - Blackout Summer LP (In The Red Rec.) 14,75 EUR
Hailing from sunny San Diego, California, CHRISTMAS ISLAND plays music that on the surface is happy and poppy. There is a dark undercurrent to their brand of lo-fi Pop-Punk - it is joyous and almost twee while secretly depressed and deeply disturbed. Citing TRONICS, URINALS, TV PERSONALITIES, THE CLEAN, VERSATILE NEWTS, and THE FALL as influences, CHRISTMAS ISLAND is BEACH BOYS-style, sunny Southern Californian Pop by way of the late-´70s / early´80s UK DIY scene.

CHROME REVERSE - You Say You Love Me 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,90 EUR
The second single of this great garage punk / 60ties outfit from Paris, France! Limited to 500 copies.

Livorno's poppunk veterans Chromosomes team up with Milano poppunk legends Teenage Gluesniffers for some serious seven inch splittin'. Killer artwork by Manuel of the Manges.

CHUCK VIOLENCE - Bandolero Mexicano 7" (Shit In Can Rec.) 4,90 EUR
Four tracks of honky tonk tex mex punk from a Brazilian one man band who used to live in Mexico. Completely crazed and deranged but extremely entertaining stuff that makes you want to eat peyote, howl at the moon and chase senoritas. A must for fans of mad one-man-bands!!! Red vinyl, and sung in Spanish, mucho sexico.

CHUMPS, The - Invent Rock 'N' Roll ('95-00) CD (Mortville Rec.) 1,50 EUR

CITIZENS PATROL - Retarded Nation 7" (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 4,90 EUR
Right in time for their European Tour 2012, heres the hottest stuff in European Hardcore since ages. Citizens Patrol is hailing from the south of the Netherlands and plays some straight in your face and ass kickin hyperspeed hardcore. Imagine old US hardcore bands like POISON IDEA or REAGAN YOUTH, mixed with some blistering material from the 2000s thrash era like ExTxAx or DS13 plus newer bands like GOVERNMENT WARNING or CAREER SUICIDE. There you go. 6 songs in 8 minutes. Pure madness! + Download Code

CITY MOUSE - Bad Weather 5"x7" Flexi Postcard + Zine (It's Alive Rec.) 5,75 EUR
City Mouse have been around for a long time. In that time they have recorded a bunch of amazing songs. Songs too good to be lost to circumstance of not having been around to know about them the first time around. Songs too good not to bring to the attention of new fans. Their live sets are still full of these City Mouse classics. Long time fans still sing along to every word. New fans should have a chance to do the same. In an effort to bring back one such song we are releasing this newly recorded take of "Bad Weather" as a single on a 5x7 playable flexi postcard. It comes inside issue #11 of Jerk Store Fanzine which features a City Mouse tour diary from their 2012 coast to coast tour. City Mouse and Jerk Store are a band and a zine you should know about. We love them both and think you will too!

CITY MOUSE - City Mouse 7" (It's Alive Rec.) 5,75 EUR
City Mouse has been kicking around for quite a few years now. Though the line-up has seen many changes over time, the awesomeness of the passionate and heavy-hitting songs has constantly been improving with each new incarnation of the band. Mainstay front-woman Miski Dee Rodriguez knows how to write a solid pop jam and can belt out the whoa-mama lead vocals like nobody's business! The four tracks that make up this s/t vinyl debut release are reminiscent of the mid-nineties pop punk rock n roll that was being played by some of the toughest ladies of punk rock from the midwest and upper south at the time - powerful, sultry lead vocals over an incredibly melodic, driving rhythm. Danzig-approved.

CITY SLANG - Sonic Crime Wave 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Regular Edit. is the black and white photograph cover 5,50 EUR
CITY SLANG - Sonic Crime Wave 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Limd. 100 Edit is the is the high contrast blown-out sleeve 9,90 EUR
Debut 7" from Chicago's CITY SLANG who mix the proto punk sounds of THE STOOGES, THE SIANTS, RADIO BIRDMAN and MC5 with the straight up punk of THE DEAD BOYS and PAGANS. CITY SLANG play Rock 'n' Roll it's a simple as that. Pure rock 'n' roll that you don't often hear. Sharing members with THE POISON BOYS and also containing members that have been in CEMETERY and DECAY AFTER DEATH!

CITY SWEETHEARTS - Sleeping Through Modern Times LP (Full Trash 54)
Limd. 500 regular edition 11,50 Euro
Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers, silver artwork printed on thick black paper! For P.Trash Club-members only! 13,90 Euro
You won't catch no sleep with this record. It's the sound blaring from your car stereo when you hit the city for a wild night out, all revved up and ready to shake some action. A record smelling of sleazy bars, too much booze and cigarettes, lipstick stains and broken hearts.
Toronto City Sweethearts Curtis Dixon of VICIOUS CYCLE and Vassil of the MARVELOUS DARLINGS and ex-HEARTATTACKS keep you awake with the fast and rolling rockers "Wrong directions" and ''Hot ten''. They make you bring out the air guitar and shout along to the sticky chorus of ''Guys with guitars'', buy you a drink in the howling blues ''Just one night'', make you go hip-shaking crazy in the lascivious NEW YORK DOLLS/JOHNNY THUNDERS styled ''Trouble tonight'', ''New girl in town'', ''Little rocker'' and the perfect ''Cry all night'' and let the monkey on your back dance the cha-cha with the wilder stomper ''War in my head''.
All perfectly fixed up by Mr. Ben Cook in a dry and sleaze-o-phonic 70-sound that make you LOVER! and CHEAP TIME fans out there forget the modern world around!

CLOROX GIRLS - Boys & Girls 7" (Prügelprinz Rec.)
Limd. 105 white wax P.Trash mail-order only, SOLD OUT!!!!
Limd. black wax 4,50 EUR
(This is not a co-release but there is a "P.Trash mailorder" version limd. 105 copies comes with white wax and P.Trash stamped inserts can be purchased through the P.Trash mailorder only!!!)
This new 7" brings you 3 new smashers on 45 rpm. 2 are already on the last full length on BYO, but believe me, these versions are harder,faster and way better!!!( "Boys/Girls" , "Do You Know That" )
The 3rd songs is a greatly done coversong of the old brazilian punk - band TITAS : "Policia".
The 7" comes in a nice full color artwork , real cardboardsleeve , lyricsheet and colored wax versions for the collectors.haha...what more do exspect from a new CLOROX GIRLS 7"

CLOROX GIRLS / KISSIN´COUSINS 7" (Carnus / Beat Generation Rec.) 5,50 EUR
CLOROX GIRLS, bastard sons of the RAMONES, THE DICKIES & RED CROSS, deliver here three previously unreleased tracks, two of them in Spanish! A great punk band from Portland with rave reviews in each and every punk fanzine around the world. They keep punk (in the good old meaning of the word) alive. From the other side of the EP Barcelona's KISSIN'COUSINS (with members of E-150) give us here their last songs before breaking up. Four shots of chaotic punk with reminiscences of REAGAN YOUTH, CRIME & NEW BOMB TURKS. A limited edition 7" EP. One pressing, when it's gone its G.O.N.E.!

COBALT CRANES - Freak Out 7" (Frantic City Rec.) 4,90 EUR
First record from this Los Angeles combo, you'll find two speed pounding weird Garagey Punk tracks with Psyched-out guitars on side A and a more melodic, melancholic mid-tempo WIPERS-like ripper on side B.

COCKPIT - Same LP (Adrenalin Fix Music Rec.) 12,50 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
The other Bordeaux Space Punkband from the singer of VIDEODROME! COCKPIT's sound join the easy going atmosphere of Garage but walk on its compositions, playing faster, maybe too much for being qualified of grunge, so call it SPACE GRUNGE PUNK! In the abrasive wake of COCKPIT, we can recognize JAY REATARD; DESTRUCTION UNIT, JC SANTAN crash, and ending the set. Recorded by Arthur and Dorian from JC SATAN artwork cover by LL COOL JO:

COCKTAILS - Hypochondriac LP (Alien Snatch Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Next exit beach! Welcome COCKTAILS with this exclusive vinyl version of their new album,"Hypochondriac". From San Francisco, California USA, direct to your bedroom, the band brings sweet power pop jammers. It´s good-times, 70´s AM-Radio bicycle power pop taking cues from RUBINOOS, SHOES and 90´s links to TEENAGE FANCLUB, RED KROSS and CHEVELLES, and pop gun like DECIBELS. With constant on-point vocal harmonies and fuzz-driven Moog synths, it will warm your heart and your top-of-the-curve summer mood. It´s three guys and one girl taking you on a narrative prelude-interlude-outro journey with "Hypochondriac" - leap on this candy-loop pop-punk rollercoaster! COCKTAILS' centripetal force ranges from high-tide surfer punk to dream pop, and at the end of the loop you pinpoint the origin - produit en californie. It´s an action packed Bay Area ride which finds a place in your summer theme park of 2017. The follow up to 2014's album Adult Life was recorded direct-to-tape with vintage analog gear at San Francisco's legendary Tiny Telephone studio. Originally released on Father/Daughter on cassette in 2016, it´s now on vinyl with "Murder on TV" - a brand new bonus song. Right on to their vinyl release they´re touring Europe thanks to OTIS Tours and WILDWAX Booking. Check dates below. Vinyl release is in a full color sleeve and contains a download code

COCO COBRA and the KILLERS – Baby You Done Me Wrong 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) color sleeve 5,20 EUR
COCO COBRA and the KILLERS – Baby You Done Me Wrong 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) limd. black / white sleeve 5,20 EUR
4 track EP from the COCO COBRA that is fantastic, killer female fronted GaragePunk with a big K and a big P, after a LP and two Cds the first 7” is finnaly here, if you know this band think SPIDER BABIES but with a Female singer and you maybe have it if not try it you will like it.

COCOCOMA - Ask, Don't Tell b/w The Anchor 7" (Trouble In Mind Rec.) 5,50 EUR

COCONUT COOLOUTS - The Last Man That You Will Ever See 7" (Dirtnap Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Come with Download-Code!
2 spooky Halloween songs released (of course!) just in time for Thanksgiving. Or 11 months early for Halloween 2010, your choice. The Last Man You'll Ever See and Monsters Crash (The Regular People's Party) continue the tradition of killer singles from Seattle's (nay, America's!) premiere party-punk band, only with a macabre, bone-chilling twist. Abject terror never sounded so gosh darn catchy. Are you inhuman enough?

COKEROCKET - Give It All Up 7" (Gonna Puke Rec.) 5,00 EUR

COLD CALLERS - Covering Lies LP (Full Trash 135) (Co-release with No Front Teeth Rec.)
Limd. "Regular" No Front Teeth Rec. Edit. black wax, fixed into standard sleeves! 12,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax! With deluxe silk-screened covers! 16,50 Euro
Another fantastic band around mastermind Mr. Palumbo "MISCALCULATIONS, EXIT, SACCHARINE SOUVENIRS, GAGGERS" etc. This is a proper 10 songs straight powerpop album with lots of harmonies and musiciany bits, recorded to a "New Wave" innocent sound! Influenced by THE SPONSOR, OTHER KIDS, INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND, STARJETS etc!

COLD CALLERS - Alright Girl 7" (Wanda Rec.) Black Wax 5,50 EUR
COLD CALLERS - Alright Girl 7" (Wanda Rec.) Limd Col. Wax 7,50 EUR
After filling the gaps between snotnosing dumpster trash wipeouts and post-punk nuclear apocalypse serenades with THE GAGGERS, MISCALCULATIONS, THE EXIT, TEENAGE TRICKS and about sixty-six and a dozen more roundabout rockers Marco Palumbo, principal of NFT Records as well, still had some downtime left in his 36 hours day and therefore decided to team up with parts of the LOS PEPES and use their universal musical weapon skills to unearth the powerpearling teenage heartbreak sides of their achin´ shakin´ hearts the Bomp Records way. Pinballing with this american version of the Powerpop legacy the COLD CALLERS are reverting to the PLIMSOULS´ traits of wanting you back and needing your love tonight as well as skipping their bumpers between the “Work-A-Day World” of THE BEAT and a “Tomorrow Night” ride with THE SHOES before shooting their highscore Twilley bonus rounds with organ carried lights out nods to 20/20 and collecting the final golden dust for their seven inch wonder by way of an “L.A. Explosion” with THE LAST.

COLD CIRCUITS - Same LP (Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.) 16,90 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
The Bay Area is one of the most interesting places for punk these days – one of the most outstanding bands from there are the COLD CIRCUITS! Shattered guitar sound, mutated post punk basslines creating a danceable despair with bratty darkwave vocals, this is so punk! No garage, no post punk, no deathrock or whatever…
The icy, anxiety-ridden post punk is replaced by salivating droning punk. Less twitching, more pogoing, but still ravaged by the mounting dissolution and paranoia. A fucking great rhythm section (well known from Synthetic ID) rounds this whole thing down. Cold and bleak with sporadic tinges of fear. If you are a fan of TERRIBLE FEELINGS or VOIGHT-KAMPFF and also RANK//XEROX, COLD CIRCUITS will be your new obsession! Keep your eyes open – the lp is limited to 200 copies!

COLD CIRCUITS - Same 7" (Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.) 5,20 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Whatever these Bay Area guys secretly mix in their drinks, it seems to bring out an endless flow of brilliant and catchy, yet distinctive songs – in each of their bands. I'm talking about the rhythm section of Synthetic ID with the same guys of this awesome new San Francisco band! Ok, many bands try to do some kind of post punk stuff these days, but in my opinion the Bay Area knows how to do it best! After Rank//Xerox and Synthetic ID, Cold Circuits is the band to listen to right now! Robert Collins said: "UK post punk meets an angular cousin" and he's totally right. There are similarities to Synthetic ID, even though this band is less focused on the vibe and more on driving the listener. Lazy guitar lines weave in and out of logic, while bass and drums keep the whole thing forward with an inevitably urgency. It sounds excitingly familiar and so new in skills and maturity, that you just can't listen to anything similar elsewhere. What can I say?! Get it or not – this thing will explode, without any doubts!

COMBOMATIX - Cocktail Scandinavie 7" (Frantic City Rec.) 4,90 EUR
First record from these two retarded youngsters from Rennes, France, 3 tracks, only guitar/vocals + drums, just try to figure out how SUPERCHARGER would sound like if they'd fire GREG LOWERY and go on playing GORIES, OBLIVIANS or OH SEES songs... Super Trash, Super Fun!

COMBOMATIX - Combomatix LP (Frantic City Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Back in 2010, Combomatix, the trashy Garage duo from Rennes, Bretagne, chose Frantic City to release their first 7". Now two years later they're still on Frantic City and they're back with their first album after a split 7" with Brussels' own White Fangs which came out in 2011. Ten new tracks recorded in Toulouse with Lo'Spider, great improvement that's for sure, a bit less trash and a bit more crunch! They did a great job with the guitars and this is by far the best thing they produced to this day. Their early recordings most certainly brought to mind bands such as the Oblivians or Gories, now these new tracks drenched in reverb got more of an Oh-Sees feeling.

COMMANDANTES - Fuer Brot und Freiheit CD (Mad Butcher Rec.) 11,00 Euro
CD-only release. True PUNKROCK at it's BEST!!! Second full-length record by these german antifascist working-class band. They keep the red banner high with 14 new hymns, sung in German, English and Spanish. Songs about the Spanish civil war, factory workers and communists and well chosen traditionals are the perfect soundtrack to every revolution. Stay free!

COMMUNARDS - Same LP (London Rec.) 7,00 Euro

COMMUNIST PUSSIES - Same Tape (AlphaMonic / Mondo Mutato Rec.) 7,50 EUR
14 Studio Tracks, 7 Live Tracks. Limd. 40!!!

COMPANY, THE - Side Three Of The Moon LP (Solid Sex Lovie Doll / Difficult Life In Mental Jail Rec.) 13,00 EUR
Found some rest copies under the stairs, 1st comes 1st! New label from the Solid Sexie Lovie Doll guy and judging by this release, it is dedicated to unlistenable 'music'. The Company is Ben R. Wallers (Country Teasers) and Amir Shoat and as it was aleady torture enough to just skip for a few seconds from song to song, here's the label description: " "Side Three Of The Moon" is a tridimensional and artificial form of paradoxical sperimentalism. A goodbye trip into an unpredictable and acute state of illusionist sound in which pines meets twins meets pigs. A mellow romance of altered games searching for hot and colored goatherds. Material burning itself and releasing into cocks and roses. Melancholy boy fucking a female in a samba afternoon. This is for you, spastics."

COMPLAINTS - Secrets 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) 5,00 Euro
San Francisco punk with some Zero Boys and early Angry Samoans mixed in, reminiscent of the classic Hostage Records sound: driving and melodic and just snotty enough! Think '80s hardcore bands who weren't afraid to show plenty of '77-style punk influence... Featuring members of the Swingin’ Utters, Radio Reelers, Western Addiction and Dead Ringers these guys sure as shit know a thing or two about rockin’ and rollin’...

COMPLICATIONS - Follow Me / Money In My Back 7" (Yakisakana Rec.) 4,90 EUR
KILLER 7"!!! The band includes Marco (ex FATALS guitarist/singer/composer) and Looch (currently guitarist/singer of the MAGNETIX). If you like getting loaded and jacking off to the FATALS, then see how these fuckers can blow you!!! "Follow Me" is the FUCKING BEST non-P.Trash song I have heard 2008 jet...

CONCENTRATION SUMMER CAMPS - Amour Et Sourires LP (Trabuc Rec.) 10,90 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED After some months of different delays for various resons, the record is here and looks and sounds great. 525 copies in black wax of crazy garage-ish hardcore punk madness, noisy stuff from these teenagers over their 30’s. Think of a mix of KBD stuff, early 80’s USHC and some weird psicodelic 70’s rock. Fast songs, noisy guitars, primitive drumming, punk punk punk!!!

CONCENTRATION SUMMER CAMPS - No Patines En Mi Rampa 7" (D.I.Y.) 4,90 EUR
more info soon...

CONCENTRATION SUMMER CAMPS - You Hate CSC 7" (Discos Humeantes Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Just imagine a rectal examination with the BIG BOYS blaring on the speakers. Right, that kind of baffling pleasure is what these Valencia drug addicts are providing in their new 7". Clean and maddening guitars to the rhythm of the best American punk hardcore, with more than evident influences. They are the best Spanish punk hardcore band since their acclaimed 7" "No Patines en mi rampa" came out.

CONDOMINIUM - Warm Home LP (Cut The Cord That... Rec.) 11,90 EUR
7 tracks / 22 minutes of the tense, noisy sounds we have come to expect from this St Paul, MN band. The boundaries of hardcore music continue to be challenged and the walls continue to crumble under the pressure. Think FLIPPER meets FUCKED UP in a dark room, watch by SNIFFING GLUE...

CONTENDERS / BACKSTABBERS - Live In The Big Sleazy LP (Rave Up Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Vol.11 Amazing glam punk rock from New Orleans. These bands played a great mix of NY Dolls/Heartbreakers style rock'n'roll. 1976/77 studio and live tracks. Vintage photos and liner notes written by the bassplayer Brad Orgeron.

COP CITY / CHILL PILLARS - Hosed LP (Floridas Dying Rec.) 15,50 EUR
Black robes, torches, mind-control, mock human sacrifice rituals, and worship of Moloch the ancient Canaanite deity. These are just some of the images conjured up by "Hosed" the long awaited follow-up from Lake Worth Florida’s own Cop City Chill Pillars. "Hosed" takes things to its next logical conclusion with even more rhythmic messing about and lots more monotonous chanting. They don’t really sound like any other band, but feel free to make whatever musical comparisons you like. Hint: A-Frames, (Hardcore) Devo, Plastic People of the Universe, Jeff Mills.

COP CITY / CHILL PILLARS - Held Hostage On Planet Chill LP (Floridas Dying Rec.) 15,50 EUR
Off kilter minimal punk from Lake Worth. Strange, dark, creepy vibes abound. Chanted vocals, surfy lead lines that weave in and out of the songs, primal tom heavy drum beats. Party music for alien cavemen on a planet with high gravity. Good for your next seance, or for worshiping your sun god. The musical equivalent of being hit in the head with a hammer, not so much the blunt trauma, more the long term affter effects. I hope I never have to leave Planet Chill. Limited to 500/ first 75 on green vinyl.

COPROLITOS - Miss Melilla 7” (Blondes Must Die Rec.) 5,50 EUR
COPROLITOS are back with their "Miss Melilla EP," just one year after their last single, which was also released on BMD Records (receiving great reviews in both MRR and Terminal Boredom). Now these four from Madrid have recorded another five songs that stand out with the ever powerful voice of María. They remind us that their influences still combine that classic KBD sound, the speed and competence of more current groups like the TYRADES and the talent and magic of 80s Spanish Punk classics like ULTIMO RESORTE. A truly extraordinary single that shows the best side of modern Spanish punk.

COPYCATS - 8 Songs Demo CD (Copycats Self Released) 2,50 EUR

CORPUS CHRISTI - II LP (Jeetkune Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Gothic and melanchonic, obscure yet traditional country/folk trio formed by American Banjo Player Sam Crawford along with local garage punk starlets Tina (also partly-responsible for the Intellectuals, Cokerocket, Felt Ups, to name but a few) and Cristina, off Jeetkune favourites Capputtini 'I Lignu, backed in this recording by Roman synth-wave 'enfant prodige' MUSHY and including multiple featurings by an all-stars selection of ladies (Sophia Travis, Julie from Crash Normal, Elodie "Momolamana", Miss Chain) bringing their contribution to what's probably the bravest Jeetkune release to date. Corpus Christi revisit some ancient-times classics in their own twisted way, sounding like Harry Smith's secret recording stash and resulting in a cartoon-like version of the Carter Family with a dark twist.

CORTONA - The Beat Ist Billig 7" (Casbah Rec.) 5,50 EUR
CORTONA was born in the dirty gutters of Lyon in 2002 like a premature child armed to teeth. The band feeds its hits with the froth of the famous rebellious 77’ Punk and adjusts the kick towards modern sounds and nihilist determination. On stage, the band releases an explosive energy for an unbridled performance. The guitar riffs balance on a solid rhythmic basis and fill the lack of excitation of the audience and the needs for primitive sensations. After one album and two Eps, it is now time for a sequel. Cortona releases a brand new EP vinyl on Casbah Records: “The Beat ist Billig”. Once again, the band uses its loud voice to express their gospel of urban craziness, fun, and clarity in absolute commotion.Cortona is also and above all: 150 gigs in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Netherlands, opening for prestigious bands (THE BUZZCOCKS, THE DICKIES, THE TOY DOLLS, UNCOMMONMENFROMMARS, WAYNE BARRETT AND THE BULLDOGS (FROM SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS), 2nd DISTRICT, POWERSOLO, WASHINGTON DEAD CATS, THE SHOCKS, THE HATEPINKS, NEUROTIC SWINGERS, THE HOLY CURSE, KING AUTOMATIC, THE ASHTONES, PASCAL BRIGGS, FLYING OVER, MODERN PETS and many more…).

COSMO ROSSO - Baliset Poetry LP (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 13,50 EUR
New project from ex member of Inutili 2 chords love songs, amazing lo-fi, kraut, raga , shards of madness!!! Kraut/Raga/Lo-Fi!!!
(limited to 100) only 1 cover art

COUNTING THE DAYS - Finding A Balance LP (Assault Rec.) 10,90 EUR
Hailing from Glen Burnie, Maryland, Counting The Days give us 'Finding A Balance.' 12 tracks and 31 minutes of passionate, aggressive and inspiring modern hardcore. At once you realize that these songs come straight from their hearts, as they're filled with passion. Angry and desperate, but never losing hope. 'Finding A Balance' is nothing less than a treasure trove of hardcore anthems filled with tons of sing-along’s, grooves, and breakdowns. Lyrical subjects range from skateboarding to alienation to hating work and struggles with everyday life, issues we all can relate to. Heartfelt, moving and (in the end) uplifting, 'Finding A Balance' is emotional hardcore at its best, as fast as it is furious. If bands like American Nightmare, Count Me Out and Another Breath float your boat, you'd be a fool to miss out on COUNTING THE DAYS.

COURETTES - Boom! Dynamite! 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,90 EUR
Whaaaauw! The Courettes is thee new garage rock duo from Brazil and Denmark. It's savage! It's dynamic! A blast of Jungle wildness & Scandinavian rock 'n' roll! 'Riot grrrl in the garage' Flavia Couri will blow off your mind with atomic fuzz guitars and screaming raw vocals, and 'Beat! Beat! Beat! man' Martin Couri will make you s-s-shake with his loud as hell drumming! Their first album, produced by Kim Kix of PowerSolo, was released by German label Sounds of Subterrania, and not surprisingly it was sold out in few weeks! This classic 7” single is their second release. Two songs, both killer garage punk tunes with fuzz guitar and driving drums!

COZY - Kiss Me Dummy 7" (Secret Mission Rec.) 5,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
“Bonkers and the boys have done it again!!! COZY returns to the top of the charts and the denim dreams of fans worldwide with a brand new single on SECRET MISSION RECORDS!
“KISS ME DUMMY” is a song like you have never heard before!!! It’s a slice of the everyday teeny-life: “First one leads to another and that leads to many more, gonna kiss you all night long but there’s even more in store!!!” Once you hear “KISS ME DUMMY” you will never be the same again!
On the flip, COZY show their playful side with the teeny-bopper anthem SHOW AND TELL! One listen to this tasty treat and you will be showing COZY your undying love and telling all your friends how COZY has changed your life!
If you want to know what it’s like to be a teenager today, or if you have already succumbed to the epidemic known as COZY MANIA, you owe it to yourself to buy “KISS ME DUMMY” RIGHT NOW!

CPC GANGBANGS - The Broken Glass Pic 7" (Seeing Eye Rec.) 7,90 Euro
Here it is kiddies, the brand new heart stopper of a 7” from Mtl’s most barbarous garage band, the CPC GANGBANGS! This puppy is a picture disc, designed by Mr. Tommy Gangbang himself, so it looks as sick as it sounds. The tracks (“The Broken Glass” b/w “Rich Rich Rich”) are absolute killers, that aren’t available on their new Swami album, and definitely aren’t rejects! For enhanced pleasure, I’d recommend renting Pathfinder (pure Viking violence) and putting this baby on in the background.
Nicest looking 7" pic disc we've ever seen!!! Better buy 2 copies,... one for your record player and the other to horrify your mother-in-law!!!

CRASH NORMNAL - Unrealistic Tracks 4 song 7" (Compost Modern Art Rec.) 5,50 EUR
First 7 inch on a new Norwegian label. The label owner is excited like a little fat school boy chasing the ice cream truck... There are 4 dirty punk rock tracks on it, recorded in 2006-2007 when CRASH NORMNAL were a 3 piece. The cover is by an Italian artist called Massimiliano Bomba. Limd. 300

CRASH NORMNAL / INTELLIGENCE 7" (Compost Modern Art Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Wow, it’s not that often that we get to have our hands on a record that contains so much music that we love. Both of these bands get a lot of rotation on P.Trash turntables. This one is on Compost Modern Art recordings, a new label from Oslo that also released the CRASH NORMNAL 7" we have in the store. CRASH NORMNAL are getting better and better, and these tracks are really cool synth-garage shit like the old INTELLIGENCE records, but with a bit more swagger. The INTELLIGENCE change it up quite a bit and get really weird on this one. Hard to pin down. Limited to 500 or so and imported from Norway. Buy it.

CRASH NORMAL - Flying to NY b/w Hairy Wine 2 7" (Plastic Idol Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Paris, France's CRASH NORMAL is prepared to own 2009 with a flurry of releases, led by this dandy of a single. The showstopping duo of Jerome and Vincent continue to do what they do best: smash the rock 'n' roll "box" and glue its pieces back together however they see fit. The result is a dynamic discography, ranging from blown-out garage-isms to electro-infused bleeps, yet it all sounds like it fits into a bigger picture. On this single, CRASH NORMAL sounds leaner, and perhaps meaner, than they have in a while. "Flying to NY" was originally earmarked for another release, but we loved it so much that we had to stake our claim to it as the A-side (we think you'll approve). "Hairy Wine 2" is Ben Wallers worship in the form of an impeccably rendered COUNTRY TEASERS tune. Kerozen supplied the sleeve art. Mastered by Weasel Walter. Pressed in a limited edition of 650 copies.

CREAMERS - Slow Burn 7” (Secret Beach Rec.) 7,25 EUR
Words usually used to describe CREAMERS: KBD, Bloodstains, Snotty-Garage. What we like about CREAMERS: The second EP from Austin’s CREAMERS packs the snarl and immediacy of their first record with a slightly hookier and more frantic sound. KBD-style punk with some of best and most cynical lyrics in hardcore today. Comes with a righteous double-sided poster-sized insert and one of the sides has a drawing of a knife cutting eyes out of a heart, okay?

CRETEENS - Burn your School 7" (Boom Chick Rec.) 5,50 Euro
Frenched out Teenage frustration! Va te faire voir chez les grecs! Together with AGGRAVATION our fave Frenchies are back with a third 7" of blown out punk rock. This has one of the best 7" covers we've seen in a long time. Hahaha...

CRIMINAL CODE - Salvage 7" (Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
In my opinion, CRIMINAL CODE need no introduction. If you are not familiar so far, let Daniel Vandenberg explain this band for you! CRIMINAL CODE from Tacoma, Washington, play an anthemic, sneakingly melodic mixture of post-punk and cacophony of raw wavy punk. Formed in 2011, they’ve just released several 7“s and their debut LP No Device on Deranged Records, a welcome shot in the vein (or kick in the teeth) to an increasingly ethereal genre. They took their HÜSKER DÜ /GREG SAGE influences and made it their own unique sound.
The new 7“ harkens back to the raw, stripped down and primal intensity that characterised the early days of post punk, back when it was still considered just punk, only punk that was a little off and slightly more unsettling than usual. CRIMINAL CODE straight rip and rock with an urgency and rabid junkieunpredictability that was traded in long ago when post punk started investing wholeheartedly in synthesisers and chorus pedal collections and diverting down broodier pathways to goth and whatever-wave. CRIMINAL CODE are a perfect mess of contradictions, simultaneously full-bodied and forceful, and cold, distant and washed-out, like a hardcore heart in pale post punk skin, or vice versa. While specifically for CRIMINAL CODE’s European tour, the EP neatly coheres and expands on their HÜSKER DÜ Over A Cliff guitars and post-post (post) WIPERS despair/rage.

CRIPPLED FOY / GxFxTx Split 7" (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 4,50 EUR
Our next release regarding our "international split series", this time with Crippled Fox from Hungary and GxFxTx from Lithuania. 13 songs in 9 minutes powerful thrashcore in the veins of bands like DS13, COMMON ENEMY or BONES BRIGADE! I'm not kidding, this is furious and with high speed along the promenade of venice beach. Skate Or die!

CRISIS HOTLINES – A.R.T.I.F.I.C.I.A.L 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Crisis Hotlines are a three-piece from Austin, Texas. This EP is their first release and was recorded only two months into the band’s existence. Merging influences from across the spectrum of the first punk rock wave, the Hotlines channel the fun and energy of the classic Killed by Death era and combine it with a hefty dose of record collector nerdiness. The band features current and former members of the Horribly Wrong, Sex Advice and Love Collector.

CRITICAL F'N PICNIC - Same 7" (Cowabunga Rec.) 5,50 EUR
92 made, limited edition with alternate cover (Fold over & hand colored)!!!
They Had It Coming
Back The Badge
Going Lando
No Fat Chicks
Homeless Pollution
April 4th 1968

CROSSTOPS - The Ego That Ate The World LP (Rockstar Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Crosstops from San Francisco consist of strange and impressive characters such as lead guitar master and vocals The Wooper (a.k.a. Barry "D'live" Ward) who has served time for many years with R.K.L. (Rich Kids on LSD), and been a hired gun with the likes of Gwar, Me First & The Gimme Gimme's, Don Cikuta (Spain) & many more. Eyeball (a.k.a. Isaac Camner) jams the Rhythm Guitar and is also known for a slew of music videos he's directed for Bad Co flms & Hot Rod Pictures. Cecil B. Feeder (Also of The Bar Feeders) is the drum extraordinaire and rounding up the mix is Dui Goodpecker a.k.a. Clint Westwood of the South Bay phenomena Whiskey Avengers, Mad Drama and Trashkannon, kicking out the bass lines and handling vocals with ease. As a team the band will continue to infest the minds of those who listen and continue to inspire, entertain, inform and perhaps force feed the masses with a heavy morsel of rock candy guaranteed to curb almost any punk enthusiast's sweet tooth, as well as stroke the soft spot of those who appreciate a dose of Americana.
The new record is the kind of a record that you hide from your parents or signicant other, hoping they’ll inadvertently and it and suddenly see that you’re cooler than they think you are. Or perhaps it’ll scare away someone you care about. Either way it is guaranteed to stir up something. You can’t pigeonhole this band with their particular brand of punk rock country tinged acidtized rock metal jazz comedy. But you can brand them as all around entertaining. “The Ego that ate the World” is an epic sonic assault on all things right and proper. The kind of record that makes other records cringe in shame and ask to be filed next to the latest greatest spoon fed band flavor of the week. So it’s not for the commercial minded sappy pop slop emo fans who can’t take a joke. But if you have a taste for the risqué, like a little danger, thrill, excitement and fun. It’s for you. All jokes aside… a recent quote from a die hard Crosstops fan was…. IT FUCKIN’ ROCKS!!!! And that it does.
Mastered by John Cuniberti (Also responsible for the mastering of the Dead Kennedy‘s.
Cover art by The Foz (SF's punk illustrator, e.g. known for a recent NoFX record cover

CRUSADERS OF LOVE - Take It Easy... LP (FDH Rec.) 14,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
This french powerpop band will be releasing their second LP with us after a great debut record on Douchemaster about a year ago. This one will be hitting the pressing plant very soon and should be out around June. The record will be a must for fans of THE EXPLODING HEARTS, THE BUZZCOCKS, GENTLEMAN JESSE, THE NERVES and other like minded powerpop bands.

CRUSADES - Parables 7" (It's Alive Rec.) 5,75 EUR
« Parables » is the new offering by Ottawa Crusades. After their highly acclaimed first full lenght « The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In », this two songs 7? takes the band to a new step. For those who are still not familiar with the music of the quartet, Crusades has a strong punk rock base but draws his inspiration from various hardcore/punk subgenres. The band develops their own musical universe with great song-writing, great sense of melody and multiple vocals. These two tracks combine a large dose of energy and catchiness to a certain kind of melancholy and darkness. Like in their previous releases, the band’s lyrics challenge religions with a personnal approach. Destructure is taking care of the european pressing of this little beauty. Take note that this release is a warm-up for a european tour planned this fall and for a new full lenght to be probably released next winter.

CRUSADES - This Is A Sickness And Sickness… LP (Anxious And Angry / Countless Altars Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Ottawa’s CRUSADES began in 2009, comprised of Jordan Bell on drums, Scott McCash on bass/vocals, Emmanuel Sayer on guitar/vocals, and Dave Williams on guitar/vocals. Prior to CRUSADES’ formation, the four members played in such established local bands as SEDATIVES, The Creeps, Buried Inside, THE STEVE ADAMYK BAND and others.
The band’s initial and ever-evolving goal is to examine profound personal and universal topics – love, art, life, death, etc – through a lens of freethinking and atheism, offering a critical perspective rooted in philosophical, political, musicological, poetic and historical study.
The album was recorded in Spring 2016 by Mike Bond at Wolf Lake Studios in Lac-Des-Loups, QC, with additional tracking by Crusades’ own Jordan Bell at Atomic Audio Inc. here in Ottawa. It was mixed by Matt Bayles (the sonic wizard behind myriad masterpieces from Tragedy, Mastodon, Botch, The Murder City Devils, From Ashes Rise … not to mention Pearl Jam, Deftones, Alice in Chains, etc.) at his own Red Room Recording in Seattle, WA, and mastered/co-produced by Martin Bowitz and Jørgen Smådal Larsen (Bowitz/Larsen of The Spectacle, Cold Mailman, Kråkesølv and more) at Strype Audio in Oslo, Norway.

CULT VALUES – Same LP (Static Age / Sabotage Rec.) 12,50 EUR
If you like NO PROBLEM, you will love CULT VALUES!
CULT VALUES was formed in October 2014 in Berlin as an international collaboration between people from the USA, New Zealand, Austria and Germany. After recording a much acclaimed demo in 2015 (out on Berlin's own Static Age Rec.) and a line up change on drums right after, CV started playing tons of shows in Germany and the periphery as well as writing songs for an LP. Said record was finally recorded in December 2015 by Tobias Lill. Released by Deranged Records in North America.

CUMSTAIN - Dahmer Blues 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 6,00 EUR
Cumstain is sleazy garage-punk band from Oakland California!! that'll stick to your mind and stain yo brain!!! two tracks for fuck one-side!!! recorded october 2013 by Greg Ashley !!! Glam/R'n'R/Garage/Pop!!! (limited to 250) The 7" will be issued with three different covers:
1 cover art 83 copies Black and White
2 cover art 83 copies Negative
3 cover art 83 copies Red

CUTE LEPERS / DISCO LEPERS - Join The Lepers Split-7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) 4,90 Euro
We have different versions, very limd. stock!!!
The Leprosy split spectacular is finally here!! You’ve been selected to get infected!!! That’s right... Not only do you get the CUTE LEPERS and the DISCO LEPERS brands of punk rock leprosy but also an exclusive appearance from STEVE E. NIX as the LURCHING LEPER with his one-man leprosy assault... that’s a lot of leprosy for one 7”!! Seven cuts in all!!! Three different strains of the same disease!
CUTE LEPERS - Young Hearts
LURCHING LEPER – Death By Magazine
DISCO LEPERS – Epileptic Sex / I Was A Haemophiliac Blood Donor / Nazi Tampons / Teenage Menopause / I’m Carcogenic