FABRIK FABRIK - Same LP (Phantom Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Wenn jedes Heute wie morgen ist, dann liegen die Antworten auf die Fragen von heute im Gestern begraben. Fabrik Fabrik sind hier, um sie auszubuddeln und auf den Seziertisch zu legen. Das Debütalbum »Fabrik Fabrik« ist eine hitzige Analyse des Jetztzustands, die tief in die sumpfige Geschichte der kalten Kultur eintaucht, gegen die es sich stemmt. Vom programmatischen Opener »Alles ist Fabrik« bis zum letzten Stück, einer Coverversion von Slimes »Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland«, zieht das Berliner Quartett eine Linie von der Tristesse des Jahres 2016 bis zur Großvatergeneration und dem Hurra-Patriotismus vergangener Tage, die in diesen unseren nachhallen.

FACTUMS - Roman Soldier 12" (HBSP-2X / CAPTCHA Rec.) 15,75 EUR
Three-piece unit Factums and Captcha Records, of Seattle and Chicago, present Roman Soldier, a multi-dimensional sonic experience of cinematic beauty. The first decaying hit of this record sounds like the approach of an apocalyptic army overheard from the inside of an insurgent’s desolate cave. Suspense builds as the cadence of the piece accelerates, the twists and turns of its theme provoking high anxiety and cold sweats. As tension climaxes and the sonic assault begins to fade, sounds evocative of dazed contemplation suffuse the aural space, creating an impression of crystalline clarity that might be reminiscent of an introspective montage, replaying the last conversation you had with the one you love. In its primal minimalism, calculated chaos and transcendental ambience, this record presents an opportunity to abandon the banality of modern life and lose yourself in the complexities of your imagination. The Roman Soldier EP follows up the exquisite release Flowers on the Sacred Bones label, arriving in advance of the highly anticipated release Gilding the Lilies. This record, featuring an etching on the reverse, is being produced in an edition of 500 copies and will not be repressed.

FADEAWAYS - Raw, Wild & Wretched LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 12,50 EUR
Mentored by Fifi and Fink of Teengenerate and raised on bands like the The Mummies, Supercharger, Spaceshits and the Rip Offs; THE FADEAWAYS were pretty much destined to be a garage punk hit machine. Tokyo's THE FADEAWAYS inject brash, punk attitude into stripped-down, dirty Rock N Roll to create raw, raunchy rippers that just seethe uber-rockin' coolness. This is crude, sweaty, speaker cracklin' trash that has Budget Rock smeared all over it. If the above mention bands mean anything to ya, this one is pretty much essential. Rad lookin' cover art by Ben Lyon.

FAGS - Rivet Factory 7" (La Ti Da Rec.) 6,50 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
This debut 45 from Calgary-based garage-rock combo, The Fags, features 2 solid pop gems that combine the band’s fascination with all things Detroit (Rivet Factory) & a bizarre love affair with Chinatowns everywhere (No Peking). A visual juggernaut on clear vinyl, with artwork by local illustrating stalwart, Kelly Sutherland, it’s an audible tour de force for garage-pop fans the world over. This package is sure to please!
Formerly a 2-piece with an affinity for re-creating stripped-down versions of their favourite pop songs (see The Who, The Quick, Siouxsie & the Banshees), the band has doubled in size to create their own material with twice the energy, twice the volume & twice the good times.

FALCON CREST - Same 7" (Big Action Rec.) 5,75 EUR
Classic (Defunct) Minneapolis tunes by one of the wickedest rock bands ever! Think AmRep inspired noise punk rock. (Members of STNNG, Total Fucking Blood and a Helmet roadie, you know this shit is classy!) The B side includes comedy and laughter courtesy of Niles n Noodles. Two songs and some comedy on black vinyl.

FALL OF EFRAFA / DOWN TO AGONY Split LP (Contraszt! Alerta Antifascista Rec.) 12,90 EUR
FALL OF EFRAFA should be well known as they influenced hundreds of bands worldwide with their interpretation of modern Crust / HC ranging and mixing influences from Post Hardcore, and Metal. Their song on this split 'No longer human' is a twelve minute poetic epos and a classic.
DOWN TO AGONY were a neocrust band from Zaragoza, playing fast, angry and melodic hardcore in the veins of EKKAIA and MADAME GERMAN.

FAMINES - Syllables 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Rec.) 5,85 EUR
Europe exclusive distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Comes with download code. The Famines are basically the perfect band, balancing talent (brainy lyrics, virtuoso drumming, ambitious visual aesthetic) with sheer brute force (insane live show), subtle notes of emotional complexity (the song "Got Lies If You Want Them") and IDEAS (a cassette/book release). The Famines are doing absolutely everything right; a band with so many highlights that it is hard to imagine that they aren't everyone's favourite.
Syllables is their third 7” (the first being their self-released double 7” released in 2008, their second being the “Free Love is a Sales Technique” out on Reluctant Records last year. The single was recorded on a cold February Monday in the Mammoth Cave Recording Co. studio and the songs were knocked out in a few hours.

F.A.N.T.A. - ¡MÁS RÁPIDO! LP (Monster Zero Rec.) 12,75 EUR
Please welcome to the MZ family, F.A.N.T.A.!!! These legendary punx from Santa Coloma, Spain are back with a new full-length. 17 amazing tunes of pure punk pop, following the sacred Ramones Commandments: insane drumming, exploding guitars, brilliant melodies, and lyrics directly proportional to the brain injuries they have been dragging for years. Incredible artwork by Carme Morgendorffer and Ivancillo Bigotes Castro.

FASHION! FASHION! AND THE IMAGE BOYS - Scissor Jihad 7" (Spin The Bottle Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Hot shit KBD-style punk. These guys sound real stoopid. Like, hanging out with bums, holding down a shit job at a skate shop style stoopid. Florida's full of weird-os like this, and it makes me wanna go there. Plus I bet there's a bunch of hot chicks there. I'd love to get my hands on a couple copies of their split with the FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS. But c'est la vie. Buy this shit!!! They will also be a part of the upcoming P.Trash KILLED BY TRASH VOL.2!!!

FASHIONISM - Back In The Day 7" (Neon Taste Rec.) 7,25 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Hot on the heels of the Dirt Cult single 'Subculture Suicide' comes Fashionism's 4th single. Hints of Clash, Teenage Head and sped up Mod Revival. It's the kind of powerpop that made 1979 such a good year for records. Included here are songs that lament the old guard that always want to talk about how things were and an erotic ode to coffee we think? Whatever the persuasion it's a banger of a single and definitely the strongest of their output thus far.

FATALS - Same CD (Digital Trash 01) (need infos, klick DISCO/INFO button)
--limd. 210 neon red/black silkscreen artwork (mail-order only) 13,- Euro
--limd. 302 red/black silkscreen artwork 13,- Euro

FREAK GENES - Playtime LP (Alien Snatch Rec.) 13,90 EUR
England's FREAK GENES are Andrew Anderson (HIPSHAKES, PROTO IDIOT) and Charlie Murphy (RED CORDS, HOLIDAY GHOSTS). With a crazy six-teeeen songs this could almost have been a double LP, but instead you get two A-Sides full of witty-gritty power pop, savage bar rock that has the distinctive flavour of musicians gone thru the class of LoFi with no false pretences. Sharp, cohesive songs that are so good you doubt they're all originals. The next debut album on ALIEN SNATCH! in 2017, your true purveyor of new bands with low predictability and almost *** listening pleasure. "Playtime" has tons of attitude, adrenaline and pop sensibility, sitting on the end-of-the-70´s borderline between punk and pop that we love to death here. Some insistent WIRE tempos, some intense post-punk rockers, always clocking in at two minutes or less. Imagine if ELVIS COSTELLO had only an hour of studio time to boil up an album and he wants the middle seat between SWELL MAPS "New York" and NICK LOWE "Heart of the City". Nuff said, chew on this. Sun-soaked mastering by Mikey Young (EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING).

FEAR OF LIPSTICK - Same CD (It's Alive Rec.) 13,90 EUR
They're good friends of the Ottawa scene from the East Coast of Canada! Self-titled debut album is a slice of everyday life, love and social commentary set to the tune of straight-forward pop punk rock. They play it passionate; giving it all they got. The guitars are loud, bright and punchy as all hell, the bass is fast and frisky, the drums get it done, and the lead vocals go for the guts every time. This is a summertime album all the way. File under: STEVE ADAMYK BAND, STATUES or MARKED MEN, BRIEFS,...

FEAR OF LIPSTICK - Seasons LP (Full Trash 77)
Limd. 500 regular Edit. comes in black wax packed in normal sleeves! 11,75 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in clear wax packed in recycled/natural sleeves! For P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Outbr> These Canucks have to overcome their phobia, 'cause this record comes as a bombshell and they will be plastered with giddy kisses by boys and girls alike.
Not the same lame wind and piss Power-Pop-Punk again but a bouquet of formidable Überhits that even makes us talk in French here at P. Trash HQ.
It's not a record, you hear...!?! It's an invitation to open up another can of beer and welcome the rays of sunshine in the afternoon, still dressed in your undies only and singing along to this 14-song non-stop cannonade that talks about the things they tell you that you shouldn't no more as a grown-up. Aw! C' mon! ''Underground'', ''Alone with you'' or the title track ''Seasons change'' evoke the same feel-good moments you had when listening to the MARKED MEN, all powered up and filled to the brim with killer hooks and all the piff peng you need to be happy. Driving mid-tempo songs, like ''Scared of the world'', ''Memel'' or the absolute smasher ''I won't remember you'', add some poppy Punk staccato riffing and have the catchyness of TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET minus the Fat Wreck polish. To make the density of melodies perfect, you also find some hints of '77 Punkrock (''Want it back''), good ole' RAMONES (''Such a shame''), STATUES (Rob sings on one song) and even some very old ALKALINE TRIO. Perfect blend of all natural ingredients! Enjoy with a drink, 'cause seasons might change, this record stays summer forever!

FEATURES - X-Features LP (Catalina Tapes Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
The FEATURES, perhaps more than anybody, were the band that provided the stylistic delineation between punk and post-punk in the Auckland, New Zealand scene. The band formed in late 1979, led by Jed Town (guitar) and James Pinker (drums). Both were members of THE SUPERETTES with Paul Kean (later THE BATS), and when Kean left to join TOY LOVE they pulled in Karel Van Bergen (vocals, ex-PRIMMERS), and Chris Orange (bass, ex-TERRORWAYS) to complete the line-up.
Drawing from the likes of PUBLIC IMAGE LTD, WIRE, the emerging New York no-wave movement and Town's passion for late period Beatles, the Features offered a far more experimental and jagged sound than most of their peers and were instantly popular, drawing strong crowds at the assorted hall gigs that were increasingly regular weekend events in the city.

FEELERS - European Tour 2007 7" (P.Trash 32)
--limd. 500 x black wax/ thick cardboard sleeve 5,00 EUR

FEELERS - Nothing Always 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Back in stock, now with RED artwork!!!This is the 2nd 7" after the P.Trash 7" released in time for their European-Tour!!Buckle up for a SERIOUS kick into your punk ass!

FEELING OF LOVE - School Yeah 7" (Sweet Rot Rec.) 6,50 EUR
Found a few rest-copies!!! The Metz Trifecta is complete. First it was The ANALS, then A.H. KRAKEN, and now Sweet Rot is pleased to present a third record from Metz, France, a 3-song single from The FEELING OF LOVE. Just like their previous releases this one features a schizophrenic mix that somehow makes perfect sense. You get one studio-recorded hit and one drum machine fuelled jam on the a-side, and an absolutely beautiful, yet fucked, reinterpretation of a Gainsbourg classic on the flip. Pretty cool cover art too.

FEMME KRAWALL - Fun Im All 10" (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Did somebody say riot grrl? Finally, after an intense year of touring, writing and generally fucking shit up, FEMME KRAWALL are back with a hot new piece of vinyl that basically does everything even better than before. They updated their formula of reverb-drenched garage riffs, abstract lyrics and their unique singing that made their previous records an instant all-time favourite. Managing to stay positive while at the same time being fucking pissed about stuff, they deliver 5 songs that will make you dance with a smile on your face and your fist in the air while shouting lyrics that actually matter without becoming the all too often political punk cliche. Its a blast to have this band back on Spastic Fantastic with this 10“ called „Fun im All“ (fun in space), that was recorded in spring 2016 by Luc of The Hit Fountain. Limited to 500, get yours now, they will be gone fast!

FERAL TRASH - Trashfiction LP (Full Trash 115) (Co-release with Mammoth Cave & Dirt Cult Rec.)
Limd. 500 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes with deluxe silk-screened covers, Mike from MOTHER'S CHILDREN, VOICEMAIL, YEAR ZERO did the artwork, silver ink on a black paper, for P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
It is the birth of a new amazing Canadian band! It's Eric (FEAR OF LIPSTICK, guitars), Ilisha (g & voc in THALIDOMY KIDS now on drums) and Jesse (dr in THALIDOMY KIDS now on bass). This adroit trio is called FERAL TRASH and “TRASHFICTION” is their bewitched debut full-length, maybe a record made for your future classic list. Listened to it the first time it stuck in my mind for days. The 11 songs take straight Canadian Power-Pop aka STATUES' classic album "New People Make Us Nervous" turn it into melodic BUZZCOCKS-like bombs in the choruses and grasp at the spirit of the WIPERS energetic '77 smashers! The relentless beats, the devil-may-care hooks and the melancholic female/male vocals combined with catchy garage-punk songwriting sends endless waves of shiver down my spine. Supported by proper production akin to RIVER CITY TANLINES’ “I’m Your Negative” mixed with SEDATIVES minus keys or even FEAR OF LIPSTICK it is an all-killer-no-filler from the opener “Seventeen” until the last tune “Where We Go” and again I find myself singing along: “…P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D…” - extraordinary haunting stuff!
It was recorded by James "You can do it better" O'Toole at the Echo Chamber and mastered by Dave "V's look cooler than U's" Williams at Eight Floors Above.
Artwork is being done by Michael George Haddad.
Co-released by P.Trash (Europe), Dirt Cult records (US) and Mammoth Cave Recording Co. (Canaduh) plus a limited "P.Trash Club" Edition with deluxe silk-screened covers, Mike from MOTHER'S CHILDREN, VOICEMAIL, YEAR ZERO did the artwork, silver ink on a black paper.

FERGUS & GERONIMO - Blind Muslim Girl 7" (Tic Tac Totally Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Denton white-man-soul/pop duo featuring Jason Kelly (WAX MUSEUMS) and Andrew Savage (TEENAGE COOL KIDS). In FERGUS & GERONIMO, the WM lo-fi recording aesthetic is alive and well to be sure, but don't expect any songs about "jack off rats" here. Just Blind Muslim Girls! A casual project, but the band cites a serious well of inspiration including southern soul, '60s pop, psychedelic and Motown influences as the kick behind FERGUS & GERONIMO's sound. Good stuff. Uh, yeah. Get it!

FINGERPRINTZ - Beat Noir LP (Virgin Rec. 1981) 8 Euro

FINGERSMITHS - Come Clear LP (Monster Zero Rec.) 12,75 EUR
Yeah, Monster Zero got involved with the Fingersmiths from Valencia, Spain and then joined a whole bunch of labels to release their first LP. The result is a good one, 12 tracks of high-energy punkrock, for people that dig Ramones, Supersuckers, Los Ass-Draggers and more of that crazy shit. Get the LP and dig!

FIREBALLS OF FREEDOM - Viva El Gato 7"(Empty Rec.) 5,5 Euro
Comes with silkscreen sleeve. Out of print at Empty Rec.

FIRE HEADS - Sleep At Night / Hardly There 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 6,00 EUR
Recorded in one take at guitarist Bobby Hussy's newly built home studio, "Sleep at Night" hits like a punch to the gut in under two minutes of blistering guitars and a speeding groove that, like a loving parasite, will burrow and stay with you long after its over and before you have a chance to breath. B-side "Hardly There" will buck you like a fiendish bronco until it's time to start the record over for another ride!!! Punk/Garage/Punk!!!
(limited to 255) The 7" will be issued with three different covers:
1 cover art 85 copies Black and White
2 cover art 85 copies Black and White
3 cover art 85 copies Black and White

FIRE RETARDED - Same Tape (In The Shit Rec.) 7,50 EUR
(Cs+Digital album+ stickers) – very limited edition 69 copies. Super ,wild garage punk project with member of The Hussy. Caution …..handle with care. Is explosive material!!!
SIDE A: Dirty Body – Yuuu – Filling Hole – High Horse – Lost the touch – Damaged Man
SIDE B: live In Indianapolis - Locks and looks – A Mess – Damaged Man – I Wanna Be Your Dog

FIRESTARTER - Saturday Night (Is The End Of The World) 7" (Shit Sandwich Rec.) 6,75 EUR

FIRST BASE - You've Got A Hold On Me 7" (Hosehead Rec.) 6,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Four songs that sound like THE BEACH BOYS, THE RAMONES, meets GENTLEMAN JESSE. This is the follow up to their 2013 LP on Hozac Records! (300 pressed)

FIRST TIMES - One Time Thing 7" (Combat Rock Industry Rec.) 5,90 EUR
The second EP from this Helsinki-based power pop/rock'n'roll combo. 4 new songs, even better than their debut! These dudes & one dudette really know what they are shooting for & deliver it with fresh energy.. vocalist Kiti, who also sings in the wildly popular all-girl garage outfit THE SPLITS, really delivers the goods in the melody department - these tunes will keep playing in your head & make you want more of this sweet, sweet sound of rock'n'roll!!

FIRST TIMES - Same 7" (Combat Rock Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
FIRST TIMES are a new power pop/rock'n'roll band from Helsinki, Finland. Even though the band is new, the members have been around in the scene for ages and really know what they are shooting for & deliver it with fresh energy.. and vocalist Kiti, who also sings in the wildly popular all-girl garage outfit THE SPLITS, debut LP comes out at P.Trash right now, really delivers the goods in the melody department - these 4 songs will keep playing in your head & make you want more of this sweet, sweet sound of rock'n'roll!! Feel free to check the mp3-mix!!!

FIST CITY - Hunting You LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 12,50 EUR
On FIST CITY's debut album 'Hunting You', they skillfully cross-stitch different eras of punks rich historical landscapes to create mesmerizing brain blobs that are as much intriguing as they are familiar. Theirs a definate late 70's UK DIY aesthetic running through these grooves that resonates throughout the entire album. By fusing the agitated, post punk grit of bands like the Despertate Bicycles and the Raincoats with an acid soaked take on the Vaselines, Shop Assistants downer pop; 'Hunting You' shines through in it's doomy, pop-contaminated bliss. The spaced out vox give the tunes an eerie, almost goth-ey, vibe creating a nice washed out, claustrophobic back drop for the music. And intentional or not, it definitely sounds like FIST CITY have more than a few early 90's riot grrl records in their collective collections. But don't expect any pro-fem messages from the CITY. It's more in their music, as they channel the early 90's cling-clang of bands like Slant 6, Huggy Bear and Bikini Kill that echoes through their trebley, punk brandished scrawlings. Lotta great stuff coming out of Canada these days and FIST CITY are definitely at the top of the slop. Recorded by Paul Lawton of the Myelin Sheaths

FITT,THE - ELASTIC PACIFIC 7" (Big Neck Rec.) 5,00 Euro
PURPLE WAX in stock!!! A brand new EP from Pittsburgh blender squad THE FITT. Blending punk, garage, and rock flavors, the band unleashes a scorching blast of seamless scream, ripped with howling vocals, hell-bent drumming, and thundering riffs. The band’s live shows are on-stage brawls with each new song trying to beat the previous one into the ground.

FIX-IT - Who's The Pig LP (Full Trash 62)
Limd. 370 "Vietnam GIs Edit." black wax packed in a cardboard sleeve with Vietnam GIs "glossy varnish" print! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 130 "P.Trash Club Edit." black wax packed in a "german flag style" black, red & gold printed silk-screened covers. 14,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "Relax-o-Matic Vibrator Edit." black wax packed in a black, "Kodak" yellow & red & printed silk-screened covers. 14,90 Euro
The Paris Punk Commune already Kill Kill Killed us with their superb entrée LP in 2008 and are now ready to dish up another main course tres tres formidable that will be instantly decorated with the maximum of 5 Trashelin stars. Spinning fast and relentlessly stirring the sauce, the boys only slow down a little on ''Blind'' and ''Before the storm'', which is refined with some melodic UK Mod-Punk and smacks of the young Jello Biafra singing. Tender WIPERS finish opens the ouevre with ''29'', followed by some fast, ratty and steady Punkrocking in ''Last call'', ''Broken'', ''Self destruction'', Hostile sex'' and ''Poor life'' and even salted with some dark synthie rafinesse in ''Slow down''. If your pleasure is to dine on the early US Punk of the ADOLESCENTS and DEAD KENNEDYS, the fast and melodic Canada Punk of STATUES and alikes, plus you enjoy those unforgettable moments de JAY REATARD.
Then the hog for this record is you! And don't forget: If it ain't broken - FIX IT!

FLINTETTES - Choice Is Ours 7" (La Ti Da Rec.) 6,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
The Flintettes return with their sophomore single for LTD, and it sure ain't a slump! Recorded by Jesse Gander at Rain City Recorders, mastered by Stu McKillop. more info soon...

FLUFFY LUMBERS - The Police Cruisers EP 7" (Weird Hug Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Backstock, last copies! Debut EP from New Jersey's Samuel Franklin aka FLUFFY LUMBERS. This solo recording project is pure pop brilliance. Lots of school boy charm and teenage angst on this one. Lo-fi garage jangles and harmonies sung with a real sincerity with lines lines like "Hope you get the lead in the high school play." Synths, infectious guitar hooks, and a whole range of impressive lyrics.

FLYING OVER - Are You A Punk 7" (Adrenalin Fix Music Rec.) 5,50 EUR
3 tracks recorded live by Lo' Spider at Boogaloo Studio in Bordeaux.. All right! France's Flying Over is definitely a Now Wave kind of band! Falling somewhere in between straight-up retro '77 and Killed By Death Euro-punk, Flying Over throws it back to the days when the likes of TV Killers and Gasolheads ruled the French punk scene. Boasting fantastic names (Jet Boy, Jet Girl, Gun Boy, Hero Boy) and unassailable influences (Saints, Sex Pistols, Kids, Vibrators), these Frenchie punk n' rollers could very well induce a worldwide revival of pogo dancing. So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: Flying Over does old style punk right. Now Wave Nation, this is a band to check out!

FLYING OVER - We Are Outsiders LP (Adrenalin Fix Music Rec.) 12,50 EUR
2nd LP, All songs by FLYING OVER, except TV TOWER by DEMOLITION GIRL & THE STRAWBERRY BOYS, Recorded & Mixed by Michel Toledo, Mastering by Arnaud Houpert, Artwork by Van Gogo. more info soon...

FORBIDDEN TIGERS, THE - Colonial Freakout 7" (Savage Rec.) 5,00 Euro
FORBIDDEN TIGERS, THE outta Nebraska is basically BRIMSTONE HOWL but they've gone rawer than hell and turned it all the way over to primitive. Imagine the BLACK LIPS teaming up with OBLIVIANS.

FOREIGNER - 4 LP (Atlantic Rec.) 5,00 Euro

FOREVER PAVOT - Rhapsode LP (Born Bad Rec.) 15,90 EUR
So there is a new tenant in the Jean-Claude Vannier residence. The discreet type, but rather noisy. Fuzz guitars, wild farfisa, bass lines mixed well ahead in the Burgalat tradition, flutes playing, horse cavalcades on Miguel El Salam, 'Rhapsode' is such a huge indoor Western shot by the ORTF ( 64's to 74's French Broadcasting Authority TV) that sometimes we expect to see Jean-Christophe Averty spring out from an enclosure, holding both a camera and a joint. But again, clothes dont make the man. The name Forever Pavot was not born of an apology of drugs: "It started as a joke. One day I read too fast a "flower power" poorly written on a school pencil case. It made me laugh", said Emile. The result is worth all these sleepless nights: where others merely copy the past, Emile stacks up sound, rehabilitates the harpsichord in this narrow world that has become pop music. He composes arranged pieces (Electric Mami) that give the impression of hearing 'Strawberry Fields Forever' sung by Zombies. After an initial 45 rpm, 'Christophe Columb', which he produced in the spring of 2013, and which was"distributed free with chocolates" and then repressed by Frantic City, the story of Forever Pavot begins to take shape around a new group.

FOR THE DAY - Sofa, So Good LP (Rockstar Rec.) 10,90 Euro
Second album of the five friends who love to listen to LEATHERFACE, RADIO WITH GUTS, JAWBREAKER and the likes!

FOR THE DAY - Sofa, So Good CD (Rockstar Rec.) 11,90 Euro
Second album of the five friends who love to listen to LEATHERFACE, RADIO WITH GUTS, JAWBREAKER and the likes!

FOUR SLICKS - Bye Bye Bye 7" (Savage Rec.) 5,00 Euro
It's four tunes of dazzling rock'n'roll from this Paris-based foursome. Featuring ex-members from such luminaries as the RIP OFFS and the NO-TALENTS. Think Devil Dogs, Rip Offs, a bit of rockabill and loads a' energy. Great glossy full color sleeve by Sunny Buick!!!

FRACULA - Music for Derelicts 7" (Surfin Rec.) 4,90 EUR
Super 7" and a free cool poster inside every record! DEVO-lution is not so far! more info soon...

FRANCE HAS THE BOMB - Invisible Angle 7” (Hozac Rec.) 6,25 EUR

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - Welcome To The Pleasuredome 2xLP (ZTT Rec.) 12,00 Euro

FRANKLIN LAKES – Same 7“ (Samuel Rec.) 4,90 EUR

FREE MACHINES - Cursive Moon 7" (Dirt Cult Rec.) 5,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Awesome new Tucson band featuring ex-Swing Ding Amigos. Imagine that band slowed down a bit and with a whole lot more GREG CARTWRIGHT soul and swagger. A great debut record!

FRESH FLESH - Fresh Flesh 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 6,00 EUR
Fresh Flesh is a quartet from Memphis, with guitarist, Alicja Trout's resume includes River City Tanlines, Lost Sounds, and Sweet Knives. Luke Stubblefield (drummer) and Noel Clark (lead guitarist). Their sound falls somewhere between proto-punk bands of the 60?s and 70`s and garage rock revivalists of the early 2000's. !!!Punk /Garage/Pop!!!
(limited to 255) The 7" will be issued with three different covers.
1 cover art 85 copies Black and White
2 cover art 85 copies Black and White
3 cover art 85 copies Black and White

FRESH & ONLYS - Witchy Woman one-sided 7" (Hell, Yes! Rec.) 5,90 EUR
more info soon...

FRESH MEAT - Leather Daddy 7" (Fashionable Idiots Rec.) 4,75 EUR
Also hailing from Allentown, Fresh Meat picks up right where their debut single left off with three more cuts of bad times and ugly music. The feedback soaked path leads straight to your brain with a pit stop to punch the clock or punch your boss.

FRIGIDAIRE TANGO - The Cock /Demo LP (Synthetic Shadows Rec.) 13,90 EUR
July 1977 Carlo Casale and Stefano Dal Col, beginning a musical collaboration and founded the Outkids, one of the first Italian punk rock formations. After a series of concerts in the local area, training expands with the arrival of Marco Brenda, keyboardist, which gives the band a sound more personal and in short, scrambling their background, become one of the new wave band of the peninsula most appreciated . With the name of Frigidaire Tango, in 1980 they recorded their first LP 'The Cock', a small masterpiece that was inserted in September 2010 by the French magazine Tsugi between 100 LP fundamental least- known rock. In early 1983, with the addition of a second keyboardist, the band returned to the [close] studio and a self-produced mini-LP titled 'Russian Dolls', one of the 'classics' of the new Italian rock of the period. At the same time the band was on tour with The Sound in Italy. In mid-1986, at the height of their popularity, after being invited for a series of concerts at the Biennale in Barcelona, the band split-up. This unique collection contains a series of unreleased sessions of the period of 'The Cock', a unique opportunity to know the BEST Italian new wave band of the 80's!

FRUSTRATIONS - Exploding Mind 7" (Die Stasi Rec.) 5,50 Euro
When "Exploding Mind" unpredictably locks on a choice, snare-heavy Caribbean-influenced riddim, we're all rewarded. This shit is bananas. Tossing a DEVO cover ("Freedom of Choice") on the B-side just further proves that they know how to bring the noise.

FRUSTRATIONS - Nerves Are Fried 7" (X-Rec.) 5,50 Euro
Well this is the Frustrations vinyl debut and it`s really GREAT. "Nerves Are Fried" And "Summer" are 2 songs that fit in well with other detroit area noise/art/punk bands like Human Eye, the Valentinos and the Clone Defects. Rare self-release

FUBAHEMA - Yeah, Yeah! 7" (DIY Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Ranziger Assel-Garagepunk mit deutschen Texten von drei Kerlen (und bei einer Nummer nem Girl) ausm Sauer-, Sieger- und Rheinland. Fubahema heißt in Langform Fußballerheckmatte! "Vorne kurz, damit´e kucken kanns´ un´ hinten schön lang, damit schöön warm is´!" wie sie es schön formuliert haben. Muckemäßig bewegt man sich irgendwo im Umfeld von den TOYOTAS, MALADRO!TS, TATORT TOILET - allerdings mit mehr Rückenhaar und Alk auf den Stimmbändern. Wurde in einer Nacht im Keller aufgenommen und klingt dementsprechend auch etwas LoFi. Also alles richtig gemacht, top Scheibe!

FUCKED FRIKIS 7" (Discos Humeantes Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Five songs in about five minutes from Spain's FUCKED FRIKIS, who meld HFOS/DEAN DIRG style borderline-hardcore punk with mean-spirited DWARVESisms ("Only Wanna Fuck", "In Your Fucking Face"). "Sexy Man" has a real methed-out SPIDER BABIES vibe and "Zombie Attack" is a sick trash-punk instro. You know what you're getting into here, but it's executed well for what it is and has a nice treble-heavy recording. Lean and mean, how it should be done. You might call this a '00s update of LOS ASS-DRAGGERS, replacing the goofiness with spite. Scumbags take heed, this one's for you.(Terminal Boredom)

FUCK KNIGHTS - Same 7" (Big Action Rec.) 5,75 EUR
What else is there to say? The Fuck Knights produce MONKS inspired grooves. Their alcohol induced performances have become legendary around the Minneapolis scene.

FUCK ME DEAD - Circling Ahead 7" (Clarence Thomas/ Bistro Distro Rec.) 6,00 EUR
After a pretty decent first single that had hints of greatness, Vancouver's FUCK ME DEAD are back with a record that should turn some heads as it's everything a single should be. Snot laced punk anthems, great production, three songs in about three minutes, cool sleeve design, it's all here. "Circling Ahead" starts things off and it's a catchy romp that displays some ANGRY SAMOAN-isms meshed with a unique, schizo, jitteriness that so endears me to this band and makes them stand out from the rest of the pack. "Closer to the End" is the fastest of the bunch that'll please the MINOR THREAT lover in you and doesn't sound too far off from what The KRUNCHIES were doing on their last record (check out the hijinx on the guitar sound). The feedback at the end of the song bleeds into "Let it Slide" the record's poppiest cut and probably my favourite from the band. It's a 59 second lesson in how to do a punk song right and leaves me wanting more, which, as is my luck, probably won't happen as the band has recently called it quits. A third (equally great) single is already in the can, but it still remains to be seen whether it will be released or not. Either way this is a highly recommended pick up, and is my favourite record to come out of Junkietown in the four years that I've lived here, if that means anything. (JG)

FUNCTINAL BLACKOUTS - Raw Dawg Raw Deal 7" (Wrench Rec.) 5,25 EUR
“Raw Dawg…” is one of my favorite songs the Blackouts play live, so it’s great to finally hear it on a record. It’s loud, raw, and obnoxious, just like the band is live. This record captures them better than anything they’ve put out thus far. “In My Vacuum” sounds like the Blackouts as filtered through the Spits’ Halloween 7”. “Chemical Bath” is what they closed their set with the first time I saw them when they opened for the Weirdos along with the Black Lips. They trashed their equipment and kept playing. The song was longer and weirder than the whole rest of their set and it was awesome. I thought that it was great live, but wouldn’t come across well on a record. I was wrong. Parts of it have a weird, almost Geza X quality. It’s defiantly as damaged and as good as the best Human Eye has to offer. THIS WAS LIMITED TO 500 COPIES AND IS LONG OUT OF PRINT!

FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS - Severed Tongue Speaks For Everyone LP (Criminal IQ Rec.) 13,90 EUR
The most demented release yet from THE FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS. 'From the descent into a teen Crowley/Lovecraftian demon's brain omelet on 'Heavy Breather' to scabies infected, serrated guitars, crazed vocal effects and kicking rhythm section, The Severed Tongue Speaks For Everyone stuns on par with the best as it soars into surreal states beyond O'Hare Airport (via Burning Airlines) and towards something beyond mere words that exists as both repulsive and fascinating. In fact, this messterpiece will make smart rock critics plagiarize Richard Meltzer's most irreverent, wildest music reviews to describe it...its that good! Is this the best Criminal IQ release ever? No, it simply serves as one of the best releases in punk history.' Packaged with a poster insert. File under: BUTTHOLE SURFERS, FLIPPER, PUSSY GALORE meets KILLED BY DEATH!!!

FASHION FASHION AND THE IMAGE BOYS (They have also send a KILLER song for the upcoming KILLED BY TRASH VOL.2) .check back in after their great debut on Floridas Dying. 2 songs that definitely wins in this `battle of the sides` competition. A little less distortion on the vocals this time, and they come off sounding like a tough, in your face ZERO BOYS. 2 awesomely great songs on their side, that sound like they were recorded in a bonafide recording studio. Top notch. Backing them are one of the best bands out of Chicago these days, the FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS. Their side begins with a more straight forward punk tune called Frustraion. It`s got the weirdo Keys noise going on in the back ground, amidst the plodding heavy Flipper-esque punk. Cool tune, I`d say right up their with the stuff from the Raw Dog, Raw Deal single. The 2nd track is a super fast, super short punk blaster with vocals from some chick called `1-D` if that means anything to ya. FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS tunes are decent, but they seem like "b sides" compared to the ass kickers that FFIB lay down. HAND NUMBERED OUT OF 500 COPIES. These will sell out quickly!!

FUNEROT - Stranded In Time 7" (Bistro Distro / Maggot Mind Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Full on old school thrash from the Pacific Northwest. With Sci-Fi and trash lyrics and artwork. Over the past six years, they have released a split 7", a full length LP, a 12", and a bunch of cassettes. This new 7" contains three new songs and a cover of WEIRD AL's "Funzone" and it is definitely their best release to date.

FUNFUNS - Same Oneside LP (Full Trash 75)
Limd. 300 regular Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, black & orange artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!! 13,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. include the ZEBRASSIERES Oneside-LP on the B-Side and comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, silver-metallic, black & neon-orange artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!!! Sold Out
Before The ZEBRASSIERES started to create their soundtrack for a lost generation, alpha zebra Andrew and black and white operatress Sarah were already punkin' and poppin' out with the FUNFUNS.
Pat Kearns, who already recorded the EXPLODING HEARTS, CLOROX GIRLS, RED DONS and REVISIONS recorded these 7 songs and sure wouldn't have been any fun fun if they had never gotten their groove tickled by your needle. Scheduled for launching on Going Gaga, it somehow never happened and they got stuck in the crevasse of oblivion.
Until now: The P.Trashcue Team recovered them and packed them in a silkscreened emergency blanket in a damn tiny edition of only 300 one-sided copies. The FUNFUNS were definitely less New Wave and more poppy Punk than the ZEBRASSIERS. Still, songs like ''My head'', ''Wait forever'' or ''Everybody likes you (I don't)'' also add a dash of organ, but everything is way more on the straight and catchy RAMONES-influenced Punk side, the sound you know and love from STEVE ADAMYK and the whole bunch of Canadians.

FUR COATS - League of Extraordinary Octopuses LP (Dirt Cult Rec.) 15,50 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Awesome power pop from Marc Ruvolo (Johan's Face Records, No Empathy, The Traitors, Das Kapital), Davey Houley (Das Kapital), and Devon Kay (Direct Hit!, Devon Kay and the Sollutions).

FUR COATS - Short Brain 7" (Drunken Sailor Rec.) 5,90 EUR
The four songs on Short-Brain fall into the realm of pop-punk/power-pop, and showcase Ruvolo’s love for melody, while still throwing in an odd lyrical turn or two. Recorded in Chicago, if you listen closely you can hear the influences of some of his favorite favorite bands: Naked Raygun, The Smoking Popes, and the Buzzcocks.

FURY FURYZZ - Disaster 7" (Born Bad / Close Up Rec.) 5,50 EUR
All girl garage punk from Paris. here is their record and it's brilliant! Think L7 but not so heavy, HOLE but not so grungy, THE PANDORAS but not so garagy... in fact they have their own great punk rock sound!!!

FUTURE PUNX - This Is Post Wave LP (Adagio 830 Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Longtime live favorite in New York City, FUTURE PUNX are finally releasing their brilliant first LP This Is Post-Wave-Synthie-Punk-Krautrock Mix!!! Essentially a dance punk record, with frank and intelligent lyrics, but a demand to be not taken too seriously. For fans of DEVO, GARY NUMAN etc.

FUTURO - Habitos Ruins LP (Dirt Cult Rec.) 15,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Futuro (previously known as B.U.S.H.) is an absolute ripper of a band from São Paulo, Brazil. When the when the band's original singer Kalota left the band, he suggested they try a female lead. Less than a year later, Mila made her debut on vocals, and Futuro returned reinvigorated, already releasing a new EP, contributing to compilations and releasing, this, their debut LP.

FUZZ - Live In San Francisco CD (Castle Face Rec.) Promo Edit. 2,75 EUR
“Behold—when we introduced this live series, we spoke of lightning in a jar—this here’s a thunderstorm. TY SEGALL’s new stoner thrashers FUZZ not only totally murdered this set at San Francisco leather-daddy hangout The SF Eagle, but it was Ty’s birthday and he blew out his birthday cake candles mid-song, didn’t miss a beat, and that moment is forever etched into this record (we took a photo, too). “The place was insanely packed and they sound like the agile wolf-men they are up close and personal—Ty, mic wailing through a guitar amp and dominating drums like it’s the easiest thing in the world; CHARLIE, guitar set to Hendrix-meets-Hawkwind melter-mode; and ROLAND, keeping his bass firmly lodged in the groove—the jams are thick and wooly, we got some great photos of the night—man, this was one to remember and we’re super excited we captured such a freakishly good performance. As always, captured hot to tape, and mixed and massaged by our crack team of speaker-freakers (CHRIS WOODHOUSE, ERIC BAUER, BOB MARSHALL and JOHN DWYER) and shot to nicely grainy (real) film by BRIAN PRITCHARD.”