GAGFACTORS - We Rock You Suck... You Blow We Fuck 7" (Rockin`Bones Rec.) 4,90 Euro
New band formed by members of the Bam magazine family, Rockin' bones staff and Parma punx crew! They play a punk-rock-pop without frills as it was in the mid-70s (RAMONES, GEARS etc.) ! Think of a mix Pork dukes' punkrock, Teenage head's pop melodies and a Bay city rollers fun attitude... You can compare them to a mix of MARKED MEN, FEVERS and VIKINGS (Turbonegro+Devil dogs+Yum yums)... They don't play music but they play songs and they don't take themselves too much seriously ! Two tracks on one side with a cover of the Records' hit Starry eyes! The 7" was mixed by Alicja Trout (LOST SOUNDS, Contaminated records and co.)!

GAGGERS - Bad Taste 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) 2nd Edit. Regular Edit. 5,50 EUR
GAGGERS - Bad Taste 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) 2nd Edit. Super Limd. 50 Edit. is the printed on clear acetate 12,90 EUR
I'm sure you're all still wiping the tears away from the sad news earlier this year that the Gaggers called it quits... well, we unearthed 3 killer unreleased songs recorded way back in 2008 during the 'Rip You Apart' debut LP sessions from the original three-piece Gaggers line-up and we cut that shit straight to wax... you will blow yer pipes - OG Gaggers, does it get any better than this??!!

GAGGERS - Bad Taste 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Regular Edit. is the multi-coloured band-member sleeve 5,50 EUR
GAGGERS - Bad Taste 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Limd. Edit. is the printed on clear acetate, is the red-toned sleeve 9,90 EUR
GAGGERS - Bad Taste 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Super Limd. Edit. is the comic cover, comes with exclusive GAGGERS postcard, sleeve 12,90 EUR
I'm sure you're all still wiping the tears away from the sad news earlier this year that the Gaggers called it quits... well, we unearthed 3 killer unreleased songs recorded way back in 2008 during the 'Rip You Apart' debut LP sessions from the original three-piece Gaggers line-up and we cut that shit straight to wax... you will blow yer pipes - OG Gaggers, does it get any better than this??!!

GARY WRONG - L’Alabama E’ Ancora Dannata Tape (In The Shit Rec.) 7,50 EUR
(limited edition 75 copies) Tape + stickers. Stickers Artwork by Silvia Santa Pazienza

GATEWAY DISTRICT - Old Wild Hearts LP (It's Alive Rec.) 14,90 EUR
Sometimes the best way to find strength is to be mindful of your weaknesses. Sometimes the best way to move on is to commit your past to memory so you can stop reliving it and progress. Old Wild Hearts plays like a note to self on how to be grow strong and move on. Lyrically it can read as a total downer, but through the music its message is transformed into an empowering motivation to make a change for the better. Gateway District continue to do just that with this, their third full length album. With each new record they get better and move on. The familiar patterns of the past are still present, but only those that make way for improvement remain. Strengths are reaffirmed and expanded upon. Weaknesses are cast aside. Perfection is in sight, but perfect's gonna fail... but maybe not this time.

GATEWAY DISTRICT - Perfect's Gonna Fail LP (It's Alive Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Take what works, build on it, expand on it and leave the rest behind. That's exactly what Gateway District has done with Perfect's Gonna Fail. Unlike many sophomore albums that serve as a means of expansion by way of experimentation, Perfect's Gonna Fail has taken the strongest elements of the band's debut album Some Days You Get The Thunder and doubled-up on them - The already amazing songwriting has been pushed even closer to perfection; the musicianship has been wrenched a notch tighter; the vocals are belted out with more confidence; the harmonies have multiplied and taken hold of the entire album. The end result is a focused and deliberate attempt at being the best damn album you will hear all year.

GATEWAY DISTRICT - Some Days You Get The Thunder LP (It's Alive Rec.) 13,90 EUR
The Gateway District is one of the latest and definitely greatest bands to come out of the Minneapolis, MN scene. Members include Maren (of the Soviettes and Salteens), Carrie (of American Monsters and Salteens), Brad (of Dear Landlord and Rivethead) and Nate (of Banner Pilot, OWTH and Rivethead). Call it a super-group, a side project or whatever you want. All three song writers bring a style of their own to this album making for a great mix of character and approach from song to song. The end result is 13 tracks of punk rock served straight up and country fried! The artwork is fantastic and something you should care to own - 16 page full color booklet. Each band member contributed art for each of their songs, so again, three styles come together to make for an awesome whole. Some days you days you get the thunder... This is gonna be one of those days.

GEAR JAMMER - Hors Power 2000 7" (Glitterhouse Rec., German Press ARR 49/320) 7 Euro

GEAR JAMMER - Horsepower 2000 7" - Scale 63 (Amphetamine Reptile Rec., Silkscreen Sleeve) 15 Euro

GENESIS - Land Of Confusion 12" (Virgin Rec.) 5 Euro

GENITAL HOSPITAL - Eyes Full Of Terror LP (Full Trash 69)
Limd. 500 "regular Edit." Black Wax packed in normal sleeves! 11,75 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. on transparent clear, with red sprinkled vinyl packed in recycled/natural sleeves! For P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
Drum roll and curtains up for another great band from Montreal that is made up of the psyched out minds that brought you DEMON'S CLAWS, PRIMITIVE HANDS, SCAT RAG BOOSTERS, ROYAL ROUTES, SMASH UP DERBY, B-SIDES, THE CONFUSERS and who the hell knows how many more bands and project they have born and buried in the time I'm writing this .How is that possible that there is not a single lame project of anybody ever played in that band…?
GENITAL HOSPITAL just put out one great LP, that makes sense as an LP because it is good from beginning to end. Every one of the short 12 songs is a hit! No weak parts or psychedelic feedback indulgence here. This one goes all the way up-tempo and will soon be mentioned with the twisted Garage-Punk of the BLACK LIPS and the DEMON'S CLAWS minus the weirdness. Just one great piece of music in a relaxed rocking and swinging onward drive.
The guitars are just trashy enough without being overloaded on distortion, pumping an ongoing beat that made me swing my hand in playing along (just because I’m such a great air guitar player…other people might like to swing their hips and dance or something).
The whole thing’s got this fresh and dirty sound, that made me think of Belgian KIDS or very early the DAMNED (New Rose, Neat Neat Neat) or that thing the CARBONAS hit on their beloved Goner Album. It’s not so much a swamp Blues or weird Country thing but rather real Punk. Also think of The ORIGINAL THREE and the SINKS in their best moments. So this is one quick and lively LP (one of the very best this year to me!) you can easily listen to and enjoy the non-spooky 12 songs. A bit of a harmonica here and there where it fits setting little highlights to the perfect minimalistic recording, done by SCAT RAG BOOSTERS' Martin Dupras, who happens to be a part of this band, too.
GENITAL HOSPITAL will climb rapidly to the psych-country-garage-punk throne next to The BLACK LIPS and DEMON'S CLAWS!

GENITAL HOSPITAL - Street Mummy LP (Full Trash 98)
Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in white wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves! For P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
ZACK! The second album by one of Montreal's finest weirdos GENITAL HOSPITAL takes no prisoners. You get even 10 catchy forceful & rousing KBD-garage-punk tunes being mired in psychedelic intoxication. A bit like CARBONAS cover MODERN PETS or way around including gang-vocals, great busy riffs, thirsty pogo beat and sprinkles of CPC GANGBANGS and The B-SIDES.
Again a few tracks have a slightly southern touch owing to harmonica fills while others get driven by a simple but relentless organ vibe and cocksure all tracks kick ass – "Verdammte Sheisse". The whole damn thing is an all in all unique sounded smasher to burst any party - a really total boozy mess!
Recorded & mixed by Jean-Michel Coutu, mastered by Ian of DAGGER EYES & perfectly illustrated by Darren Merinuk – a killer cover for "Street Mummy", one he says may be his best ever!!

GEN NULL - Hey, Maschine 7" (P.Trash 100) (Co-release with No Front Teeth / Glass Eye Rec.)
Limd. 400 "Regular" P.Trash Rec. Edit. 5,25 Euro
Limd. "No Front Teeth Rec." Translucent Sleeve Edit. 9,90 Euro
Limd. "Glass Eye Rec." Edit. 5,75 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax, pink / black artwork printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard! 9,90 Euro
German Review:
Auf unserer 100sten P.Trash 7'' Veröffentlichung präsentieren wir eine Band aus unserer nicht-existenten Heimatstadt, die seit der Veröffentlichung der NOTDURFT LP vor 35 Jahren auch in keinem Punkatlas mehr zu finden war. Und genau im Jahr 1982, wo unsere "No Future" Generation als "Goldene Reiter", durch Atomwaffen / Kalten Krieg, und durch den Sound der Neuen Deutscher Welle / KBD geprägt wurde, knüpfen GEN NULL mit ihrem NDFW Sound an. Irgendwie fing irgendwann in jener Zeit die Zukunft an!
Neue Deutsche Freak Welle nennen GEN NULL diese geballte Ladung Elektroclash-Synthiepunk Mix, der sowohl punkige Einflüsse von ROTZKOTZ, MINISEX und DAF, sowie auch poppige FALCOness liefert. Und obwohl man diesem Sound die 80er Jahre anhört, sind GEN NULL weder ein dadaistisches Minimal-Wave Künstlerkollektiv, noch eine Rummelplatz-Retro-NDW Band.
Die 4 Songs auf dieser Scheibe zeigen, wie wenig sich die Band um authentisch klingende Nostalgie oder weichgespülte Kommerzromantik kümmert. Das pumpende "Hey, Maschine" läuft bald in jeder Shopping Mall, die schnelle Anti-Arbeits-Hymne "Businessgrab" kann man immer mal wieder zwischendurch auf der Fabrik- oder Bürotoilette hören, das poppig treibende "Displaystarre" ist der ideale Begleiter für einsame Herzen bei jeder U-Bahnfahrt und "Das Ende" schweißt Freunde mehr zusammen als ein gemeinsamer Knastaufenthalt….
Live gibt es dann richtig einen auf die Fresse, sobald sich der charismatische Sänger "Tabäus" (Nicht unähnlich Gabi Delgado-López von DAF) mit Mikro bewaffnet unters Publikum mischt…
Du willst GEN NULL, immer tanzbar, poppig, kritisch und schön kaputt, DAS Comeback deiner Jugend!!!
English Review:
We at P. TRASH are more than happy to present you GEN NULL for the release of our 100th 7inch record, a band from our non-existent hometown which couldn't be found anywhere in the Punk atlas since the release of NOTDURFTs LP 35 years ago!
Exactly in 1982, a new kind of sound popped up everywhere in Germany, Punks discovered technology and started new bands and created a very distinctive sound that two years later was sucked dry and killed by the music industry under the label of NDW.
GEN NULL pick up that pre-NDW sound and call it NDFW - Neue Deutsche Freak Welle/New German Freak Wave, a mix of Electroclash and Synthpunk that takes influences of early German speaking bands like ROTZKOTZ, MINISEX and DAF and a certain FALCO coolness and deliver it with an up-to-date snotty attitude. The four fast and meldodic songs on this 7'' demonstrate that this band doesn't care neither for dadaistic Minimal-Wave nostalgia nor authentically sounding retro village fair music.
GEN NULL is just two punks with a laptop that want to make you dance and refuse!!!

GG KING - Unending Darkness LP (Scavenger Of Death Rec.) 17,90 EUR
In a time of turmoil and trouble, media blitz and the news replaced by numbered lists -- a time of ever-lengthier lifespans and shorter attention spans -- GG King triumphantly returns with Unending Darkness, the full realization of a midnight vision of dark ambitions and mediocre reality. Mature in the right ways, wonderfully punk in the others. Like an angrier, more effusive Greg Sage discovering nihilism, temporarily possessed by the chattering ghost of Bobby Soxx, a soundtrack to the two burning non-denominational churches throughout the tame hills of Oregon. A definitively punk album, still gleaning all of the worthwhile parts of black metal and reassembling them, conveying what the French call a certain ... I don’t know what.
Featuring a more lush recording than its predecessor (by collaborator and partner Ryan Dinosaur), UNENDING DARKNESS finds GG King exploring the very metaphysical problems he’s described in passing in previous outings. It could be a concept record detailing the story of a man slowly resigning himself to an untimely end, or an absconsion into monkhood, or a life as a powerpop collector - there is probably no measurable difference in the fates. A rabid and unique taste in low-class music repurposed as something new and transcendent, like the roar of a DeLorean's engine after throwing a bunch of futuristic garbage into the flux capacitor. The sounds of lament, detestation, a charming bitterness. The barks of a neighbor’s dog, cowbells, xylophones. Like smoke billowing from a fire at a sex toy factory - ominous clouds that harken to something so profound and vaguely debaucherous that you feel the need to share it with the world.

GHETTO WAYS - Party Bag 7" (P.Trash / Wicked Singles Rec.) 7,50 EUR
Long sold out copy found under the stairs!!! This 7" by Brooklyn's basement rockers GHETTO WAYS is brought to you as a co-release of P.Trash and Jenna's own Wicked Singles Records. You get the 4 raunchiest songs the band has ever recorded. ''Steel the peel'' rips off BLACK SABBATH's ''Paranoid'' guitar line, in ''Action hair'', Jenna's takes over the mic and shows her soulful skills as a singer (oh that sexy ''Uhhh''-chorus!), while in the DIRTBOMBS-like ''Do it blind'' she gets nasty again. Finished by the loud ''Looking for action'', this record is way harder than their previous stuff and we all agree that this is the trashiest GHETTO WAYS release so far. And that's a compliment! Comes as a white vinyl platter packed in a ziplock baggie… Grab your "Party Bag", dirty groovers, and let the party begin!

GHETTO WAYS - I Always Wanted You LP (Full Trash 46)
Limd. 500 "Normal sleeve version" Sold Out
Limd. 150 "On transparent clear, sprinkled vinyl, with silkscreened plexiglass in a see-through bag! 14,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Picture- Disc version" Sold Out
You wanna be the Party Don? Uh, ah, alright! You'll be it with this record!
Damn, in a better world, "I Always Wanted You", the title-track of the new GHETTO WAYS record, would be played on the radio all day (and night) long! Or check out the great uptempo track "Can you feel it"! Can you feel it? I hope so! And "The Feel And The Love" perfectly fits the sexy photo of Jenna--finally on the cover! With "Big Bad Wolf" they even have a nursery rhyme on this piece of wax, GHETTO WAYS style uff course. Could there be a little innocence creeping into the sexiest band in rock n roll? Ten songs, high score! The GHETTO WAYS are moving away a little bit from their early trash-attitude, concentrating more on real catchy and soulful tunes, packed with a high level of Punkrock-energy.
This record has it all: that same stomping beat, rumbling bass, distorted rock guitar, and lots of cheering and howling. Yeehah!

GHETTO WAYS - Solid Brown LP (Alien Snatch Rec.) 11,50 Euro
After the successful debut album the GHETTO WAYS are ready to perform their second bash of which we are damn proud here. Solid Brown is a soul trash rock`n`roll deathbeam album full of nitty-gritty, dirty soul and and proto-punk rawk titlesby our favourite Brooklyn, NYC crime family. Their constant switching of the lead vocals, their luv & fights makes the live showan experience of the anarchic GHETTO WAYS adventure.

GHOST HOSPITAL - D+ b/w Religious Bias In Nursery Rhymes 7" (Teen Ape Rec.) 5,25 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! You get some cool jangly indie phaser guitar-ing and tight snare kind of a NODZZZ feel to this track "D+" from the A-side. The flip's "Religious Bias In Nursery Rhymes" gives off a sound such as a crackly distant college radio of the 80's where the dj are stoned and like to experiment with playing REPLACEMENTS and JESUS & MARY CHAIN demos loud and at the same time. They played a shows with JACUZZI BOYS & DAVILLA 666!!! 300 pressed. File under: THEE OH SEES or late TV PERSONALITIES.

GHOULIES - Reclaim The World LP (Rockstar Rec.) 10,90 Euro
After several singles (e.g. w/ Electric Frankenstein) they are back with 16 fast-as-fuck songs of high energy Punk Rock in the vein of Zeke, New Bomb Turks and on this record also with a touch of Turbonegro. Anarchistic spirit of questioning everything we take for granted alive. A musical reflection of the world that we live in Fierce lyrics and fast music make it a good soundtrack to the new world order! Uppsala/Stockholm, Sweden.

GIANT HAYSTACKS is one of my favorite local bands to see - they have this rad energy, which sounds like lame-o hippie talk but I mean it in a smashed-block-on-the-dancefloor-mod-rocker way. Like being up all night with a pile of early JAM 7"s and a bootleg video of THE MINUTEMEN. Allan's lyrics are reallly incisive and cool - it's politics with a beat; I guess an easy reference would be the first GANG OF FOUR 7" but I think they are looser than that with some BIG BOYS/MINUTEMEN style. ARMEDALITE RIFLES are from New York and are going for a late-70s mod revival/power pop sound, but they don't quite get there to these ears. I hear a definite STRIKE influence, but they are a little more straight-up pop punk than I like anyway. But this is a great 7". Totally recommended, and on clear vinyl too! - (MRR review)

GIANTOLOGY - Hold Me Down / The Great Refrigerator 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 6,00 EUR
"Joey Rubbish, one of Chicago's finest examples of a multi-faceted musician, with his brand new duo project, Giantology" "Rubbish has been making a name for himself over the past five years as an integral member of several notable Chicago bands, but at this point it might be hard to keep up. Just in the last year, Dr. Rubbish has been rubbing himself all over such notable bands such as Son of A Gun, MAMA, and his own solo project that's unfurled into a full band, The RUBS and now with Gina Gigantic he's even got yet another project going, GIANTOLOGY!! - Victim Of Time -
(limited to 255) The 7" will be issued with three different covers:
1 cover art 85 copies Black and White
2 cover art 85 copies Black and White
3 cover art 85 copies Black and White

GINO AND THE GOONS - (Don't) Push Your Luck 7" (Pelican Pow Wow! Rec.) 7,75 EUR
GINO and the GOONS unleash another stomping single...and this time it's about getting STOMPED!! Recorded in New Orleans, around Mardi Gras, there was a party happening in the studio, and we ended up with Buck Biloxi and Keith Hall (ex-Manateees) doing guitar solos on here, and recording dude Andy Plovnik on bass too...plus all the regular GOONS in action too! The record also features a bitchin cover of the DMZ classic "Ball Me Out" and a love song to GINO and the GOONS home state! Gotta do it!

GINO AND THE GOONS - Shake It! LP (Slovenly / Black Gladiator Rec.) 15,90 EUR
Gino and the Goons are the most unlikely band to have gotten any attention in the current shitpool of rock’n’roll posecrap. Fakes are plenty, and everyone seems to be buying it, but we’re happy to be wiping our asses with it. Late 2012 saw the release of The Goons’ debut self-released LP. The 300 copies only press was a goner in no time flat, but the sickos at Total Punk rushed out a reissue to meet the demands of of the desperate, and quickly followed with the “Troubled” 7inch, the sleeve of which I just devalued by setting it in the condensation on my desk of my 11th beer of the night. This slab was promptly answered by the weirdos at Pelican Pow Pow, with the release of the “Oh Yeah!” single, and it’s even soggier than than the sleeve I just ruined. In 2014, Gino and the Goons and Black Gladiator have sniffed each others asses just enough to have come to the understanding that if we’re gonna do a record together, it’s gotta be the baddest shit. THE BADDEST SHIT. This is the album you wanted to be budget rock. This is the album you wanted to be dumb as fuck. This is the album that fails on both levels. This is the album that proves that Ramones worship doesn’t have to be predictable or generic. This is the album that proves that rock’n’roll doesn’t have a fashion, and that musical style rules supreme. PLAY LOUD cuz, ‘cause you’re not likely to get this action for many years to come. R.I.P. Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny and Tommy!

GIORGIO MURDERER - Holographic Vietnam War LP (Alien Snatch Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Killer debut album of GIORGIO MURDERER! Fans of BUCK BILOXI, SPITS and CONEHEADS take note! It´s a distorted drum machine driven DEVO memory loss out of New Orleans. After couple singles on GONER this is the first full length record on 33 RPM (or whatever you think) released on PELICAN POW WOW (US) and ALIEN SNATCH! (GER). Strictly limited to 500 copies. He just finished a US tour with KING KHAN & THE SHRINES.

GIRLS AT DAWN - Never Enough b/w Every Night7" (HoZac Rec.) 6,75 EUR
When we first heard the crudely innocent recordings of Brooklyn's newly formed Girls At Dawn, it's hard to recall which sunk in first, the jangling and angelic pop hooks, or the interwoven and uniquely eerie Rosemary's Baby soundtrack-style backup vocals that accompany them. It really didn't matter, as their songs have that special something that stuck right out and made the hairs on our collective necks stand straight up. Here we offer their debut 7" single, hauntingly self-produced, home recorded goodness, played by three girls who effortlessly knock out great, simplistic and inescapable songs that swim around in your head and don't let go. Quite like the hypnotic, mythological sirens who lured ancient sea captains into pits of despair, these songs seem just pure enough, until it's too late to turn back and they've hooked you unforgivably. Look for The Girls At Dawn on the Rough Trade Indie Pop '09 compilation, along with an upcoming 12" EP on Captured Tracks, as well.

GIRLS OF THE GRAVITRON - Malthusian Lovesong 7" (Boom Chick Rec.) 5,50 EUR
GIRLS OF THE GRAVITRON are another awesome Memphis band features members of BARABAS and KAZALOK, recording in a garbage can, doing everything they can to hide their sweet, sweet melodies. Those sweet melodies are there, and will rot your fucking teeth out. “Malthusian Love Song,” which is on their Myspace page, will put you in a right proper mood!!!

GLOOM SLEEPER - A Void LP (Contraszt! Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Highly recommended by P.Trash Records!!!
Yes - GLOOM SLEEPER are from P.Trash Punkrock town Bielefeld and very late to the post-punk party, but they don't particularly sound like the contemporary and earlier bands of the genre. Nothing from this release sounds dated or trite. GLOOM SLEEPER's style extends from post-punk to new wave, from gothic atmosphere builders to upbeat guitar pop. The band used the recording session to create a textured sonic art that married a breath taking understanding of atmosphere (without loosing its punky edge) with a sense of emotional fury. The music soars where it should and drifts when the listener needs a break from the intensity. The layered, jangly guitar releases liquid notes, the dedicated bass player pumps out rhythms, the fairly powerful drum section bites and the somewhat gothic styled vocals mixed into the songs take everything to a higher level. These guys from Bielefeld, Germany are creating their music based on the sound made popular by British bands like THE SOUND and ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN or THE WIPERS from the other side of the pond. At the same time, the influence of today's NERVOSAS , THE ESTRANGED or TERRIBLE FEELINGS is obvious. The result is a unique sound that is somehow beyond mere words – A VOID feels entirely cohesive and unified. The inventive arrangements and intricate playing can't take the catchiness out of these 10 songs. A VOID will leave you re-playing to excess!

GLOW KIT - 4 Song EP 7" + Corporate Rock Knockout No. 1 Zine (P.Trash 61)
Limd. 495 "Normal Sleeve" edit. + Corporate Rock Knockout No. 1 Zine 9,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "Normal Sleeve / Tour" edit, 7" only!!! Sold Out
Limd. 100 "Glow In The Dark" edit. screened silkscreen sleeve + Corporate Rock Knockout No. 01 Zine, for P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
Watch the needle on your Rock'n'Roll Geiger Counter go crazy loco when this ready-to-use-and-rock kit from Denmark sparks a explosion of Power Pop and Garage Punk that will make all LOVER!, YOUNG GOVERNOR and MANIKINS fans strip off their protective gear and dance in spasms in a lethal mushroom cloud of killer melodies of which ''Television too'' and ''Shatter'' are made of. Hell, it seems like the radioactive superpower of GLOW KIT even made JAY REATARD come back from Space Punk paradise and leaving ''Killing time'' and ''To the Floor'' on the bedstand of this duo. This slab of Uranium-like Punk will make your stereo glow like a firefly in the darkest of night. Try it. It works.
Duck and cover! The new CRKO (aka "Corporate Rock Knockout") Fanzine #1 will be out late September/early October 2010 and it comes with a vinyl-EP of the awesome Danish Powerpoppunkrockers GLOW KIT (from Aarhus)!!! Zine and EP limited to 600 copies! This is what you'll find in the zine: The Dænish Mønster (A big special on Danish Punkrock: past and present), Amdi Petersens Armé, Gorilla Angreb, FDH Records, Mean Jeans, Baby Shakes, The Montesas, Statues (Euro-tourdiary Pt. 1), The Zygoteens, Sugar Stems, The Mighty Stef, A tribute to Jay Reatard, The Makeouts, Zodiac Killers, Squoodge Records, tons of reviews, some columns, another focus on Punkrock-food (Dixigas BBQ Sauce!) and some more blah blah blah...

GLOW, THE - Anthem No 1 7" (A Fistful of Records) 5,00 Euro
You know the feeling you had when you were still in the innocence of childhood, you were in awe of everything, there was no such thing as time, or good and bad, just whatever it was and there was NOTHING you couldn't do??...Imagination and Reality had a cosmic bond and they followed each other, becoming each other and so forth. The channel's of 60's to early 70's Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll, and Psychedelic Rivers sprinkle your happy cheeks from a new refreshing fount of inspired artistic expression. They prefer the mystery of an everlasting candle dancing on the silhouettes of night time symphonies i.e. Crickets, Grasshoppers, Owls and One moment they say they come from a spaceship with a mission to clear the air, or harmonize the frequencies as they create a Sonic Boom Harmonic Machine or they may just say "Yeah Yeah...We Love Rock n Roll"

GO HARDS - Go Hards 7“ (Vlas Vegas Rec.) 1,50 EUR

GOD MODE / LIVING LASER - Split 7" (FDH Rec.) 6,00 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Split 7" from two New York-based hardcore bands. Three song from each band yields 9 minutes of straightforward old school hardcore. Both bands draw influences from Revelation Records (Bold, Chain of Strength, Side by Side, etc.) as well as early New York hardcore (Leeway, Burn, Cro-Mags etc.).

GOLD - Losing Your Hair 7" (Mammoth Cave Rec.) 6,50 EUR
"We started recording these songs in January 2012 with the intention of spending a couple of months demoing all of our material in preparation for a full length studio album. Our drummer, Chris Reimer, had brought over his beloved 4trk cassette deck, small mixer, and collection of microphones and we spent some days and nights together playing with gear. On February 21th 2012, Chris passed away unexpectedly in his sleep of a previously undiagnosed heart condition. This EP is an archive of the four songs we had completed with Chris on the drums and the console, and is dedicated with so much love to him and the inspiration he filled us with."

GOLDEN BOYS - Goodbye Country LP (Monofonus Rec.) 14,90 EUR
In a world of glitzy, polished, and over-produced pop music, The GOLDEN BOYS' "Goodbye Country" is a refreshing breath of booze-infused air. The Austin quintet's big rumbling sound evokes everything from dark, packed dive bars to rollicking parties in the desert. Bringing together the raw guitar energy of The KINKS with old-timey sensibilities of country music greats, GOLDEN BOYS unrefined sound is captured perfectly on their third full-length. When you listen to this album, you hear dynamic, well-rehearsed musicians that have fun playing together. GREAT!!

GOLDEN BOYS / LIMES 7" (Boom Chick Rec.) 5,50 EUR

GOLDEN HELMETS - Same LP (Adrenalin Fix Music Rec.) 12,50 EUR
140 gr vinyl + downloadcode! After 10 years of having spent their precious time in some sort of ailing band and almost four years since they have released their debut album, the Golden Helmets are back on track and about to bring out their brand new second album. Once again, they are impressively ploughing through the vast field of music, marvelous and coercing. A 14-songs long-playing record combines everything. Garage, punk, rock, soul, mediocrity. The driving force of an old farfisian guitar sound in connection with a slightly scratchy voice and a hand full of cozy boom. But: this is no music for sunday afternoons! It is rather something you heat up with on a saturday night before going out and letting it all hang out. Less silence, more action! This record is made by the party-approved for the party-approved. Made by the Golden Helmets for you all out there. We are the people! Due to foreseen as well as unforeseen circumstances, the Golden Helmets had not been able to record this album earlier. But who would be surprised? For these stunning fellas are well known for their breath-taking live shows everybody wants to attend. And they had to meet the crowd's demands over the last couple of years. Fuck yeah! They have shared stages with and supported shows for bands like New Bomb Turks, Jay Reatard, The Sonics, King Khan and his Sensational Shrines, etc. Furthermore have they completed five tours throughout France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and elsewhere. Having outgrown the mystery of hipsterism, the Golden Helmets show on their new self-titled record how dynamic and raw ordinary music can be. Rough and powerful. At an age when one loses his hair and obesity kicks in this is no implicitness. It is real dedication towards what they like the most. The new album can be described as this: It is definitely rich in varieties. No simple square pulse nor bluntness. There are also passages which ease up a little. This is a plain consequence of the natural aging process. However, their music cannot be just filed under a certain term such as neo-garage, punk, stadium rock, pure soul, or something else.None of these fit. It is simply the Golden Helmets and a consequence of their dissolute lifestyle. Nothing else. But exactly this rascalship can be heard on their new album. At least.

GOLDEN HELMETS / JIZZLOBBERS Split 7" (Timmeheiehumme Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Both bands are well-known in the German Punkrock-scene, especially in their hometowns Cologne and »Rockcity No. 1« Solingen. JIZZLOBBERS and GOLDEN HELMETS are true »brothers in crime«, not only because they both released their full-length debut-albums on the same label and at the same time in 2010. Now they finally team up on this split-EP!
GOLDEN HELMETS tell you smart things: »In a club at night circumstances change. Everything’s different.« – A good old wisdom. Five yobs, driven by their very own »Mission from God«, can’t help but keeping this wisdom alive. Early they’ve got hooked up with garagepunk by playing in bands like DIRTSHAKES, CAVE 4, CURLEE WURLEE, BATTLEDYKES and THE SHELLS. No matter which country, city or venue – this mission is law and the method is easy, loud and simple: Farfisa-driven 60ies punk and garage-rock combined with a little Northern Soul! And there’s just one rule a wild show by THE GOLDEN HELMETS is based on: »They don’t eat no honey, they’re chewing whole bees.« So, if you ever get the chance to see them live: Don’t miss it! They are ripping party animals!!! GOLDEN HELMETS deliver their masterpiece with their new songs »Run« and »Attractive Depression«! Masterpiece cuz there was always ONE thing to complain about the band: they couldn’t catch their unbelievable live-energy on their studio-recordings. So, there were two choices – to record a liveset or to destroy a studio and polish the new tracks with shitloads of studio-ruin-dirt and Farfisa-crazed-madness! The band made the second choice and the result is ab-za-lootely over the top! One of their songs will soon be released on the GaragePunkHideout-Sampler Volume 5.
The JIZZLOBBERS play energy-driven melodical oldschool-punkrock built on sweat and loads of thirst. The band was born in 2000 sporting current staff members since October 2006. Maybe one or the other has heard about them from great former bands like BACKWOOD CREATURES or HAVANA RAGDOLLS - though propably not. JIZZLOBBERS got the pretty charms of bands like the LAZY COWGIRLS – in their music and some say in their looks, too! Well, musical-wise just add some oldschool-stuff like Mr. Thunder’s HEARTBREAKERS and cool cats like DEVIL DOGS, HUMPERS, BRIEFS, MODERN ACTION and SHARP OBJECTS and you’ll get the picture: Just great ’n catchy Punkrock! JIZZLOBBERS do nothing less than to answer one of the last unsolved mysteries of Punkrock: Who killed Johnny Thunders? The Germans did!!! To be accurate: DIE TOTEN HOSEN (or »The Dead Trousers« in perfect German English)! Those fuckers payed the last cheque for Johnny’s golden shot! And they continued with crimes against Punkrock e.g. by stealing the complete »On A Rope« riff from ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT for one of their shitty songs. Disgusting! But that’s another story... Thank god that there are still bands like the JIZZLOBBERS who still pay respect to the heritage of Mr. Thunders. Listen to the great songs of the JIZZLOBBERS: melody, energy, passion and some great singing. Those guys know how to write AND play amazing Punkrock-tunes! That said, maybe the world will pardon us poor Germans for our sins someday. Call us sweethearts!
All artwork for this record by Bernd (comes with special gold-print).

GOLDEN PELICANS - Oldest Ride Longest Line LP (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.) 17,50 EUR
"After making a run at the heavyweight championship of the punk rock world with their debut long player back in 2014, the Golden Pelicans are back with a new 12” -- and this time they’re determined to take the belt back to Orlando. On “Oldest Ride, Longest Line” the Pelicans bolster their patented thug punk attack with monstrous riffs straight out of the seventies Aussie hard rock playbook. Think of an alternate reality where Black Flag got stuck on Rose Tattoo instead of Black Sabbath and you’re almost there. However, like any veteran of the ring, the Pelicans are more than just a bunch of one-move jabronies. Sure, the nine songs on this record seethe with an aggressive swagger guaranteed to put hair on your chest, but these guys have the brains to meld their tough-guy bravado to the type of memorable hooks that serve as the backbone for all the best punk rock. The result is a non-stop rager that rips from start to finish. If you are a TOTAL PUNK who enjoys the finer things in life like shotgunning beers, the X-Spurts album, and Scott Steiner promos, then learn to love the Golden Pelicans, because they may just be the best band around. Limited to 500 copies with silkscreened covers featuring a killer design by Mac Blackout." - Steve Borchardt

GOLDEN PELICANS - Same LP (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.) 17,50 EUR
The Golden Pelicans never-ending struggle to maintain control over Colonialtown rages on. First they staved off the Rats, then last summer they defeated the Earls, its another summer and another club is vying for control of the Mills Strip. The Clabber Boys are the new gang in town and they think they've got what it takes. Well the Pelicans are striking back and they aren't pulling any punches. Taking the fight to the streets with 8 blast of growling riff heavy punk rock clocking in at just over 14 minutes. A rage from top to bottom and 100% TOTAL PUNK. Limited to 500 with silk screened covers designed by the always amazing Mac Blackout.

GOLDEN TRIANGLE - Prize Fighter... 7" (Rob`s House Rec.) 5,50 EUR
GOLDEN TRIANGLE are a raucous, female-fronted brooklyn garage-punk act with a bratty attitude and stylish costumes that resemble some kind of performance art cabaret band. Their hypnotic drumming, vocal chants and lofi guitars are just notes from chaos but always exactly where they need to be. Catch them on tour in october with QUINTRON.

GOODNIGHT LOVING - Arcobaleno 12" (Wild Honey Rec.) 10,90 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all record nerds, we have 3 different color versions in stock!!!
Conceived and recorded during a stormy and cold european tour, ARCOBALENO is a kaleidosopic journey through the different colors and facets of the music of Goodnight Loving. The young Milwaukee WI band is by now fluent in re-interpreting the american tradition in a modern and exciting way: there’s folk, country, garage and British Invasion in their songs full of darkness, rage and anguish, which are yet often joyful, lighthearted and romantic. Sometimes there’s also more to it: the desire to experiment, a specific attention to the research of sounds, and a hint of psychedelia that makes a well-rehearsed recipe taste completely new. Five unreleased songs, produced by Matt Bordin from Outside Inside Studios!
Exclusively on silk-screened one-sided 12” vinyl, for an absolutely special and unique edition that adds up to the discography of the band.

GOODNIGHT LOVING - Nothing Conquers Us 7" (Dirtnap Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Two new songs from one of our very favorite bands in the current American underground. Soulful, energetic Alt Country/Garage/Americana/whatever from hard-touring, crazy-prolific basement Milwaukee Punk kids. Inventive songwriting with a depth and diversity of influence that belies these guys' relatively young ages.

GORGONS - Stuffed Delice LP (Demolition Derby) 11,25 EUR
The glorious return of the Gorgons to Demolition Derby,15 years after their “crab cake” ep. Hot on the heels of the issue of their unreleased album “Strip tease” on Hogmaw records,the Gorgons got back together,started playing again (ao at “Go sinner go” festival) and even decided to record an entire album with all new originals “Stuffed Delice”,which Demolition Derby now brings you for your pleasure. The band has lost nothing of their magic touch,they still mix the highlights of “Born Bad” with “Desperate Rock&Roll”,or a lot of Headcoatitude,tons of Cramps-a-billy and some wild instromania. The Gorgons previously also had releases on Dionysus,Weed and Vendetta Records.

GOTHIEFS - Hongkong Rocks 7" (High School Refuse Rec.) 5,00 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! If there ever was a band that wallowed in worldwide obscurity but found itself having a cult success in an odd little town a million miles away with absolutely no connection to the band it had to be the shine that Port Huron, Michigan took to Germany's SUPERHELICOPTER. The band packed in a few years back now but you can still hear their tunes blasting out at the right kind of parties in the town and from time to time still even over it's radio waves. It had been assumed that they all died of aneurysms because how long could a band live sounding like a Lemmy on the biggest meth binge of his life take a chainsaw to the OBLIVIANS stomp without their heads eventually exploding?
Obviously longer than anyone expected cuz SUPERHELICOPTER's chief mutilator Nils has broke out of whatever institution for the criminally insane he was locked up in and has now unleashed the GOTHIEFS out on an unsuspecting public. Two songs where a blood splattered wall of feedback gets holes kicked into it with more feedback and throat shredding screams. Take a couple of the sickest BRAINBOMBS records, play 'em at double their speed, run 'em through a 200 watt amp with all the gain tuned up, soaked them in gasoline and the most archaic ideas of what caveman garage punk is (whatever it even really is these days) and you have something akin to what is going on here. No one is left for dead because that would be good meat going to waste. Skinned alive is more like it.--SMASHIN' TRANSISTORS

GOTOBEDS - Poor People Are Revolting LP (Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
THE GOTOBEDS' members come from Pittsburgh, Penn., a place notorious for keeping great local bands to itself. But the racket these guys kick up on their first album, Poor People Are Revolting, might be too strong for the city to contain.
Guitarists Eli Kasan and Tom Payne spent the last few years as part of the local hardcore band Kim Phuc. Joined by bassist Gavin Jensen and drummer Cary Belbeck, they bring that energy to THE GOTOBEDS, a rowdy, ramshackle party house of a band, built on the intersecting bedrock of post-punk and indie rock. On Poor People Are Revolting, there's something crazy going on in every room, the front porch and the backyard: a party that never dies down or seems to stop, even as the neighbors complain and the cops drive past. Working from the spirit and fundamentals of a small handful of influences — the design sense and intellectual rowdiness of THE FALL, the constant evolution and masterful poker faces of WIRE, from whose drummer these guys borrowed their name; the sturdy, heroic melodic sense and layered tape-loop production of MISSION OF BURMA — THE GOTOBEDS' members paint a dirty, driven, vulgar portrait of Rust Belt restlessness.

GO! WITH FOURTEEN O - The End Is Near Almost No Need For Money LP (Red Lounge Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Dennis and Simon from GWFO are to bloody young to be in as many bands as they are in, the were a bitch to persuade to even release this as a real record ( 6 month?? homemade as fuck diy cdrs sounded just fine to them!) and now that we got all things going they decided to take a break from this band...wow! Boy, am I thrilled! But hey..and nothin like a release that's guaranteed to take you down a dead end street with 120 mph!! Which brings us straight to the most important thing here..the music: great retro nitendo sounds with high energy hate screams on top..you could call it nitendo core but that's like calling the Avengers Girlie Rock...enough hate here for 10, live even more!! If you see Bourbonese Qualk "My Government is my Soul" as the Velvet Underground of the eighties (rather than some obvious joice like JATMC!), and the Oblivians as the choice for the ninties, then hey..this is the VU of the 2000th!!! Did I just say that?? Well put one of them Jesusbuttblugs up yours and enjoy a musical sample.

GRAFTON - Blind Horse Campaign LP (Dead Canary Rec.) 12,00 Euro
Great new band on the DEMONS CLAWS label Dead Canary Rec. !!!

GRANDE COBRA - Echoes Of Rebellion LP (Full Trash 41)
Limd. 500 regular edition, black wax 11,50 Euro
Limd. 150 "P.Trash mail-order version" have silver / red color silk-screened covers, printed on thick black paper & black wax 13,75 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club Picture- Disc version", for P.Trash Club-members only! 14,75 Euro (release date 10th August)
Very very grande are the holes the fangs of this release are gonna leave on your rocking ass. The mixed trio from Down Under proves that true beauty lies only in simplicity, a safely kept recipe that ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT took with them six feet below when the left the building a couple of years ago.
Now, this band took the formula out of the vaults and put into a more garagey sound that was captured on tape inside the famous Toe Rag studios in London. Most of the 10 songs on this record, like ''Railway Xing'', ''Paper Cuts'', ''Broken'' or the brilliant ''Hearts in the basement'', really do sound like a more stripped-down version of their San Diego brothers in musical gusto (minus the wind section) and they are all based on one simple, catchy and repetitive guitar line or just one single chord with an impulsive beat under the saddle that open out into a hyper-melodic and explosive chorus that will leave all you shakers out there perfectly happy. Not to speak of the even more melodic and straighter opener ''In a minute'' or the driving ''Doing the bomb'' and ''No brakes'' that serve as the ideal andidote for your good taste that has been venomed by too many lame-ass records. C'mon, catch a bite of the Grande Cobra!

GREATEST HITS - Saved My Life CD (No Front Teeth Rec.) 12,50 Euro
The second full-length from Seattle’s glam powerpoppers. If you heard their first album you’ll know that they got a sound that gets the nut-sack pumping. Think a modern day Joneses but with elements of the UNDERTONES, BUZZCOCKS, BEACH BOYS, DAVID BOWIE and T-REX thrown in. Yeah, this rules and the songs are fuckin killer... this band is not about dressing up and going through the motions... these songs have got soul. Produced and recorded by STEVE E. NIX (who’s on backing vox and percussion too) and Johnny Sangster (CUTE LEPERS/BRIEFS producer).

GRIZZLY ADAMS BAND - Discoscheisse, mon amour LP (My Ruin / Chief Rec.) 300 limd. 10,00 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! One of "Germany's most-overlooked bands" releases their anti-concept album. Rough, honest, slightly smoky and danceable in every second. The album sounds like an obeisance or return to musical heroes like RAMONES, NEW BOMB TURKS, TURBONEGRO or RIP OFFS - but always packed in own compositions and a their very own GRIZZLY style. You should really find that out for yourself. We say it's a MASTERPIECES!!!

GROWN-UPS - Spare Time 7" (Mammoth Cave Rec.) 6,50 EUR
300 Copies / Black Vinyl. Calgary, Alberta's Grown-Ups have kind of, sort of, grown up a little. The Spare Time 7" EP, recorded in late 2011 in the Mammoth Cave Recording Studio further develops the more nuanced punk direction that the band was developing on their highly underrated LP "Stopped Caring." This 7" contains four songs of melodic pop-punk that are both immediate and of the can't-get-out-of-your-head variety. Highly recommended!

GRUPO SUB 1 - Nuevos Dioses LP (Full Trash 65)
Limd. 500 "Nuevos Dioses" is the regular Edit. Full artwork in 3D and every LP comes with 3D glasses!!! 12,75 EUR
Limd. 100 "Neuen Götter" Edit. have deluxe silk-screened covers, red, black & blue artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper! For P.Trash Club-members only! 14,90 EUR
After recording these songs on a 4-track Geiger Counter in Reactor 3 of the Fukushima power plant, the mutated Cold War kids of GRUPO SUB 1 from Madrid/Spain raided gas stations and oil rigs, tapped Russian pipelines and SUV cars in order to get this record pressed in the boundless spheres of the Wastelands to leave a loud evidence of spastic No Wave Punk to the archaeologists of a postnuclear world. In the end time of civilization, this record will be the Tablet of the Law of the New Gods.
A new testament in Spanish language brought to mankind by four prolific prophets with an earthshaking and piercing female voice and the synthesized organ sound of a new church, mixed with the early primitive attempts of Punkrock, a sound that experts will later compare to LOS REACTORS, UNITS or the SCREAMERS in a time when human bodies were still able to produce Bloodstains and you could be Killed By Death.

GRUPO SUB-1 - Rebelde Wave 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus Rec.) 4,90 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! GRUPO SUB-1 return with three cold war influenced retro-futurist-KBD synth-punk tracks and a DISHRAGS cover - It's their best stuff to date. Think a mix of THE REVILLOS, LOS REACTORS and FAMILIA REAL. Recorded nearly one year ago and scheduled to be released in USA on Going Underground, it finally gets released on glorious 7" vinyl.

GUINEA WORMS - Lost and Found b/w Jeans and Heels 7" (Savage Rec.) 5,00 Euro
From the makers of the hitsingle "Box of Records". They're the proprietors of the Columbus, Oh sound of right about now. Imagine the CHEATER SLICKS having a bastard child with MOTO.

GUITAR GANGSTERS - Prohibition LP (Wanda Rec.) 12,50 EUR
This is a limited reissue of the bands first album "Prohibition" having originally been issued by Link Records in 1989.

GUITAR GANGSTERS - Sex & Money LP (Wanda Rec.) 12,50 EUR
Another GUITAR GANGSTERS full length (their tenth, by the way)… And…same procedure as on every release. No worry, it’s still an Top notch effort with the beloved GG trademarks: Smart vocals, sharp guitar riffs and fantastic (poppy) melodies/harmonies. Sweet, kickin’ and addictive. Finest Punk Rock entertainment out of London, they deliver the Goods since 1988. Hint for GG newbies: Think early JAM meets BOYS and COCK SPARRER. 12 Songs, incl. a pretty well done cover of „The sound of Silence“.

GULANG BEACH - Apocalyptic Beats LP (Phantom Rec.) 11,90 EUR
The 2nd full-length album from this Berlin based Punk band, with 9 new tracks of their North West Punk meets snotty Sonoma Streetpunk or lets say WIPERS meets THE BODIES meets Kim Jong-Il...
Recorded and produced by SPERMBIRDS guitarist Steve Wiles, which may give you an idea of their sound as well...LP comes with poster included.

GUT REACTIONS – Yer So Cruel 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Yes the GUT REACTIONS from Milwaukke, Wisconsin United States Of America the planet is still the earth. Last year they did a great debut EP on Milk and herpes records, and the kenrockman was in love, and the band have now thier 2nd EP out and thats Yer so cruel.