HAGGARD - I`ve Been Sick 7" (Hartcore Rec., clear wax) 4 Euro

HAIRDOS ON FIRE / HOTDOG! - Split 7" (Margin Mouth / Razorcake Rec.) 5,50 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED HAIRDOS ON FIRE contains Chris from Shang-A-Lang and Brandon from Dude Jams playing fried desert pop punk, "Watch You Cry" which sounds like having been forgotten on the MANIKINS' ''Don`t Gimme A Choice'' 1st 7"!!!
And HOTDOG! is Matt and Mikey from Rumspringer doing something similar. Silly yet tragic at the same time, but still really catchy and weird. Full color cover art by Jayson Grumpy. Limited to 300.

HALF RATS - For The Sake Of Love 7" (Douchmaster Rec.) 5,90 Euro
Sans objectivity, I must freely admit that I fucking love this record! TJ lives in Chicago and plays in COCOCOMA. The other dudes are somewhere in Indiana. The HALF RATS are sort of Doo-wopish on a poor man’s recording budget. It’s catchy as hell but not overly joyful or silly. An undeniable sixties vibe and great vocal hooks.

HALO OF FLIES - Death Of A Fly 7" - Scale 19 (Amphetamine Reptile Rec.) 25 Euro

HANDS - On The Words LP (Broken Arm Rec.) 12,50 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Highly recommended! THE HANDS debut LP. They are from France with ex-members of JACK OF HEART, SONIC CHICKEN 4 and MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS... so you know what you will get: part lo-fi distorted Garage-Punk / Psychedelic, part DEMON`S CLAWS, part SCAT RAG BOOSTERS, part DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, part BACK FROM THE GRAVE!

HANDS - We Are Other Men LP (Broken Arm Rec.) 12,50 EUR
This release do not get P.Trash catalog number, but have our logo on the backside sleeve, because P.Trash is the label who will distribute the bands own label "Broken Arm Records" around the world!
THE HANDS are from France with ex-members of JACK OF HEART, SONIC CHICKEN 4 and MIGHTY GO-GO PLAYERS... so you know what you will get: part lo-fi distorted Garage-Punk / Psychedelic, part DEMON`S CLAWS, part SCAT RAG BOOSTERS, part DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, part BACK FROM THE GRAVE!
About the sound, home recording at bands rehearsal place, worked out by Brian Blanc at fuck mastering!

HANK IV - Dirty Poncho 7" (Plastic Idol Rec.) clear wax 5,00 Euro
"Dirty Poncho" b/w "Symptomatic" is the first 7-inch single from San Francisco, California's HANK IV (members of ICKY BOYFRIENDS, LEATHER UPPERS, RESINEATORS, etc.). The title track is destined to be a classic Hank IV tune; a gripping narrative and locomotive-like pace hypnotizes you, and then a catchier-than-the-clap chorus knocks you on your ass. Brilliant! "Symptomatic" is a toe-tapper that boasts wicked dueling guitars and awesome lyrics. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies

HANNA HIRSCH – Gå Hem Över Himlen 12" (Adagio 830 Rec.) 11,50 EUR
HANNA HIRSCH deliver 6 new songs that follow up the great debut LP tala svart on RTB & Adagio830. The continue w/ 6 tunes of powerful pop with intense swedish lyris sung by Siri Backström, not unlike VANNA INGET. Another masterpiece of beautiful powerpop made in sweden. All records come w/ a digital download card. Mastered againby John Golden (SONIC YOUTH, SUPERCHUNK etc.) and the laquer got cut at the famous Abbey Road studios! check out a new tune here:

HANNA HIRSCH - Radiance Kills 7" (Wasted Sounds Rec.) 4,50 Euro
This five piece from Sweden says they listen to a lot of BLONDIE and DISCHARGE. Upon listening to this 7”, put BLONDIE way ahead of Discharge. These 4 songs kick major ass. Hummable tunes rooted in "Top 40" hooks played at a faster than average speed. Singer Siri has a very accessible voice that is not abrasive or wimpy. Coupled with the tuneful guitar melodies, probably the nicest addition is the presence of keyboard. Using a subtle Hammond organ line as a background melody really works in the songs. With all the distilled pop-punk we’ve been drowning in the last few years, early ‘90s Lookout pop-punk hasn’t sounded this welcome in a long time. This is fine new-wave pop-punk from Sweden. For fans of THE VICIOUS, KNUGEN FALLER and SMALLTOWN.

HAPPY HOOKERS FOR JESUS - Same 7" (Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.) 5,20 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
If you are looking for a new and outstanding band from Europe, here you got it. My mind was blown after the first time of listening to these songs that are so depressive, cold, pissed and snotty. One thing was sure: I just had to repress this EP because 200 copies are far too little for this killer 7“.
What you get is pure Danish unrelenting punk rock damage! Take the smarmy music oft The Urinals, speed it up to 150 % and crank the volume up to the max and you hear what the Happy Hookers For Jesus are all about. This 7“ is a little bastard of punk that‘s stuck in your head with the first listen. A nihilistic feedback orgy in four acts, packed with merciless insanity, screeching guitars, distorted echo-voice and a totally wasted I-don't-give-a-flying-fuck-attitude, all thrown together in a stinky garage. So, get it or get lost!

HÄRDA UT - Same LP (Adagio 830 Rec.) 12,90 EUR
HÄRDA UT is a fourpiece band from Gothenburg, Sweden who formed in late 2015. HÄRDA UT play a scathing and vicious style of female fronted noise damaged hardcore/punk. Musically, HÄRDA UT can be loosely compared to bands such as Wart Hog, Pregnancy Scares, Crazy Spirit, and other-like minded bands. This 12" is the follow up to their 3song demo from 2016. 8 songs of venomous and unhinged hardcore/punk.

HARPOON GUNS - III 7" (Going Underground Rec.) 5,25 Euro
After a long wait the newest vinyl release from HARPOON GUNS is here! 4 tracks of raw and dirty hardcore-punk, from one of the best bands playing this style. This is the closest sounding recording to how brutal and powerful they are live. After hearing this one all your other rehash '82 hardcore records are look a little less gnarly.

HATEPINKS - Sick Cake MLP (Full Trash 34)
Limd. 500 regular edition, black wax 10,90 Euro
Limd. 145 have 3 color silk-screened covers, printed on grey paper & black wax 13,75 Euro
(can only be purchased through the P.Trash mailorder.)
Hey! You've been invited to a little coffee party here by the French haters of pink. So bear those bloodshot eyes behind some dark shades, adjust your white necktie, slip into something classy and whip the cream to these dirty pieces of finest '77 Punk cake with some candied and raunchy cherries on top. This sure ain't no low-calories crap, this goes straight onto your shaking Rock'n'Roll hips which the BRIEFS, the SPITS, the MOORAT FINGERS and their pals of THE AGGRAVATION have already given a handy shape. Includes the X coverversion of ''Suck Suck'' and the Überhit ''Logo-heart (Piece of Shit)'' which is squirting sleaze with every bite and leaves permanent stains on your sunday shirt. Bon appetit!

HAUNTED GEORGE - The Devil`s Canyon 7" (Nasty Product Rec.) 5,00 EUR

HAVENOTS - Rock N Roll Weekend LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 13,50 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Japan was a fertile Rock N Roll breeding ground during the mid 90's Garage Rock boom that spawned some of the best Punk Rock bands on the planet. Bands like Teengenerate, Registrators, Guitar Wolf and Yokohma's own THE HAVENOTS, not only stood out as Japan's imperial leaders in grimy, fuzz-fucked Rock N Roll; but were also seen as bands that just seemed to get it right. THE HAVENOT S/T LP released on Mike Lucas' Repent Records still stands as one of Garage Punk's crown jewels from that time period and and their newest offering 'Rock N Roll Weekend' shows they just get better with age. With jangly riffs, swirling guitars, and a firey arsenal of pop injected Punk Rock hits, THE HAVENOTS cram so much raw,unbridled energy into these 12 fantastic cuts. 'Rock N Roll Weekend' is a bouncy, upbeat guitar-heavy album that echoes surges of The The Boys, Hollywood Brats, Buzzcocks and The Nerves with punchy Power Pop hooks and bawdy Rock N Roll charm. The production on this LP is monstrous and light years ahead of any of their previous recordings which really helps bring these timeless songs to life. Top notch song writing at work here from ex members of The Raydios and Coastersride.

HEADACHE CITY - Knee Jerk Reaction 7" (Shit Sandwich Rec.) Limd. Pink Wax, Silkscreen Sleeve Edit. 11,90 EUR
"I thought this unit was really good at the Blackout, but this is WAY BEYOND that. Shit, for sure the single I've played the most this year. The most when I'm trying to wake my ass up in the morn, the most for pals who stop by the mansion, the MOST, daddio! And everybody agrees - it's a GREAT record! There's definitely a "Chicago feel" to this disk that I can't quite put my fingers on (they double bill nicely with the Ponys, for example). I dunno, think Modern Lovers organ groove on a couple of these confections ("Knee Jerk Reaction" and "6 Tears"), 'n "High Rise" brings me back to the days when Chicago label Ajax was putting out indie rock that sounded more legit than anything "garage" or "punk" floatin' about at the time. Enough! Just buy it, pissmop! Album released by P.Trash"

HEADACHE CITY - We Can't Have Anything Nice LP (Full Trash 39)
Limd. 500 regular edition, inside out rough side cover, black wax 11,50 Euro
Limd. 100 have silver / red / orange color silk-screened covers, printed on thick white paper, black wax for P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
Hey kiddo, if you missed the HEADACHE CITY hit-singles on fancy labels like HoZac you should definitely check out this platter! And if you already know their singles, you should get this piece of wax, TOO, because three of the single-hits are included in different versions!!!
As everybody might know HEADACHE CITY shares members with the brilliant COCOCOMA - and to be honest I don't know which band is more brilliant. As for HEADACHE CITY I can only tell you, that they've recorded a real high-standard Garagepunk-gem with this one. Just listen to great songs like "Channel 9", "Down The Drain", "Shivvers" or "1986" - they'll get in your ear and go down straight into your legs! Or check out "Gypsy" with it's gloomy atmosphere, hypnotizing vocals and a really extraordinary guitar-line. Breathtaking! Have to say more?
HEADACHE CITY is definitely an outstanding band in nowadays Garagepunk-circus and they prove it with this record! So get it or get lost!

HEAD ON - Ready To Punch Your Face 7" (Beast Rec.) 5,00 EUR
This is the first Head On 7" but not the last! They're recording some new awesome stuff for their forthcoming LP. Wild, crazy and sick fuzz wah wah sounds with the "Ready To Punch" A side. The B side is a homage to Spencer P. Jones with a "Destiny Minus U" cover.

HEADTRAMA - Sacred Space 7" (Theologian Rec.) 4 Euro

HEARTATTACKS - Here Comes...Digipack CD (Digital Trash 02)
1st press comes with CD only bonus-track 13,- Euro
special edition comes with CD bonus-track plus screenprinted patch 15,- Euro

HEARTATTACKS - Rejected #11 7" (High School Refuse Rec.) 5,50 Euro
Another installment of High School Reject`s endless Greg Provost tribute series, taken from the same session that gave birth to their Plastic Idol EP. Both of the originals here trump "Your Lies", especially "Hangin` On" which had me briefly reconsidering the mediocre assertions made above. Their take on "Rejected At The High School Dance" doesn`t further the legacy of the tune any more or less than the other takes. Shocker! Regardless, the two tunes on the A-side are tailor-made for the one-sided 45s of yesteryear, which should be taken as a compliment.

HEARTATTACKS - Stay Away EP 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) limd. 300 5,00 EUR
Comes with 3 different sleeve versions one for each member!!! A new 3 tracker from The HEARTATTACKS, and you know that The HEARTATTACKS is one onf the BEST Swedish band ever. They will be on a big Europe tour in may/june 2007, so go go go and say hi to them. http://www.myspace.com/theheartattackssweden

HEARTATTACKS - Stay/Go (Plastic Idol Rec.) 5,00 EUR

HEARTBURNS - Cold Hell Below 7" (Combat Rock Industry Rec.) 5,90 EUR
A brand new 4 song EP! The title track just might be the best song they've ever written and the others are pretty damn good too. Pissed off, snotty yet very catchy lo-fi punk rock and roll at its best! For fans of BRIEFS, MODERN PETS with a dose JAY REATARD, you know the drill!

HEAVY HEART - Distance LP (Monster Zero Rec.) 12,75 EUR
Fantastic punkrock band from Nantes, France with members of La Rupture, One Thousand Direction and Homesick. Their No Idea style of punkrock has a serious taste of vitamin C and coffee to it, giving you strengh to fight against the violence of this frustrating world. Each one of their romantic and jaded songs take you in their arms like your best friend would. Good attitude, open handed and positive energy.

HEAVY METAL - Smash Criticism Smash Optimism Smash Arachnophobia LP (Static Age Musik / Harbinger Sound Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Heavy Metal return from their punker bunker with LP number two and it's equally as stunning. Again it's all over the place musically with a common thread of needle in the red whatever style they are destroying. It starts with an ecstasy drenched lo-fi distorted disco number that oozes sex appeal for the Heavy Metal massive before moving onto 'Blue Suede Shoe' which sounds like a classic dirty 1979 DIY hit with a masterful hook that demands repeated plays. Elsewhere 'Dingo Ate Your Baby' mixes the lovely lo-finess of early Flying Nun releases with a vocal that is straight from the Nikki Sudden school of drawls whilst 'Communication or Surprise' should have been one of the first five seminal Alternative TV singles. Heavy Metal do what they want and they don't care whether you are listening or not - they are having too much fun. The fact they won't play any gigs gives this band more appeal. People will discover these albums in 20 years time and love them just as much as I do now. Heavy Metal top of the class - stuff the media up your arse!!

HECKLERS - Comedy Hole 7“ (Go Ape Rec.)&xnbsp;1,50 EUR

HELIOS CREED - The Warming 7" - Scale 33 (Amphetamine Reptile Rec.) 12,00 Euro

HELL SHOVEL - Same 7" (Telephone Explosion Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Europe exclusive distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
September 2009 will see the release of HELL SHOVEL's first 45, and judging by the quality of the songs, it almost certainly will not the last. Spewn forth from the perfectly twisted mind of DEMON'S CLAWS leader Jeff Clarke, the record showcases a slightly different side of the songwriter.
The A-side track, "Already Gone," leans more towards DEMON'S CLAWS' quieter, psych-country efforts.
The B-side, "She Called Me Baby," is a fantastic WAYLON JENNINGS cover.
Fans of "That Old Outlaw Town" or "Fucked on K" will not be dissapointed. If life was fair, neither would the rest of the world!!

HELMET - Born Annoying 7" - Scale 22 (Amphetamine Reptile Rec., rare 1st Helmet 7" ever!!!) 50 Euro

HELMET - Meantime 7" - Scale 47 (Amphetamine Reptile Rec., col .wax) 20,00 Euro

HELMET - Unsung 7" - Scale 41 (Amphetamine Reptile Rec., rare Tour Edit., limd. 100, red wax) 40,00 Euro

HENRY FONDA - Front Antinational LP (Nerdcore Rec.) 11,90 EUR
With eight years of chaos under their belt, HENRY FONDA has become a steady force in the european DIY hardcore microcosm and has been gaining recognition worldwide from fans of fast, short & extreme music. 'Front Antinational', their 2nd full lenght again takes no prisoners and is a 16 song manifest in under 15 minutes, that combines their love for brutal powerviolence and furious HC/Punk with scramz and sludge pieces thrown into the mix. And since HENRY FONDA has always been a group of friends, who speak about things that pisses them off: 'Front Antinational" is an album that deals with current topics like the rise of racism all over the world, the 'wrong' hardcore, hedonism/escapism and personal issues.

HERDS - Same 7" (Fashionable Idiots Rec.) 4,75 EUR
Newly birthed Milwaukee hc heros, Herds offer up five more tracks of rough midwest hardcore played by ex-members of all yer favorite midwest bands. Much like the great debut single the lyrics focus on the darker side of nature. Outstanding packaging courtesy of the fine folks at Monolith Press round this out.

HEX DISPENSERS - Winchester Mystery House LP (Alien Snatch Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Who else can attract you with halloween pop and give you ice age snow storm camping? The looong awaited second album by our all beloved HEX DISPENSERS is here! The Austin top-tenners know how to deliver and feed the growing army of unbelievers with 12 new paranormal hit servings of their wolf spider soup, mexican bat-blood-ice-cream and medium norwegian raindeer eyes. These songs are frosted poison pills of sheer madness, lunacy! Alex Cuervo demon-calling vocals and the dispensers isolated but penetrating guitar sound and rhythm section let us stray aimlessly thru the night. Feel cornered by their genious simplicity, you still may call the WIPERS / MISFITS / RAMONES reference? Guess it´s too late pinning the HEX DISPENSERS to the wall when they already got shooted to Valhöll for their frenetic garage pop in 2007. As their first s/t album, "Winchester Mystery House" is recorded by mastermind #1 Mark Ryan (MARKED MEN) - this time mastermind #2 Dave Rahn (CARBONAS) added finishing touches. The album includes the re-recorded sold out singles "Lose my Cool" and "My Love is Bat" as far as a DEVO-Cover "Gates of Steel". Here at ALIEN SNATCH! we love putting records out where we can´t name our favorite song.

HIBACHI STRANGLERS - Parasol Parade 7" (Jeth-Row Rec.) 6,00 EUR
Lastest from Alabamy boys HIBACHI STRANGLERS... weird, punk, rockin. 3 song 7", purple wax, get it...

HIGH BEAMS - Hallucination LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 12,50 EUR
The High Beams give us an abrasive half-hour blast of no-nonsense, crunchy, seedy, Heartbreakers-inspired thuggery, all lashing and crackling rock n roll. For those not in the know, this band contains MATT MAYO of the late great MULLENS. While ex-band mates The Sunday Drunks seem to go down a more Stonesy / Stooges sludgy sideroad, The High Beams floor it recklessly along some central highway out of nowheresville and hit the amphetamine addled alleyways rushing around amongst the dust and dirt of big city shitsville. From "Look At Her Run's" soundtracking, a gas guzzling, tarmac-eating journey, through "Defend Me" (choice lines: "She loves to be with the boys in the band, loves to give them a helping hand, she's giving the singer a great big thrill 'cos his drummer passed out on a handful of pills") and "Nothing Good", through to the howling, pounding comedown paranoia of the title track, complete with a tidy little stop/start guitar line, and "Living To Die". While none of them are devoid of melody, far from it, with the insistent, nagging melody of "Tell Somebody", only at the end does Mr. Mayo reveal more of a pure pop edge, with "Rocking Horses". I admit at first I thought "Oh here we go again" but for no-frills, no holds barred rock n roll, I haven't heard much better recently. Top one here chaps.

HIGHER STATE - Automatic Motion 7" (13 O' Clock Rec.) 5,50 Euro
The new HIGHER STATE 45, Automatic Motion b/w Trip On High, has arrived! This is the 2nd 45 by the group, a limited release of 500 copies. Two new killer tracks, gloriously recorded in MONO! While the A side displays the band's infectious 60's styled melody and catchy hooklines, the flipside captures the group, fully realized, at their psychedelic best! The group is featured in the new issue of Shindig! magazine, which should be hitting the shelves now.

HIGH SOCIETY - Nürnberg Soll Brennen 7" (Search For Fame Rec.) 4,50 EUR
Nach einer single und einer split-lp neues von der high society. punk mit guten texten der auch aus den achtzigern kommen könnte, klingt auch irgendwie nach skandinavien, allerdings auf deutsch... english promo-lines follow soon...

HIKING - Trenches 7“ (X-Mist Rec.) 1,50 EUR

&xnbsp; HIPBONE SLIME & THE KNEE TREMBLERS - Hold On, It's... 7" (Kizmiaz Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Voodoo Rhythm rds band... more info soon...

BIPOLAR BEAR: New and exclusive tracks with super-blasting sound, being in the vein of the INTELLIGENCE and CRASH NORMAL, with nods to the A FRAMES, like a more fuzzy rocking version of the MAE SHI, like a buzzsaw crazed-up version of MONORCHID, and also reminiscent of sadly forgotten 90's classics like HARRIET THE SPY...
HIROSHIMA ROCKS AROUND: Distorted and electronically deranged Post-Punk, who’s sound can be filed somewhere in between CHEVEU, CRASH NORMAL and the early BUTTHOLE SURFERS!

Italy's His Electro Blue Voice caught my attention in 2007 with their amazing debut single from SS-Records entitled "Fog/Das". 3 years and 3 great singles later, I'm happy to release the fourth 7" single by this phenominal post-punk outfit. Here lies two tracks of dark and brooding gothic masterworks by one of Italy's finest. Throbbing bass, piercing guitars and metronome percussion all layered perfectly beneath scornful, shouted vocals. This was printed in an edition of 500 copies with euro style centers and artwork by Francesco.

HOLLOWS - "Bobby Blueheart" b/w "Walkaway" 7" (Trouble In Mind Rec.) 5,95 EUR
First single from these Chicago girl-group garage-punkers! Hollows sound like no-one else right now; a swirling mix of girl-group harmonies & melodrama, post-punk throb, psychedelic garage snarl, & punk energy. "Bobby Blueheart" is their yearning ode to a fictional despondent crooner, while "Walkaway" is a frenzied plea to a lost love. After releasing an amazing debut LP straight out of the gate last year (available on Addenda Records!), these girls (and guy) are poised to take over the Chicago DIY punk & garage scene! As usual, the first edition of this single is pressed on randomly mixed colored-vinyl, comes with a download code & is housed in the snazzy Trouble In Mind factory sleeve!

HOLLY AND THE NICE LIONS - Nom de Plume 7" (Certified PR Rec.) 6,90 EUR
"Just as many now reasonably well-adjusted high school misfits agonize over how few wrong turns their lives would have needed to have taken over the years in order to have sent them skidding down the vocational path of a psycho school shooter, one can’t help but lose sleep imagining a nightmarish alternate existence where, by virtue of a handful of unfortunate events, Holly Trasti wound up as a cute and forgettable singer-songwriter type instead of her current role as Queen of the Green Bay Scene. Dodging that particular bullet like nobody’s business, the NICE LIONS lunge out of the starting gate like the three happiest dogs in a rock’n’roll greyhound race, with the aforementioned Ms. Trasti’s geek-girl brilliance and hot nerd guitar nipping at the mechanical rabbit’s heels at the paddock turn. On “Nom de Plume” – an upbeat ditty that would have sounded not unwelcome on the first PRETENDERS album -- Holly’s insouciant voice flickers from semi-sultry grade-school-girl-playing-dress-up soul to chirpy balloon squeakiness and back again, whilst the rhythm section of Nick Marcantonio and Preston Ely dapperly hammers away like Foxton and Buckler circa the fourth or fifth JAM album. The flip side, “No Future,” is a jangling three-chord pounder that has me dancing the same fresh moves i like to lay down during “The Clap-Pat Song” by SHIRLEY ELLIS, but minus all the clapping and patting. And, for this, society should be most grateful." - Rev. Norb Rozek 350 copies on mixed colored vinyl

HOLLYWOOD - Baltimore Queens 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) 5,00 Euro
After one 7”ers and a LP (on big neck in the US) and one 7” on spin the bottel they are back, and now they are 5 members instead of 3, so now they have the bass player and more fucking guitars and that fucking great so now you can expect even more balls then you can shake. The records have three songs. With lots of gut gut guitars. So it will be no problem for you to use some bad bad drugs when you play it. But remember kenrock says no to bad drugs. Tracks are 1, Schizo. 2, Grown ass man 3, Paco platter.

HOLLYWOOD - Big Mouth b/w Human BBQ 7" (Spin The Bottle Rec.) 5,50 EUR
It's so noisy and punk rock it hurts. This has late-80s Alternative Tentacles or AmRep written all over it. Think of PISSED JEANS' material on Parts Unknown with a hint of the COWS or the UNSANE mixed in for good measure. A side has some good advice: "Don't talk to strangers/They'll kill or rape ya." There's a phenomenon called synaesthesia where input to one sense triggers sensation in another. Well, I'm a bit of a synaesthete when I listen to this. When I hear this, I smell post-masturbation saliva on my hand, fireworks, and sweaty feet. Fucking awesome!!!

HOLLYWOOD - Girl? 7" (Big Neck Rec.) 5,25 EUR
3 songs of chaotic Garage Punk ala BLACK LIPS meets noisy Big Neck band... like ALUMINUM KNOT EYE or NIGHT TERRORS.

HOLY COBRAS - Forever LP (Telephone Explosion Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Europe exclusive distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
"Forever" is the second LP by Ottawa's premier acid punks. On this journey the Cobras snake through deep grooves and awesome effects leaving you with a 30 minute gap in your memory.

HOLY COBRAS - Debut 7" (Telephone Explosion Rec.) 5,75 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
We’re gearing up to release the debut single from Ottawa’s premier acid-punk wackos HOLY COBRAS! Check out the A side “Feed Yr Head” on their Myspace! After two years of cassette-only releases, HOLY COBRAS are finally making their move onto wax.

HOLY CURSE – Take It As It Comes 12" (Turborock Rec.) 9,90 EUR
more info soon...

HOMEOWNERS - Light And Vision 7" (Margin Mouth / Razorcake Rec.) 5,50 EUR
This is the debut EP from this amazing band. Wicked guitar-led indie influenced DIY punk. Shades of Pavement and Hickey. Contains members of Tulsa, Brilliant Colors, Surrender, Dirty Marquee, and many more.

HOMOSTUPIDS - Night Deacon 7" (Fashionable Idiots Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Here we have six brand new tracks from the best band in America. The songs featured here are better than all previous recordings, side B kicks off with a 'stupids' traditional re-recorded by a mandolin quartet. This wonderful record is a must have for morons worldwide.

HOMOSTUPIDS - Strawberry Orange Peach Bannana 12" (Fashionable Idiots Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Cleveland kings of Skull Music return to smash with this brand new mini album. Nine more tracks of their signature primitive retard rock done to perfection. This time around the Stupids see themselves recording in a real studio, oh my! and the results are crushing. Buy this great new album right now!

HONEY DON`T - Don`t Ask Me 7" (Rijapov Records) limd.??? looks like only very few copies pressed 5,00 Euro
Looks like we have found a new collector label. This Rijapov Rec. 02 and another GREAT 7". HONEY DON`T remember us to BLACK LIPS + DEMONS CLAWS meets MOJOMATICS. Packed in a silkscreen closed jacket. Very few in stock!!!

HORNY WACKERS - They Are Savage! LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 12,50 EUR
Boasting a band name that's pure Rock N Roll idiocy personified, the HORNY WACKERS fuck your ears with this festering, trashtastic take on raw, primitive music. This hedonistic three piece spew an aural arsenal of Rock N Roll perfection as they pound, thud and strum their merciless instruments into submission. Think raw, passionate riffery baptized in Pussy Galore, The Cramps, and the Oblivians than bathed in the rotting bones of Eddie Cochran. Seedy, back woods, Rock N Roll filth played fucked up, fuzzed out and straight from the heart. This is the real deal, mutants. Top of the slop Garage trash!

HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES - Bearing On The Moor 7" (Certified PR Rec.) 6,90 EUR
P.Trash band is back!!! The pride and joy of Algoma, Wisconsin, HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES provide the soundtrack for those who feel that it’s their destiny to bury at least one body in a swamp someday, except the only thing resembling a swamp in their neighborhood is a beach full of twigs and dead alewives, crushing their spirit utterly. It’s the music that asks – then answers – the eternal question of “what if the DIRTBOMBS were ten years younger, and hailed from some remote fishing town in Northeastern Wisconsin rife with unbridled Caucasian-ness?” It’s music for people who want to slip in and out of the shadows with drizzle building on their glasses on a foggy night, with their heads in some unmentionable vortex of substance abuse and depravity, except they’ve got two drummers and therefore make too much fucking noise to sneak up on anybody, so they might as well just let everyone know what they’re thinking right up front. HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES produce too violent a racket to be the DREAM SYNDICATE, run too tight a ship to be FLIPPER, and are from way too far up north to be the GUN CLUB. Their dense-packed sonic soup is the kind of music that keeps parking lots dangerous and substance abuse interesting. How’s your parking lot looking? - Rev. Nørb Rozek

HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES / PINK REASON LP (Floridas Dying Rec.) 12,90 Euro
What a perfect split! Two bands compliment each other so well doing each others songs. Not so much covers as a different perspective on the exact same emotions. The line quickly blurs between these bands as two separate entities, as they grab onto the other’s words and make them their own. The fact that the warmest moments on this record come in repeated refrains of “Down On Me”, should give you some perspective.

HUE BLANC`S JOYLESS ONES - Fait Accompli LP (Full Trash 18)
--There are 4 dif. versions
--limd. 401 with "inside out" print cover/ black wax 11,50 Euro
--limd. 33 copper edition. Copper/ purple silkscreen artwork on brown cover/ black wax (Sold Out)
--limd. 33 silver edition. Silver silkscreen artwork on brown cover/ black wax (Sold Out)
--limd. 33 black edition. Black silkscreen artwork on brown cover/ black wax (Sold Out)
This Wisconsin based four-piece consists of members of THE STRONG-COME ONS, THE TEARS, THE KNOCKERS and THE BLUE BALLS.
With two twangy guitars, two drums, a drunk romantic heart and a love for cheap booze poetry, these guys create a groovy and noisy, yet wonderful sounding kind of garage blues that throws in some sloppy 60s riffs and also shows a preference for early New Zealand bands like THE CHILLS or THE CLEAN.
Melodic and slower tunes like "The Modern Lover`s Lament" or "I Forgot My Dancing Shoes" sound like if they have been written by JACK OBLIVIAN, complete with a saxophone or a cello here and there. Then again, the two openers "Notoriety" and "Black Ghevina" will please every fan of the BLACK LIPS and more fucked up ones, like "Time Machine", remind a lot of the DEMONS CLAWS. Perfect soundtrack to get drunk and stoned to.
The classy old-style artwork is printed on the rougher side of the jacket and the record comes with a very nice lyric sheet.
Watch out! HBJO will also be on Vol.2 of the KILLED BY TRASH compilation series, covering "Hydrohead" by THE EJECTORS.

HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE- Sugar Mountain LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 12,50 EUR
Europe Distributed By P.Trash Records!!!
EX- NEON PISS! Check out this Punk Rock, Snot Rocket shot straight outta the back alleys of Oakland. Total Bay Area rager featuring members of Neon Piss, Knifey Spooney and the Ringers. This things got early East Bay, Pop Punk smeared all over it. If Lookout Records were still in it's hey day, HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE would be one of those bands that Livermore would put out and people would freak the fuck out over. The riffs are tuff, the hooks are bouncy and the tunes are a lil rough around the edges, but sooooo damn good. If bands like Pinhead Gunpowder, Crimpshrine, Cringer and early Green Day mean anything to ya, HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE are swimming in that same Punk infected cesspool of awesomeness. Total banger for the wet brains.

HULKS, LES - Pussy Cola 7" (Killed By An Axe Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Sorry for the long delay, about getting this 7" in stock, but now we picked up the records last weekend and it's AMAZING!!! All pre-orders fixed 1st. Thanks for waiting!
Again FATALS, COMPLICATIONS or KUNG FU ESCALATOR style blues punk!!! We can't get enough!!!

HULKS, LES / EL VICIO 7" (Sentenza Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Primitiv garage blues punk at it's BEST!!!! Sexual dreams and nightmare!! File under FATALS, COMPLICATIONS and KUNG FU ESCALATOR!! Buy it or die!!!

HUMAN TRASH - It`s Not Trash, It`s Human Trash LP (Squoodge / Luna Rec.) 14,25 EUR
HUMAN TRASH are from Sao Paulo and play a wild Mix of Blues Punk and Garage-Trash. Sounds like B 52s, CRAMPS with female trash hahahaha... 11 super songs!
500 pieces with a fullcolored 300 gr/m² cardboard sleeve and Insert.
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEgA_XaHCAU

HUMAN WASTE - Fran Generation Till Generation 7" (Wasted Sounds/ Cage Match Rec.) 5 Euro
This band kills, no more words to say!!!

HUMAN WASTE - I väntan pa socialbidraget 7" (Wasted Sounds/ Cage Match Rec.) 5 Euro

HUNCHBACK - Werse Houses 7" (Sacred Bones Rec.) 5,25 Euro
Hand numbered and limited to 300. I thought these guys were a little bit of a jokey band before this, so I didn't pay them too much mind, and they did a split with The Trashies, a band I think sucks hard, so maybe I held that against them. Guess that was a bad move on my part, because this single is quite alright. On "Werse Houses", I guess the best way to describe it sort of like horror-punk, but not kitschy Misfits-like stuff or corny B-Movie referential dreck. It's graveyard sounding, but without cheesed-up ghouls-and-devils lyrics or anything, more like a moodily real sort of creepy. Talked-mumbled voice over, almost like narration instead of singing, and the organ enhances the pallor. B-Side is certainly novel: Killdozer legend Michael Gerald and a child trade vox on a dirgey rendition of the Christina Aguilera hit "Beautiful". I would've had no idea this was a cover if someone hadn't mentioned it, and I was a bit confused regarding why they used Gerald on this song at first, but now it makes perfect sense, what with the Killdozer penchant for bizarro covers. As cool of an idea as the B-Side is (and as much as I love the 'dozer), the A-Side is what should really get you reaching in your wallet. If their LP sounds like this, I'm gonna be real happy. Nice credits on this too: recorded by Conrad Uno and mastered by Tim Warren...- (Terminal Boredom).

HUNGRY GAYZE - Roadkill 7" (Floridas Dying Rec.) 5,90 EUR
This is the first single from Orlando's Hungry Gayze. Featuring members of Slippery Slopes, and Shit Eagle, Hungry Gayze dish out scuzzy disjointed punk rock of the brain damaged variety. Hungry Gayze manage to convulse, jerk, and twitch their way through these three songs about group suicide, dead animals, and the postpubescent delinquency. Limited to 350 with artwork by Luke Chappelle of Drugs Dragons.

HURULA - Vi Ar Manniskorna... LP (No Good Rec.) 14,50 EUR
Highly Recommend by P.Trash!!! Amazing solo project from Robert Hurula Petterson (MASSHYSTERI, THE VICIOUS, REGULATIONS), continuing where he left off with the last amazing MASSHYSTERI album. File under: Umeå New-Wave Postpunk aka VÅNNA INGET, MASSHYSTERI or TERRIBLE FEELINGS

HUSKY & THE SANDMEN - Moonwaves 7" (Gas Rec.) 7,00 Euro
HUSSY - Turn It Three 7" (Certified PR Rec.) 6,90 EUR
"Madison’s stonedest genius, Bobby Hussy, returns with partner-in-crime Heather to continue refutation of the projected demise of that whole two-piece band thang! It’s not dead yet! It’s getting better! Utilizing a standard guitar/mouths/drums setup, but making use of enough cunning tambourinery to flummox the listener into suspecting the band is secretly augmented with Betty Cooper of the ARCHIES, “Turn It Three” sounds like what “We Are Gonna Be Friends” by the WHITE STRIPES might have sounded like if it were written by BBQ with his dick out and NOBUNNY standing on his head pouring Old Style down his throat. The lyrics deal with either the mathematics of the human condition or the grade school space-time continuum ((or possibly something even weirder and dirtier)), which clearly underscores the must-have-ness of this life-affirming slab o’ wax. Meanwhile, the potboiling “Firelung” sounds as if someone cross-bred the first DONNAS 7-inch with an UNDERTONES B-side for the express purpose of creating songwriting demos for the first RED CROSS ep. Which is, now that my lighter works and i can think clearly once again, exactly what happened. Essential! " - Rev. Norb Rozek

HYÄNE - Same 7" (Static Age Musik Rec.) 6,00 EUR
You can take the easy route and say: this is postpunk. (and make me cringe and walk away). I will rather pull out a chain and some leather gloves and correct you by saying: "o.k. punk, maybe this could be postpunk. but not for the goth and eyeliner crowd." This is postpunk for the geeks that wear boots and shitty haircuts who rather reach out for their CHAOS Z record than for the FLIEHENDE STÜRME LP (OK, maybe they are listening to some FEHLFARBEN when they are alone with a Sunday evening hangover). I've seen HYÄNE live quite a few times and i assure you these guys deliver live. The cool thing about this 7 inch is its more direct than HYÄNE live. More brutal than your average postpunk crush. With less words: MORE PUNK. What's not to like about that? ( MAAK )

HYENA - Breathing Death Rotting Flesh 7" (Shit Attack Rec.) 4,75 EUR
HYENA is a new hardcore outfit out of Bielefeld. They choosed the very best and most suitable name for their band, cause the their music is raw, rotten and simply a low-down bastard. The 7 songs on this record vary from uptempo to slowed down heavyness in a decuman rage. The lyrics dealing with the status of being and feeling fucked up in every aspect. These guys swing the sledge and bring down the foundation, the world is fucked and HYENA are the special task force to wreck up everything.

HYGIENE - Same 7" (Dire Rec.) 4,90 Euro
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! A full repress of the january 09' tour 7". 3 KBD/Television Personalities inspired tracks taken from their late 08' demo tape. www.myspace.com/hygieneldn