I-ATTACK - American Dream 7" EP (Criminal IQ Rec.) 6 Euro
I Attack throw bulldozers at you while skating in an empty swiming pool at some rich bastard's mansion while they're away. They carry on the hardcore attitude and sonic assault that Los Crudos and others hatched in Pilsen eons ago (even capturing Jose Crudos for being one mangler in their guitar tag team) with some 80's skate punk mixed in. They would be one of the better bands featured on a Mystic Records compilation if they were from the 80s. Rob shoots cynical venom all over the four originals criticizing the political spectrum of capitalism, fashion over substance followers, and anyone else that makes him get off his board! I Attack question everything which can only be healthy in a society that forces people to accept a miserable repressive and oppressive existence as the pre condition for "sanity"; I Attack still shows "Security is a dread disease." They also cover Impulse Manslaughter which is another reason to get this you fans of old underrated Chicago hardcore bands.

IDIOPHONE - Am Apparat 7" (Kink Rec.) 4,90 EUR
English: This is the debut by Mannheim, Germany's new (post)-punk hope. On their debut 7", "am apparat" you'll get 4 minimalistic tracks, with keyboard undertones and songs about their hometown city. If you like the FEHLFARBEN or newer bands like HERPES, MESSER you should give IDIOPHON a try - it's worth!
German: Mannheims neue Hoffnung für alle Idioten mit ihrer ersten 7". 4x minimalistischer und sehr eingängiger (Post-)Punk mit Keyboard und Texten über eine Fabrik, die sich als Stadt tarnt (= Mannheim), schreiende Wände, Siegertypen und natürlich der Proklamation der Idiophon-Armee. Wer die FEHLFARBEN toll findet und wem HERPES mit ihrer letzten Platte zu langweilig wurden, ist bei Idiophon genau richtig - so sehen Sieger aus! die 4 songs der 7" kannste dir hier anhören:

IDIOTAS, LOS - Tengo Una Biblia En Casa 7" (Iekk! Sounds Rec.) limd. 424 copies 5,45 EUR
IS-001 Congratulation!!! GREAT label start from our spanish pal Raul!!! LOS IDIOTAS from Valladolid comes this crazy dou of high energy rock'n garage punk in the style of DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS meets SINGING DOGS that won't dissapoint you! Two songs sung in english yeah, yeah & feelin' alright and one song in spanish tengo una biblia en casa

IDLE HANDS - Volatile Matters 7" (Rockstar Rec.) 4,90 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, very limd. repress with red/orange silkscreen sleeves!!! After one hell of a debut 7" and a supercool full length, Münster/Osna's new achievers IDLE HANDS don't hang in and present a brandnew 4 song e.p., wrapped in a fancy screenprint-cover! We are really thrilled of these loons and never met anybody into Wipers, Jawbreaker, Statues, Husker Dü or the likes who wasn't!

IDOL LIPS – Scene Repulisti LP (White Zoo Rec.) 12,25 EUR
IT'S ALIVE! whitezoo 005 it's the smashing LP from the cult "born to lose" band IDOL LIPS. 10 tracks of pure desperate punk rock'n'roll. the best prepunk, glam sleazy, early NY punk rock you can imagine. if you cream in ur pants for NY Dolls, Johnny Thunders, Stooges Raw Power era, Berlin Brats and so on you can't miss it!!!

ILLS - Fuck This Planet 10” (No Front Teeth Rec.) Regular Edit. is the the intact cake sleeve 12,90 EUR
The Ills garage punk sound instantly brings back the glory days of Rip Off Records and classic bands like The Spastics and Loli and the Chones with a strong late '70s/early '80s California punk vibe and even a touch of early '90s Olympia. The Ills take a little bit of a horror punk angle on quite a few tracks, and on others they suggest what might have happened if the Angry Samoans had mated with X. The formula, perfect from the beginning, has not been tampered with. No songs run longer than a minute and a half, and the band tears through each one with an awesome mix of ferocity and tunefulness.
This album will remind you why you fell in love with punk music in the first place. It's fun and loud and brilliantly simplistic. The songs waste little time in getting to the good part. If I were 15 and heard this record, it would totally inspire me to go out and start a band tomorrow. The Ills have achieved something that's a lot more difficult than it seems - delivering an album as thrilling and satisfying as their last full length ‘Tuning Out’.

IMAGINARY ICONS - Off The Grid 7" (Plastic Idol Rec.) 5,00 Euro
Brooklyn, New York's Imaginary Icons feature a cast that includes members of the DISSIMILARS, the SHOP FRONTS, MHz, the TIE REDS, and more. Their debut single, released in 2006, was a snappy affair that channeled the spirit of post-punk, rather than the no-holds-barred garage-isms of their past. "Off The Grid" b/w "Fun With Capital" is another stellar effort in a similar vein, albeit even more far-reaching. The title track is a jangly proto-punker with a zippy groove, accented by helium-inflected vox and skronky sax; "Fun With Capital" makes effective use of barked lines, brittle guitars, and buzzing synths to drive home the point. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies on Coke bottle clear wax.

IMMATERIAL - 3 Track 7" (Plastic Spoons Rec.) 5,75 EUR
2nd EP by this Parisian duo, featuring VOLT /PLUTON -member FX and female singer Sandrine. 3 raging tracks of distorted, fuzzy, and blown-out Garage--Synth-Punk with harsh guitars ! In a similar vein as VOLT or BLACK BUG, may be less dark and cold but even more twisted. Comes with great ELZO DURT artwork!

IMPOSTERS - Animal Magnetism LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 13,25 EUR
Complete edit. comes with a special inner-sleeve !!! This LP rips!!! So many modern bands have has been described as surf punk, but almost all of them fall short. The one band that comes to mind that truly fits that description is Hermosa Beach's THE IMPOSTERS. Raised on bands like AGENT ORANGE, the ADOLESCENTS, the GEARS and JFA, THE IMPOSTERS impecably revive a sound that hasn't been done justice in many many years. Through snarling bouncy riffs and shredded wasted nights, THE IMPOSTERS carve out 13 nasty anthems of surf infected punk rock . If bands like the Simpletones, Sick Pleasure, Agent Orange, Red Kross or Negative Trend mean anything to ya, than this one's definately right up yer alley.

INDECISION ALARM - Self-Titled CD-DIGIPAK + limited posters (Tic Tac Totally Rec.) 10,00 EUR
(TTT-004) Sort of like Propagandhi, I-Spy, Husker Du, Minor Threat and Face to Face stuck in a Swedish blender somewhere (uh...Sweden?). Very technical. A forceful but also melodic debut effort. Lots of harmonies with theguitars and vocals, but strong delivery. Might be too polished for some, but I gaurantee it's packing a punch and a bark under the calculating music too.

INDIAN WARS / PRIMITIVE HANDS - Split 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) Limd. 100 5,50 EUR
Single with 3 cover art variations and 2 labels. INDIAN WARS from Vancouver + PRIMITIVE HANDS from Montreal. 4 songs Killer Garage Psych Punk!!! Art-work Bob Scott.

INDIAN WARS / PRIMITIVE HANDS - Split 7" (Sprut & Rags Rec.) The Witch artwork Limd. 100 5,50 EUR
Single with 3 cover art variations and 2 labels. INDIAN WARS from Vancouver + PRIMITIVE HANDS from Montreal. 4 songs Killer Garage Psych Punk!!! Art-work Bob Scott.

INDIAN WARS / PRIMITIVE HANDS - Split 7" (Sprut & Rags Rec.) Dinosaurs artwork Limd. 100 5,50 EUR
Single with 3 cover art variations and 2 labels. INDIAN WARS from Vancouver + PRIMITIVE HANDS from Montreal. 4 songs Killer Garage Psych Punk!!! Art-work Bob Scott.

INDIAN WARS – If you want me 7” (Bachelor Rec.) 5,00 EUR
INDIAN WARS is a 4-piece garage rock group from Vancouver, BC. The band is made up of two brothers (John and Dave) and their long time friends (Fraser and Brad). They started playing tunes three years ago in Dave and John's Grandma's garage with their grandma occasionally accompanying on various instruments (sitar, frog, tamborine). Indian Wars' sound is influenced by garage bands such as DEMON'S CLAWS, THE BLACK LIPS, and the JACUZZI BOYS as well as the classic sounds of THE BAND, THE SEEDS, and the ROLLING STONES. This first release contains four songs for your listening pleasure.
Print Run: 500 copies, black vinyl, housed in a full color cardboard sleeve, with b/w insert.
Recorded by Drew from DEAD GHOSTS
Mastered by KNTSN from THE MAKEOUTS

INDIAN WARS - Songs From The Norht LP (Bachelor Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Call me a nut but I never got sick of listening to the debut records of PEACH KELLI POP and INDIAN WARS. Both released amazing full lenghts, PEACH KELLI POP in late 2010 on Going Gaga Records, Canada, INDIAN WARS - as you know - on Bachelor in June 2011, both albums were critically acclaimed and were also selling like hot cakes. Well, of course the gimp talked both of them into signing contracts for their sophomore albums, and here they are...

INTELLIGENCE - I'm Your Taxi/No Nurses/If I Had A Hammer 7" (Holy Cobra Society Rec.) 5,90 Euro
We got a handful of the long sold out 7" from 2006, 1st comes 1st!!!
The INTELLIGENCE is a lo-fi post-punk rock band from Seattle, founded by Lars Finberg, drummer of the A FRAMES. The INTELLIGENCE first toured in Europe in 2006 and had this 7" in their bags when they opened two shows for The FALL at CMJ.

IRRITONES - Pénis Romantique LP (Full Trash 73))
Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into pop up poster-covers! 12,50 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in green wax fixed into pop up poster-covers! 13,50 Euro
Album seconde by French Punks IRRITONES is another érection du 12 inch with more of their dadaistic Haiku-Punk. Minimalistic, driving, wired and hyped up. A celebration of hedonistic primitivism packed into 10 new meldodic and stripped-down songs with driving bass lines, minimal guitar work and Olivier's very own sick poetry franglais.
The cover versions ABWÄRTS' 80s hit ''Computerstaat'' and French 70s Punk band's STRYCHNINE's B-side ''Lache moi'' perfectly match the style and sound of the whole record.
La France du Rock'n'Roll est une charogne. And the sound of the IRRITONES creeps out out of le cadavre of a dead underground. Punk with a capital P!

IRRITONES / NAPOLEON DYNAMITE Split 7" (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Two new Songs of Frances top new bubblegum punk rock outfit the IRRITONES with HATEPINKS and AGGRAVATION members. Awesome 70s influenced punk, quite minimalistic, sometimes very melodic, but also very refreshing. NAPOLEON DYNAMITE likes it more radical with their weird mix between 70s garage punk and 80s hardcore in the veins of DEAN DIRG or CIRCLE JERKS. 4 new songs + cover!

ISS - Endless Pussyfooting LP (Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Second full-length from this North Carolina punk duo. In case you haven’t paid attention to our raving about ISS in the past, here’s the story: Eddie from Brain F? and Rich from Whatever Brains work together to construct songs out of samples from classic punk records, making entirely new songs. ISS’s songs tend to be really different from one another, but the general vibe is an extremely unique combination of dance music and punk that sounds utterly unlike anything that I’ve ever heard before. However, rather than being trance-y, ISS are very song-oriented, relying on Rich’s ability to pen a pop tune and deliver a big vocal hook, a skill which works particularly well in tandem with his bitingly sarcastic lyrics.