KAMIKAZES - Christiane 7" (Zaxxon Rec.) 5,5 Euro
Another cool 7" from Canadas Best Label (Blacks 7",Scat Rag Booster7", Reatards 7".... also don`t forget to order one of the last copies from their Alien Snatch 7"

KAMIKAZE TRIO - Death Party e.p.7" (Fistful Of Rec.) 5,00 Euro
KAMIKAZE TRIO debut 7" before releasing their "Rain On Your Parade" LP at P.Trash Records. They are Digger Sam, Digger Andy + bass-monster Snoop Mitchell.
We found a small box with leftover 7"es... On Side A they give Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s “Death Party” the full five minute Aussie treatment, wonderful stuff , but then again watch out for Side B, baby ! . “Demons” is an incredible explosion of energy, seldom heard anymore in these days, and “Am I Losing my Mind” is just… just… .Hey, why don’t you just buy this fucker !??? The release of the “Death Party e.p.” coincides with the KAMIKAZE TRIO tour of occupied Europe, see for full details www.myspace.com/kamikazetrio.Record comes in trademark Fistful hand-silkscreened 2-colour sleeve, heavy duty vinyl, only 525 made – no reprints.

Kamikaze Trio - Rain On Your Parade LP (Full Trash 26)
Limd. 200 blood-red wax splattered with shitty brown splashes. (can only be purchased through the P.Trash mailorder.) 11,50 Euro
Limd. 800 black wax 11,50 Euro
KAMIKAZE TRIO - Rain On Your Parade CD (In-Fidelity Rec.) 15,00 EUR
Behind this pumping ménage a trois are no others than DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS Sam & Andy plus bass-monster Snoop Mitchell. The mates decided to give the duo a little rest and live out their fondness for independent music throwaways like THE WIPERS or Australian drunkrock acts like THE SCIENTISTS completely. From the bar room floors of inner city Melbourne they started to create an original sound fusing rock, punk, post-punk, pop and noise into an indescribable mash of genius.
Their second longplayer is a noisy and damn melodic narcotic that sedates you with some driving drumming, fuzzy bass, a sweet and sour guitar and painful words from the bottom of life's stairs that will make you weep and holler. The 10 songs range from faster ones like "Are you going to the protest?" to slower tunes like "Hear them coming" and stoned psychedelic fuzzers like "Send me a sign". But the real meat are those driving, gracefully distorted tracks, like the fantastic "7-to-1", "I came so far to lose" and "Then I hit the ground" whose melodic guitar lines and heartfelt vocals will drive you ape, or the 6-minute tranquilizer "Long night" that will leave you nothing but speechless and paralysed with its melody and soul.
Of course, the impact and influences of THE SCIENTISTS, DINOSAUR JR. and THE WIPERS are obvious... but that barely scratches the surface of what drives this trio. You can bet your sweet arse that these guys are one of the best live tickets going around at the moment. Don't miss them on their tours. Bring your ear plugs...this one is gonna explode.

KENNY HARPERS/ Los Cacahuetes 7" (Shot Down Rec., col. wax, last copie for ever!!!) 6,50 Euro

KETAMINES - Eleven Eleven 7" (Leaning Trees Rec.) 7,75 EUR
A six track song cycle about the 11:11 numerology. Part four of a four part 7" series of from everyone's favorite space-out punks, The Ketamines. Collect all four to complete a grand, mind-bending image of magic by artist Felix Morel!!!

KETAMINES - Singles Series #3 7" (Hosehead Rec.) 6,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Andrew and Sarah from ZEBRASSIERES, and Joel from PINK WINE are playing in KETAMINES! review follow soon...

KETAMINES - Stay Awake 7" (Mint Rec.) 7,75 EUR
Part four of a four part 7" series of from everyone's favorite space-out punks, The Ketamines. Collect all four to complete a grand, mind-bending image of magic by artist Felix Morel. "Stay Awake" is The Ketamines straying from the garage and discovering amphetamines; taking that swing into the sunshine of romance and power-pop. Along the same gracious lines, the b side, "Always Small" is a self-affimation in sugar pill form.

KETAMINES - You Can't Serve Two Masters LP (Mammoth Cave / Southpaw Rec.) 15,75 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Andrew and Sarah from ZEBRASSIERES, and Joel from PINK WINE are playing in KETAMINES! Ketamines sophmore stunner - pop, fizz, psych, garage, punk and bubblegum left out in the sun and scraped into an orange stew. Hit #1 on Canadian college charts July 2013.

KILLER`S KISS - Do It Again/Hard For You (Beasts of Bourbon) 7" (Perpetrator Rec. New Zealand) 6 Euro
Possible last blast by these San Franciscan psychedelic punkers...2 slabs of Stooge-ian wah-wah fury...Showing their Australian swamp-punk influences in spades on this release, Scientists & Birthday Party inspired tips o' the hat...and to add further weight to that, a spot on rendition of the Beasts of Bourbon's ode to hate from their 2nd LP "Sour Mash", when the band still contained two ex-Scientists....tasteful (?) sleeve by Alex Cuervo (graphic maestro extraordinaire & leader of the This Damn Town pack)....a goddamn solid package..

KINDLING - No Generation LP (Adagio 830 Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Kindling is comprised of my good buddies Stephen and Andy who also play in WMass hardcore outfit Ampere, as well as Gretschen (who plays guitar and sings) and Andrew, who plays bass. I can tell you these people have the most solid musical knowledge I know… While it would be easy to compare them to My Bloody Valentine, a closer listen will also led you to find evident traces of Superchunk guitar riffs, Teenage Fanclub and Jesus & Mary Chain melodies to serve a very personnal and unique sound… They blur they dreamy melodies into a wall of a massive fuzz sounds with a a pop sensibility rarely found when the volume and attack ends up this far in the red. While they spent a week at Sonelab in rural Easthampton, MA with Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr, Pixies, Speedy Ortiz, Sonic Youth, etc.) to record their first full length Galaxies for the amazing No Idea Records in Florida, they cut 6 extra songs for this euro-only release ! Adagio 830 and Echo Canyon team up one more timeto bring you this amazing EP for you !

KING CUSTER Mc CARTHY - Love Killed My Brain #2 7" (Nasty Production Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Featuring KING CUSTER Mc CARTHY himself, LO SPIDER, KUNG FU Rico and NASTY WLAD from PLUTONES & FATALS...Tasty 4 songs drunk and mad!!!

KIRKS - Rejected #2 7" (High School Reject/ Refuse Rec.) 4 Euro

KNOCKERS - Rejected #8 7" (High School Refuse Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Early HSR release. Killer band with P.Trash band members from: BLUE BALLS, HUE BLANC`S, STRONG COME ONS, TEARS,...last chance to complete your High School Refuse Rec. collection!!

KOHU-63 / AKUPUNKTIO - 7“ Green Wax (Stay Free Underground Rec.) 1,50 EUR

KOMMUNEN - Den Svenska Modellen 7" (Hardware / Ny Vag Rec.) 4,50 EUR
Another GREAT release from our pal and co-release partner Chris from Hardware Rec. Don't miss any of his releases, because he is also like me suffered from bad taste!
KOMMUNEN hail from the badlands of Sweden and the caustic sounds they detonante capture the intensity and the greatness of the Swedish hardcore-punk scene. Combine the raw, aggressive and melodic simplicity of legends such as ASTA KASK and RÖVSVETT with a impending sense of world destruction and that only hints at the power this band achieves. You'll get 6 tracks on this nice done limited to 500 only vinyl 7". Hurry up, most of it are already gone!

KOMPLIKATIONS - Going Down LP (Rockstar Rec.) 10,50 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Shortly after releasing their awesome album "Poverty" in october last year, KOMPLIKATIONS are already set to satisfy your hunger for more! The 3-piece band from Aachen/Liège have recorded a couple of brand new songs which not only maintain the high standards of said record, nope. KOMPLIKATIONS even manage to step up their game with these 3 songs. The well-known synthesizer/drums/vocals combo is clean and simple while retaining a frantic mixture of energy and power. Still, think of UNITS, SCREAMERS or NERVOUS GENDER, but KOMPLIKATIONS are one of a kind. If you can't dance to this 7" you might already be dead.

KOMPLIKATIONS - Humans 12" (Rockstar Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
"Humans" is already the 4th release by this exceptionally good band from the borderlands of Germany and Belgium. And they don't get boring, if anything these songs are more intense than ever. This one will see the light early 2017!

KOMPLIKATIONS - Poverty LP (Rockstar Rec.) 13,50 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
This is the sophomore release by this 3-piece group from Aachen/Liège after their debut 12" from 2012. Dark synthesizers, pissed vocals (one track in german!) combined with the well-known straight drumming. Still in the veins of late 70's US west coast bands like Screamers or Units, this LP features six songs that will let you forget the purpose of guitars in a punk band. It will make you either wanna dance to it or break some shit. Eventually both.

KOOL 100's - Blood Skulls Pussy & Violence Axes Daggers Upside-Down Crosses 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 6,00 EUR
Taking their name from the official cigarette butt of Kansas City, Missouri, Kool 100s can be found lying on the sidewalks of its seedier neighborhoods, exposed to the elements like a drunk mooning a lightning storm and/or god. The guitar is a noxious, carcinogenic fog of blaring 12-string d'jangle, tainting lungs and clothing and sweated out in salty chemical rivulets that pool in bodily crevices. Somewhere in the thick smog of trebly melody, the smooth amphetamine pound of bass and drums try to work as many notes and beats into a minute and a half song as possible with the jittery insistence of a nic fit. Blood pressures rise, temples throb. Vocal melodies diverge from guitar lines, but both are ascerbic and addictive, causing blood vessels to dialate and mixed-company to cough uncomfortably. Mark Twain suggested you should "write what you know," and so the Kool 100s wrote BLOOD SKULLS PUSSY AND VIOLENCE, AXES DAGGERS UPSIDE-DOWN-CROSSES. To date, they've also released a 6-song seven inch "We Buy Gold" on Springfield, Illinois' Garbage Shop and a cassette "Diet Black" on Omaha's Rainy Road records. !!GARAGE/ LO-FI-PUNK/ R'n'R!!!
(limited to 300) The 7" will be issued with 2 different covers:
1 cover art 150 copies Black and White
2 cover art 150 copies Black and Green

KRAUTBOMBER - II 12" (Search For Fame Rec.) 11,50 EUR
Zweite lp der band die es gar nicht mehr gibt. schon 2008 aufgenommen. ist zwar rockiger wie ihre erste lp, bleiben aber doch die hardcorigsten unter den ganzen COCKTAILBAR STAMMHEIM, DACKELBLUT, OMA HANS-wannabe's. alle platten kommen in einem fetten d.i.y.-karton-cover, lackiert und mit schablonen besprüht, halt so wie die erste krautbomber(die sff-version) oder die erste sniffing glue-lp. english promo-lines follow soon...

What a LP on sweken…? Yes a label split, angryhudik , turist I tillvaron and kenrock do this togheter, limited to 250 copies all on WHITE vinyl. And yes its hardcore punk, and its fast and hard and brilliant… KRONOFOGDEN is from Hudiksvall and INKVISITIONEN from Goteborg….

KRUNCHIES - Cameltoe Patrol 7" (Certified PR Rec.) 1st press limd. 300 BLACK WAX 6,00 EUR
KRUNCHIES - Cameltoe Patrol 7" (Certified PR Rec.) 2nd press limd. 200 CLEAR WAX 6,00 EUR
These first pressing of 300 sold via preorder at the label!!!... Rippin' Chicago punk rock featuring Amanda's beguiling squeal & Kevin (BUSY SIGNALS) on guitar! Produced by Jimmy Hollywood and mastered by WHEAT! Previous releases on Criminal IQ Records and an upcoming release on SouthKore.

KUEKEN - Black Rose 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Hamburg's newest PUNK-SENSATION KÜKEN - first 7", more info soon...