NAILS - Same 7" (Taken By Surprise Rec.) 5,00 EUR
First off there will be a 7" by a new German band called NAILS, not to be confused with the NAILS band from overseas with members of TERROR and whatnot. The first German band to be released on TAKEN BY SURPRISE RECORDS is from Berlin and has the voice of BOMBENALARM, the drums of MÖNSTER, the guitar wolf of MIGRA VIOLENTA and Mr Arndt on the great big ukulele. Driving hardcorepunk in a very classic way with great conscious lyrics.

NAIVE - Same LP (Contraszt! Rec.) 12,90 EUR
After two demotapes, here's finally the debut album by NAIVE from Cologne / Germany. When their previous band ZOSCH broke up in 2013, 3/4 of their member decided to continue under a new name. The result is slightly different: Dark, melancholic Postpunk with a good dose of Wave, Shoegaze & Indie. The nine songs on this record are purling dreamy, mellow and spherical, but in the same time manage to create an intensity and power that's totally outstanding and unique. The influence of today's VANNA INGET, PAST or HANNA HIRSCH is obvious!!!

NAPALM BEACH - Rock & Roll Hell + Trap Sampler LP (Burka For Everybody Rec.) 12,90 EUR

NASTY-ON - Squid LP (La Ti Da Rec.) 15,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Despite much smoother edges, Nasty On’s first release since 2002’s landmark CitySick sits perfectly to the left of Vancouver’s newly celebrated weird punk underground, with the on-hiatus band assuming its position in a line that stretches all the way back to Slow. The songs on the vinyl-only Squid are wayward and violent, although prettily and sometimes lengthily so, like “The Ship That Died of Shame”. Still, “They Were Wrong and I Was Alright” resurrects the universe-in-uproar chaos of the band on any good night at the Pic sometime in 2003.

NASTY RUMOURS - Singles LP (No Front Teeth / Wanda Rec.) Regular Black Wax Edit. 12,50 EUR
NASTY RUMOURS - Singles LP (No Front Teeth / Wanda Rec.) Limd. Blue Wax Edit. 12,90 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Powerpop-influenced punk rock" made in Switzerland. The complete 7“ releases by the Bern-based Heartbreakers on full length, compiled for an trouble-free Listening (no more annoying turn-arounds). Specifically, there are four NASTY RUMORS 7" singles, released on NO FRONT TEETH and WANDA between 2014-2016 as limited editions. A total of 10 songs, a bundled bouquet of sugar sweet melodies, UK'79 (LURKERS/BOYS meets BUZZCOCKS) and RAMONES Bubblegum as a blueprint; Punk Rock Love Affairs for "Barbwire Hearts". With eyecatcher cover artwork by Marco NFT.

NATHAN & MEAN STREAKS - Childstar Redemption 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 6,00 EUR
New procject form Jeff DEMON's CLAWS , MILK LINES ) with Chris from TEENANGER + Emily / Omri of MILK LINES ) PUNK!!! GARAGE!!! PUNK!!! (limited to 250) The 7" will be issued with three different covers:
1 cover art 83 copies Black and White
2 cover art 83 copies Orance
3 cover art 83 copies Yellow

NAZI DEATH CAMP / ROYAL TURDS Euro-Tour 7" (Red Lounge Rec.) 4,90 Euro
The Mongoloid Road Show is comming to town..and they bring Goodies: NDC with their finest Mid-Tempo Moment "Who's got the biggest balls in town" and even so it sounds like a balls song it's about contemplated Suicide...a Radio Dixigas Favorite of 2008!!! The Royal Turds come with a Kraut Dancer: Bedsheet Blitzkrieg. Come On everybody..let's dance ze Autobahn!!!

NAZI DOGS - Back From The Nod LP (Wanda Rec.) 12,50 EUR
8-song Razorblade Smack from Aachen City, U.S.A. Just kidding, there from Germany of course…But soooo american! With the same basics as on their previously releases (Never change a running team, dude!): Snotty DEADBOYS/ HEARTBREAKERS/PAGANS-Punk'n'Roll with some THE STITCHES as topping. File under: mean and nasty. American Cigarette'n'Bourbon style from the "All my friends are dead" league, "Spit spit spit" as # 1 of the House Rules. As usual, you’ll get a classic cover tune, this time it’s “Hillside Strangler" by the HOLLYWOOD SQUARES in a smokin’ D-Cup version.

NAZI DOGS - Saigon Shakes 7" (Wanda Rec.) 5,25 EUR
3 new songs from Aachen city! Fuckin snotty ´77 punk!
Side A1 Action,
Side B1 Saigon Shakes, B2 What Will You Do
150 x blue vinyl
150 x red vinyl

NAZIS FROM MARS - American Express Dream 7" (Subway Star/ Cage Match Rec.) 5,00 Euro

NEEDLE EXCHANGE - Is This My Program? LP (Full Trash 120)
Limd. 479 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes with deluxe silk-screened covers, red & black artwork printed on thick white recycled/natural paper!!!! 15,90 Euro
Formed in winter 2013 out of frustration at the banality of the local Vienna music scene, these three young upstarts make snotty 70's punk into the soundtrack of their own dysfunctional lives. Now based in Berlin they've just released a classic of heavy thud, rotz-riffing and above all catchy P fuckin R recorded by Toby from the MODERN PETS (the other PETS guitarist Alvar now helps the boys out live giving the sound even more whallop. NEEDLE EXCHANGE play the english way of 77'Punk mix with a good dose of REATARDS KBD! Fine you may ask yourself but IS THIS MY PROGRAM? Check it out for yourself you lazy fuck and find out!
Mastered by Daniel from North London Bomb Factory

NEEDLES//PINS - 12:34 LP (La Ti Da Rec.) 15,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Re-press of Debut full-length from Vancouver's NEEDLES//PINS. NEEDLES//PINS fit nicely in the modern garage-pop cosmos currently being mined in Ottawa (WHITE WIRES, STEVE ADAMYK) and the Bay Area (NOBUNNY, BARE WIRES, etc). Incredible songcraft is at work here, all instantly likable and infinitely memorable.

NEEDLES//PINS - Shamebirds LP (Full Trash 102)(co-release with Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.)
Limd. 500 "Regular" Erste Theke Tonträger Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes with the regular sleeve, plus a deluxe silk-screened jacket, printed on thick natural paper! For P.Trash Club-members only! 15,90 Euro
How many current bands try to sound unique and outstanding, especially like the kind of pop music that NEEDLES//PINS are playing? We’re talking about awesome snotty power pop laced punk rock from Vancouver / Canada.
NEEDLES//PINS start where White Wires, Gentleman Jesse, Young Governor and others leave off and take their really own incredible song craft at work here – all instantly likable and infinitely memorable. It’s unique and outstanding in a serious way! For everyone who loves jams catchy as fuck: NEEDLES//PINS are just what you needed. The “Shamebirds” LP will make the coldest, loneliest and most boring of days fun and crazy again. The songs circle somewhere between mid-period Replacements, Selling the Sizzle-era Smugglers, The Hives’ “incredibly famous for a minute” stint and ‘70s/’80s Canadian power pop punk (Pointed Sticks / Teenage Head) and you’d be close. It’s just awesome!

NEON BONE - Down To The Felt LP (Monster Zero Rec.) 12,75 EUR
The new longplayer by the the already legendary NEON BONE is in the house! 11 'Krachers' in the greater MOTO, Parasites, Queers tradition, but with that unique NEON BONE touch. 'Down To The Felt' is NEON BONE's first full-length on Monster Zero, and in a just world, there should follow many more. Class A Poppunk from Münster, Germany!

NEON BONE - Quits The Band 7" (D.I.Y. Rec.) 4,75 EUR
2nd 4-track 7inch from Pop-Punk-Oneman-Monster NEON BONE! Again fantastic SCREECHING WEASEL, RAMONES, M.O.T.O., WEEZER Punk from Münster! Full artwork in 3D and every 7" comes with 3D glasses...start your party right now!!!

NEON BONE - Sick Of Me 7" (Monster Zero Rec.) 5,75 EUR
From the north of Germany, we present to you: Neon Bone! Their Monster Zero debut is this killer 4 song EP. But is Neon Bone a one-man band, an orchestra, the work of a mastermind? Who cares, it's class A poppunk! Think somewhere between M.O.T.O, The Queers, Backwood Creatures and happiness! Like eating a Bratwurst while playing Gameboy.

NEON MANIACS - Bambina Trapiantata CD (Gonna Puke Rec.) 12,50 EUR
11 songs, file under HATEPINKS, NAZI DOGS or SITUATIONS! Cool disc for a warm summer day trip in your car...

NEON MANIACS - Nothings Safe 7" (Puke & Vomit Rec.) (ltd 300 tour edition/screened covers + pin) 5,75 Euro
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Spastic wavy goofy KBD punk to bang your wife to. File under SPITS & BRIEFS!!! No more words to say...buy or die

NEON NAZIS / HIPS Split 7" (Going Underground Rec.) 5,00 EUR
NEON NAZIS give you 2 late 70`punk smashers like DEAD BOYS, and HIPS are more arty Noise Punk but also GREAT!!

NERVEN - Fluidum LP (This Charming Man Rec.) 13,50 EUR
DIE NERVEN! Der Name ist Programm, sagen sie selbst. Kann man sich drüber streiten, sagen wir. Wenn überhaupt dann nerven die drei jungen Männer nicht aus Unvermögen sondern weil sie es wollen. Man weiß sehr genau wie der Hase läuft und sogar wo er hergekommen ist. Das atmosphärische Intro lässt einen fast an Black Metal denken, aber es kommt vollkommen anders. Kaputter Noiserock, von der Attitüde her wie Touch & Go trifft auf Amrep oder Berlin (in den 80ern!) trifft auf Washington. Textlich ist man wütend und kompromisslos "Leute wie Dich interessiert es nicht, ob sie leben oder sterben" gleich im Opener oder "Andere Frauen ändern auch nichts an deinen Problemen" ineinem weiteren Song - für letztere Erkenntnis müssen die Meisten sehr viel älter werden als diese drei Herren um die 20 aus dem Stuttgarter Hinterland. Der wenige Text wird eher parolenhaft skandiert als gesungen, kommt dabei aber vollkommen ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger aus. Schlagzeug und Bass haben einen mächtigen Punch, die Gitarre hat einen unüberhörbaren, tollen Wave-Einschlag, Tuxedomoon oder Killing Joke fallen einem da ein, oder auch ganz frühe Abwärts. Gelegentlich kommt einem auch "Hamburg brennt" in den Sinn zumindest gibt es hier eine ähnliche Energie. Man merkt dem Sound an das sie in erster Linie für sich selbst spielen und das ist heute verdammt selten geworden. Das hier ist Sturm und Drang statt Teenage Angst und Zynismus statt Schönrederei. Im TCM-Katalog noch am ehesten zuvergleichen mit MESSER, aber kaputter, genervter (!) und rauer...

NERVOSAS - Same LP (Dirtnap Rec.) 19,90 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
2nd self titled album (first for Dirtnap) from hard-touring Ohio dark-punks. An improvement on their (also awesome) first album released by P.Trash in every way! The fast songs are meaner and more aggressive, the slower songs are more textured and atmospheric. Impeccable recording, truly impressive musicianship (not a compliment you’ll hear us at Dirtnap throw around very often) and songwriting inspiration to burn. This goes way, way beyond the “punk kids playing post punk” thing going around these days. Fits in perfectly on the darker end of the Dirtnap Records spectrum, alongside suck fine company as The Estranged, The Splits, Autistic Youth Truly an important and epic mind-bender of an album.

NERVOUS TALK - Same LP (Full Trash 116) (Co-release with Hosehead Rec.)
Limd. 250 "Regular" Hosehead Edit. comes in black wax fixed into regular sleeves!
Limd. 150 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into regular sleeves! 12,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. Is the false teeth artwork comes with deluxe silk-screened covers, neon yellow & black artwork printed on thick brown-beige recycled/natural paper!!! For P.Trash Club-members only! 15,90 Euro
Oh wonderful Canaduh, how do you spoil our punk hearts with a never ending flow of good bands. Vancouver based supergroup NERVOUS TALK features Joel Butler from MOBY DICKS / MYELIN SHEATHS and members of TIMECOPS, SHITTY NEIGHBOURS and THE BALLANTYNES. These punks really are on a mission to deliver the most Punk sounding album you heard in a long time and their songs evoke the ghost of TEENAGE HEAD and POINTED STICKS.
But NERVOUS TALK has a much wider range of all the good Punk we love. The 10 songs on this album bring rocking and dry ‘77 Punk (‘Something wrong’, ‘Sasha’, ‘Close to Death’), hectic and snotty Punk Rock (‘No invitations’), super catchy Power-Pop Punk with killer guitar lines, handclaps and everything you wish for (‘Different person’, ‘Introductions’), as well as some glammy Punk Rock with a killer 70s guitar sound (‘Nothing to say’), as well as the faster and melodic ‘Already gone’ and ‘Flush my phone’ that remind of STEVE ADAMY BAND and MARKED MEN and the slower, LOVER!- like reverberating and echo-driven ‘Way to go’ at the end of the record.
If you have a craving for good ole Punk Rock in the vein of BUZZCOCKS, MANIKINS or POINTED STICKS, go and get your fix!

NEW DEMOLATORS - Todos Los Chochos 7" (I Shit In The Milk Rec.) 5,50 EUR

NEW YORK WANNABES - Loud And Proud LP (Full Trash 87)
Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves! 11,75 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in red wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves! For P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
Lux and Ivy. For the love of Ivy. Sue and Lucky.
For the love of Lucky. Or the other way round? Doesn't matter. The couple at the heart of The CRAMPS had a mission:
Straightforward and passionate music. The same applies to the couple that is the New York Wannabes. It's just that while Ivy was virtually a child when she started out, Sue, the NEW YORK WANNABES drummer, brought up her own children before learning to play the drums at the age of 37.
Obviously, the Darmstadt garage blues duo's not The CRAMPS, no, but there are some parallels - obsession, self-taught musicianship and passion rather than perfectionism. And also a lead vocalist that sings, yells, sweats on stage like some obsessed preacherman. If you didn't know this, you should catch them live (the NYW mind, not The CRAMPS, that's kind of impossible now).
Their mission has led the duo all across Europe, to London and beyond, including that US city they had previously named themselves after. That's what honest, filthy music is all about, it has to be played live.
It's just good old 60ies blues garage punk rock'n'roll trash songs about good and evil, about blood, sweat and tears!!!
Lucky doesn't really 'play' his Telecaster, he hits it to produce those staccato riffs, and while he tortures strings and frets he seems to withdraw into some religious sphere, which he seems to have to tell us about on the top of his lungs. To the backbeat of the drums his partner keeps pounding relentlessly. Add to that some surprising breaks and you get the picture. About Sue: Someone once said she was as tough as some chief superintendent off the telly. I've come to think some shady criminal is more appropriate. Maybe that's why Lucky puts so much effort in to his preaching, because he wants to get her back on the virtuous path. Well, good luck with that!

NEW YORK WANNABES - Read My Soul LP (Full Trash 118)
Limd. 500 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax and with the "Sue at night in NYC" artwork, deluxe silk-screened covers, yellow & skin-colored & black artwork printed on thick white recycled/natural paper!!! For P.Trash Club-members only! 16,50 Euro
Certainly Mister Zappa was right – writing about music is like dancing about architecture. This comes to mind even more so when trying to find words for the madness the NEW YORK WANNABES unleash in their songs with minimal instrumentation – just drums, guitar and voice. Inevitably the Blues come to mind, but we’re not talking about the aberrations your garden variety Clapton fan listens to in his family car on his weekend off.
We’re talking steamy juke joints in the Mississippi delta, the cradle of rock music, soaked in alcohol and excess. We’re talking about the same stuff world class dilettante rockers like THE STOOGES or THE CRAMPS, OBLIVIANS and GORIES carved their truly adventurous and unique musical miniatures from. If you were to draw a line in music history linking all those points, somewhere along that line you would come acoss THE NEW YORK WANNABES. Theirs is an uncompromisingly energetic Blues-drenched noisy rock you can’t learn in music school. The kind of music you get to play only when you hand over your soul to the devil – preferably at a desolate crossroads in the middle of nowhere. Heavily recommended!

NIGHT BIRDS – Mutiny At Muscle Beach LP (Fat Wreck Rec.) 17,90 EUR
The need for an expressive outlet has been the driving force for musicians for as long as anyone can remember, and was probably the single driving force for the inception of the punk movement. Every second of Night Birds‘ new LP and Fat Wreck Chords debut, Mutiny at Muscle Beach, is riddled with protest against the ennui of life and the hellish notion of “getting by.” Be it through the breakneck speed and murderous rhythm sections or the Black Flag-feel of the project as a whole; or through the cool balance of harrowing power-chords and surf guitar solos; or through frontman Brian Gorsegner’s violent outbursts, loaded with disdain, an old-school punk voice rings loudly on this record. These songs, 12 in all, clocking in at 25-minutes, are infused with pure attitude bopping from melodic, singalong anthem choruses with killer backup vocals (as on “Life Is Not Amusement For Me” and “Golden Age Of TV” and “Off the Grid”), to catchy surf sensibilities (“King Kong” and “Miskatonic Stomp”), to sickly fast three-chord bangers throughout (“Lapsed Catholics Need Discipline”). Just about all of Night Birds’ four members work fulltime days jobs and have a collective “life” outside of music, which explains how much goes into the band, and how much went into this record

NIGHT KINGS - Night Kings Theme 7" - SP 127 (Sub Pop Rec.) 10 Euro

NIGHT TERRORS - A Cocktail Of Ravage Delight CD (FDH Rec.) 12,00 Euro
First release by "CASKET ARCHITECTS" before they were forced to change the band name. No synth this time on FDH... tattoo Punk-Rocker you need this!!

NIGHT TERRORS - Cobras LP (Big Neck Rec.) 11,90 Euro
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! A brand new album from this Milwaukee combo led by TONY SAGGER and KEVIN MISTREATER. Nine smash hits that combine BRUTAL KNIGHTS punch and mix it with MISTREATERS style guitar riff riot. Recorded by ALICJA TROUT (LOST SOUNDS, RIVER CITY TANLINES, etc)!

NIGHT TERRORS - Feel Me 7" (Perpetrator Rec.) 6 Euro
New KILLER 7" from Tony SAGGER Kevin MISTREATERS and Eric Monsters on Perpetrator from New Zealand

NIGHT TERRORS - Zurfluh ! LP (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 10,50 EUR
Goodbye Boozy takes the plunge into the long playing format with the debut full-length from Wisconsin's Night Terrors. Tony Sagger & Kevin Mistreater plus a drummer combine to form a group that one would hope is equal parts Saggerian anti-rhythm and Mistreateresque thunk. But somehow this seemingly winning combination doesn't deliver. Sure, there are a couple brilliant moments, like the duet "Take This Man Away" or "Serial Killer", but for the most part the songs just plod around. I'm probably trying to dig this a little bit more than most, just for the fact that I am a card-carrying member of The Tonys fan club, and I get a kick out of his vocals, but you can't help but notice the whole thing is kinda dull. Woulda made a better single. I'd have much preferred a Sagger LP.

NIGHT TERRORS / TOBY WONG - The Alice Cooper Covers 7" (Perpetrator Rec.) 6,00 Euro
Two of Wisconsin's garage terrorist combos tackle the Alice Cooper Group playlist, namely "Sick Things" & "Long Way to Go". Grinding takes, upping the nastiness & heaviness from Glen Buxton & Michael Bruce's original guitars. Maybe chuck some Iommi & Asheton chops into the proceedings to explain the more psychotic results.....

NIGHTWATCHERS - Good Kids Obey Oneside-LP (Full Trash 136) (Co-release with No Glory / La Agonia de Vivir / Inhumano Discos / Endless Daze Rec.)
Limd. 130 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, P.Trash Rec. Edit. Sold Out!
Limd. 130 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, No Glory Rec. Edit. Sold Out!
Limd. 40 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, Inhumano Discos Rec. Edit. Sold Out!
Limd. 100 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, Silkscreen Sleeve, Endless Daze Edit.
Limd. 40 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, La Agonia de Vivir Edit. Sold Out!
Limd. 60 "Regular" "pouvoir de la police" black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, Nightwatchers Edit. Sold Out!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" "Polizeigewalt" Edit. black wax, silk-screen printed B-Side wax, Silkscreen Sleeve edit. 16,90 Euro
The NIGHTWATCHERS is a young and insubordinate gang of juvenile streetfighters from the country that brought us the modern-day revolution and their first platter serves us 7 catchy instructions for civil disobedience. The songs come on strong and straight forward and they are soaking with juicy guitar melodies and catchy singalong choruses like the rag of a molotov cocktail is soaking with gasoline.
The slightly darker opener ''The Hangman'' arrives with sticks and stones and reminds of OBSERVERS, RADIOACTIVITY, NERVOSAS and a wee bit of BULLET LAVOLTA'S ''Dead wrong''. It is followed by the punkier ''Nightwatcher'', ''Scum'' and ''Juvenile Crime'' with a fistful of street attitude, singalongs and a harder edge, somewhere between REGULATIONS, MODERN ACTION and CIRCLE JERKS. ''Friendly fire'' lets the sirens blare with its MARKED MEN/SEDATIVES/STATUES punk, ''Border control'' has a totally great guitar line and explores the darker post-punk realm and ''Making it great again'' finally drops the bomb with a melody that makes you go wild.
This is good fodder for all the kids that do not want to obey....an unstoppable and burning soundtrack for the next decent punkrock riot.
The record comes as a one-sided-12inch with a silkscreened B-side of a burning police car....

NIHIL BAXTER - Same 7" (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 4,90 EUR
After their first impressive demotape out of the year 2008, Nihil Baxter is ready to accelerate with 10 new thrashpunk killersongs on wonderful black vinyl! Some of you might see some anologys to SURF NAZIS MUST DIE and indeed it's a smiliar direction, even fans of DRI or TEAR IT UP will have a nice time with single. For me, it is going to be an upcoming classic in german punk history.
German review:
Nach dem großartigen Demotape aus dem Jahr 2008 legen Nihil Baxter aus Stuttgart nochmal ordentlich nach und tischen uns hier 10 frische Thrashpunk Smasher auf den Plattenteller. In der hiesigen Welt des Internetzes wurden sie bereits als Nachfolgeband der Jungs um SURF NAZIS MUST DIE gehandelt, und auch TEAR IT UP oder DRI dürfen zweifellos als Orientierung genannt werden. Für mich DIE Single des Jahres!

NIHIL BAXTER / ALARMSTUFE GERD Split 7" (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 4,90 EUR
Out the way! ALARMSTUFE GERD & NIHIL BAXTER are back with a nuclear split 7". Thrashpunk to the max, all in all 19 tracks of fast forward, thrashing hardcore punk with very smart political and socio-critical lyrics. Everyone who is into bands like SURF NAZIS MUST DIE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, REPROACH or CITIZENS PATROL shouldn’t be wrong with an order of this new ep!

NO BAILS - Epyx Shredder LP (Pelican Pow Wow! Rec.) 15,90 EUR
Imagine some fatdude band of thugs like Limecell giving the baseballcap punkpop of the (late '80s/early '90s) Queers a shot. It's that good! This is Kalamazoo Underground. Retarded Songs for the Retarded. Equal parts Angry Samoans and Ramones with that certain something (hick town isolation) for extra sparkle. And, There's a ROKKER cover to remind us NO BAILS knows what's up. "wow. more beautiful sub-garage punk crap from Kalamazoo, Michigan. using classicist UK forms in the manner of the best 1970's american xerox punks, this is a stinger from start to finish."Byron Coley (The Wire).

NOBUNNY - Secret Songs: Reflections From The Ear Mirror LP (Goner Rec.) 17,90 EUR
Secret Songs: Reflections from the Ear Mirror, Nobunny’s new LP on Goner Records, proves the Bay Area garage rocker’s absurd appropriation of rock ’n’ roll knows no bounds. In true Nobunny style, the album is a mixture of styles and fidelities, like having a garbage bin of awesomeness dumped on your head, the slime at the bottom rushing into your earholes and staining your brain. “Lurid and anarchic, Nobunny’s sound is a primitive animal thump informed by the conventions of early rock, classic ’70s punk and New Wave. It’s Chuck Berry with a devilock, Hasil Adkins crammed into Lux Interior’s PVC pants…. A punk rock Elvis impersonator doesn’t invite easy comparisons, but Nobunny’s chaotic live show evokes the costumed mania of Seattle’s the Spits, Black Lips, and the King Khan and BBQ Show… a catalyst for wild pandemonium, awash in sweat, musk, spit, and beer.” —Noisey

NOEM - Panzer LP (This Charming Man Rec.) 11,90 EUR
English review:
With members of PRESSGANG, HERPES, etc... NOEM's 2nd release landed and there is no use to say, thats it is a little noisy son of a b* - the extraordinary thing with NOEM is, that they always find their way through the chaos and come right to the point. There a little connections to germany’s one and only PARTY DIKTATOR who were - if i recollect correctly – one of few german outfits who could compete with the typical early 80ies AmRep Sound. Within all the weird rhythms there is groove and melody. If you love early PISSED JEANS, MELVINS precisely: „Goat“ and „Bullhead“ or DRUNKDRIVER and of course the almighty FLIPPER, then this splatter is for you! Vinyl comes with a heavy 350gr cover, inside-out print, thick lyricsheet and includes a MP3 download card.
German review:
Ich bin eigentlich kein großer Fan von Namedropping in Reviews und Infos, aber wenn sich bei dieser Platte zwei Namen sofort aufdrängen, dann Jesus Lizard und Melvins, genauer: „Goat“ und „Bullhead“. Versteht mich nicht falsch – hier gibt es keine „Cover“- Platte, die dann doch dem Orginal nicht nah kommt. NOEM sind NOEM und NOEM haben sich ihre Szene- Lorbeeren und –Hörner schon zu genüge abgeholt und - gestoßen. Herpes, Press Gang, Kadavar und und und... Punk und Assi und Rock – all die Stile Ihrer alten Bands werden hier neu kombiniert. NOEM sind hier und NOEM haben scheiß Laune, der Schlagzeuger ist Metzger, der Gitarrist Zahnarzt, der Basser im Straßenbau, der Sänger hat keinen Bock auf die anderen und jetzt kommst Du. Wenn die den Kaffee, den sie offensichtlich literweise trinken, noch länger auf der heißen Platte stehen lassen, wird vielleicht Teer draus. „Das ist Noise-Rock, das sind NOEM aus Berlin!“ höre ich den Ansager rufen. Wenn jemand unkt, dass das ja total retro sei und damit langweilig, möchte ich dagegenhalten, dass seit den genannten Platten niemand mehr solch einen Sound gefahren hat, ja, niemand mehr solch einen Sound fahren konnte, und das ist immerhin ca. 20 Jahre her. Ich weiß auch nicht recht, was mir hier am besten gefällt: das präzise Schlagzeuggehacke, mit einem engen und direkten Sound, als wäre es in deiner Besenkammer aufgenommen worden, der endlos treibende Bass, oder das Gitarrengequietsche. Oder der Sänger, der immer so klingt, als ob er damit eigentlich nichts zu tun haben will, aber leider eben nichts Besseres zu tun hat gerade. Einen eingängigen Hit - The hidden eye - gibt es natürlich auch, aber man soll sich davon nicht irritieren lassen, das war bestimmt ein Versehen. Denn im Kern geht es hier um Druck und Lärm. Und den Groove, den man darin finden kann. Erstaunliche Platte. Ich kann sogar eine Verwandschaft zu Party Diktator ausmachen, und die waren soweit ich mich erinnern kann bisher die einzige deutsche Band, die diesen typischen Ami-Noiserock-Sound umzusetzen vermochten. Schön, dass die Platte trotzdem so frisch klingt und einen so hohen Wiedererkennungswert aufweist! Herr Neumann (Pendikel) Alle LPs kommen mir Downloadcode

NOEM - Same 4 Song 12" (Static Age Musik Rec.) 10,50 EUR
POST/NOISE-PUNK at it's FUCKING BEST!!! Members of PRESSGANG, HERPES and DISCO VIETNAM and delivering the most scarry, dangerous and mysterious stuff out of the fucking Hauptstadt., Berlin. Recommended for people who never get out of bed, pop their zits with sweaty fingers or just love FLIPPER, JESUS LIZARD, DRUNKDRIVER, BLACK FLAG and PISSED JEANS. These 4 tracks are 100% sick fucking shit and for shure hipster approved!

NO LIMIT - Purple Rain 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 6,00 EUR
New 7" from No Limit!!! play Jake and Jeff! Jake play also (Ausmuteants , Frowning Clouds, Hierophants ) and Jeff in (School Damage , Chugga and the Fuckheads ) Awesome Fast Punk Weird n' Roll!!!
covers art by No Limit!!! (limited to 250) The 7" will be issued with three different covers:
1 cover art 83 copies Black and White
2 cover art 83 copies Yellow
3 cover art 83 copies Red

NO MORE ART - Perepeteia b/w Evil Eyes 7" (Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Back In Stock! No More Art is comprised of people from rather dissimilar backgrounds in music, but the elements are easy enough to lay out. There are the surf-drenched guitars, the complementary female vocals, and the rock ‘n’ roll frenzy of X (Los Angeles), some of what has been brewing in Denmark and Sweden over the last decades with bands like MASSHYSTERI / VICIOUS, and NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, but also with lots of melody and leads that is reminiscent of 80's LA bands like SOCIAL DISTORTION and ADOLESCENTS, but with a unique sound of their own as well. Lead singer Milo has been paying her dues for some years now as a singer song writer in her own solo project ROSIE TIE. Drummer Juan Miguel has been busy on the heavier side of music, playing guitar in bands like LOS DOLARES, ETACARINAE, and PELIGRO!, in Barcelona over the past decade. Will has also done time in many bands over the past decade with groups BORN/DEAD, DESOLATION, SUICIDE BOMB, DOPECHARGE, and most recently Portland's RED DONS. Recorded by Dennis Rux at Yeah Yeah Yeah Studios and mastered by RED DONS Hajji Husayn in a 80s sound that made you KBD fans out there forget the modern world. Enjoy the first No More Art songs!

NO MORE ART / DOOM TOWN Split 7" (Rockstar Rec.) 5,00 EUR

NORMAL SEB - ROYAL CUBIT CD (ByteBurger Rec. 2001) 7,90 EUR
Comes with a differend silkscreen artwork than the wax version. The CD is blanc. Very limd. stock.

NORMAL SEB - Untitled CD (ByteBurger Rec. 2001) 7,90 EUR
16 electronic drum`n`casio tracks!! Very few in stock, 1st comes 1st !!!

NORMALS THE & JEFF CLARK - The Street Of Your Heart 7" (Yakisakana Rec.) 4,90 EUR
Collaboration between Normals and DEMONS CLAWS guitarist JEFF CLARK

NORMALS / MIL MASCARAS 7" (Bibimbap Rec.) 6,00 Euro
KIller Split 7" with amazing silkscreen sleeve.

NO SIR I WON'T - Shit 12" (Drunken Sailor Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Boston Anarcho Punks NO SIR I WON'T return with their 4th record, "Shit" and in my opinion their best. Made up of ex and current members of SURRENDER LIBYANS, WITCHES WITH DICKS, SHITHEAD, BRAIN KILLER and FOREIGN OBJECTS.
NO SIR I WON'T are one of the best anarcho-punk bands in the vein of CONFLICT and CRASS of the last few years! Follow up their recent split LP with AUTONOMY.

NOT THE ONES - Just A Bad Mood LP (Wanda Rec.) 12,50 EUR
Stripped-down punk rock by three Berlin City Outlaws, minimalistic in the best sense. Less is more. 12 nice´n´easy British Guitar punk numbers in the vein of ALTERNATIVE TV and ADVERTS, topped with some BOYS/LURKERS melodies.

NOVAK, JEFFREY - 4-song Solo EP 7" (Trouble In Mind Rec.) 5,95 EUR
The second installment in our brand new SOLO SERIES! JEFFREY NOVAK is one busy dude. Since his teen years, he's been writing, recording & releasing music as a one-man band, with his groups the Rat Traps & Cheap Time, and under his own name as a solo artist. We've always thought Jeffrey was one talented fella, so we're pleased as punch to be releasing this 4-songer! Culled from sessions that were to be his third solo album (the second due out in April 2011 on In The Red), this EP finds Novak sharpening his focus, exploring & expanding on territories he touched on in his first self-released solo outing 'After The Ball' - Kinks-ian maudlin, John Cale-ish ballads, & the glammy flourishes that peppered Eno's first couple of solo records all mixed into four songs of regret, loss, & disappointment. The first press of this EP comes on randomly mixed vinyl, is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve and includes a download code.

NOVAK, JEFFREY - One of a Kind / Short Trip Home 7" (Sweet Rot Rec.) 5,50 EUR
After turning quite a few heads with his self-released debut LP and Shattered Records 7", JEFFREY NOVAK (Cheap Time) is back with another two song single of quirky pop bliss. Both songs are so good, we had to flip a coin to pick the A-side. His second LP "Baron in the Trees" will be coming out next year on In the Red Records. This is a one time only pressing! http://www.myspace.com/jeffreydavidnovak

NOVEDADES CARMINHA - Sinceramente Carminha 7" (Bowery Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Band from the northwest of spain, but formed in Madrid at the beginning of 2007 and influenced by the Iberian punk rock bands of the eighties and by all the 77 KBD punk rock. After the good reception of its first selfreleased recording in cassette & their first LP, here you get a 7" refill of attractive melodies, rhythms as energetic as dancing!!!

NOVELTIES - Insted Of A Hug EP 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) limd. 100 purple/yellow sleeve 5,50 EUR
The NOVELTIES, two men and two girls that play punkrock and they are superb, male and female vocal. They are hot, see them live if you have the chance. check them: http://www.myspace.com/noveltiesskanstull

NOVELTIES – Kill The Novelties / Meet the Novelties 10" (Ken Rock Rec.) 12,25 EUR
Yes a 10” records,, on white vinyl 350 copies.. the band did a great (soldout 7”) on kenrock some years agao,, and earlier this year they put out a LP on a stockholm label.. but they like to be back on kenrock,, so here its is the superb 10” from them,, yes there is mebers from HFOS, CCCPn, PERCULATORS, SEXPISTOLSTANTEN and RAS they have been in more bands then I know.. so gog gogogogog...

NOW-DENIAL - Fuck Your Boredom 7" (Hardware Rec.) 4,90 EUR
After a decade of destructive existence THE NOW-DENIAL sadly decided to break up. This legacy of a record documents the last three songs ever recorded. One is "Fuck Your Boredom" which might be familiar from their video shot in 2009. Side B contains of the bestial, hard rockin' "Field Kitchen" followed by an unrelenting heavy interpretation of a pretty influential unit from North Eastern U.S.A.!
All have hand-screened covers. gold ink on black paper and orange vinyl!!!

NOW-DENIAL - Mondane Lullaby LP/CD (Sounds Of Subterrania Rec.) 11,90 EUR
They are an Bremen and Münster-based raw hardcore/punk band. Energetic music, furious live-performances and one of the best pissed off hardcorepunkbands worldwide. The album called "Mundane Lullaby" and trust me everybody must dive the stage!!

NOW IN 3D - The Knife The Law 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) regular edition is the television screen 5,20 EUR

NO WHITE RAG - Silence Is Violence LP (Pure Punk Rec.) 12,25 EUR
Brand new album from these italian Punk Rockers featuring 14 new tracks of angry protest Punk. Comes in gatefold sleeve with poster.

NUKKEHAMMER - End It All Now Demos LP (Hardware Rec.) 11,75 EUR
After a small break we're back with three new sick releases. HWR-024 NUKKHAMMER - End It All Now 12" has been delayed for some time but finally made it. I'm afraid the band copies will not make it to CHAOS ON TEJAS FEST though. Both incredible tapes from 2008 and 2009 put on one full 12". Remastered by Jack Control of SEVERED HEAD OF STATE for complete ear terror treatment. Expect a mind-blowing mixture of classic Japanese Hardcore and burly Raw Punk. Highly recommended! All 500 copies come with ultra-heavy silkscreened jackets and two-sided lyric sheet.

NURSES, LAS - Same 7" (Discos Humeantes Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Killer Neo-Art-Punk from Spain, released in a limited handnumbered edition with silkscreened cardboard-sleeves! Reminds me of Neon King Kong when they get really jerkily rhythmic ("Remora"), super elastic bass sounds, guitar player is a slasher. "One Eyed Girl" is really maniacal go-for-the-jugular shit, with feedback solo and the drum/bass undercurrent just carrying the thing to the brink. B-Side has only one track, "I Am Yellin'", two minutes of post-punk beating. Pretty exciting stuff from a country not known for exciting stuff, I'd be really interested to hear more. If you like bands such as LE SHOK, INTELLIGENCE, or labels like: S-S, Hozac Records etc., then you won't go wrong with this one!

NUTS - Upside Down LP (Monster Zero Rec.) 12,75 EUR
The first LP by Italy's The Nuts is finally there! After their well-acclaimed self-titled debut 7" on Monster Zero, the two girl / one guy poppunk squadra slams back with a big 12" punch of ultra catchy poppunk. Ten 'soon to be' classics, dealing about everyday life emotions.. that everybody feels.. like love, sadness, loneliness or problems of whatever nature. The Nuts find them somewhere between The Muffs, Nikki & The Corvettes, Screeching Weasel and the Manges. Oh, Andrea Manges was involved in the killer 80's artwork by the way.