OBSERVERS - Down On Today 7" (Taken By Surprise Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Lead singer and primary songwriter Douglas Burns along with longtime friend and Speds band mate Colin Grigson formed the Observers. The intention of the band was to create a new voice in music that was true to the traditional punk sound of the 70's and 80's while remaining contemporary and relevant. The band formed in 2002, but did not play their first live show until March 2003 after settling on their first line-up, which included Muslim on guitar and Skeeter Joplin on drums. Together, this line-up recorded the "Down On Today" demo. This record features 4 songs from said demo. Tracked in Colin's room and mixed in Doug's this 4 track demo was first released on tape and then on CD-R. It was only sold at the first shows THE OBSERVERS played. Tracks are: SHORT DAY, DOWN ON TODAY, CAN'T BE SAD and STATE OF DECAY. This 7" will be pressed for one time only wrapped in a silver/black silkscreen cover.

OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB - Crimes LP + MP3 (Alive Rec.) 15,90 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB is formed by Alx Anguiano on vocals/guitars, Andrew Messer on guitars, Chris Reeves on drums and Tyler Shults on bass. With echoes of The JAM, BOYS, CLASH, SHAM 69 and the passion and forward thinking of BILLY BRAG, on their new album Crimes, OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB is the sound of today with a nod to the past. Taking a cue from an increasingly active underground Texas music scene, they play a mix of first wave punk and new wave music with a focus on catchy choruses, thoughtful lyrics and a DIY mentality. The Denton, TX-based band previously released their ten-song debut LP Tortures last spring on Red Lounge Records, and fellow Texas gore-hounds HEX DISPENSERS covered their song “I’m A Ghost” on the B-side of one of their latest singles.

OLDFIELD, SALLY - Celebration LP (Castle Rec.) 4,00 Euro

OLD KERRY MC KEE - In The Verge 7" (Stencil Trash Rec.) 8,90 EUR
The one-man orchestra „Old Kerry McKee“ hails from Gothenburg and delivers rough and unpolished americana-inspired folk/blues. By his side, a snaredrum, an old record player and an acoustic guitar to keep him company through lyrics of love, death and loneliness. His second 7" is now out and comes with the most elaborate covers i‘ve ever made. As usually all covers are sprayed with stencils by hand and numbered by stamp.
The record comes in grey mixed wax and 133 copies with a 3-colored sprayed 300 g/m² record hole cover; the idea of this cover is to incorporate the label graphic (a scanned and printed 3-layer stencil) into the whole cover artwork.

OMNIPRESENT DISEASE - Dressed Like You 10" (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 10,90 EUR
Unlasting the 4 punks of THE OMNIPRESENT DISEASE are releasing their own 9 track 10" after their split with ALARMSTUFE GERD. "dressed like you" is a dirty and disowned platter, seeking for hideous revenge, ahungered, cornered but ready for anything. THE OMNIPRESENT DISEASE belongs to the precious few hardcore-punk bands, that typify what punk really means.

ONE STARVING DAY - Atlas Coelestis DoLP (Narshardaa Rec.) 18,90 Euro
The Italian avant/cosmic-doom/core band is back with another monstrous release. Although the band has always been rooted in its hardcore attitude, its sound has continuously evolved during these years and Atlas Coelestis is just the outcome of this process. Since the beginning of their decennial career, One Starving Day's impact has always been definitely dark and claustrophobic, and their long suites alternate between hardcore/doom basic structures, cosmic openings, and deep and calm intimacy. Following the wide positive comments about their first album, Broken Wings Lead Arms to the Sun, the band has been described as a hybrid between Neurosis and GSYBE!. For this new release, called Atlas Coelestis, the band evolves towards a more personal song writing in order to design more particular musical landscapes. The album has been recorded and mixed by David Lenci at Red House Recordings and mastered at Chicago Mastering Service by Bob Weston. Atlas Coelestis sounds like a very particular mixture of sounds. Explosions of analogue synths, mystical patterns of harmonium and organ, fierce vocals full of anguish, delicate cellos patterns, eschatological tapes and samples, a solid rhythmic session, melodic and powerful guitars, they all characterize the complex sound of this album. The result is an amazing avant-gardist mixture of different codes ranging from hardcore/doom to krautrock and contemporary music.

ONIONS - Alien Astronaut b/w Till The End Of The Night 7" (Certified PR Rec.) 5,85 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Limd. 300 copies, The first 5 pre-orders will include a hand-numbered LIMITED EDITION THE ONIONS CD-R. . The bonus disc contains 18 rockers that are sure to rip your face off, make you shit your pants or whatever else happens when you really dig something.
THE ONIONS hail from Manitowoc, WI. long awaited, HIGHLY anticipated vinyl debut! They are Officer Brad Daugs (vocals, guitar) and Brent Peters (guitar, vocals) of the legendary LAST SONS OF KRYTON along with drummer extraordinaire Jesse Hartlaub and Amber Daugs on bass. Recorded and co-produced by Michael Zink (Mystery Girls, Hue Blancs Joyless Ones). Packaged in a nice full color picture sleeve designed by Bob Scott (Mongrel Zine).

OOK DAT NOG! - Ganz Normal Anders..?! 10" (Crash Course Rec.) 3,90 EUR

ORIGINAL THREE - At A Loss 7" (Savage Rec.) 5,00 Euro
ORIGINAL THREE is Ian from the BLACK LIPS and his co-horts outta Memphis. Their coolest and best stuff to date. For fans on PERSUADERS, LOST SOUNDS, BLACK LIPS.

--There are 4 dif. versions
--limd. 500 black edition. Black silkscreen artwork on white cover/ clear wax 12 Euro
--limd. 200 gold edition. Gold silkscreen artwork on black cover/ black wax 12 Euro
--limd. 200 silver edition. Silver silkscreen artwork on black cover/ black wax 12 Euro
--limd. 100 red edition. Red silkscreen artwork on white cover/ red wax SOLD OUT

OUTDOORSMEN - Violent Hands 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.) 5,90 EUR
San Francisco's Outdoorsmen are back with another 7" of GG inspired hate. Two quick blast of crude trashy punk that are over almost as quickly as they began. No time for guitar solos or self reflection, this is Total Punk pure and simple. This is the best looking cover art yet and it took a series of rejections to find someone willing to make this stamp. Pressing of 500 with hand stamped covers.

OUTER MINDS - Always in My Head 7" (Eye Rec.) cover art Limited to 100 hand numbered copies 5,50 EUR
OUTER MINDS - Always in My Head 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) cover art Limited to 100 hand numbered copies 5,50 EUR

OUTER MINDS - Behind The Mirror LP (FDH Rec.) 14,50 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
From the first note out of your speakers, this gem takes you to a different time and place entirely. Is this a lost album from 60's psych movement? Or a reissue of a nuggets band that slipped through the cracks? The answer is none of the above, this is a current band from Chicago who have discovered how to perfectly channel their music from a different era. Every aspect of this psychedelic pop record will lure you in, from the great guitar hooks, to the creepy voodoo organs, to the male and female vocal harmonies, right on down to the fact it was recorded with a vintage tape setup brings you right back to the roots of garage psych. A bit darker then the band’s debut LP on Southpaw earlier this year but just as solid.

OUT ON A LIMB - Drowned LP (Taken By Surprise Rec.) 11,50 EUR
GREAT first record of this band from Chemnitz/Leipzig. Complex groovy with wave-guitar sounds and nice melodies and a lot of energetic post-punk influences like WIPERS, JOY DIVISION and THE ESTRANGED. All records include a downloadcode.

OUT ON A LIMB - Same 7" (Trashbastard/Destination Unknown Rec.) 4,50 Euro
New shock from the eastside. First 7” of this Chemnitz based new band out of the ashes of VIDEO VIOLENCE. Four songs of raw, wavy punk with a little melancholy desperate prevailing mood. Without any question there is some Wipers-influence. Cover-Artwork by Alex Cuervo from HEX DISPENSERS

OUTTACONTROLLER - Colt Summer / Trash On Double-A-Side 7" (P.Trash 89)
Limd. 500 Regular Edit. comes in clear wax, hangover party artwork sleeves! 5,20 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in clear wax, vinyl fixed in the middle of a silkscreend 12" slipmat cool "werewolf & carp" art, For P.Trash Club-members only! 11,90 Euro
New 7“ by OUTTACONTROLLER, “Colt Summer/Trash On“ is a fresh double A-side single of deeply infectious pop punk/garage!
The first song directly gets down to the basics of RAMONES inspired pop punk played in a mighty HEX DISPENSERS mood. A raucous, fuzzed-out gem goddamn well done in 2 ½ minutes on full blast.
The flip-side “Trash on” is an ode to P.Trash and perpetuates the fun and power of what it is all about – punk rawk. We love it – You get it!
While you flip this little slab over and over watch out for the second full-length LP to come later this year by your favorite label P.Trash!
First press 500 clear vinyl fixed in regular cover and a limited edition 100 fixed in the middle of a silkscreend 12" slipmat cool "werewolf & carp" art for our Club-members.

OUTTACONTROLLER - Don't Play Dumb LP (Full Trash 77)
Limd. 485 regular Edit. comes in black wax packed in normal sleeves! 11,75 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in RED wax with BLUE sprinkles fixed into recycled/natural sleeves! For P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
You don't have to play dumb, 'cause we know that you are gonna like this new record from the Punkland of Milk and Honey. Oh Canadu!, what good tunes you bringeth once again to our undeserving ears. Even though it is December, you can leave the fan on and put it on high while the OUTTACONTROLLER throws the best MARKED MEN, RAMONES, M.O.T.O., WHITE WIRES and MEAN JEANS shit into it and sprinkles your walls with the best poppy Power-Punk in ages. This one just doesn't stop and you get the full 16-song service that starts with the MEANEST of JEANS gun ''Pointed at you'', has some cool ''oozing'' background vocals along with those simple and sticky RAMONES riffs in ''Deal with Neil'', ''Graveyard Kid'' or ''Hydromorphone love'', rocks out M.O.T.O. style in ''Pink pocket knife'' and ''Prescription thrills'', adds a bit of distorted and spacey synthie soundz in ''Everybody's telling me'' and has enough melodies and surprises to make you sick of pleasure and dizzy with joy.
A record to empty your head of all trouble and to remember you of the beauty of a good shot of catchy Punkrock. Don't play dumb, go loco!

OUTTACONTROLLER - Television Zombie LP (Full Trash 121) (Co-release with Young Modern & South Paw Rec.)
Limd. 100 "Regular" P.Trash Edit. comes in black wax fixed into standard sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 200 "Regular" South Paw Edit. comes in black wax fixed into standard sleeves!
Limd. 100 "Regular" Young Modern Edit. comes in black wax fixed into standard sleeves!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes with deluxe silk-screened covers. 16,50 Euro
OUTTACONTROLLER, who were traded as the Canadian HEX DISPENSERS beforehand, are back with their second longplayer and we have to say: the comparison still fits like a freakin´ leatherglove. Their sound is raw and earthy as hell their guitars, the distorted bass and the drums, which by the way barely manage a second without the crash cymbals all of that reminds me of the texan devils! But OUTTACONTROLLER take it one step further, they get Nebraska and BRIMSTONE HOWL on board and simply manage to stand out from both of them, especially with their sharp and bright vocals. No sir, there´s no mothafuckin´ doubt at all: longplayer number two is an extra yummy treat with a cream topping for fans of earthy, driven garagepunk! The hair on the back of your neck stands up from start to finish of this amazing album!

OUT WITH A BANG - Few Beers Left But Out of Drugs 7" (Criminal IQ Rec.) 5,50 Euro
Surprise, surprise: here comes another top-notch hardcore release from Criminal IQ! Verona, Italy's Out With A Bang! features Anus (ex GRABBIES) on lead vocals, and man does this slab ever kill! Kicking off with the tender love ballad "Few Beers Left But Out of Drugs" and going right into "Only When I'm Fucked Up" ("I can function only when I'm fucked up"), this EP is definitely not the feelgood recording of 2007. The B-side continues in the same spirit, with one song a mean-spirited dis of another person's band and the other a cover of Mr. California's "Goin' Home" ("Thought I'd get myself a steak knife/Stick it in my right eye/Thought I'd get myself goin' home/Thought I'd commit suicide"). Out With A Bang! does not fuck around, and its bleak vision is hammered home with a pummeling ferocity. The title track is the closest this record comes to straight-ahead hardcore punk. It's a real rager, the guitars violently charged and Anus bellowing like a psychotic Keith Morris. From there, the dissonance pours forth, the abrasive brutality of O.W.A.B.'s attack deepened by damaged, jagged guitars bordering on white noise and a general car wreck sensibility. Clearly this record follows in the Criminal IQ tradition of earsplitting aggression, but it does so with an added twist. And within this genre of music, there might not be a better vocalist working today. It seems redundant to say so about such a fine label, but this really is one of Criminal IQ's best releases yet. - NOW WAVE

OVERCHARGE- Accelerate LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 13,25 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Iron fist Rock N Roll reigns supreme on OVERCHARGE's debut. 'Accelerate' hits hard with a bludgeoning, blur of roaring riffs forged in the fiery ashes of proto-Metal, Punk Rock and Thrash. A brutally devastating concoction steeped in anger, drenched in distortion and brimming with an aggro onslaught of ear-shatteringly awesome tunes. OVERCHARGE's music has a nice pounding, trebbley low-end rumble that's really hammered home by the crisp, beefy production that accentuates the punishingly-brutal, guitar solos that interweave themselves through each and every song. Burly fuckin' riffs for days on this record that spews an unrelenting whiplash of Punk-inflected Metal painting a grim, bleak picture across 10 finely crafted anti-hits. Raw, guttural power and skull-crushing Rock N Roll never sounded so good. Fans of The Hookers, Nashville Pussy, Motorhead, Entombed or Midnight will be all over this. Fuckin' killer debut.

OWEN TEMPLE QUARTET - Rot In The Sun LP (Casbah Rec.) 12,50 EUR
OWEN TEMPLE QUARTET - Rot In The Sun CD (Casbah Rec.) 12,50 EUR
By Casbah Records fourth release it shoudn't be too hard to talk about an album. But now that Owen Temple Quartet has entrusted us with the release of "Rot in the Sun", it appears that we have our work cut out for us. However thrilled we could have been by the band members' other activities (No Guts No Glory, Bad Chickens, Rodéo Massacre...), it soon became obvious that "Rot in the Sun" was a mysterious record, one with a powerful identity. This last album spits out a thick richness and contagious darkness, with urges reminiscent of the Gun Club and Chrome Cranks, a Movie Star Junkies-esque fever with Nick Cave's ceremonial tone. "Rot in the Sun" is one of those albums whose theme and atmosphere just won't go away. It conveys a feeling of destruction, the clarion call to a battle that will spare no musical entity. Owen Temple Quartet insist here on their subtlety and power, a gripping, vibrant, lively, power.