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Thank you, Susanne & Peter!!!

on the way

VÅNNA INGET - Vi Tar Alla Minnen Härifrån - Live LP + Photobook (Gaphals Rec.)
Distributed in Germany by P.Trash Records!!!
One of the best live acts today!!!
The photobook is about 100 pages and follows Vånna Inget. A majority of the pictures are taken by Julian Emile Guedj that followed Vånna Inget on tour. The book is also containing pictures taken by concert audiences since the start.
This is a live-album that was recorded in Sweden during the bands tour in the fall of 2016. The album containes sixteen tracks!
Vinyl comes in 3 Versions (yellow, white or pink vinyl!!!)
1. Krockade Bilar
2. Jag Ska Fly Tills Jag Hittar Hem
3. Tickande Bomb
4. Nödsignal
5. Vi Har Begränsat Med Tid Från Vårt (Riktiga Liv)
6. Vi Skakar Liv I En Trasig Värld
7. Vi Har Makten
8. Spotta I Motvind
9. Kungar
10. Vart Du Vägen
11. Ingen Botten
12. Dansar
13. Snabbare
14. Allvar
15. Alla Andra Dagar
16. Som Man Lever

V/A KILLED BY METH LP (It's Trash! Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Unreleased - Demo - "Now" Sound 16 Bands from the Rust Belt on one Album
Puberty- The Cream Cheese on Gordon's Hairline 01:54
Real Regular- Take your Pills 01:49
No Bails- Garbage Day 02:39
Senor Citizen and the Border Patrol- Walls 02:24
Perverts Again- You're not taking me to the Prom 02:31
Ornerys- I'm in a Band 01:36
Klazo- Smash the Letter 01:50
BSHC- Generation Greed 01:00
Radiation Risks- The Sea of Love 02:07
Chattering Class- 3D Hollywood 01:23
Everyday Objects- Fix Bayonets 02:24
Plasmalab- Vancab 01:30
Cheetahs- Formula X 02:42
Mud City Manglers- One More Mile 03:16
Hemingers- Frenzy 01:45
Noble Savages- Rock Bottom Tonight 02:04

V/A KILLED BY METH LP #2 (It's Trash! Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
The sequel to last year's record with the cutest bands from the rust belt of North America, unreleased cuts:
Bloody Show - My Ways 03:03
Static Eyes - No Idea 01:35 Gun - Brains 03:14
Eroders - Wipers 02:05
Erik Nervous - Hit By A Truck 01:16
Golden Trash - Jim Morrison Son 01:43
Beastman - Ingrown 02:24
City Slang - Cold Dead Nights 03:14
Flesh Rag - I'm Sick 02:18
Radiation Risks - No Is The Way 01:56
Protruders - Your Whip 01:58
The Drains - If The Cops Show Up 01:17
Manager - Lower Companion 03:18
Real Regular - Communication Lost 04:31

KLAZO - Embarrassed Of Living LP (It's Trash! Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Two piece from Canada. All rock with everything set to ten and destined to self destruct at any moment. Featuring rendition of classic KBD band Nubs w/Job !!!

NEO NEOS - The Hammer of Civilization EP 7" (It's Trash! Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Debut vinyl from this rad Canadian band with a ton of cassette releases. KBD, Noisy and catchy, for fans of the Lumpy and Neck Chop rosters.

ERODERS - 2 Song EP 7" (It's Trash! Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!

HEART ATTACK KIDS - Same 7" (It's Trash! Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
London's Ontario, Canada Loudest Garage-Punk-Rock'n'Roll Duo!

V/A IT'S FROM LONDON! 7" (It's Trash! Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
LONDON = London, Ontario, Canada!!!
1. The Glebes - Theme
2. Chachi on Acid- Kiss My Ass
3. GATGAS- Out of Time
4. Disleksick- Nuke the Bruce
5. Excelsior- Wildlife Death Match
6. Don't Touch the Dancers- My Conscience
7. Bath Salts- Makes me Press Rewind
8. Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants- Back to the Beach

HUMAN RACE - Negative LP (Dead Beat Rec.)
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Third sizzlin' slab from these rotten degens from Rome. Human Race puke out street level Rock ‘n Roll with a fuck all attitude and hooks galore. Their sound is a molotov concoction of piercing late 70's/early 80's three chord Punk with jackhammer-leads, buzzing bouncy riffs and a snotty, spite filled singer that’s ready to vent. A lethal combination that’s worked for rabid first wavers like Eater, the Kids, PVC, PF Commando and the Vibrators, and I can't think of a newer modern band that pulls it off better than these guys do. Lead screamer Enrico heads the charge with a foul-mouthed tongue and spit flying through the air as he rails about life's peculiarities with an iron fist. Human Race play it fast ‘n hard and there’s a poppy punch to their melody, yet the songs still come off as snide and abrasive. Overall it’s just raw, snotty Rock ‘n Roll to the core, played fucked up and sneering the way Punk Rock was meant to be played. And it's no surprise that Giuda’s founder Lorenzo Moretti produced this record as echos of his former Punk Rock rumble crew, TAXI, can be heard all over these brute energizing grooves. A full on snot-punk attack for mind bending, glue-sniffers everywhere.

UNITS - High Pressure Day's (Reissue 1979) DEBUT 7" (FDH Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
A rehearsal tape by Suicide in 1975, The UNITS 4-song 7" on 9 August 1979, Pere Ubu’s “My Dark Ages” (October 1979) with Alan Ravenstine on EML synthesizer (re-released on Rough Trade 049 on a 7" in 1980) and the first demo session by The Screamers with Pat Garrett on 7 July 1977 are candidates for the earliest synthpunk recording.” This is how the start of the synthpunk history section on wikipedia begins. When The Units self released the mentioned 7" back in 1979 it was clear that it was a fresh new sound. Over at FDH we discovered The UNITS back in the early 2000's and have been obsessed with all of their output. We are thrilled to announce that for the first time since 1979 this EP will become available in the 7" format once again on FDH in 2016.

DYSCONTROL - Lies 7" (Sewercide Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Debut single from this amazing Canadian band that features Dave from CAREER SUICIDE. This is kind of a weird style, and one you don't hear too much of these days. It's melodic, but nowhere near punk rock or indie, powerful but not hardcore, and sophisticated but not really math-y or even post-punky. What it reminds me most of is Clint Conley's songs from the early MISSION OF BURMA days (i.e. the band's most melodic / straightforward songs) plus good dose Greg Sage / WIPERS of the darker parts of "Over the Edge", but I can also hear a bit of midwest punk like NAKED RAYGUN (tracks like "Treason," mostly) here as well. One time press of 300 copies!
P.Trash LP scheduled for early 2016!

After the killer package deal of the 25th anniversary Pit’s 7” with HHS #13 we’re back to front with a new killer issue! This time our high quality standard scouts have hand-picked this neat selection of some of thee best punk and R’n’R bands: THE PANIC BEATS
Plus: TEENAGE KICKS #14 with BOB SEYTOR from Chainsaw, X-Pulsion, Streets, Contingent,… so yeah, you get some real Bloodstains Across Belgium / Killed By Death-era stories!
NO ROOM FOR…: a guide through some long lost and forgotten punk 7”
RETARDED RECORDS: our usual way too extensive batch of record reviews

SCABS - Amory Building (1979 Reissue) 7"(Hosehead Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Authorized reissue of the Scabs debut and lone 7", originally released by the band in 1979 on Club Land Records in Exeter, England. Recorded in nearly 2 hours in North London, The Scabs originally released this 7" themselves and resorted to selling copies to their fellow students at the school cafe. The band broke up after a year and half, leaving nothing but the Amory Building 7" behind.
First time ever reissue of this record. "Leave Me Alone" was included on the iconic Soul Jazz Punk 45 comp of underground and rare UK punk 1977-1981, as well as a few Killed By Deaths. Includes brand new liner notes from singer James Young and band photos. Deluxe pocket sleeve restored by Ken MacLaurin, mastered by Dave Williams.

PALE LIPS - Wanna Be Bad LP (Hosehead Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Drippy mascara slopped Rock N Roll with sprinkles from Canada…Ladies and Gentlemen it’s the debut LP from The PALE LIPS after their great No Front Teeth 7"! "Wanna Be Bad" is the 21st century's answer to THE RAMONES and THE SCIENTISTS, with a healthy bubble gum dose of THE BOBBYTEENS thrown in.
This LP was recorded and mixed by Maxime from SONIC AVENUES. Sounds AWESOME!!! The PALE LIPS contain Ilona of DAGGER EYES (2 LPs released by P.Trash) who also rule! Fans of low-fi garage pop like PEACH KELLI POP or the entire Burger Records catalogue etc...

BRAT KINGS - Good Drugs 7" (Hosehead Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Brat Kings! Toronto/Montreal's newest good band! Featuring members of Sonic Avenues & Pow-wows. Full colour artwork done by the amazing Dave O'Connor (TV Freaks).

TV FREAKS - Same 7" (Hosehead Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Brand new 7" on Hosehead (who released STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Monterrey 7”) by a band called TV FREAKS. They sound like BLACK FLAG meets THE STOOGES! This is their fourth release, the first three came out on legendary Canadian label Schizophrenic (who released records by FUCKED UP, CAREER SUICIDE, etc)! You can listen to the first song here:

SORE POINTS - Same 7" (Hosehead Rec.)
Debut 7" from new Vancouver punks SORE POINTS (members of NERVOUS TALK (P.Trash / Hosehead LP in 2014) and SPECTRES (Deranged Rec.). SORE POINTS harken back to late 70's punk where the lines between punk and hardcore were blurred. Think MIDDLE CLASS "Out Of Vogue", SUBHUMANS "Death to the Sickoids" and the like. Like RAMONES at their toughest, and THE DAMNED at their darkest, SORE POINTS' songs are fast, poignant, yet intelligent and articulate.

EASY MONEY - Collection LP (Hosehead / Neon Taste Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Nestled in Victoria BC, Canada a lonely mod-revival/powerpop band cut two great singles on a local record store's imprint and then faded off into obscurity. Luckily we were able to dig into the archives of this bands tape demos and find a plethora of incredibly strong demos in excellent quality. Easy Money Signed to Quintessence Records (home of MODERNETTES, DOA, YOUNG CANADIANS, POINTED STICKS) just as the label folded were stuck with no distribution or attention anywhere but locally. They would not have been the oddball choice for inclusion on the label had things been different. The tracks compiled here with both singles released present a KILLER archive of Northwest Rock n Roll during the New Wave heyday. Think POINTED STICKS, THE HEATS, early CHEAP TRICK and hell even some of the later KIDDA BAND stuff when they get going. Solid stuff.

NUTRITION - Same 7" (Neon Taste Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Absolutely scalding, demented punk rock from Kamloops BC. For fans of CRUCIFUCKS, LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS if those bands had the guitar sound of the DEAD MILKMEN and lived in a tiny town that no one cares about.

GEROS - Razor Dog 7" (Secret Mission Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
A two song punk rock bomb from Osaka, Japan. This is their second EP. Side A features a little ditty called Razor Dog, a sonic blast of screaming guitar and huge rhythm section, with just enough lo-fi static to keep things interesting. With guest vocals by Keiko from Nagoyas Unskilled Lab, this has a little touch of the Angreb with a healthy dusting of the Registrators' punkier stuff. The B Side comes on the form of the menacing Don't Call Me, with the riff that takes you back to the Police Truck days of Dead Kennedys. Dressed in a fancy handmade sleeve, 500 records pressed, with only 200 available in the US.

P.C. 2 - Next Place LP (Secret Mission Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
From the small countryside town of Kanazawa Japan, after releasing an LP on the great 1+2 records in 2001, the band formerly known as Pay Channel, took some time off to refine their sound and emerges as the recently re-branded P.C.2. Influenced by the great punk rock of the 70's as well as the 90's garage punk of Crypt and Rip Off records bands like, TEENGENERATE and DEVIL DOGS, the band wears it's influences proudly on their sleeves. They even throw in a killer version of Flamin Groovies-Shake Some Action, and a Frantic Stuffs cover!

GEROS - Genocide Or Suicide 7" (Secret Mission / Killer Boy Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
70's KBD style punk rock from Osaka Japan! 3 new no bullshit dark punk songs influenced by THE MAD, GASOLNE and LEWD! One of the best new Japanese punk bands going today! Released in Japan on Killer Boy Rec. (KB 001) and brought internationally by Secret Mission Records.

RAYDIOS - Craps 7" (Secret Mission Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Christmas must be around the corner, because Tokyo's The Raydios are at it again with a brand new EP on Secret Mission Records! Two killer tunes from Fifi & Co, that are a little more lo-fi, tough sounding then what we're normally used to from these guys. It's evident from this record that the recent Teengenerate reunion might have been an inspiration. Craps on the A-side is a catchy punker that's kind of reminiscent of some of that great New England stuff like Nervous Eaters or may be even The Reducers. Teacher's Pet, on the flip, is actually what should play in the back ground as a gang of leather jacket clad jerks walks through the halls of their high school, taking down posters and cocking fists at jocks. This is a fun a little record, that's a must have, from one of the best bands in the world. But, of course, those of you who are hip to these guys and their history already knew it. Better hurry up! Only 500 copies pressed!

CODE / FLASHLIGHTS Split 7" (Secret Mission Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Japan’s “CODE” releases their 3rd single on this limited split 7" Influences ranging from UK post punks, The Sound, to 70's Japanese rockers Friction! Highly recommended awesome Japanese rock n roll punk!
The flip side marks the first release from Japan’s FLASHLIGHTS. With members from The Knocks, Rock-A-Cherry, ex-Neon Group. Pulling their sounds from Velvet Underground, The Feelies, and Television. They manage to use their influences to create something fresh and original.

BEATSEEKER - Same 7" (Secret Mission Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Having formed in the small town of Hamamatsu, Japan, in 2003, Beatseeker’s back catalogue, prior to this release, only included a handful of self-released demos and CD’s. So, we're super excited to bring you their kick-ass vinyl debut! The two songs on here are pure punk/pop that Japan was made famous for by the likes of SUPERSNAZZ and the mighty SHONE KNIFE. REZILLOS also come to mind, if one was to look westward. Love Song is an energetic, catchy tune, which boasts nice guitar crunch, tight drumming, groovy bass walks provide perfect support for strong female vocals. If you speak the language, or can fake it, this one is definitely a singalong. On the flipside is Stupid Nonsense. This one is a little moodier and tougher of the two. A great song, indeed. This is a great slab o’ wax, kids, brought to you by the band that keeps the fire alive in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, Japan. It goes to show that no matter where you are, or how limited your resources, your scene is what you make it. So hop to it! Oh, and pick up this awesome record!

NERVOSAS - Same DoLP (Lets Pretend Rec.)
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
US-Version of the P.Trash LP, limd. clear vinyl, double LPs w/ a black screen print on the D-side!!! Dark, anxious, paranoid, manic, obsessive, melodic, misanthropic, gothy, punk, punk from Columbus, OH. Like if WIPERS, X, and DEAD MOON were somehow one band. But forget comparisons, NERVOSAS is their own animal. 18 18 ender enders. These songs ooze talent and precision, ranging from break-neck hardcore skate punk tempos to a few mellow rockers to surprise ya just when you think you got it all figured out. Don't sleep on this!!! Go skate to this shit!!!

NERVOSAS - Same 12" (Build Me A Bomb Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
7 Song 12" with silkscreen B-Side! Dark, anxious, paranoid, manic, obsessive, melodic, misanthropic, gothy, punk, punk from Columbus, OH. Like if WIPERS, X, and DEAD MOON were somehow one band. But forget comparisons, NERVOSAS is their own animal. These songs ooze talent and precision, ranging from break-neck hardcore skate punk tempos to a few mellow rockers to surprise ya just when you think you got it all figured out. Don't sleep on this!!! Go skate to this shit!!!

YOUTH AVOIDERS - Same LP (Build Me A Bomb Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
After a very well received 7" several tours, YOUTH AVOIDERS return with their 1st full-length album. For fans of hardcore-punk, this will be without a doubt, the best record to come from France in a long-long time. Part hardcore reminiscent of CAREER SUICIDE’s punchy delivery and part punk with a frantic guitar work that brings to mind DEAN DIRG. Loads of catchy hooks delivered at high velocity makes this a real stand out record.

YOUTH AVOIDERS - Spare Parts 7" (Build Me A Bomb Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Spare Parts is the new recording from Paris’s YOUTH AVOIDERS. The EP offers 4 new songs in the same vein as their 2014 album (also on Deranged) where the band perfected their brand of fast melodic hardcore like CAREER SUICIDE meets hook driven punk of the RED DONS.

SYNDROME 81 - La Rouille Du Quotidien 7" (Build Me A Bomb Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Single Round Volume 3. MUST HAVE! 2 new songs from this Brest punks. Great as always.

TRAITRE - Humain En Vue 7" (Build Me A Bomb Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Single Round Volume 2. more info soon...

SHORT DAYS - Endless Winter 7" (Build Me A Bomb Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Single Round Volume 1. New 7" by this band from Lille/France ripping off AUTISTIC YOUTH and RED DONS!!! more info soon...

V/A JOURS DE HAIN 7" (Build Me A Bomb Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
14 Song EP: Anxiety Attack, Krigskade, Sévices, Peur panique, Wrond Decision, Shock.

DOUCHE FROIDE - Same LP (Build Me A Bomb Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
AWESOME RECORD FROM THE LABEL WHO BROGHT THE YOUTH AVOIDERS TO US! From Lille, France, coldwave/post-punk that has been likened to 80’s French band Exces Nocturne with a touch of Vex (UK anarcho) thrown in, glacial/rhythmic. 300-only pressing

SHORT DAYS - Same 7" (Build Me A Bomb Rec.)
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
First 7" by this band from Lille/France ripping off AUTISTIC YOUTH and RED DONS!!! more info soon...

PRIMITIVE HANDS - Same LP (Alien Snatch Rec.)
It´s Brian Hildebrand, well-known from his other bands release by P.Trash Rec.: DEMON'S CLAWS, MIND CONTROLS, GENITAL HISPOITAL from Montreal, Canada. Running since 2009 he did three, quite limited 45s we love to death. Now Mathieu Blackburn joined for a rage of a punk album. The piece of vinyl is sheer lo-fi KBD madness and has eleven bone-crushers, including cover versions of THE MAD and RED SQUARES. For years, "They Want My Blood" was our favorite unreleased track. Strictly limited to 500 vinyl only copies. Artwork by Darren Merinuk, the King!

LE MAMØØTH - Brest Baywatch LP (Adrenalin Fix Music Rec.)
11 Killer tracks album of ROCK GARAGE From Brest, recorded by Mike Black & JBouille, Mixed by Ronnie Coco, Mastering By Jeremy Henry, Artwork by Lasse & Russe.

DOUBLE CHEESE - Summerizz LP (Adrenalin Fix Music Rec.)
It is the debut Album of DOUBLE CHEESE from La Rochellel, 11 Killer tracks of Cheesy Garage Punk, recorded by Lo'Spider, artwork by Robin Renard.

DEBILS - Same LP (Static Age Rec.)
The band from Biene where the only Swisspunk band (and Spontan) from the second generation, that did release a LP in the early 1980. Their direction was resolute: autodidactic, nonconformist, and apolitical. It's a 100% Swisspunk record and every song on it is a banger! The original record from 1981 is almost impossible to find! On top, this record comes with a really heavy tip-on (gatefold) sleeve, with a 4 pages insert which contains flyers, pictures, lyrics and some history! Due to the heavy tip-on gatefold cover the record is a bit more expensive but it is worth every penny. The record weighs almost 1 kilogram!! If you´re not familar with Débils check them out here:

SICK HORSE - Good Body Feeling LP (Static Age Rec.)
Debut LP by another obscure band from Berlin. Includes at least one member of HEAVY METAL, as far as I'm told...But whoever it may be, it's a fucking awesome Punk-Rock smasher! Loud, fast, hard, groovy, catchy, tight. Just the way it's supposed to be.

ANDY THE BAND - Carry On 7" (Sabotage Rec.)
Andy The Band is the solo project by Andy Dahlström from Terrible Feelings, Sista Sekunden & Satanic Surfers. The music is more straight forward rock than the other bands, but with clear punk roots and attitude, something that a punk can't wash off. The attitude and the energy translates through the poppy melodies. All instruments are played by Andy and produced by him and Tommy from Vånna Inget and True Moon. The body of the songs mainly happened in the studio where both Tommy and Andy wanted to keep the spirit of first-takes and skip the cheating with overdubs and editing. After a few shows in Sweden, opening for Hurula and True Moon, ATB is going to Japan to support Vånna Inget on their entire tour. Some people think it's gonna be just like when The Hives opened for The International Noise Conspiracy on tour, and eventually ended up switching places, but that's up to time to decide. During the summer ATB will record 10-12 songs for a debut LP.

PIG//CONTROL - Vor den Mauern LP (Sabotage Rec.)
The final slab: Like the 7" predecessor "Trauma" recorded and mixed at 16 Ohm Studio in Glasgow, "Vor den Mauern" compiles PIG//CONTROL's latter days' output of wall-crushing, noise-drenched, teeth-clenching hardcore punk. Lyrics circling the bleak realities of Fortress Europe, exclusion tactics, and life in the post-everything age drive the 6 songs, ranging from all-out high speed mania to psych-sided heavy stomp.

MORDBUBEN AG - Bleib Blöd 7" (Bachelor Archives Rec.)
Austrian punk smasher released by Schnazz Records back in 1979. Now we are all happy Elmar re-pressed this KILLER at his Bachelor Archives Series!

BÖSLINGE – Scheiss Kibarei 7" (Bachelor Archives Rec.)
It's about time for this great three-song classic to be back in print! So treat yerselves with Repro-Sleeve printed on cardboard box, includes a printed lyric sheet and rare picture of the band.

PROTEX - Tightrope LP (Bachelor Rec.)
Formed in Belfast in 1978, Protex were early pioneers of the Belfast Punk Movement. Signed to the now legendary Good Vibrations label, their debut release received great reviews and enjoyed widespread airplay on BBC Radio 1. They quickly came to the attention of Rough Trade Records, who released Don’t Ring Me Up to wide acclaim. This in turn led to the band signing for Polydor Records, who released the singles I Can’t Cope, followed by I Can Only Dream. The 1980s saw the band take to the road with the Boomtown Rats as well as embark on two extensive tours of their own throughout the US and Canada. An album was recorded with legendary producer Chas Chandler, who’d worked with, among others, Hendrix, The Animals and Slade. However, the band weren’t happy with the result and after a final release, A Place in Your Heart, the band and label parted ways, Protex splitting soon after.

TEAMSTERS - Sharp Suited S.O.A.G. 7" (Bachelor Rec.)
The Teamsters haven't released anything since September 2014, with the exception of a demo on a compilation tape released over in Chicago. Their line-up of drummers changed drastically over the last 18 months, with the likes of Bruce Brand stepping in before leaving in March of this year. That's not to say that the group haven't been recording and writing profusely, they never stop in fact. They declare that they enough for 2 LPs, but their refusal to compromise on the sound they strive for has left them re-recording and mixing dozens of tracks. Intent on making a truly great record. In the meantime they were happy enough to release a couple of tracks for a single on Bachelor Records. The songs are co written by the bands guitarist and bass player Tom and Dan, and we were happy enough to put them out. It marks a departure from their earlier ramshackle days as a trash punk outfit and into the finer details. 'Sharp Suited S.O.A.G' is a mocking portrayal on a man who focuses his life on clothes, where money is no object. The B side 'Why Do You Wanna Do That?' is your standard song of heartbreak, nothing much to elaborate on there, but its new and its exciting. This release is limited to 500 copies, housed in a cardboard disco sleeve (two holes). Artwork done by Tom H. Wing.

SHADY AND THE VAMP - The Holy Teachings Of Rock `n` Roll LP (Bachelor Rec.)
Switzerlands hottest scheisse right now! After 2.5 singles and a brilliant 10" we are more than happy / proud to let you know that the Bachelor Record Company is putting out the debut album of SHADY AND THE VAMP. Buckle up and prepare for a twelve song rollercoaster ride into garage punk / rocanrol (TM) madness!!!

It’s been quiet for some time for MISS CHAIN ND THE BROKEN HEELS, the extensive touring after their second album (The Dawn, released by Burger, Bachelor and Tre Accordi), band members went their own way to persue solo careers, starting a booking agency, buidling a studio, and just taking a breath, italian style. After few months things started to get together again, they did some shows in the spring of 2016 and baboom: Here is their new classic two song single, fresh and new, as if there hasnt been some kind of hiatus. You can easily hear it exactly 1 second after you let the needle drop on the Side A track, after few chords Miss Chain and the gang ooozes a warm feeling into your head and heart! Hell, they are back, with all the goodtime melodies enriched with their typical melancholy vibe. While the first track is a classic uptempo powerpop tune, the flipside presents a slower hipshaker, and although the velocity has been taken out this one is still a fine, mellow mood maker that leaves you hungry for more!

About three years after volume 1, Hamburger Saignant 2 is out and brings you 14 more bands from Belgium and France. Though they may be Garage, Punk, Psych or whatever (you'll see that the spectrum is even broader than on volume 1), they're still the ones you dig. So seat tight, fasten your seat-belts and enjoy the ride!
With Destination Lonely, Avenue Z, Thee Marvin Gays, Dividers, Jaromil Sabor, Magique Spencer et son gros pouvoir du rêve, Asphalt, Vince & his Lost Delegation, Warm Toy Machine, The Hands, Druggy Pizza, Prêcheur Loup, Warm Swords and BAAL.

MIDNITE SNAXX - Chew On This LP (Pelican Pow Wow! Rec.)
Midnite Snaxxx's second LP has a bit more bite than their first, bringing the tough/fun ratio up to a solid 1:1. Effective hooks will have you chanting "oh yeah!" in line at the post office, bathroom, or whatever your favorite line-waiting situation. Too fun to be this punk! Neck brace not included.

AQUATIAN BLOOD - Warlock Cock 7" (Pelican Pow Wow! Rec.)
Screeching, frantic dark cult rock and roll from Memphis. Attention Freeks! Watch out Theefs! Get lost in the whirl and surrender your will to Aquarian Blood

PLEASURE GALLOWS - Positivity 7" (Pelican Pow Wow! Rec.)
Debut from Oakland's Pleasure Gallows. Dark, end of civilization A side, and classic rock n roll B sides. Pleasure Gallows may be the last evolutionary step before we are all CHUDs. Limited press of 300 copies, because the world may not survive Pleasure Gallows. Art by Benjamin Marra.

LA FLINGUE - Discografia / 3 Maxis Tape (No Glory Rec.)
19 Songs!!!
* Tracks A1 to A6 are taken from ADHÉSIF-CHROME ZÉRO-TROIS 12"
*Tracks A7 to B2 are taken from KLEB-STOFF ZÉRO-DEUX 12"
*Tracks B3 to B8 are taken from RUBBER-GLUE ZÉRO-UN 12"
*Track B9 is taken from PUNK TO CROSS BORDER split 7" w/ Ornitorrincos

LA FLINGUE - Piss-Tape Zéro-Quatre Tape (No Glory Rec.)
LA FLINGUE from Gangsta-City Marseille are back with a new part of their supersick 12" series!! Fucked up KBD-Sound (KIDS, WEIRDOS, CONTROLLERS) meets poppy Undergroud NDW (KFC, HERMANN´S ORGIE). Razorblade guitar licks meet trashy highspeed drumming, catchy bass hooks and the manic vox from crazy frontswine Olivier Gasoil (HATEPINKS, GASOLHEADS, IRRITONES, ...). You get sixxx hot new killer tracks with pissed lyrics about A-N-G-S-T, Hamsters and Müll. Five with English and one with trashy "early school leaver" German vocals. Haha, love it when Mr. Gasoil sings german! 10 out of 10, fuckers!!

SHORT DAYS - Bleak City 7" (No Glory Rec.)
New 4 songs EP ! Great catch and melodic punk rock from Lille.

DEATH OR GLORY - Fearless LP + CD (No Glory Rec.)
infos soon...

BLANK SLATE - Demos 2015 / 2016 Tape (No Glory Rec.)
infos soon...

DECRANEO - Sacrilegio 7" (No Glory Rec.)
infos soon...

S.B.F. - Same 7" (Drunken Sailor Rec.)
S.B.F. is a project made up by two Californian dudes that you’ve probably already heard of at one point or another, assuming that you’ve been keeping a close eye on my channel over these past few months: these two dudes are Cruz Somers—the guy behind L.A.’s Socialites (including the project’s live outfit, which features Raymond on guitar, his eponymously-named solo-projects (notably “UV-B” and “Beneath My Blood”.

COLOR TV - Demo 7" (Drunken Sailor Rec.)
Fresh from releasing their debut 7" on Deranged Records, we are excited to release the demo on to vinyl. Hailing from Minneapolis and featuring members of THE RETAINERS, W.H. WALKER, and CHEAP TIME. Influences range from old school Aussie punk to Killed By Death comps to contemporary garage/punk/powerpop to the classic sounds of Minneapolis/St. Paul. FFO THE MARKED MEN, BUZZCOCKS, EXPLODING HEARTS etc.

COWBOYS - Same LP (Drunken Sailor Rec.)
There's a definite pre-punk sensibility here... Martin from Lumpy Records compared them to THE GIZMOS, but I also hear plenty of other pre-/proto-punk correlations like THE BIZARROS, THE DEAD BOYS, and even a bit of tough, retro 60s garage a la BILLY CHILDISH (something is very MILKSHAKES-esque about several of the tracks here). The songs are all really different from one another, ranging from an early DEAD KENNEDYS-esque, proto-hardcore kind of shuffle to tough melodic punk to more 60s, and even 50s-inspired sounds that bear a passing resemblance to Buddy Holly. It sounds like it would be all over the place, but it's not... it's all tied together with solid playing and a nice DIY aesthetic.

HAKAN - II LP (Drunken Sailor Rec.)
Highly recommended by P.Trash Records!!!
HAKAN are a kinda garage/'77 punk/ power-pop band, think KIDNAPPERS / MARKED MEN but from Italy via Turkish pop culture. They are also KILLER. Recorded and mixed by Jeff Burke at CB Studio - Bonate Sopra (BG)!

DYKE DRAMA - Up Against The Bricks LP (Drunken Sailor Rec.)
Second solo record from Sadie Switchblade (G.L.O.S.S./ Peeple Watchin', Credentials). Dyke Drama seems to be Switchblade’s outlet for songs of the stirring and heartsick variety, and she navigates through punk anthemics, Replacements-core pointedness, and countryfied storytelling with ease. The album opens with “Rolling Tears”, starting with an acoustic guitar and changing pace suddenly, setting the mood for the record. She opens up about her relationship struggles in “Crying In A Bathroom Stall,” showing uninhibited emotion as she sings about coping with heartbreak: “I dunno how I’m gonna live, how I’m gonna live through this” and shares her feelings towards cis women and their lack of understanding in “Cis Girls”, saying “You say I’m second to none, like I ain’t second best.” The album ends with “Some Days I Load My Gun”, a harrowing acoustic track about contemplating suicide. Sadie Switchblade played guitars, drums, bass, tambourine, and sang. Erica Leshon sang vocal harmony. Joey Seward played organ and sang backing vocals. Chris Grande played additional guitar on "I Just Wanted To See You So Bad".

TOUGH TITS - Hairless 7" (Drunken Sailor Rec.)
Originally released on Frux Tapes, we are proud to team up with Frux to bring the songs to vinyl. Title track Hairless is the best introduction to this band, a bass-led track with a low down and dirty guitar riff underpinning the shouty vocals. There is a vitality to all of these tracks, an urgency in the playing that rubs against the frustration of the words; a sort of weariness with the state of things that broods into anger and action. Assertive and feminist; raucous, rough-around-the-edges garage punk.

LIQUIDS - Hot Liqs LP (Drunken Sailor Rec.)
16 brand-spanking-new recordings from this fantastic Indiana punk rock n’ roll group “Hot Liqs” is a total god-send. Sixteen new Liquids recordings, making a return to approximately 75% of their songs that have found their way onto cassettes in the past, along with what I believe to be a completely new instrumental, “Howdy”. By now, everybody is already way past-familiar with the Liquid’s splendor, but be prepared to be impressed even further with the majority of these recordings. A number of these tracks have such radical changes that can instantly revitalize year-old material. “Sick Shit”, “Dumb as Fuck”, and “Heart Beats True” are the first few songs with significant changes that come to mind, but a number of other tracks follow suit by further embellishing the already brilliant music through additional chords and hot, hot licks. The Liquids has never sounded so fresh before. It may only have one new song, but this is easily my most favorite Liquids release, hands down. So many gems make a much welcome return, like “I Killed Donald Trump” (now stylized as “I Killed D.T.) and “Permission Slip”. Hell, “Dumb as Fuck” only appeared on their “Live at Mat’s House” cassette, meaning this is the song’s first real appearance on a stand-alone release, as far as I can tell. I think it goes without saying about how good this release is, it’ll be sure to woo anyone who considers themselves a Liquids fan."

WONK UNIT / RAGING NATHANS Split 7" (Drunken Sailor Rec.)
After touring together last year in the US, what else are Wonk Unit (UK) and Raging Nathans (US) gonna do. Release a split 7" of course. RAGING NATHANS play some of the best 'Lookout kinda Pop-Punk, hailing from Dayton, Ohio. You want three chord, melodic, bangers? Here you go. Some genius once said "Listening to The Raging Nathans is like having a handful of cold ones, and going on a tubin’ trip to the river, to provide a nice respite from the summer heat." Yeah, I'd go with that.
WONK UNIT, original, totally unique, off the wall craziness. Wonk Unit are much more than that though, with songs that are fun, energetic, heartfelt, thought provoking, angry, hilarious, exciting and catchy as fuck. Never afraid to push boundaries, whilst having a sound born out of Snuff/ Wat Tyler/ China Drum, they still have an originality that makes them unique.

DARK THOUGHTS - Same LP (Drunken Sailor Rec.)
With 10 of 12 tracks coming in under two minutes and the band making minimal use of chords, you could easily be misled into thinking you've heard this album thousands of times before. But actually, you haven't. Dark Thoughts finds some separation from the pack that’s linked above by virtue of being effectively straightforward in a genre that tends to grow stagnant whenever anyone’s foolish enough to attempt the feat. So many bands have tried and failed miserably at songs that are frequently (and unfairly) categorized as Ramones-core and while Dark Thoughts certainly embraces an archetype, it does so with an infallible mixture of venom and pure feeling. Every song on Dark Thoughts would be a worthy single but the record functions its own standalone entity as well; Dark Thoughts is a sublime piece of insanely well-informed genre work that skews as close to Fix My Brain as it does Rocket to Russia

G.L.O.S.S. – Trans Day Of Revenge 7” (Sabotage Rec.)
G.L.O.S.S. is still really mad, about shit that really matters. In Trans Day of Revenge, they tear down pacifism in the face of state violence, transmisogyny, and respectability politics, all in five tracks that will leave your heart pounding with joy and rage. This is for all the trans punks wanting more, six minutes that allows us to envision an alternate future and “weaponize our alienation.” Searing riffs, raw vocals, d-beats.

TJ & THE LIPSTIX - Jukebox Queen 7" (Teenadelic Rec.)
Pop punky side project featuring Tina from Italy and Jenny Silver and Martin Savage from Sweden.

SWEET KNIFES - Burnt Siena 7" (Red Lounge Rec.)
Meaningfully Named after this Lost Sounds neckbreaker song this band features Original Lost Sounds members Alicja Trout, Rich Crook & John Garland as well as long time friend Johnny Valiant...this is the bands statement „For those of you who don't know what Sweet Knives is...Alicja Trout (me), Rich Crook, and John Garland formerly members of Lost Sounds have rebooted to play old Lost Sounds songs plus a few new creation. I felt it was a waste to throw these songs away though we lost a very important member, Jay "Reatard" Lindsey. But you really can't get a stand in for Jay. Not sayin there isn't someone out there who might be able to do his tunes, there very well may be. But at the moment we don't know of anyone. So we are having to skip over his awesome catalog of songs for now. Therefore we are calling this Sweet Knives, not Lost Sounds. I hope some people will come out and watch us do songs from 15 years ago. Oh, also we are joined by the very awesome Johnny Valiant on bass. „ you know this is good!! don'tz snooze!n

SWEET KNIFES - Sound on Sound 7" (Red Lounge Rec.)
Meaningfully Named after this Lost Sounds neckbreaker song this band features Original Lost Sounds members Alicja Trout, Rich Crook & John Garland as well as long time friend Johnny Valiant...this is the bands statement „For those of you who don't know what Sweet Knives is...Alicja Trout (me), Rich Crook, and John Garland formerly members of Lost Sounds have rebooted to play old Lost Sounds songs plus a few new creation. I felt it was a waste to throw these songs away though we lost a very important member, Jay "Reatard" Lindsey. But you really can't get a stand in for Jay. Not sayin there isn't someone out there who might be able to do his tunes, there very well may be. But at the moment we don't know of anyone. So we are having to skip over his awesome catalog of songs for now. Therefore we are calling this Sweet Knives, not Lost Sounds. I hope some people will come out and watch us do songs from 15 years ago. Oh, also we are joined by the very awesome Johnny Valiant on bass. „ you know this is good!! don'tz snooze!

LENGUAS LARGAS - Abba Daddy LP (Red Lounge Rec.)
"It was a muddy afternoon at Gonerfest when a bunch of mac-job-purveors entered the stage and it looked like it was to many to mow the lawn...There was a short calm before the storm that started to build on stage... choir-like singing (vienna style) when suddenly conversations stopped and heads started to turn and the crowd started to realize... the Beach Boys finally found their long lost chicano brother and decided to make a psychedelic flavored comeback album that was void of radiofriendly hits! He had gotten stuck on a backyard party with some pretty girls missing the Beach Boys tour bus back across the border. He traded fame n fortune for some weed and BBQ and made these dreamy psychede-la-poppy sounds. Breaking down the walls of "song" as we know it, expanding the frame of the word "band" to brotherhood and familly... ever growing... with people coming in and out of the room we call stage and leaving at their own speed to get back to that backyard BBQ. We totally ripped him off and made a record out of it!"-Martin

ISOLIERBAND - Kontrolle + LP (Red Lounge Rec.)
Band Story! Unseen Picture! (Only one Picture of Bernd Zimmermann exists from this period in Time!!!) Deluxe RED LOUNGE RECORDS STYLE Gatefold Cover!
Faithfully Remastered by TIM WARREN for Superior Sound!!!
Deluxe Red Lounge Record Style Gatefold!
Full unreleased LP by Minimal Wave Synth Legend ISOLIERBAND!
DIFFERENT to my ears and BETTER version of Kontrolle!!!
Band FamilieTree!!!
Killer Release!

ISOLIERBAND - Keine Gnade 7" (Red Lounge Rec.)
org issued in 1982 this 7" is a verspecial piece or German Punk DIY Minimal Wave Synth! Well that's a bunch of different kindsa chicken you might say and you is right...but the truth is..A side: Keine Gande is a mega primitive to the core German Punk song as only Germans can do it in the vain of Canalterror and such..lyricwise..the music is even worse or better..if you are like me on the primitive side of town! The B side..well when I found this on a fleamarket 22 Years ago..I didn't know what to make of it..anyway these days it is an in demand Minimal Wave Synth Pusher and I really got to liking it! Long story short..we found the band and the main man behind it and to be honest w find such a pinnacle of German Underground, even so featured on some records that maybe already in your collection if you like Vinyl On Demand or Was Soll Das Platten, untouched, with several complete unreleased full blown recordings (no tape recorded muffled sound shit...!!!) to be future RLR releases...we are kinda flubbergasted ourselfs!!! remastered by Tim Warren. take a listen, a and b are viceversa here so.:

PETER BLACK - Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show LP (Red Lounge Rec.)
Peter Black from the HARD ONS doing his solo schtik! Since the initial purge of solo ideas that was debut album “Break Bread With the Mono-Brows”, the improvement in Peter Black’s vocal ability has been exemplary. Furthermore, a deliberately measured and minimalist approach instrumentally goes to highlight the brilliant song-craft, which has always been in evidence with Peter Black’s electric amplified combos. On “Clearly You Didn’t Like The Show” it is his songwriting that has been hoisted upon a well-deserved and well-achieved pedestal. A great song is a great song, peel away the layers and see.
Witness: Live favourite “Just For A Second”. A power-pop tune with trademark Peter Black insistence and hook, “Just For A Second”, with meaty acoustic barre chords backing a superb melody that, dare one say it, could have been written for the Hard-ons. Then again, it could have been written for Alex Chilton. A great song is a great song.
Clearly You Didn’t like The Show” is stockpiled with such fine moments. Clearly a backward step artistically is out of the question for Peter Black. Clearly, Peter Black has well and truly arrived as a composer and a solo performer.

NAZI DEATH CAMP - Same Shit In A Different Package LP (Red Lounge Rec.)
Some of you are toooo young or toooo stupid to remember that there was a time BEFORE Buck Biloxi and the Fucks saved the world...from boredom, overproduced, meaningless or even worse.. meaningfull Punk and other atrocities!! When Bands Like THE OBLIVIANS and GORIES still seamed lost w/out the chance of a reunion in the time tunnel and CARBONAS had gone absent without leave..forever! Until I saw a Knight in shit stained armor rising from the Dark and it carried the name NAZI DEATH CAMP. For a german Label this should be a warning..can't print the cover, posters, shirts, promote but...4 records, 2 shirts, 2 Posters and two Tours later...I can honestly Tell you I have yet to met the band that can rival them.

INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND - Too Much Too Little Too Late 2xLP (Red Lounge Rec.)
RED LOUNGE RECORDS is proud to bring you a re-re-issue of the best POWER POP PUNK 2xLP EVER!! Yes you hear me right... there is NO maybe's , NO room for runner ups, NO discussion, NO apologies!!!
Originally released on the marvelouse DETOUR RECORDS Label back in 2000, it sold out quickly and has since been out of print on vinyl and become a coveted collectible!!!
Four sides full of Hit after Hit recorded between 1977-81, I hate to say "all killers no fillers" so let me rephrase: All Neutron Bombs, no Fire Crackers!
Great Power pop melodies paired with true Teenage Angst Problems such as: Can I take the car Dad? Turn the Music down or my Parents will wake up...nothing beats the Kidda Band!!!

I GET MYNZE - Debut 7" (Red Lounge Rec.)
Blown own, burned up dumdum TV punk made by Kalamazoo MENSA chapter board members (also Legendary Wings members). Sounds like someone recorded this band in 1983 on a VHS tape, stuck the tape in the basement, flooded the basement, then made a record out of the recordings. Songs so catchy, it doesn't fucking matter

2035…the Hippies finally managed to make machines that look like PUNK ROCKERS, act Like MC 5ers but sound like RETRO NEO PSYCHEDELIC HIPPPIE SHIT!!! They send em back to 2013 and they start taking over the vinyl world. Instead of resistance…the kids jump on the bandwagon… and the world is lost!!!!! No resistance? A small band of drunks that's would not even be able to make a psychedelic record if you payed em refuses to learn more then two chords.
By sending former S.P.I.T.S. Agent Joe Pestilence from 2035 back to 1994 the resistance of the future is trying to save the past… Joe manages to knock up a Mrs Craig and Robert Watson Craig III is born. In 2013 they form one band to bind them all… "White Boy" … finding that name is already taken… they form Buck Biloxi and the Fucks! Musically they destroy all shit records… lasersword like anthems like "Shut the hell up", "Shut the fuck up", "The walls have aids", "I'm a disaster", "I'm a genius or "Who gives a fuck" get them a nomination for Nobel peace price! They are the James T Kirks of stupid, they are the Rockwells of Smart, they are the Mil Mascaras of fuckin you UP!!!!
File under: Electric Eels, Captain 9's and the Knickerbocker Trio, Trio, Nazi Death Camp, Art Phag, Your Mom.

JACK AND THE RIPPERS - No Desire 7" (Static Age Rec.)
Limited reissue of this classic Swiss-punk classic from 1979. JACK & THE RIPPERS were one of the 1st punk bands in Switzerland, based in Geneva, which has at that time an equally vibrant punk scene such as Zurich. Musically the band can be describe as brilliant power punk with strong English strike on the right track. So enjoy this wonderful piece of punk-rock! Comes with insert and a cover, treated with an especially UV-continual varnish!

TRAMPOLINE TEAM - Make It Faster LP (Pelican Pow Wow! Rec.)
Trampoline Team follow up their debut 7" by making things a lot fucking faster. Exuberantly snotty punk with tons of pop and charm. You'll be day dreaming about getting held up at knifepoint by the VASELINES.

LUMPY & THE DUMPERS - Gnats In The Pisser 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
St. Louis's kings of the sewer are bubbling back up to the surface with two more tracks of gnarly scuzz punk. Blown out and covered in slime, Lumpy gnashes his way through these two tracks about ghouls, gnats, piss, and bad breath.

CUNTZ 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
Melbourne's Cuntz are the kind of guys who don't make deadlines. The kind of guys who come to your party, drink all your beer, and spend the rest of the night following your girlfriend around. A bunch of no good bogans, a bunch of Total Punks. After knocking our socks off at last year's Goner Fest we asked them to do a single. This thing has been over a year in the making and well worth the wait. Gurgling up from the same dark sewers as country mates Venom P. Stinger, Cuntz give us two more tracks of their signature drug soaked thug punk covered in scuzz and the sardonic howls of a madman screaming, tongue planted firmly in cheek, about his never-ending search for domesticity.

RIK & THE PIGS - Pig Sweat 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
Rik & The Pigs had a demo tape out earlier this year on Lumpy Records that I absolutely flipped over and I am happy to announce their vinyl debut is with us. The quintessential TOTAL PUNK release and if I was left releasing nothing but Rik & The Pigs records from here on out I'd be one happy dog. Sleazy hook filled punk with shredding guitars, seething snot covered vocals and gnarly as hell. Double A sider for sure. Not for the faint of heart. Sweaty, blown out, raw, and100% TOTAL PUNK!

BLACK PANTIES - Prophet Of Hate 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
Following a debut single on Lumpy Records and coinciding with a brand new 7” on Windian, Total Punk’s got a brand new hit single on their hands from St. Louis’s, black masked crybaby jerk master, Black Panties. “Prophet of Hate” is a three and half minute plodding, feedback laden, punk punisher covered in scraping guitar, reverb soaked vocals and all means of obnoxiousness. The b side is a blown out ode to Violence. Violence and hate! Black Panties definitely knows the way to our heart and is 100% TOTAL PUNK!

SODA BOYS - Burgers & Fries 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
Top notch American rock n roll, in the spirit of the almighty Gizmos and Dictators, from the world's #1 Soda Pop band. Two tracks off of their self titled demo on Lumpy Records about burgers and fries, girls, and doghouse regret. Shredding guitars, vocal hooks galore and 100% TOTAL PUNK.

PATSY - Tuley Tude High 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
Debut single from New Orleans/ Chicago punk outfit Patsy. Patsy features members of Mystic Inane, but the connection ends there. Nothing “mutant” about this. Two tracks of straight ahead rumbling punk rock highlighted by Candice’s Darby style drawn out growls and killer vocal hooks. Look for another single on Total Punk later this year. All killer no filler 100% TOTAL PUNK!

PATSY - Eat It 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
Patsy is back with the follow up to their debut single on Total Punk and I think this one is even better than the last. No nods to the odd, or mutant grunts just a full frontal assault. Two of the most solid hook filled punk tunes I've heard in some time propelled ahead by barreling drums, incredible guitar and bass interplay and Candice's snot filled vocal attack. Could easily sit aside the early Dangerhouse catalog. Get in early or miss the boat. 100% TOTAL PUNK!

BUCK BILOXI & THE FUCKS - Holodeck Survivor 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
(second press) Uncle Buck is back and this time he is on a mission to fuck your mom. You heard right New Orleans' ambassadors of negativity want to take your mom to the bone zone and these two hate punk anthems might just be enough to get them in there. If you didn't think the Spits were tough enough, if you didn't think the Pagans were mean enough then look no further cause this band's for you. Poorly recorded, sloppily executed and 100% essential TOTAL PUNK.

FOSTER CARE - Sterilization LP (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
It's been almost four years since New York's Foster Care put out their debut album "Bad Vibe City "and we've been anxiously awaiting a follow up. Well the wait is finally over. Foster Care is back with another banger of an LP and it's gonna knock you out. In their downtime the guys did more than terrorize the neighborhood bars. They've been sharpening their knives and waiting for the right time to pounce. Well apparently that time is now and this record is razor sharp and heading straight for the throat. Every bit as punchy as the first but more dialed in. The hooks are bigger, the guitars are meaner, and Chris Teenager sounds as vicious as ever. 24 minutes fist pumping, head rattling ,negative punk perfection for 2016.

SICK THOUGHTS - 18 and Free 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
It's finally happened! Total Punk and Drew Owen together at last. America's shittiest teenager and America's shittiest looking record label have joined forces to give you the single of the year. I was in the "he's putting out too many records" camp, but if he can keep knocking out songs like "18 & Free" and the b side "Choose Death" then you will hear no more complaints from this guy. "18 & Free" is an instant punk classic.

GINO & THE GOONS - Love & Hate 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
We're happy to bring Gino & The Goons back into the fold. Since last we've seen them they've put out two records on Slovenly, another single on Pelican Pow Wow, toured Europe, and even have a Japanese pressing of their "Shake It" LP coming out. Don't worry though all the fame and fortune hasn't gone to their heads, and they haven't reached a level that could be confused with sophisticated. Sure Gino now speaks with a British accent, and the Goons have stopped breathing through their mouths, but the musical equation hasn't changed a bit. Two more party starting punk rompers of the budget variety, made to get asses out of their seats and beer flying through the air.

LSDOGS- Creep 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
Total Punk present to you the debut single from New Orleans' newest powerhouse LSDOGS. Featuring members of Vatican Dagger, Buck Biloxi, Sick Thoughts, and Black Abba, the pedigree alone should give you a good idea of what you are in for. Negativity at it's finest from some of the world's best purveyors of the stuff. Two short blast of straight forward punk rock. Great for scaring off the mailman, riling up your pack, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!!!

PREDATOR - Drag 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
more info soon...

SUBURBAN HOMES - Conformity In The UK 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
more info soon...

VIOLENCE CREEPS - The Gift Of Music 12" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
Following a string of flexis and a self released 7", Oakland's Violence Creeps are back with a brand new 12" on Total Punk. The Gift Of Music is not a party album and Violence Creeps are not a party band. Six tracks of lurching gnarly punk about isolation, sexual frustration, and rage. Cave man drums, bass skronk, and squelching guitars, all being reluctantly pushed forward by Amber's commanding growl. Brutal in honesty and tone and filled with top notched hooks. These aren't songs to be sung along to, these are songs to be shouted out your window. 100% TOTAL PUNK

WOODBOOT - Black Piss 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
We return yet again to the land down under to bring you the finest misanthropic scuzz they have to offer. This time we land in Brisbane and give you WOODBOOT who are as subtle as a six car pile up and every-bit as brutal. Loud crunchy dum-dum punk anthems great for slitting your wrist or smashing drinks into your friend's skull. Real friendly stuff and 100% TOTAL PUNK

FNU CLONE LP (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
more info soon...

SUBURBAN HOMES-...Are Bored 12" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
more info soon...

FNU CLONE- Binary Or Die LP (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
more info soon...

RIK & THE PIGS- Tatlesnake Jake 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
more info soon...

LYSOL- Wired 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
more info soon...

BLACK ABBA- Lost Dog 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
more info soon...

LIFE STINKS- Hanging From The Ceiling 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
more info soon...

PERVERTS AGAIN- My Accident 7" (Floridas Dying / Total Punk Rec.)
more info soon...

USELESS EATERS - Temporary Mutilation 10" (Slovenly Rec.)
Welcome to the latest USELESS EATERS installment in the Slovenly Recordings repertoire. Following the unrestrained pummel of 2014’s “Desperate Living” 7inch, and the strange cohesiveness of their “Singles: 2011-2014” collection, we present you with this stark and weird new “Temporary Mutilation” five track 10inch EP. Featuring the instrumental prowess of drummer Miles Luttrell from future Slovenly legends SCRAPER, Brendan Hagarty on bass, and recorded by Kelley Stoltz (Third Man Records fame) and mastered by Mikey Young of Australia’s TOTAL CONTROL, this release especially exemplifies singer / guitarist / leader Seth Sutton’s growth as a sonic craftsman - less concerned with “punk” as a sound while inevitably remaining PUNK, devoting himself to the development of unique noise. The title track’s skeletal arrangement and oddball meter has been embellished with haunting vibrations via phones of the saxo & xylo variety, electronic rhythmic units have been employed in “Poison Dart”, and the entirety of the EP bleeds with Sutton’s trademark horrific sci-fi imagery and aggressive riffs and delivery.

SCRAPER - Misery LP (Slovenly Rec.)
LP includes lyrics insert. Produced by Chris Woodhouse at The Dock in SacramentoIt is with great gusto that Slovenly Recordings thrusts the 2nd LP from San Franciscos squarely into the jaws of the desperate. Produced by Chris Woodhouse (Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Blind Shake) at The Dock in Sacramento, "Misery" is an exercise in simplistic, tightly controlled negativity that crushes the fine line between panic and frenzy into oblivion. A rapid attack of artillery-mimicking snare and bass heavy hunch is the canon, wrought in a Bay Area sewer and reveling in a verminous infestation of post-punk pulse: think WIRE versus THE SPITS in a Shaolin death trap. Necessary indictments of dot-com Silicon scum manifest in "Rodent" while "Clones" and "Reaction" drive the point with unparalleled frustration and an uncanny ability to deliver remarkable rocknrattle. SCRAPER administers a deliberate slug to the gut, never fucking around with pretty boy gimmicks and pretense, and "Misery" is the rabid battle cry.

CELLULITE - Dust Wave LP (Slovenly Rec.)
A new project featuring Baltimore’s Drew Owen (SICK THOUGHTS / DD OWEN), and NYC's Don Seun, this limited EP is the product of two people with completely different takes on sound, and wastes no time in getting to the point. This is electronic music by way of deteriorating breaks, digital-hiss, primal drums, burned-out synths, and searing vocals. Cold and harsh for true believers.

GINO AND THE GOONS - Check This Out 7" (Slovenly Rec.)
Here’s a new 7inch from St. Petersburg, FL madmen GINO and the GOONS! On the A-side we have an updated and damaged version of “Check This Out,” originally from their 2014 “Shake It!” LP, and the flip is a storming cover of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers’ 1977 classic “Let Go.” This platter has guests galore including Memphis’ NOTS, and New Orleans’ very own Buck Biloxi with Pelican Pow Wow Records’ big chief Sarah No Mas all piling on the dirt. Single is limited to 333 copies!

Slovenly has ganged up with Black Gladiator to “KBD 90s” with a tore-up double LP called “WE’RE LOUD: 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns.” What we got here is 33 scuzzed out tracks by 19 unknown bands from micro-released and unreleased cassettes recorded across the USA between 1993 & 1999 - totally off the radar and outsider as fuck. One perverted cat named Jaime Paul Lamb was at the helm of the whole thing, forming bands and recording them and others’ on his Yamaha MT50, and acquiring similar tapes from other punk vermin in between halfway house pit stops.
Some of the most completely tasteless and juvenile swill we’ve ever heard resides in these grooves: THE FUCKING PIGS paean to crotch-rot “Herpes Attack” is here, as is their proud proclamation “(I’m a) Date Rapist.” Hell, two songs on the first LP alone have “C U Next Tuesday” in the title thanks to MEGA & THE NYRDZ and THE BARF BAGS. Still, there’s more than just obnoxious sputum here. Vegas’ LES FLEUR DU MAL kick down two bona fide classic power-pop tracks, THE DROP OUTS (one of a ton of combos at the time with that moniker - this one from Costa Mesa) dump a Flipper-fied sludge bomb in “She’s a Jyrk,” VAN BUREN WHEELS romp and stomp with savage 60s style Pacific Northwest garage, and LUKEY & THE CHICKEN SLITZ and OBLONG BOXERS both make with bizarro black tar burners. We couldn’t make this shit up! But we’re glad somebody did.

PENETRATORS - She's The Kinda Girl 7" (Slovenly Rec.)
Slovenly Recordings is amped to announce a new single from our long time heroes THE PENETRATORS! This is the first new material from the native Syracuse, NY punk rock lifers since their 2008 Slovenly long player “Bad Woman,” and the two tracks here are just as demented as their legendary 70s / 80s sessions. “She’s the Kinda Girl” is lascivious cave-punk, showing The Penetrators' uncanny knack for always sounding like themselves, while the strangely robotic flipside “Take A Stand” is the new anthem urging you to STAND UP AND GIVE A DAMN! A super fine slab from the original Kings of Basement Rock!

RAYDIOS - Brand New Kid 7" (Slovenly Rec.)
Although the Raydios have released scads of good records since reforming sometime in the mid-aughts, they may have just outdone themselves with their new single "Brand New Kid" b/w “My Way Back Home” - co-released by Slovenly Recordings and Tokyo’s Mangrove label! Around two years ago, after TEENGENERATE played a reunion show to celebrate the release of their "Get Action” documentary, Fink mentioned that playing in TG gave him the itch to start writing simpler, more straight-forward songs again, and that's just what he's done with "Brand New Kid." The song doesn't waste any time, kicking off with the fury of a head-hunting boxer, while the flip side, "My Way Back Home" is a bit more of a slow burner, but packing a hell of a wallop in its own right. You're gonna be in need the number of a good oral surgeon once this one is over, guaranteed!

DIRTY FENCES - Full Tramp LP (Slovenly Rec.)
Satisfying a youthful obsession with early KISS and Motley Crüe, then discovering the fortunate truth of The Dictators and Ramones, DIRTY FENCES have finally slammed into the Slovenly path with the “Full Tramp” LP. Brooklyn is the launching pad, and following a previous full length, a few singles and a few transcontinental tours, Dirty Fences got their shit on lockdown. “Full Tramp” has got the biggest balls of them all, and each song is study in what makes a song just right without ever losing sight of what makes an album worth listening to. But when it comes down to it, it’s the really their slime factor that got us on board, and this record is the festering manifestation of your love encrusted bed sheets headed to the wash.

HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES - Stoning Josephine LP (Certified PR Rec.)
more info soon...

MICK FUTURES - Banned From The Future LP (Telephone Explosion Rec.)
Hailing from the dark heart of Nickel City, MICK FUTURES is the solo project of STATUES / STRANGE ATTRACTOR drummer Mitch Houle. This is dark, synth-driven punk that makes several unexpected forays into pop, new wave and art rock.
File under: SGNLS, SCREAMERS, TELEDROME and a good dose of japanese psychedelic band OVERHANG PARTY!

BLIND SHAKE - Fly Right LP (Slovenly Rec.)
Slovenly Recordings is hyped as hell to announce our inevitable teaming with Minneapolis, MN bald headed freaks THE BLIND SHAKE. This intense trio led by The Brothers Blaha (Jim and Mike, plus drummer / brother from another Dave Roper) has been plowing through massive waves of reverberation since 2003, releasing a heap of deep records along the way, including a few collaborations with legendary space-punk Michael Yonkers - check his essential “Microminiature Love” collection on De Stijl / Sub Pop for the cold hard truth. Taking a more melodic approach than on previous releases, this 9 cut “Fly Right” 12inch EP is another sonic hurdle for the band, steadily alternating between bold, phaser heavy garage-punk wail (“Tar Paper,” “Holy Road”), trippy spaghetti-western tinged surf (“A Clock, A Window, A Pyramid,” “Diamond Days”) and viscerally dramatic scare tactics (title track “Fly Right”). The Blind Shake has forged a unique concept with their bizarre visual assault, combined with instigating on-stage behavior and a virtually bottomless well of haunting songs that all seem to draw from a specific pinpoint of punk rock twang, and have concocted another hypnotic document for an unworthy world.

USELESS EATERS Singles: 2011-2014 LP (Slovenly Rec.)
Slovenly Recordings is honored to present a new collection from one of our favorite punk rock stalwarts USELESS EATERS! Seth Sutton is the primary UE punk in question, and “Singles: 2011-2014” compiles the best tracks from their out-of-print singles from cool-assed labels like Goodbye Boozy (Italy), Tic Tac Totally and Nashville’s Dead, to name a few. The electrostatic shock of “The Moves” is here, and it sounds like the LSD is just about to take over, only you’ve been chewing on a tab that you never quite wrangled out of its aluminum foil wrapper. Fatter, lo-fi decimating sounds abound with tracks like “Bloody Ripper”, and “I Hate The Kids” (feat. TY SEGALL) makes an appearance here as well. This is a fully realized set that somehow works even better than flipping through your Eaters’ 7” stack which is likely incomplete anyway.

LAST SONS OF KRYPTON - Teenage Trash LP (Certified PR Rec.)
Certified PR Records is doing us all an immense public service by releasing upon the world this twenty track raging slab of explosive garage punk hits. I had forgotten how great this band was, and I was lucky enough to see them up close and personal living in Wisconsin. The first time I booked them at the Concert Cafe in Green Bay, Wisconsin I immediately was convinced this band was on to something. Their music was a youthful (unpretentious), garage-y punk rock attack, like Angry Samoans and Black Flag mixed with early Devo. Last Sons of Krypton, a band of young teenagers growing up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, a town that had a rich punk rock history that they tapped into, went about things their own way. Not really quite an attitude, but they didn't mind ruffling a few punk rock feathers (mine included) along the way. Listening to this record instantly flashes me back to an era of rock and roll that no longer exists, when we had rock animals roaming the world such as SuperCharger, Teengenerate, and of course last but not least, The Rip Offs. That's pretty rarified garage punk rock air to be associated with, but I honestly believe Last Sons of Krypton is definitely within spitting distance of hanging with that crew. The first six tracks are from their first demo cassette, highlights of those are “Meteorite,” and “I Want Action.” Track seven, “I Want” is from the out of print, various artist compilation Sawmill. Tracks 8 through 10 are previously unreleased. Track eleven is an alternate version from a previously released seven inch. Tracks twelve through seventeen are unreleased demos. Tracks eighteen through twenty are from The Smuts first demo tape, a band the Last Sons of Krypton had morphed to in '99. This record is an excellent way to discover a lost gem of Wisconsin's punk rock music history, and that's the bottom line because Time Bomb Tom said so." - Tom Smith (Anti-Lunatic Squad Productions)

HATES - No Talk In The Eighties LP (Rave Up Rec.)
The Hates has been called "Houston's first and last punk band", and with over thirty years of blood, sweat, and that familiar mohawk, those words may be more true than their author ever knew. From his very first live show in 1978, Christian Arnheiter has steered this legendary band through decades of disco, pop, new wave, hair bands, hip-hop, crossover country, and now the newest fad of tributebands to keep punk rock alive.In a time when many early eighties groups are getting back together to play reunion shows, the Hates have the distinction of being the oldest continuously performing unsigned punk band. And despite the love/hate relationship the local music scenehas had with punk rock over the years, the Bayou City will always be their home. This anthology is the definitive selection of their early years,ALL STUDIO MATERIAL recorded between 1979-82. TEXAS PUNK LIVING LEGENDS!!!

VAST MAJORITY - I Wanna Be A Number LP (Rave Up Rec.)
Vast Majority was a teenage punk band (16, 17 years old) formed in early 1979 in Houston, Texas. The original lineup was Merry Prankster (Chris Armeniades) on guitar, Damien Antisocial (John Svatek, RIP) on bass, Demon Alcohol (Billy Mandel) on drums, and Bergen Belsen (Scott Telles) on vocals. The band played with the main local punk bands of the period, such Really Red, Christian Oppression and the Guyana Boys Choir, later to become the Hates (right now, on Rave Up too!), AK-47, Legionaire's Disease, Huns and many more...The band goes to play their first and only studio session in 3/16/80. The result were three songs selected for “I Wanna Be a Number” EP, and other tracks later, released by EV records on “Sacred Cattle” compilation in 1993 (“Poor Sid/Duke is Dead”) and more material that you can hear on this definitive anthology of one of the most incredibly Texas punk rock band ever! Their music? Mmmhhhh, tryin' toimagine the sixties female garage band, The Shaggs with The Urinals attitude!!!

DAUGHTERS - The Daughters LP (Rave Up Rec.)
Inspired by the British Invasion, 60’s garage bands, power pop, and their love of the New York Dolls, the Daughters formed in early 1980 on the North Shore of Boston, MA. As with many bands, it wasn’t long before they found themselves in need of a new member when drummer Bobby Morin (later of the Real Kids) left the band. So in May 1980, Dave Ives, Bill Doherty, and Joe Mazzari recruited Simon Ritt to fill the drum seat.Bill and Dave had been playing together since high school, as had Joe and Simon, and the band dedicated themselves to their music. When the band won studio time in a battle of the bands competition, they took advantage of this time to record some original songs. These studio recordings ended up on self released cassettes that received airplay on Boston area radio stations. In January 1981, Dave who often sang lead and wrote many of the songs left the band to pursue other interests. Joe, Bill, and Simon continued on as a three piece, and at the end of the month played CBGB’s for the first time. The band continued to be.

STUDENT TEACHERS - About The Student Teachers LP (Rave Up Rec.)
In the fall of 1977 at a John Cale concert at CBGB the opening band was the Mumps. Sitting in the front row was the president of their fan club, Bill Arning. He was 16. A couple of other teenagers named David Scharff and Phillip Shelley, who came in from the suburbs to see Cale, arrived early to get good seats. They sat at the table next to Bill, and ended up befriending him.A week or so later they saw each other again, this time at a Patti Smith poetry reading. Bill was accompanied by his friends Lori Reese and Michael Alago. They became fast friends. Soon they were planning what shows they would see, and when they would see each other.Bill and David used some saved funds to sponsor rehearsals, second hand instruments were purchased for Phillip and the Girls, and they started takinglessons from the guys who rented them their rehearsal space. Songs started spilling forth - "The Quake" based on the religion of the Quaker school that Bill and Laura attended, "Captain Kelly" about a failed fire alarm, "Zero Cool" inspired by Roddy McDowell's catch phrase in the hipster cult film "The Cool Ones," "Realworldfun" about being submerged in the world of kitsch television reruns, "Channel 13" about the surreality of everyday life, "We're All Damaged" about exactly what it sounds like, and "Christmas Weather," about a real-life car accident that the band survived together on the way to Max's Kansas City.They played their first public set in the Gym at Friend's Seminary, the Quaker school on East 15th St. where Bill and Laura attended. They invited their scene friends The Blessed, a teenage punk band. The Blessed were young, loud, nasty, and fun...and they had a strong and growing following in the downtown NY music scene. The Blessed liked the Student Teachers set enough to invite them to play that (Easter) Sunday at Max's in one of the opening sets.If you want to know this exciting band, Rave Up/Backstreet is proud to offer you an album with great original 1978-80 studio recordings. Be fast, only 400 copies available!!!

SUZANNES - Dutch Punk 1977-1978 LP (Rave Up Rec.)
The Suzanne was a punk band from Enschede which operated from 1976 to '78. Influenced by The Ramones, they called themselves to the song Suzanne by Leonard Cohen that was in their repertoire in a punk version. Characteristic of their performances was by playing tight succession of all the songs. They made an EP on the label '1000 Idiots' with six songs (in two versions, including New Disease sells 2000 copies in Europe) whose "Teenage Abortion" is the most famous song. They performed outside Enschede include in Paradiso and the Stokvis Halls in the schedule of Ultravox. Typical of the Suzanne was changing their names in Suzanne. Key member was Suzanne Ron da Costa, the only non-musician who is named on the EPs. Singer of the band was Suzanne 'Fedde' van der Spoel, guitarist Suzanne 'Loek' Stolwijk, bassist Suzanne 'Dick' Pekelharing and drums Suzanne 'Klaas Sikkema.

ILLOGICAL SOUND - Illogical Sounds LP (Synthetic Shadows Rec.)
Illogical Sound was born in Roma in 1981. The musicians were Luca Febbra (vocals, later in Liquid Eyes), Filippo Travaglio (guitar), Luigi Parravicini (bass, also in Liquid Eyes) and Andrea Filosa (drums). All of them (except the vocalist) went -one year later- in Illogico, a quite popular No-Wave band that recorded various demo tapes, recently re-released by Spittle records on CD. They played regulary in main 'alternative rock' club of the town such 'Tube' and 'Uonna Club'. At the end of 1981, with the support of Tonino Amendola on saxophone, the band changed his name as' Illogico '. Their sound, ispired by bands such Contorsions, DNA, Suicide, Pere Ubu with a strong 'punk attitude', is well documented in this amazing anthology that contains studio material and a bunch of live tracks.

LIQUID EYES - Liquid Eyes LP (Synthetic Shadows Rec.)
Finally on vinyl, the studio album sessions of one of the most important italian 'cult band' of the Eighties. The name of the band was ispired by the famous sci-fi novel of Louis Charbonneau. Liquid Eyes born in Roma in 1983, after the meeting between the singer/keyboardist Luca Febbraro (former Illogico) and the bassplayer Michael Held. After some concerts, the guys got in touch with the actress/peeformer/singer Patrizia Bettini. The new line up started to play many shows in theathers and rock venues all over Italy. In 1984 Michael come back to Germany and the band was contacted by a new bass player Domenico De Maria. After one year, a new bass player (from Illogico too) moved to play with the Eyes, the well know Luigi Parravicini, 'til the final split-up of the band in 1992. Sythetic Shadows is proud to present to the world, one of the most exciting and charismatic electronic band from the italian Eighties. A magic moment of creativity and energy for the entire nation! Buy or Die!!!

RED ASPHALT - Red Asphalt LP (Synthetic Shadows Rec.)
Red Asphalt was a San Francisco musical group, which formed in 1978 and dissolved in 1982. Their first live performance took place at SF’s famous Deaf Club. They performed at venues such as Mabuhay Gardens, Sound of Music, On Broadway, Le Disque, The I-Beam, Elite Club and others. They released a 7?? EP on Egg and Anvil in 1981 which included four tracks. They’re also heard on the compilation LP Live at Le Disque (Jump Records), and more recently, on the cd compilations “High Road to Obscurity, Vol.1 (Grand Theft Audio), and “Homework #2?? (Hyped to Death). While the original group contained neither bass nor lead vocalist, the longest-lived and most-beloved lineup was that of: Ron Hanik – guitar, Ted Johnson – drums, Scott Davey – synthesizers, Trina James – vocals, Bruno DeMartis – bass. Besides the above, Megan Mitchell sang with the band (she’s heard on the EP), and Andy Anders and LX Rudis played bass.Hanik, Johnson, Davey, DeMartis and Rudis all currently reside in San Francisco and continue tomake music.THIS IS THEIR 16-TRACK LEGENDARY ALBUM REMAINS UNRELEASED 'TIL NOW!!!! TOTALLY INSANE AND EXPERTIMENTAL PUNK IN THE BEST 'WAY' OF SAN FRANCISCO SCENE OF THE PERIOD!!!

ACID BABY JESUS - Selected Recordings LP (Slovenly Rec.)
Representing the primitivism of Athens, Greece, steadily fornicating with the modern humps of the most ancient civilizations hitherto, Acid Baby Jesus has finally assembled a collection of recordings from their past two years on the rotation. The experiments on “Selected Recordings” were formulated while spending many of those moments on a secluded island in the Mediterranean sea, populated by a(n) (r)evolutionary cast of travelers, all starving for an heady atmosphere and a good salad. Many records were played on record players at these assemblages. And many songs were written, and fine tuned, and recorded. Chrissy "Zebby" Tembo, Zambia’s filthiest lord of feedback & fuzz and king of their Zamrock movement, is the one artist who made it to cover status with his song “Trouble Maker,” summing up what ABJ has been reaching for. It's never been timelier. Or has it? Every other track is an original - rubbery, and stretching out further than on previous releases. Such is the result from not setting out to record an album while you’re hanging out in Heaven. Guitar lines may or may not be backwards. Conventional in their basic rock’n’roll foundation, these tracks are steeped in layers of organ, Jew's harp, bongos, gongs and a nice assortment of other instruments of the onomatopoeic persuasion. The single “Vegetable” is a heavily percussive fuzz beater, pushing its way out of a lake of slithering psychedelic clangor, barely escaping. “Selected Recordings” compiles primal Anatolian dance rhythms not far off from the jungliest bounce of Bo Diddley, and produced like a quadraphonic Les Paul album played on an improperly calibrated turntable. Avoiding the echo box and lava lamp cliches of the brand of "psych" that is omnipresent on the scene today, it is safe to say that true psychedelia abounds here. Thank you, and greetings from the beautiful gardens.

KLITZ - Sound of Memphis '78 7" (Spacecase Rec.)
Recorded by ALEX CHILTON and SAM THE SHAM in one three-hour blast in the summer of '78, Sounds of Memphis is the first archival KLITZ release. Widely regarded as Memphis' first punk band and championed by JIM DICKINSON, The Klitz featured GAIL ELISE CLIFTON (vocals), LESA ALDRIDGE (of BIG STAR's Third fame on guitar), AMY GASSNER (bass) and MARCIA CLIFTON (drums). The Klitz existed from '78 to '80. They fizzled out after Lesa left Memphis and moved to New Jersey. They never released any material during their initial lifespan. This is the group's first archival release. It's what you'd expect: lo-fi and raw. "The Klitz were Memphis punk ground zero."-Ross Johnson. Limited one-time pressing of 500 copies. Never to be repressed.

REV. NORB & THE ONIONS - Same LP (Certified PR Rec.)
"Sometimes you want your punk, and you want it served up stupid. Maybe stupid ain't the right word. You don't need it overly smart. Screw all the political hubbub and messages deep. Serve up a punk that's willing to just get drunk, shred some leads and allow you to throttle about, pogo-ing till those brainmeat start to dribble out of your ears like blue raspberry residue under a Slushy lid. Rock n' rollers and outta' controllers. The Onions deliver this sorta tough, dunderheaded fun that we all need from time to time. A remedy to help scrub away the the multitude of shitty news stories about drive by shootings, police brutality and over imaginative bath salt incidents. Pound away those troubles in a case of Old Milwaukee and plop this fucker on the Hi-Fi. After all has been said, you still need to know that The Onions aren't a dumb band. They kid around, true - but they are most definitely not a joke. Manitowoc, WI scene player Brad Daugs has been honing his beefy chops since he was just a tender lumpling in Last Sons Of Krypton, 300 B.C. After heavy digestion of KBD comps and all sorts of other things leather jacketed and full o' fury, Brad and Co. found kinship in another "sconie pep-punk weirdo, The Reverend Norb (Boris The Sprinkler). Stitched together, they wear a heap of influences on their sleeves, clotting up like green globs of snot. The Onions deliver bruised yet catchy riffs with thick chunks of 'tude and just the proper ratio of snark. There's the street tough pound of "Thoughtcrime" and tear away surf break in "Let's Get Ripped". There's the screwball organ grind of "Oddy Knocky" and the Dwarves-esque punch to "Bore Me". I'm pretty sure there are nods to The Pack, early Queers and even a smidge of the Mentally Ill hidden within these tracks as well - but you'll have to seek them out for yourself. When they wrap it all during "Where Zombies Chill" you better be wearing a plastic BBQ bib to catch all the excessive guitar splatter. They unleash a full frontal dual lead guitar attack - TWICE. If captured live in a setting, one could assume that this night of punk bliss would leave you scurrying to the ladies room, dodging bar stools like Pac Man ghosts trying to catch that lower lipped vomit trickle in a beer koozie. Rev. Norb & The Onions have taken your pain away. Scrubbed free of fear and frustrations - at least until the hangover tomorrow. With this record, the world is truly a better place. Bath salts be damned."

ACID BABY JESUS - Vegetable 7" (Slovenly Rec.)
Deeper and deeper into the sonic soil they burrow, harvesting fresh, organic ingredients for their psychedelic salad… ACID BABY JESUS returns unbruised from a dirty rumor or two of their expiration. Slovenly Recordings has clipped nary a coupon and once again presents a tasty plate of our heaviest lysergic recipe. Drenched in a complex dressing of luxurious Mediterranean flavours, this new “Vegetable” single, released in anticipation of their upcoming second entrée, provides just enough nutrition to keep you satisfied, but never full.

THEE MVP'S - Oh Sally 7" (Slovenly Rec.)
Gravesend, UK, home of THEE MVP'S, is a stones throw from Billy Childish's Chatham, and Mssr. Billy's primitive Medway beat has seeped into the territory and minds of this pretty new and pretty ugly combo. Also taking a cue from San Francisco's Coachwhips, Thee MVP'S have laid a Slovenly stomper on us with "Oh Sally," an ode to leader CHARLIE WYATT's Fender Mustang "Sally," and written with his rockabilly playing father. True story. The flip here is a tough dancefloor mating ritual known as "Amok Time," named for the second season premier of the original Star Trek series where Kirk and Spock go toe to toe against each other on planet Vulcan. A solid debut from this rapidly rising Limey garage-punk crew.

ANOMALYS - Deadline Blues 7" (Slovenly Rec.)
This is the darkest effort yet from from the negative tequila sex beat bringers, Amsterdam's ANOMALYS. The A-nomaly side of this single, "Deadline Blues, " is a tough assed mid-tempo threat, with the B-nomaly flip side "NO MORE!" picking up the pace a dog's hair for another dancefloor killer from our favorite behemoth Dutch demons!

DUTCH MASTERS - All In The Wires LP (Spacecase Rec.)
DUTCH MASTERS (2003-2010) were ERIC OBLIVIAN (OBLIVIANS, BAD TIMES), SCOTT ROGERS (JENNY JEANS, PERFECT FITS), TALBOT ADAMS (ROYAL PENDLETONS, Jenny Jeans, BLACK AND WHITES), and PUNK ROCK PAT. The Memphis, TN / Oxford, MS group released a single on Goner in 2004. All In The Wires is a collection of the unreleased recordings The Dutch Masters completed for the Goner single, plus a couple of live tracks. The “studio” tracks were recorded by JACK OBLIVIAN at the Goner Record store on an analog 4-track machine. Inclues a live version of “Fire Detector,” which appeared years later on The Oblivians’ Desperation album.

TALBOT ADAMS - Same LP (Spacecase Rec.)
TALBOT ADAMS has slowly become a solo artist over the last few years. Prior to going solo, Talbot's played in a number of bands: THE ROYAL PENDLETONS, THE DARKEST HOURS, PREACHER’S KIDS, THE JENNY JEANS, DUTCH MASTERS, THE CHECKMATES, and THE BLACK AND WHITES. Talbot has played on recordings for Goner, Norton, Shattered, DMR and Spacecase Records. Adams has been lucky enough to play with members of The Oblivians, The Gories and The Neckbones. Talbot Adams was born and raised in New Orleans. He lived in New York City for five years, where he was lucky enough to intern at Matador Records before returning home and finally settling in Oxford, MS, where he currently lives. Talbot still misses New Orleans, but likes North Mississippi as well. Talbot has been recently performing, at times with just voice and guitar, and at other times with a group of friends that back him up.

ELECTRIC BLOOD - Single 2011 7" (Spacecase Rec.)
Electric Blood was Robert Scott’s (The Clean and The Bats) first band. Formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1977, the group revolved around Mr. Scott and his brother Andrew. According to Robert, Electric Blood was a couple of musicians (Robert and Andrew) “playing along with a few guys who were living up the road; they were sort of non-musicians. It was a band that really evolved around me learning how to write songs and trying to get these other guys to join in and make a band of some kind.”
Electric Blood played sporadically throughout most of the ‘80s. Robert would release the band’s material through his Every Secret Thing cassette label; the albums were typically recorded over the course of a day at a Dunedin rehearsal space. (In 1994 the American label Beehive Rebellion reissued Electric Blood’s 1984 cassette Electric Easter on CD. Single 2011 is the first Electric Blood vinyl release.) “Pennsylvania” first appeared on the 1982 cassette Ohio; “Window Sill”, “Match”, and “Bumble Bee” appeared on Electric Easter. Although the band started from humble beginnings, Electric Blood would eventually incorporate multi-instrumentalist Alastair Galbraith on some of their later recordings, and one Electric Blood track (“Earwig”) eventually turned up on an early Bats EP.
Single 2011 showcases a young Robert Scott developing his skills as a songwriter, and will be of particular interest to fans of Kiwi pop.

TALBOT ADAMS - Red Diamonds 7" (Spacecase Rec.)
Recognized as one of the nicest guys in show business, Talbot Adams has played in some of the finest bands out of New Orleans, Memphis and Oxford, Mississippi in his nearly fifteen-years in music. Talbot started his career in New Orleans, playing bass for scene mainstays THE ROYAL PENDLETONS (2000-2002). In 2001 he played bass and sang lead and backup for THE DARKEST HOURS (lineup included Peg O'Neill from The Gories and Jason Craft of The Persuaders). Talbot teamed up with Eric Oblivian in THE DUTCH MASTERS and had the incredible honor of playing bass for the late Paul Wine Jones for two shows.
Talbot fronted the fine JENNY JEANS from 2002 to 2006. The band played GonerFest 2 and appears on the accompanying CD/DVD. Talbot's last band THE BLACK AND WHITES wound down last year. The group was incredibly productive, releasing singles on Jay Reatard's Shattered Records as well as Douchemaster, FDH and P. Trash. Recently Talbot Adams has released material under his own name where he records himself and plays all of the instruments. An amazing singer-songwriter/power-pop EP was released by Douchemaster in 2010 entitled Jack and Jesse. "Red Diamonds" b/w "Not Even Europe" is the second solo release from Talbot. It's the fifth release from Camarillo, California-based Spacecase Records. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN - Whisper Mountain 7" (Spacecase Rec.)
"Whisper Mountain" b/w "Everything's Gone Grey" is the latest release from self-proclaimed trash poet, novelist and songwriter John Wesley Coleman.
John Wesley Coleman is a member of Austin's The Golden Boys. Coleman gained underground recognition for his incredible solo debut LP, Steal My Mind (2009). The record was a lo-fi gem—reminiscent of Lou Reed's solo albums, The Television Personalities' catalog and Alex Chilton's late '70s releases. When not playing with The Golden Boys, Coleman continued to release solo material, for both Permanent Records (Bad Lady Goes to Jail) and seminal Memphis label Goner (The Last Donkey Show). Coleman's toured multiple times under his own name—with or without the support of a band. "Whisper Mountain" b/w "Everything's Gone Grey" finds Coleman continuing in his lo-fi ways (the B side was recorded in a kitchen), this time backed up by his new group: bassist Geena Spigareli and drummer Yamal Said.

ROSS JOHNSON AND JEFFREY EVANS - Vanity Session LP (Spacecase Rec.)
Vanity Session was the result of a year-long residency Ross Johnson and Jeffrey Evans held at The Buccaneer club in Memphis, TN. The album was recorded on March 21, 2008, at Zebra Ranch Studio in North Mississippi by the legendary Jim Dickinson with the help of former Reigning Sound drummer, Greg Roberson.
Ross Johnson has been a staple of the Memphis music scene for more than three decades. He's probably best known for his ranting on Alex Chilton's seminal solo record, Like Flies On Sherbert (Ross is the Baron). Johnson was also the original drummer for The Panther Burns—although he missed the Behind The Magnolia Curtain sessions due to drunkenness. Now retired from his job as a librarian, Ross currently spends most days drinking, ranting, writing about music and playing drums (typically in that order). Like Don Ayler's trumpet playing, Ross is unrestrained—at a high volume, he'll tell you everything you wanted to know (and more) about Memphis music.
Jeffrey Evans came to Memphis in the mid '80s, following the path to Sun Records. A devotee of Charlie Feathers, Evans influenced many with his band The Gibson Bros. Alongside the late Jack Taylor, Evans fronted '68 Comeback throughout the '90s (and produced Tav Falco and The Panther Burns excellent return to form, Panther Phobia, in 2000). He currently fronts Jeffrey Evans and His Southern Aces.
Vanity Session features Ross and Jeff switching off on lead vocals; at their request, Jim Dickinson showed them how he performed "I've Had It" for Like Flies On Sherbert. Thankfully Evans recorded the song and it appears on the record. Backing Ross and Jeff are Greg Roberson (drums), John Paul Keith (guitar), Adam Woodward (piano and organ) and Jeremy Scott (bass).

C.C. RIDERS were: MONSIEUR JEFFREY EVANS (vocals, guitar), JAMES ARTHUR (guitar), JAY REATARD (guitar) and ALICJA TROUT (drums). The band was something of a Memphis super group. Jeffrey Evans had formerly fronted the GIBSON BROS. and was winding down '68 COMEBACK when C.C. Riders formed in 2000. James Arthur, who had recently moved to Memphis from Los Angeles, was an ex-member of FIREWORKS and THE NECESSARY EVILS, Jay Reatard (REATARDS) and Alicja Trout (ex-CLEARS, MOUSEROCKET) were just getting LOST SOUNDS off the ground when Jeffrey asked them to round out the C.C. Riders lineup. In 2001, Alicja and Jay recorded C.C. Riders' self-titled CD. The CDR was released on Trout's Contaminated label; it was hand numbered and limited to only 100 copies. Among the album's highlights is a flushed out version of Evans' stellar original, "Long, Long Ballad of the Red-Headed Girl." C.C. Riders played their last shows and wound down around 2002.

LE CHELSEA BEAT - Mesdames Et Messieurs LP (Killer Diller Rec.)
Found of sixties garage rock and of vintage gear, LE CHELSEA BEAT lands on the Montreal music scene in 2010 after a chance encounter between guitarists Stéphane Courval and Daniel Fiocco (Séquelles and Platon et les caves). Are later recruited singer Pat Meteor of local legends Demon’s Claws, bassist Pierre Chayer, drummer Francois Gagner and keyboard player Michael Cowan. Early on, the band starts writing original material in French, while covering a few essential freakbeat classics in English from the Back from the Grave and Nuggets compilations. Their sound? Vintage, not retro! So much that the band is soon discovered by local promoters Teenbeat Takeover who offer an opening spot for famous contemporary garage rock bands such as The Fleshtones and The Cynics. Then the local scene starts noticing: Skip Jensen and Le Kid et les Marinellis also invite the band to play. But it is during a show with two bands from Brooklyn, The Above and The Electric Mess that Killer Diller Records owner Charles Gaskins hears Le Chelsea Beat and exclaims,«I want these guys on my label!» So here it is at last, Mesdames et Messieurs, Le Chelsea Beat, the first full-length release by the Montreal freakbeat sextet, featuring the ballad Avec les garcons with Poupée Fortrell (Call me Poupée) on vocals.