PACK - Same LP (Ugly Pop Rec.) 23,50 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Nobody can tell us that this 1978 German monster isn't one of the best footlongs of the era, a gnarly slab of pure '70s punk rock recorded in an abandoned WW2 bunker with two mics in one session. 'Pack' is just hit after hit, killer songs delivered with snarl, style and non-stop energy. Essential first generation punk, remastered with extensive liner notes and vintage photos!
PACK, 1977 gegründet, waren die erste Punkband Münchens, bekannt für ihre extrem mitreißenden und explosiven Live-Auftritte. Bei einem Auftritt im überregional bekannten und angesehenem PN Club, wo davor schon Jimmy Hendrix und die Rolling Stones aufgetreten waren, demolierte das völlig außer Kontrolle geratene Publikum die komplette Club-Einrichtung. Ähnlich legendär waren auch die zeitweilig wöchentlich stattfindenden Auftritte von PACK im Club Downtown, wo natürlich die halbe Münchner Punkszene der Frühzeit versammelt war. Unter dem überwältigenden Eindruck einer echten Punkband zum Anfassen (im Gegensatz zu den Punk-Legenden in London und New York, die ja doch wieder unerreichbar waren) schossen bald andere Münchner Punkbands wie die Pilze aus dem Boden.

PAMELA - Same 7" (Southpaw Rec.) 5,90 EUR
After a killer cassette on Whoa Whoa, the girls are back with 3 new 90's inspired garage/punk tunes. Featuring members of The Splinters/Ex-Wax Idols. Comes with digital download code.

PANIC BEATS, THE - Debut LP (Night Fighter Rec.) 14,50 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Part 1 of the trilogy!!! The final LP part "Without Warning" comes out at P.Trash right now!!!
Michigan’s not got a whole lot going for it these days, in an era of economic recession and a problematic auto industry, but hey, there’s Dale VanThomme, also of The McFlys, and that counts for something. Basically takes on the roll of one man band for this debut LP release from The Panic Beats. Credited with handling the vocals as well as playing guitar, bass and drums, the self titled debut on Nightfighter Records, which was released July of this year, is a pretty bad ass slice of an even dozen pop punk tracks in the style of Teenage Bottlerocket/The Lillingtons with, of course, a very heavy Ramones influence present throughout. Lyrically, though, The Panic Beats take a much darker course, preferring to sing about the nastier side of life than to wax nostalgically about love lost and the girl that got away. Girls don’t get away here, instead they’re bound and gagged in the back of a car – or so says the second track. Like I said, they take a darker course.
Other subjects covered on VanThomme’s opus are radioactive mutations, alien invasions (there’s that Lillingtons influence mentioned earlier), running from the law with blood on your hands, female hitchhikers and creepy voyeurism. It’s all played about as fast as fast can be and plenty tight. As dark as it is lyrically, however, there’s a sense of humor to it that makes it plenty listenable and just try to stop your foot from tapping once you’ve given it a few spins and you start to get familiar with it. Is this stuff fancy? Nope, not in the least and the production values are decidedly low-fi, but VanThomme’s come up with some seriously catchy stuff to pump your fist and sing along to.

PANIC BEATS, THE - Strike Again! LP (Night Fighter Rec.) 14,50 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Part 2 of the trilogy!!! The final LP part "Without Warning" comes out at P.Trash right now!!!
Available in three different colors (black, green and clear w/ black haze) of vinyl, each entombed in a full-color jacket and complete with double sided lyric/poster insert. Get yours before it gets you!
Michigan’s finest one man horror infused pop punk act THE PANIC BEATS, which (in the studio at least) is made up of one man - Dale VanThomme – is back, following up their full length debut with a new full length studio albums "Strike Again". While VanThomme hasn’t reinvented his sound for either one of these albums, those who heard the first record probably won’t complain. The music is fast, the guitars are up front and loud, and the riffs are catchy as Hell. The influences that made the first album so much fun – The RAMONES, The LILLINGTONS, The QUEERS, TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET and their ilk – are the same influences you’re going to hear again this time around as well, and that’s something we can all be thankful for. Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy proved you don’t need more than three chords to make a great album, and there are those, such as THE PANIC BEATS, who learned from the best in that regard.
"Strike Again", is not surprisingly more of the same – but again, fans of the darker side of pop punk won’t mind. We don’t get any ‘Sick Rock’ cover this time, instead a very cool eighties slasher inspired piece where the hooded PANIC BEATS mascot is watching a curvy cutie talk on the phone from outside her window – we’ve seen enough horror movies around these here parts to know what happens next! Lyrically VanThomme stays in familiar territory, with tracks like Black Gloved Killer paying homage to Giallos aplenty and the track Rats (in which he sings ‘Rats! It’s gonna be a night of terror!’) showing some obvious affection for none other than the late, great Bruno Mattei (how many other bands do that?). They Call Him Django takes things out of horror movie territory but really only for that one, single track – and it’s a stand out number – before heading back into the shadows with songs like Phantasm (‘Don’t look back, there’s a silver ball coming!’), Stranger In The Dark and last but not least, Night Of The Bloody Apes (‘Don’t put an ape heart in a human!’).
While THE PANIC BEATS are hardly the first band to mix horror movies and punk rock (The CRAMPS & The MISFITS did it decades ago), they do what they do very well and this new album, released after a rather prolific period in the studio, are well worth adding to your collection!!!

PANIC BEATS - Without Warning LP (Full Trash 82)
Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves! 11,75 Euro
Limd. 96 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in red wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves! For P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
Lock up your daughters, the axeman is coming. Dale van Thomme's one-man gang PANIC BEATS slipped out of the straightjacket and is on a killing spree again on his third splatter platter that drips of blood and mayhem in every corner and leaves blood stains all around your stereo. This one rips your heart out with 14 literally diversified stabwounds that deal with killing, slashing, ripping, bashing, mutilating, slaying, murdering, strangling, biting, beating, slitting, punching, hacking, smacking, executing, slaughtering and then some good old death and destruction as well. Jeez, this makes the MISFITS look like virginal choir boys singing Christian songs for old ladys on a summer Sunday afternoon. All this poetic beauty is accompanied with fast and raw RAMONES-style Punk between a zombiefied and putrid version of TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET, MISFITS and the SPITS without their synthisized horror flick background muzack. Not for the weak of mind and gusto, the record comes with artwork by Rick Melton (who is popular for horror DVD covers and "The Dark Side" magazine) that fits like hand in a bloody glove. Mixed in salt acid by Dave Williams (STEVE ADAMYK BAND, CRUSADES, SEDATIVES etc). You're dead meat after this one.

THE PANIC BEATS - Rest In Pieces LP (Full Trash 94)
Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in blue wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves! For P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
There is a knife that never runs dull......There is a bloodthirst that never can be quenched....There is a well of lives out there that never runs dry. About time for PANIC BEATS master sicko Dale VanThomme to send out the hooded ripper again.
Piece by piece this new album adds to the rotten Slaughter-Punk corpse that Dale has been suturing up in his basement in the last couple of years. Again, there’s enough blood and gore in every groove of this record to make a butcher smile. Dale’s chop chop skills have improved steadily and he takes his time now to delightfully disembowel his victims and frantically feast on these 12 horror-flick-inspired, RAMONES-riff-drenched and manically driven songs that leave nothing to the imagination. With songs like “Get ready for a bloodbath“, “Chop Chop“, “Silent Night, deadly night“, “I drink your blood“ or “God forgives, I don’t“ he shows how big a fan he is of unleashed psychos and killers and how much he gives a damn about metaphors, messages and good taste. Is the acoustic title track on the end of the record a sign that the ripper is retiring? From the expression on his face under the hood (again a fine piece of art kaputt by Rick Melton) you can tell: He hasn’t even started yet. Severed heads make the ripper grin. Grab a knife, punk!

PANIC BUTTONS - Alabamalama LP (Ken Rock Rec.) 9,50 Euro

PARROTS - Loving You Is Hard 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,50 EUR
The Parrots is a fresh-from-college young garage-surf trio from Madrid, Spain that's causing a commotion in the garage-surf scene this year. Last year they self-released a demo EP; the video for the main track on this demo has already 32.000 views on YouTube and shows a band that knows how to have fun playing great music. Their first official recording was a 7" released in early 2014 via cult indie label from Madrid, Sonido Muchacho. The live video of one of the songs on this single ('Dee Dee Dangerous'), filmed on stage in Amsterdam's Red Light District (where they recorded it), got 50.000 views in just two weeks. Before the end of 2013 they recorded two more tracks with legendary Spanish producer Paco Loco (The Posies, Las Kellies, The Sadies, The Jayhawks, Steve Wynn...) for their second 7" to be released in August via Bachelor Records from Austria (sharing catalogue with such favourites as Black Lips, Dead Ghosts, Hunx, Smith Westerns...). Their fresh sound, reminding of American bands such as Black Lips or Strange Boys!

PARTY BAT – Do You Wanna Party With A Bat? 7" (Tic Tac Totally Rec.) 6,50 EUR
PARTY BAT is not human. He is a nocturnal rock n roll animal. When a keg smashes through that police car windshield and a black figure disappears into the darkness….it was him. When you walk in the door after work and your girlfriend mysteriously has a condom hanging out of her ass…it was him. The signal could come up at any time…and for any reason…interrupting the mysterious character peeing on his own shoes behind a dumpster. “Fuck…another party situation” and the bottle drops. In this first installment of party themes, small children can play musical chairs with songs mangled, drunk tunes reminiscent of The Spits, Catatonic Youth, Ramones and Wax Museums, delivered by a masked animal that is simultaneously as cheesy as David Lee Roth and as sexy as David Lee Roth’s dick…on weed. Choose your own adventure kids. But homework gets you nowhere. Party Bat is actively searching for the party. If you know where the party is at….call PARTY BAT.

PAST - Czarno/Biala (Black/White) LP (Full Trash 133) (Co-release with Samuel / PHR Rec. / Contraszt! Rec. / PAST Rec.)
Limd. 100 "Regular" P.Trash Rec. Edit. Sold Out!
Limd. 200 "Regular" Past Rec. Edit. Sold Out!
Limd. 150 "Samuel / PHR Rec." Edit. Sold Out!
Limd. 150 "Contraszt! Rec." Edit. Sold Out!
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. black wax, black artwork printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard! 16,90 Euro
If you are able to crack a smile even through the tears, the new album of Polish band PAST will be exactly for you! Their raw sound can't deny countrymen of SIEKIERA´s classics - they can be as cold as X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND, but full of hope and energy, they can also give you new zest for life. They are more melodic than VÅNNA INGET and more melancholic than MAKTHEVERSKAN. On the LP "Black/White", the 80's post-punk gets a distinctive character also thanks to the strong vocal of the singer Gosia, who really performs her dissatisfaction with the state of today's world with expression and is not satisfied with a vacant "singing". She's got an opinion, she complains, calms down, screams, she can dream away and get angry and her fellow bandmates are helping her with that. Eleven songs and a cover by EWA BRAUN are definitely not black and white. On the contrary, the album is full of colors - the brighter ones and the darker ones as well. However, all of them are intensive and that's a specific sign of PAST. Moreover, the lyric poetry in Polish makes it believable and leaves no space for empty phrases. Fans will be able to get the vinyl "Czarno/Biala" for instance on the mini-tour in the Czech Republic or in Gliwice, where PAST are going to be a support for the legendary CLAN OF XYMOX. (Demi / sanctuary.cz)

PATSY'S RATS - Rock N' Roll Friend 7" (La Ti Da Rec.) 6,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Heading turning debut from these Portland upstarts, feat. Christian Blunda (Mean Jeans) and Patsy Gelb (Scavenger Cunt, Giant Sand collaborator on occasion!) Mastered by Greg Mindorff. more info soon...

PEARLS - Same LP (Rijapov Rec.) 12,50 EUR
This Italian imprint’s brief meteoric flight across the musical landscape resulted in a dozen 7” singles and EPs between 2006-2009. Now they’re back with a vengeance (and a self-deprecating, Stiff-inspired slogan: “Record label of poor quality and bad taste”), delivering their first 12”, courtesy Milano’s female garage pop duo, The PEARLS. The gals (guitarist Simona from THEE BOMB-O-NYRICS and drummer Stella from The SENSBLES, although they prefer the sobriquet “StellOna”) deliver minimalist, lo-fi pop stompers (in English) that pack a lot more punch than one might expect from six strings and a drum kit! “Shine A Light” and “Infinity Call” add some interesting phasing effects to the proceedings (the latter even boasts a bona fide guitar solo!), and Stella’s guitar lines bear a strange luminescence reminiscent of early primitive pronouncements from The CURE, FALL, et. al. “Walking” has an alluring, SHONE KNIFE naiveté and “Reality Is My Dream” (false starts and all) cuddles up inside your head like a cobra poised to attack at the very fibre of your pleasure dome. Simona puts some surfy twang on that thang in closer “Safe Escape”, which wouldn’t be out of place at a B-52’s reunion. In short: wonderfully sloppy, juvenile, garage rock for Generation Y that defines what fun is all about in the 21st century. We need more bands like The PEARLS to shake us up and wipe the musical cobwebs and doldrums out of our heads.

PEAWEES - Bleeding For You / You Should Have Known Better 7" (BAM! Rec.) 4,90 EUR
Las*Pezia's punk'n'roll pride is back in action, finally on vinyl (and on 7''!!) after several years!! Catching up from their 2001 shocking album "Dead End City", they're continuing on their road towards the roots of rock'n'roll and country. This brand new single, limited edition of 300 numbered copies, contains their most WESTERN episode "Bleeding for you", and their exclusive cover of "I should have known better". Two great songs and a journey towards the disclosure of how much love can hurt sometimes. Like thorns of roses. FOR FANS OF: Devil Dogs, Supersuckers, Radio Birdman, Social Distortion.

PENG! PENG! - Same 7" (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 5,20 EUR
Hectic synthie driven garagepunk out of southern Germany with a member of the mighty MALADRO!TS. Four songs full of joy, melody and a certain 60s drive. FFO BIG EYES, HATEPINKS, MANIKINS, THE TOYOTAS. Know, what I mean?

PERCULATORS – White Trash 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) 5,20 EUR
From Stockholm these young goodlucking punkkids are, here is the debut record and it have five super hot tracks. Female and male vocal and easy to like for a man like ken.

PETS - Let's Go 7" (Douchemaster Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Two new killer tunes from Oakland's PETS. THE PETS, however, sound like they might have lived down the road in LA in 1975-76. There's a touch of punk and a hint of glam as well, but they fall perfectly into neither category. Both songs are very well planned and perfectly executed. Fans of the Time Flys 7"s will love this new PETS single.

PHARMACY / JAPANTHER split 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,00 EUR
This red hot slab of wax was recorded in the desert whilst on a shared U.S. tour. JAPANTHER (Brooklyn, NY) let loose a trashy version of their anti love/anti war number "Not At War." A song that captures the duos true Ramonesy/Germish brat-pop style to a T. THE PHARMACY (Seattle, WA) fire back with "What Are You Doing With Your Life" an upbeat epic complete with piano hooks and breakdowns. Some where between Nirvana and Otis Redding these three smiling friends kick out good poppy punk anthems with a tinge of soul.

PHONE JERKS - ...Can't Stand The Maritimes 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 6,00 EUR
The 7" issued with three different covers

PHOTOBOOTH - Da Me Tus Besos 7" (Daggerman Rec.) 5,75 EUR
First 7" from one of the best current Bay Area bands. Awesome garage-pop tunes that'll bounce around in your brain for days. Features former members of FM Knives and Mothballs.

PINDRIVERS - Head Banger Gangasta .... - 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Unknow young man from italian band plays Raw Punk Blues, with an Oblivians cover " Nigger Rich " !!!

PINK NOISE - Alpha LP (Almost Ready Rec.) 14,90 EUR
Of every band that gets slapped with the term 'Noise-Pop,' Montreal's PINK NOISE are the ones who most exemplify it. After a string of moody, off-kilter 7"s, cassettes and last years debut LP, the band returns with an album whose small tweak towards structure leads to some very big and interesting results."

PINK NOISE - Dream Code Tape (Jerkwave Rec.) 7,50 EUR
The first full-length tape release from this French Canadian guitar and electronics duo. Those who caught their track on Almost Ready’s “World’s Lousy With Ideas Volume 2” comp have been craving another fix. Drum machines, pop-hooks, processed guitars, distorted vocals, boombox recording aesthetic.

PINK NOISE - Gilded Flowers Tape (Campaign for Infinity Rec.) 7,50 EUR
New cassette by Montreal’s The Pink Noise. More post-apocalyptic industrial punk from these synth outsiders. Fiercely mangled synthesizers, pounding rhythms and blown-out guitars are showcased on this Pink Noise release. Limited 175, now out of print."

PINK NOISE - Graffiti Youth LP (Kill Shaman Rec.) 14,90 EUR
The 3rd album by this Canadian twopiece, and equally as good as their previous ones, though dirtier and rougher! 12 new tracks of purely analog noisy Synth-Pop, with pulsing rhythms and distorted vocals. The difference between PINK NOISE and most other current LoFi/bedroom synth-punk bands is that don't sound like cheesy pop at all, but have this apocalyptic post-industrial feeling!

PINK REASON - Borrowed time b/w Scared shitless 7" (Fashionable Idiots Rec.) 4,50 Euro
New EP from the great PINK REASON that brings 2 more cuts of self-described suicide/drug punk. If you are already a fan, you won't be disappointed. If you aren't...well, these are shorter songs and more straight forward than previous efforts!

PINK REASON / HUE BLANC'S JOYLESS ONES LP (Floridas Dying Rec.) 12,90 Euro
What a perfect split! Two bands compliment each other so well doing each others songs. Not so much covers as a different perspective on the exact same emotions. The line quickly blurs between these bands as two separate entities, as they grab onto the other’s words and make them their own. The fact that the warmest moments on this record come in repeated refrains of “Down On Me”, should give you some perspective.

PINK WINE - Same LP (Full Trash 97)
Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into normal sleeves! 11,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in bubblegum-pink wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves! For P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
At the zenith of this hot summer it’s the right time to proffer you fresh debut full length of PINK WINE from Toronto. Add one part sucked blood from OUTTACONTROLLERS, MARKED MEN, BLACK & WHITES and one part pure sweat from NO BUNNY-, HUNX AND HIS PUNX- or ERGS!-Live-Set to an oldfashioned tub filled with ice to take a header into and you probably get an idea of what this record is all about.
This Canadian four-piece is a frantic urge to party! For an ultimate legal high taste PINK WINE with your ears ordering this platter of wacky power-pop punk and for perfect satisfaction go & see them live.
Any further lurid details needed!? Here we go: one inlay & great artwork, two colours (100 bubblegum-pink wax & 500 traditional black wax), two recording sessions (Sep 2012 & Feb 2013), two drummers (one each session), two speeds (33/45 one each side), two sides (A & B - Hell Yeah!), twelve catchy tunes…by all means a lot of FUN!!! And now together: “…I like Pink Wine – my friends all feel the same – we drink it all the time…I like Pink Wine…” Cheers!

PINPRICK PUNISHMENT - Blood Bag LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
I have yet to hear a tune from Tokyo's PINPRICK PUNISHMENT I don't like. Their first two 7" are pulsating collages of choppy ear piercing noise-punk, and they build on those singles here. PINPRICK PUNISHMENT are like a beautiful parasitic-mutation of early SST heavy hitters (Black Flag and Saccharine Trust) and the Sam McPheeters lineage of HC: specifically Wrangler Brutes, Men's Recovery Project and Born Against. A caustic, chaotic beast that probably shouldn't work; but really does. The lyrics are bitter, yet clever. The guitars are schizophrenic and totally unpredictable. And the bass / drum interplay seem to be mere shadowy cornerstones to the cacophonous guitar and vocal anchor that harness each track. Blood Bag is a gleefully sadistic blitzkrieg that rages through perfectly executed solos, burly downhill riffing and an overall cohesiveness that you don't find in to many bands today.

PIPSQUEAK - Ain't That Sad +3 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Long time ago I came to the BACHELOR office, slightly drunk after the lunch break, and I wanted to chill a little bit and play EMERALD MINE on my personal computer, Commodore 128D. I couldn’t find the right 5 ¼ inch floppy disk and it made me angry so I called Mindy via intercom to look for it under my desk or something. Well, she came in, also a bit tipsy, and sat on my desk, right where this white foldable device with the apple on it was standing, an apple that has been used already cause you can easily see that someone has bitten of a piece. Anyways, this thing began to send audio signals of superior quality, true in sound but I couldn’t get the lyrics. Mindy was also pleased, she said “Wow but weird-oh!”. After very entertaining 2 hours I called the interns to find out what this is and I also gave them a recording contract and instructions on how to get this “artist”. Now, only 2 years later I finally have the lyrics! Printed with black ink on with paper, on the inlay of the PIPSQUEAK debut vinyl 7”! Man, that was a crazy day.

PISS N' BLOOD - F.T.W. CD 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) 10,90 EUR
This is a limited edition European press of Piss N' Blood's debut full-length album. Each copy of this limited releases comes in great 7” style packaging and includes an exclusive poster and a 2.5” badge.
“F.T.W.” exposes corruption, political hodgepodge and the selling out of the American dream. Early Brit swagger ala Sex Pistols and classic Orange Curtain punk rock define Piss N’ Blood’s sound . If you miss that classic early / mid '90's sound of 'Put Strength In The Final Blow' or 'Garibaldi Guard' era US BOMBS with a hint of early BONECRUSHER then you badly need this album. Ron Anger spews it like it is, don’t like it, fuck you. A wake up call for today’s youth. Orange County isn’t wasted on these guys as they blaze new trails while remaining loyal to O.C. sound of dreams gone by, all the while sounding like they just nicked their wardrobe for the King’s Road in ’77.
Tracks: G.I. Junkie / 24 Hour Machine / Manic Trigger / Insane / Treason / New Breed / Piss N' Blood / Killer Robot / Opium Lovers / Old Boring Rebels / Beautiful Losers / Search & Destroy.

PISS TEST - Same LP (Taken By Surprise Rec.) 12,90 EUR
PISS TEST formed in Portland, Oregon a few years ago when drummer Rodrigo Diaz was mandated to urinate in a plastic jar in order to secure steady work. He brought up his forming a punk band idea to former Red Don, Zach Brooks. They decided to forgo looking for a bass player, and teach Zach’s better-half Samantha Gladu to play. Rodrigo and Zach figured the last thing the world needs is another punk band with three aging dudes. After all, the couple-plus-a-drummer lineup worked for Dead Moon. And like Toody before her, Samantha quickly became the driving force of the band, making it her mission to encourage women to start bands and telling the creeps to fuck off. But what’s with the Dead Moon references? PISS TEST don’t sound like Dead Moon! None of them even own a leather vest. You, discerning German music fan, would like specific references? Think about the angrier side of early Texas or SoCal punk, with a dose of the Great Pacific Northwest (where bands can’t help but sound a little bit like The Wipers). PISS TEST have also had several comparisons to Proletariat, which they weren’t really going for, but don’t complain about.

PISS TEST – Second 7” (Taken By Surprise Rec.) 5,25 EUR
PISS TEST return with a second EP and continue their assault of snotty punkrock jams in the vein of ANGRY SAMOANS, THE LEWD or Portland’s KBD heroes THE STIPHNOYDS. Four new tracks, four new hits.

PITS - My Belief In Ruins 7" (Rapid Pulse Rec.) 4,00 Euro

PLAN R - Not A Waste 7" (Clarence Thomas/ Bistro Distro Rec.) 6 EUR
New KILLER band from Colin CLOROX GIRLS. Two songs recorded at the same time as the out of print "My Friend Is Dead" 7". Hardcore punk at it`s FUCKING BEST from Portland, Oregon." 1st press comes with home-made stamped sleeve and label

Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Judging by the look of the cover and the name, I would have guessed it to be pure 77 punk rock. Even more so, because Smail Shock produced the record. It turns out to be a bit different, more original. Although the sound is undoubtedly influenced by the British 70s sound, there's 80s Wave and something really genuine to it. With "Born A Lion" they skillfully blended a punk reggae song into the mix. The songs are somewhat new, vibrant and fresh. It's not too common that bands from the 77 scene show some originality. The vocals are male and female which adds some more diversity. "Propaganda Superpower" is a true 77 Wave Punk hit! Chorus and guitars are catchy. Brilliant! I liked the guitars very much, anyway. It surely isn't the one and only good tune on the record. Of the 500 records, 77 are on pink vinyl. Fittingly, the Hamburg-based PLASTIC PROPAGANDA call themselves "the pink P in everyday's black and white". Every cover will be decorated by hand. Do it yourself. The printed inner sleeve shows the lyrics and a big group shot. The 13-track LP comes with a sticker and a download. I definitely give a thumbs-up because I feel that the people who made this record really care about it and put a great deal of effort in it. Micha.

PLASTIQUES -101 Digipack CD (Digital Trash 03)
Only the 1st press comes with this RAMONES-memorial leatherjacket artwork plus hidden CD bonus-track 13,- Euro

PLAYMOBILS - International Lifestsyle LP (Full Trash 05) 11,5 Euro
1st press limd. 500 black 180g wax

PLEASE STOP! - Power Suit And Dead Bodies 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Regular 1 Edit. 5,75 EUR
PLEASE STOP! - Power Suit And Dead Bodies 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Regular 2 Edit. 5,75 EUR
PLEASE STOP! - Power Suit And Dead Bodies 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Limd. Edit. Printed on transparent sleeve 9,90 EUR
Four malcontents from Minneapolis play raw and snotty punk rock, 8 cuts on this red hot debut 7"!!!

PLUTONES - Hit Me +3 7" (Nasty Product Rec.) 5 Euro
RECCOMENDED!!! Oh my god, what a fantastic 7". 1st 7" from THE PLUTONES only 3 weeks before P.Trash Rec. release their split 7" with LOS RAW GOSPELS. PLUTONES are Ex-FATALS Wlad & Will plus Eric from KUNG FU ESCALATOR and Ned from TELEZED. And you`ll get the BEST LoFi Bluespunk Noise I have heard since the 1st two FATALS 7"es!!! Limd. 300

--limd. 500 x black wax/ thick cardboard sleeve 4,50 EUR
--limd. 430 x red wax/ thick cardboard sleeve (Red wax for the tour and Mail-Order only) 4,50 EUR
--Special Edit. limd. 70 copies come in red vinyl and has an extra silk-screen-jacket wrapped around it. (Out Of Print)

PLUTONIUM BABY - The Cassette Store Day Tape ( In The Shit Rec.) 7,50 EUR

PNEUMONIAS - Automatic Pistol 7" (Reflex O-Matic Vibrator / Frantic City Rec.) 5,00 Euro
After 2 singles on High School Refuse/Reject Records from Holland and a split single with the mighty FOUR SLICKS from Paris, the PNEUMONIAS are back with a brand new 4-track single recorded last summer with Lo'Spider (MAGNETIX, ZOOMEN, FATALS, AGGRAVATION). With a new drummer, the Filthy Frenchie trio plays faster and tighter, still bearing that typical RIP OFF punk sound but takin' more to the ANGRY SAMOANS or ZODIAC KILLERS than before. There's actually an ANGRY SAMOANS cover on this record! The other songs are 2 killer snotty Garage Punk songs ("CHUCK BERRY meets THE RAMONES" as Dead Beat records said) and an upbeat Ramonesy Power Pop gem. The PNEUMONIAS have played with bands like the KIDS, ZODIAC KILLERS, MARKED MEN, BRIEFS, MAGNETIX and many others in their home country or in Germany and Netherlands and they've been the talk of the town lately so don't miss this one mate!!

PNEUMONIAS - Still Lurkin' 10" (Frantic City Rec.) 11,90 EUR
The Pneumonias were on the first two records out on Frantic City Records, now they are celebrating their 10 years of lurkin' around with this new 10 track 10" and it turns out to be Frantic City's 30th release, co-released with Juvenile Delinquent Records who put their "Cheap Trash Session" tape out last year! Their first gig was opening for The Egos (from Melbourne, featuring Mad Macka from The Onyas... no coincidence! For those who care he is now playing with the mighty Cosmic Psychos) in La Rochelle in May 2004 and since then they've been pulling out some real trashy and messy Garage Punk shit like the Rip Offs going through an Angry Samoans' set-list. Their first 7"es came out on Dutch label High Shool Refuse/Reject Records in 2004 and 2005, then there was the split 7" with the Four Slicks and the "Automatic Pistol" 7" on Frantic City, and finally the "Cheap Trash Rock & Roll" CD on Zodiac Records in 2007, which contained 12 tracks taken from their first recording session with Lo'Spider in Toulouse. They then recruited a second guitar player for more virtuosity, as Tony Pneumonia used to be called "Kptain Swindler" and was the brain-master of the Swindlers, the only French band who ever put a record out on Rip Off Records (does anyone actually remember THE best Punk Rock label ever?), and then Power-Surf trio the Bikini Men. But Tony never got a chance to record with the Pneumonias until January 11, 2014, when the Pneumonias went back to Lo'Spider's recording shack and layed-down 10 tracks in one afternoon. They actually entered the studio with only 9 tracks but made one up on the spot! Virtuosity I tell you. The guys had so much good music hidden in their bellies that one band was not enough and over the course of the last 10 years, all members of the Pneumonia family started or played in different bands such as the Mean Things, Wild Zeros, Bonzers, Creteens, Protokids and many, many more!

PNEUMONIAS / FOUR SLICKS 7" (Frantic City Rec.) 5 Euro
Killer Split 7". You know PNEUMONIAS from their 1st 7" on High School Reject Rec. they play stuff like KIDS meets SPIDER BABIES and FOUR SLICKS gives you hot rod Garage punk'n roll from france incl. ex-RIP OFF Jon Von on guitar!

POINT LINE PLANE - Curse Chorus Curse EP (S-S Rec.) 5,50 Euro

POISON BOYS - Bad Mouth 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Limd. Edit. Transparent acetate sleeve! 9,90 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
The new 7" from Chicago's POISON BOYS. You went nuts for their debut last year and now it's time to do it all over again

POLAR STRONG - Young Virgin 7" (Fistful Of Rec.) 5,00 Euro
POLAR STRONG is part of a healthy and strong new French rock scene, which has already brought us such upstarts as VOLT, MAGNETIX, CHEVEU, FATALES, FEELING OF LOVE, CRUSADERS OF LOVE, COMPLICATIONS, and so on. The 4-song e.p. contains three self-penned crunchers plus “Platform Blues” the first BASSHOLES cover ever ! (that is, according to DON HOWLAND himself). Recorded and mixed and whatever by Lo' Spider at his infamous Boogaloo Studio's. Once again a 4 song vinyl e.p., hand silkscreened in three colours on brown cardboard, hand numbered and with some cool artwork + inlay-sheet and it’s on white vinyl!

POOR CHOICES / MASCARA NITES Split 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) regular edition is the pink sleeve with the legs 5,20 Euro

POPPETS - Same LP (Full Trash 42)
Limd. 700 regular edition, have 2 color (black/orange) silk-screened covers, printed on thick white paper & black wax 12,00 Euro
Limd. 150 "P.Trash version" have 2 color (silver/red) silk-screened covers, printed on thick orange paper & black wax 12,00 Euro
Limd. 150 "FDH version" have 2 color (silver/blue) silk-screened covers, printed on thick orange paper & black wax 12,00 Euro (ONLY A FEW IN STOCK)
On a cold Febuary morning the two POPPETS took out their caffeine addiction and their old drum computer pal to an empty warehouse where they met up with a cheap gang of guitars, a good-for-nothing bunch of synthesizers and a sock wearing, noise addicted microphone and together they wrung out these 8 minimalistic and animalistic lo-fi gems that were captuired immediately on a 4-track tape recorder.
Their first longer effort to date clocks in at 14 minutes and is filled to the brim with damaged and beat-up Pop that shakes and twitches in every corner. None of the involved had to suffer mental or physical damage and will soon be operational for other releases.
1st press has different silk-screened cover variations!

POPPETS - Steal It Like A Thief LP (FDH Rec.) 15,25 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
“Have you ever chewed a big wad of bubblegum on the beach and gotten sand blown in your mouth? That sugary crunchiness, crackle and pop sensation is similar to the sound of POPPETS, a drum machine based garage-pop duo from Sweden. The group consists of Lina and Magnus, whose crazy pop hooks will instantly make you fall head over heels in love.” This is the bands first LP since 2009 that FDH co-released with P.Trash Rec.

POPPETS – The Long Highway 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) 5,25 EUR
It have to happen and now it happen, and kenrock is happy to give the earth this nice POPPETS record, after some nice 7” and a great LP at P.Trash Records they are back, The long highway is another great POPPETS record, and the sleeve is a hot painting all screened down to paper, and yes black or colored record exist and 300 have been pressed.

POWERSOLO / REAL MONEYMAKERS 7" (Mastermind!! Rec.) 4,90 EUR

PREFECTURE - Same 7" (Rerun Rec.) 5,90 EUR
Prefecture started in late 2006 and for a brief moment anyway, was a punk house favorite in St. Louis. They played snarling Punk-core. Not fast enough for the thrash-only crowd but certainly too abrasive for the hipster/un-punk set. The band recorded this EP themselves, in their practice space. It's loud. It's raw. It's what Prefecture is. The record has three mid-tempo wall-o-punk-fuzz tunes and one Discharge-y blast. Three of the songs were originally intended for release as a 7" on Sack O' Shit Records in 2008. Pressed on thick, black vinyl and packaged in a foldover sleeve with lyrics and pictures. Featuring members of SYNTAX ERROR, Medical Tourists, The Adult Toys, Civic Progress and Manipulation.

PRESS GANG - Same LP (Full Trash 30)
Limd. 166 edition P.Trash part, 3rd and last press with new green artwork! 10,90 EUR
Feeding on anger and cheese macaroni, getting drunk on cheap beer and touching themselves in total sexual desperation, these juvenile delinquents try to cope with their shit-city frustration and spit out these 12 songs of raw and depraved Hardcore-Punk with a primitive and proud "I don't care about your world"-attitude that simply can't be overheard.
These new songs are stripped down and fucked up but still keep a snotty catchiness. Think of end 70s England bands like THE USERS mixed with early 80s mid-tempo Hardcore from Boston and the young ADOLESCENTS, spiced up with killer Bass-lines, stirring chorus and lyrics that speak straight from the heart of any low-life out there.
They deal with being hungover ("Alka-Seltzer"), going nowhere ("Low Life", "Stranded in nowhere"), too many horny nights alone ("D.I.Y."), pissing on people who dominate their instruments ("Musicians"), having no dough and the lack of energy to deal with life ("$$$" and "24/7").
A short and all around slap in the face of modern society and determined bands that want to break through, presented by a singer that soon needs to be delivered into the nuthouse, where JAY REATARD and Doph of DEAN DIRG are already waiting to play a round of Mau-Mau.

PRESS GANG - Same CD (SHOCK & AWE Rec.) 10,50 EUR
Feeding on anger and cheese macaroni, getting drunk on cheap beer and touching themselves in total sexual desperation, these juvenile delinquents try to cope with their shit-city frustration and spit out these 12 songs of raw and depraved Hardcore-Punk with a primitive and proud "I don't care about your world"-attitude that simply can't be overheard.
These new songs are stripped down and fucked up but still keep a snotty catchiness. Think of end 70s England bands like THE USERS mixed with early 80s mid-tempo Hardcore from Boston and the young ADOLESCENTS, spiced up with killer Bass-lines, stirring chorus and lyrics that speak straight from the heart of any low-life out there.
They deal with being hungover ("Alka-Seltzer"), going nowhere ("Low Life", "Stranded in nowhere"), too many horny nights alone ("D.I.Y."), pissing on people who dominate their instruments ("Musicians"), having no dough and the lack of energy to deal with life ("$$$" and "24/7").
A short and all around slap in the face of modern society and determined bands that want to break through, presented by a singer that soon needs to be delivered into the nuthouse, where JAY REATARD and Doph of DEAN DIRG are already waiting to play a round of Mau-Mau.

PRESS GANG / SNIFFING GLUE 7" (Search For Fame Rec.) 4,50 EUR
This is the split 7" by two of German finest bands. SNIFFING GLUE deliver once more 3 perfect '80s influenced hardcore-punk tracks in the vein of their previous releases. PRESS GANG throw in 2 fine KBD-styled punk-smasher. Yet another highyl acclaimed Search For Fame release. If you dig both previous releases you'll love this too. Hurry up; limited as usual!

PRETTY HURTS – Expectations 7" (Erste Theke Rec.) 5,50 EUR
I`m very happy to welcome another outstanding band in our cacophonyc post punk rooster! After Synthetic ID and Cold Circuits, the Berlin based 3 piece PRETTY HURTS got my attention with their demo recordings and with this new EP they blew my mind away!
Cold, dark and icy post punk hits noisy, nervous and insanely driven punk. Disappointment, irritability, alienation, teen-angst, nightmares and hypnagogic hallucinations, packed on a 7". Cold and bleak, but bouncing in defiance, with sporadic tinges of fear. While other bands of their ilk go for a more sullen approach, PRETTY HURTS harnesses their aggression to power through each song like a well-oiled machine.

PRETTY HURTS - Same LP (Rockstar Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Pretty Hurts are pretty great! Their second release on Rockstar is also their first full length album and it's a big step forward. If you look up this band in your mental drawer, you'll find them somewhere between dirty Noise and raunchy Punk. This young trio from Berlin still delivers great quality noise but incorporates a little bit more melody into their songs since their last release. Awesome LP overall - 13 songs. All killer, no filler!

PRETTY HURTS - Make Graves LP (Rockstar Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Limd. with screenprinted silver on white coverart! Six song shooter from this awesome new band that hails from Berlin. PRETTY HURTS easily combine punk rock with noise, melody and with different layers of post hardcore. And they get away with it! These nervous half a dozen tracks sound like an angrier version of some DC Bands during the 'Revolution Summer' mixed with post-modern scandinavian noise bands. You won't find any moments of dullness on this!

PRICEDUIFKES - Can't Lose LP (Monster Zero Rec.) 12,75 EUR
Killer poppunk from Belgium! Snotty as fuck, catchy as suck, with a massive dose Screeching Weasel wittyness and a hint of Nobodys brutality. Like a jar of Nutella to the face. Comes with a free download code.

PRICEDUIFKES - Goathorse LP (Monster Zero Rec.) 12,75 EUR
Belgium punkrockers The Priceduifkes release their first (?) full-length upon the masses! What started in a teenage bedroom in 2003, has mutated into one of Europe's best punkrock bands period. On 'Goathorse', the four boys from Kempen deliver the perfect blend of punkrock anthems, high energy bangers and DIYism. They represent their scene, they stay true. Sometimes Weaselesque, sometimes more No Idea, but always PDS. 12 songs that sound familiar and original at the same time. Down with the haters, up the punx, PDS Jugend 4 ever.

PRIMITIVE HEARTS - High & Tight LP (Full Trash 88)(Co-release with FDH & Resurrection Rec.)
Limd. 150 Edit. P. Trash Regular edition sleeve 12,90 Euro
Limd. 250 Edit. FDH 12,90 Euro
Limd. 250 Edit. Resurrection 12,90 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes with the regular sleeve, plus a neon pink / neon yellow deluxe silk-screened jacket, printed on thick white natural paper! For P.Trash Club-members only! 15,90 Euro
PRIMITIVE HEARTS - Following up a 7" on No Rules! Records, PRIMITIVE HEARTS offer up their first full length record. This Oakland, CA based 3-piece have mastered brass-knuckled, bubblegum garage-pop! This LP blasts thru 12 catchy as hell punky pop numbers in 25 minutes. While they do not reinvent the 3-chord wheel, I do hear them channeling aspects of some of my favorite current west coast bands. They somehow capture the vintage R&B hooks of a band like SHANNON AND THE CLAMS, the sloppy rawness of NOBUNNY, the pop sensibility of HUNX, and the energy of MEAN JEANS, THE MARKED MEN and STEVE ADAMYK BAND. This record is a perfect, feel-good anthem for the 2013 summer. The cool artwork was created by Christian "Billy Jeans" Blunda, the MEAN JEANS!

PRIMORDIALS - Fourteen Prime Numbers LP (Screaming Apple Rec.) 10.90 EUR

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Another Day LP (Static Age Rec.) 11,90 EUR
So you want some P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S? Really? The members of this group have been in Pierced Arrows, Resist, Defiance, Detestation, Severed Head Of State, Poison Idea and about every band to ever come from Portland. The music presented by the P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. is punk rock played with abandon. If you thought rock'n'roll and DIY don't match, THIS will show you the opposite! This wild shit is 100% fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants rock'n'roll. The crazed singing and frantic guitar playing could be likened to Raw Power-era STOOGES material! Punk with the intensity of a shaken-up wasp's nest. The vocals are strong as fuck! The guitars flail! The bass and drums pound on you! This is powerful rock'n'roll crafted by veteran punks! In spring 2015 they will tour whole Europe with their brand new album "Another Day". It sounds like a crossover from NEW BOMB TURKS meets TURBONEGRO... This sounds like broken beer bottles and empty hearts, it'll make you forget all your P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S!

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Doomtown Shakes LP (Rockstar / Doomtown Sounds Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. from Portland, Oregon is a 5 piece Rock‘n‘Roll/Punkasfuck/Hardcore Monster which consists of several punkrock veterans out of Portland. Members have managed to do some mischief in bands like Dead Moon, Defiance, Detestation, Severed Head Of State, Soda Pop Kids or current bands like Don‘t, Hellshock, Breaker Breaker and Pierced Arrows. DOOMTOWN SHAKES is powerful, sleazy and tight and with Jonny the new singer it got just the right amount of snottiness. It‘s like a crazy ride on a rusty roller coaster train that is about to derail!

PSA - Sulla Nostra Pelle LP (Rockin Bones Rec.) 11 Euro
Early 80's Italian punk-hardcore, never released on vinyl before!!! Intense, raging, raw, spikey hair anarcho style from Sardinia.Seminal but political italian punk-hc band of the early 80's who just produced two demos, some compilation tracks, but never issued a 7" so far. A full LP with their first demo (1982) with 28 tracks in 40 minutes! A power mix of nasty Conflict-primordial wild punk style with an overdose of peace-Crass thought and a touch of the famous italian HC-style.

PUBERTY - Same LP (Born Bad Rec.) 15,90 EUR
Puberty (the band, the lifestyle, the etc.) though, belongs entirely to Susanna Welbourneand Lars Finberg. The band was hatched during a pocket of uncertainty, a time when signals seemed to point toward the half-promised oblivion of this duo’s day-job in The Intelligence, a favorite Whip-Wave unit and guardians of The Underground’s coveted Golden Drink Tickets. During these uncertain 2010 evenings, the tag team launchedTrainwreck, a monthly musical happening held at Seattle’s deepest, dankest karaoke dive, The Orient Express. Dance, dress-up (drag?) and debauchery were of principal concern, with a soundtrack tailored to exalt such values. Guess there’s really something to all of that revolting gonad-signaling after all.

PUMPERS - Don't Hafta Go 7" (Rijapov Rec.) 5,00 EUR

PUMPERS - Same 7" (Wallride Rec.) 5,50 EUR

PURE COUNTRY GOLD - Same LP (Empty Rec.) 12,50 Euro
The best rock and roll has always seemed to have a devil on one shoulder, an angel on the other: While the angels promoted melody and harmony, the devils preached energy and urgency. While Pure Country Gold believes that music is best when informed by both of these sides, on this debut album it's clear that they've given a stronger ear to the latter. These 10 songs of R&b-laden garage-punk roll with enough good-time, hard-shuffle exuberance to flatten a house party. Guys and girls will be bobbing their heads and tapping their feet, trying to keep time while holding on to the floor lest they be blown away by Pure Country Gold's wall of raw melody and rousing backbeat. Each listener will be left with a similar sense of euphoric exhaustion, stepping away from the speakers grateful that no exorcism has ever managed to remove the devil from rock and roll.

PURE COUNTRY GOLD - Setting Sun 7" (Shake Appeal Rec.) 5,90 Euro
PURE COUNTRY GOLD's debut LP on Empty records is already making waves and this- their first offering in the 7" format- is yet another scorchin' slab o' garage-punk wax! Featuring two wild, revved up non-LP pounders: "Setting Sun" b/w " Everybody's Wrong" This is sure to be the dance party record of the year!! And as usual, only 500 pressed on black.

PURPLE WIZARD - BBQ 7” (Show and Tell Rec.) 5,00 EUR
The second single from ass-shakin’ NYC garage pop demons, PURPLE WIZARD. Three pitch-perfect tracks, two of which are sharp covers of Stax classics “BBQ” and “That’s My Guy.” “Purple Wizard raunch not unlike the Husbands or Delmonas or fellow Dixie-Cups fans the Gore Gore Girls.”--The Village Voice

PUSRAD - Akta Dig 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) 5,25 EUR