RACKET GHOST - Beech Party / Watch Me Move 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Introducing the debut 7" featuring the wild sounds of the Racket Ghost!! "Watch Me Move" & "Beech Party"!!! Lo-Fi/Explosive Psych/MICHIGAN Rock N Roll !!! The 7" will be issued with three different covers:
Christian Frarey - edition limit. numer . 80 copies
Sarah Koliboski - edition limit. numer . 80 copies
Benjamin Astro - edition limit. numer . 80 copies

RACKET GHOST - Tape (In The Shit Rec.) 7,50 EUR
Their 7" released by Goodbye Boozy Records. This is their 1st tape, limd. 69 copies only!

RADIO DEAD ONES - Celebrate The End LP (Wanda Rec.) 12,50 EUR
As the title said, here we have the farewell album by Berlin´s RADIO DEAD ONES. After 12 years and several releases, the case is closed. With a big bang: "Celebrate the end" is a true and unique Punk Rock party in their very own style.

RADIOHEARTS - Daytime Man 7" (Wanda Rec.) 5,50 EUR
This Is London, not California ... The L.A.-band with a marvelous UK bloodline. The RADIO HEARTS celebrate 79er Punk/Mod Revival/Powerpop-Sound, stylish from the Bowlers sole to the pocket square. BUZZCOCKS/UNDERTONES/CHORDS as blueprint. Very, very British, my dear! 4 smart'n'clever Melody Pearls, refreshingly and damn relaxed served. "No more" lets some California Sun flash, otherwise the sharp-dressed mayfair flavor rules the scenary. With sparkling vodka martini note.

RADIOHEARTS - Tell You 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Limd. 100 Edit is the full-colour cover that is printed on transparent acetate. 9,90 EUR
That's right - it's time for another dose of addictive power pop / punk form The Radiohearts. Their self-described hybrid of ELVIS COSTELLO, THE JAM, and THE BUZZCOCKS is spot on and their sounds is smooth, authentic, and alluring.
On these four new tracks, the band could easily pass for some forgotten sensation of first wave U.K. punk. But while these influences are palpable, Radiohearts don't sound like they're trying too hard to be those bands. They have their own sound, and their song writing is clearly informed by power pop but still unmistakably in the corner of '77 punk with buzzing guitars, meaty bass lines, and hooks that just can't be denied. If you believe in the eternal glory of the sound of '77 this is an essential 7"!

RADIOHEARTS - Lot To Learn 7” (No Front Teeth Rec.) Limd. Edit. is the skull-faced girl printed on transparent acetate 9,90 EUR
In the corners where punk masquerades in pop’s clothing, where power marries pop to piss off their parents and where finding a rare single from the years between 1977-79 is as good as winning the lottery is the world Radiohearts lives in.
If those Powerpearls and Shake Some Action comps, The Boys, Elvis Costello, and Buzzcocks had a kid and that kid was a band it would be named Radiohearts.
Killer debut 4 track 7” that will blow you away. Featuring members The Distraction, Oxidizer, The Thingz, The Cop-Outs, Operator, Big Take Over, The Reflectors, 4 Electric Seconds and Bottled Spirits.

RAINBOW BRIDGE - Big Wave Rider b/w Birdcage 7" (True Panther Sounds Rec.) 5,75 EUR
Debut single from Olympia's RAINBOW BRIDGE, w/Adam from BROKEN STRINGS. "Big Wave Rider" is the upper/downer opus of the summer of 2009, 1976, and 2012. Limited to 500.

RAISED BY WOLVES - Bad motocycho 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) 4,5 Euro
They playing wild shitty garage think Real losers meets the Spaceshits.This will be there debt record!!! More to came soon zaxxon virlle doing a 7" and a label I don`t have the name doing a LP this fall to... so you will soon have a chance to get more records from this brilliant new band soon And the sleeve have a nice 4 colore picture from Merinuk.

RAMESES III / EPIDEMIC 7" (Wakusei Rec.) 4,00 EUR

Goodbye Boozy cover art

Lamma Records cover art

Ramma Records cover art
RAMMA LAMMA - Little Runaway 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Single with 3 cover art variations and 3 labels! Wendy Norton and Ryan King are two of the Milwaukee music scenes most prolific musicians. The husband and wife duo have played in four bands together, and a bunch more separately, swinging from every limb of the rock n' roll family tree along the way.

RAMMA LAMMA - Same 7" + MP3 (FDH Rec.) 5,85 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Where you were in 2002? Were the Atom Smashers the band for you? Wore a chain-wallet. And you thought you looked slick.Well all you goys really make me sick....
As the sun mercifully sets upon the leaky bucket and ransom note tapestries of so much received punk rock wisdom– nothing good after ‘Nuggets’ and before ‘The Ramones,’ Status Quo looking better in lace than in denim, Rip Off Records being anything other than embarrassing – there now un-sprawls a veritable Fulda Gap of credibility wherein nothing is true and everything is remitted. A surfeit of space – a kind of scrub lebensraum interzone – wide open and just-fertile-enough to support the casting of whole new herds of sacred ceremonial cattle, fed/weaned upon the kind of wild assertions and mild-boogie-sauce-sounds previously confined strictly to the ghettoes and tree-houses of fetishistic, male-dominated DJ nights. Now it’s fetishistic niche rock ‘n’ roll; if not a new golden age for rock, at least a fresh cast of clichés!
Ramma Lamma! It’s obvious in every way; in its trappings, deliveries, references and band name. Subtle as a flying mallet, which, if you’re still taking your drinks mixed, indicates to me that you should probably stick to sipping daiquiris with your girlfriends and let this double-shot of sound alone. You may recognize the faces (Ex - Plexi 3 / Kill-A-Watts) and you may even recognize the names, but in the true spirit of budget Paul Gadd-style reinvention you’ll doubtful recognize the dance moves. Boogie! ‘Big Street Time’ (sung by Rye Anne) sounds like Mud’s ‘Dynamite’ arm-wrestling ‘Supersonic’ by Andy Bown in the zebra crossing to Hustler’s ‘High Street’ in the best hyperbolic sense of the compare (the lyrics are about partying). ‘True Life Stories’ (dulcetly delivered by Wynn Dee) brings to mind a lost track from ‘Submarine Tracks & Fools Gold’ with the guitar line sounding utterly Chiswick-ic (and the lyrics personally resonating with this failed soft-drugs user; they’re about partying too).
Whilst so many of their contemporaries continue to dig themselves ever deeper into a one-dimensional Sha Na Na pit of pizza, Whoa-Ohs and Bay Area pop-punk gold lame, Ramma Lamma choogle on down the line with the sweat of Frut, Flash Cadillac and the Flamin’ Groovies. If these guys were younger than me, I’d probably hate them. Recommended to fans of rock, ‘n’, roll and alcoholism.

RAMMA LAMMA - Tiger 7" EP (Certified PR Rec.) 5,75 EUR
For those of you that don't already know... RAMMA LAMMA RULES!!!! WENDY NORTON (guitar/vocals/bass), RYAN KING (guitar/vocals/bass) and JOEL KOPP (drums) from Milwaukee, WI have been in so many great bands over the years it would take me forever to type them all!
Well, here's a few: KILL-A-WATTS, PLEXI 3, THE FLIPS, THE JET SET, SAGGER, REACHAROUNDS, and MONITORS, not to mention Wendy helped run the legendary Kryptonite Records! One thing is for certain—listening to Ramma Lamma will make you wanna party like it's 1975! Think glam... Think powerpop... Think 1970's Saturday morning cartoon funk. Edition of 500 copies pressed on mixed color vnyl.

RANCID HELL SPAWN - Abolition Of The Orgasm 7" (Wrench Rec.) 5,25 EUR
Rancid Hell Spawn have been going since 1988, making records packed with catchy, heavily distorted one-minute punk burnouts for the truly twisted, with record sleeves to match. Rancid Hell Spawn have released five albums and five singles so far, all but one on the Wrench Records label. Rancid Hell Spawn released no new material between 1995 and 2011 but that changed with the release of the "Abolition Of The Orgasm" EP - the first new Rancid Hell Spawn material for over 16 years! There is another EP in the pipeline which will be released in 2012 if all goes well. Watch this space!

RANCID HELL SPAWN - Axe Hero CD (Wrench Rec.) 13,00 EUR
Back in stock!!! Gasp! Shock horror! Rancid Hell Spawn on CD! If you only have a turntable, and can't play CDs, then tough! 22 tracks in 30 minutes including probably Rancid Hell Spawn's best song, the twisted hillbilly punk instrumental: "A Trip To The Worm Farm". This record is hard. Compare it to 22 rounds in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson.

RANCID HELL SPAWN - Scalpel Party CD (Wrench Rec.) 13,00 EUR
Back in stock!!! It had to happen - the Rancid Hell Spawn retrospective. This CD contains the best of the Spawn output to date including the whole of the Chainsaw Masochist LP, all of the tracks from the Gastro Boy EP and the split EP with the Fells, and the best stuff from all the other releases. 43 tracks in all.

RANCID HELL SPAWN - Teenage Lard 7" (Wrench Rec.) 7,5 Euro
Last Copies ever!!! Very Few In Stock!!! From 1995 - and for the moment the most recent release. This record has more distortion than ever before. Play it 3 times and you can work out the tune. The tune is as catchy as ever before - if you can find it. 4 tracks.

RANK / XEROX - M.Y.T.H. LP (Adagio 830 Rec.) 12,90 EUR
RANK / XEROX from San Francisco finally return with four songs of messy post-punk with hidden pop james and dark guitar scratchers and synth screamers. Distorting messy and catchy at the same time.

RAS - Same 7" (Art//Arse? Rec., Smuts Rekårds, Melle Rec., Dempe Rec.) 5,90 EUR
A fresh 2nd 7" after their over the top 2x 12"es! In our opinion Sweden's best punkrock band! The band consist of Kalle from MANIKINS / LOCAL OAFS, Jonas from HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE, Markus from The TURPENTINES and REPUBLICANS and Anders from The UNABOMBERS!!!

RATCLIFFS - Bubblegum Warfare LP (Monster Zero Rec.) 12,75 EUR
From the moldy basements of Innsbruck, Austria, the Ratcliffs come crawling back to the scene with their first full-length! Moody, raw punkrock tunes, written by the mastermind Paul Coyote. Backed up by two nameless ghouls from his neighbourhood, they blast out 12 wild and catchy garage poppunk perls. You dig Hard-Ons, Ramones, early Queers and Mugwumps? Seems like you've found yourself a new jam, oida!

RATS / SHUT THE FUCK UP - Split- Ep 7" (Thrash Bastard Rec.) 4,50 EUR
Umea's finest young band shares this split with East Germanys SHUT THE FUCK UP who play fast, aggressive and powerful early 80s infected hardcore.

RÄTTENS KRATER - Bygga Upp Ett Stort Berg LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 12,75 EUR
Holy shit, this is Punk Rock of the highest caliber. Lodged somewhere in between the intriguing aesthetics and dirty fringes of Sweden's first wave rippers like Cortex and Lädernunnan, RÄTTENS KRATER carve out dark, driving wasteoid hits with complicated riffs and clangy, bouncy hooks. Influences range from the WIPERS to FLIPPER to GANG OF FOUR to a bit of the SWELL MAPS; and they spit shine their noisy, chaotic Post Punk grit with shards of broken glass bashed over an off-kilter, jittery rhythm section. RÄTTENS KRATER 's songs are as much compelling as they are unique and their accompanying artwork really accentuates their gritty, tattered music. Vinyl comes lavishly housed in a two sided printed inner dust sleeve with lyrics and liner notes. LP Jacket artwork by Joanna Ekström.

RAY OMEGA - Same LP (Fin Du Monde Rec.) 11,90 EUR
1st orders will get limd. 100 white wax!!! This is the Debut LP by Berlin based Supergroup RAY OMEGA containing Love the singer of the SONS OF CYRUS and Patrick the Singer of the HARAKEEREES who is behind the Drums, here. One could imagine to find High Energy R'N'R or 60's Garage on this Platter but thats not the Case. This is more Midtempo than high Energy and more 80's than 60's. Think of THE CHAMELEONS, THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES, the (late) DIGITAL LEATHER and even DAVID BOWIE. Dreamy ,melancholic but always very melodic. You get 11 Songs of pure POP perfection with an awesome Comic Artwork by Swedish Artist JOHN ANDERSSON.

REACT! - Same 7" (La Ti Da Rec.) 5,75 EUR
The React! Brand new psych/freakbeat combo, featuring a couple members of The Tee Vees and Mike & Jeff from the TRANZMITORS!

REAL ENERGY - Beyond Delay LP (Erste Theke Tonträger Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Previously called The ENERGY : “It has been said many times and in many ways the what the world needs now is another rock and roll band." This could very well be the one of which the pundits spoke.
The Real Energy are a serial killer blues band and they come up with a potent combination of garage squeal and feedback, don't-give-a-shit vocals and a sense of melody that borrows from '60s girl groups and psychedelic pop. The whole thing has a wonderful and natural devil-may-care attitude that can be severely lacking in today's bloated, pretentious and often histrionic rock world. I thought punk was supposed to kill all that? The Real Energy are quite unique at what they do and they are everything but yet another generic and predictable rocknroll band. First of all, most of the songs on The Real Energy's third record are more than three minutes long… The song structures are repetitive but always fueled with sonic and riff-heavy garage punk rock parts which are written intelligently (and I'm not saying that in a pretentious way). Repetitive riffs are always accompanied with background noise and feedback, killer solos and melodies which reflect the psychedelic side of the 60's and 70's garage + glam rock, and you can even hear some glam rock influences. You just get everything you love in let‘s just call it, what it is - rocknroll.

REAL LOSERS - Rejected #9 7" (High School Refuse Rec.) 5,50 Euro
Some copies of the 2005 release are back in stock jet. Their version of "Rejected At The High School Dance" is FUCKING BEST ever!! Few in stock!!

REAL NUMBERS - 4 Song EP 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,00 EUR
This is the kind of garage punk that makes me glad that I am not completely deaf yet , but I will soon be because I cannot stop listening to these four songs without pumping up the volume just a little bit more after every song. This is the second single of this trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its just not too trashy so you can easily play it when you are DJing at the local hipster hangout and leave the RIP OFFS, PROBLEMATICS, TEENGENERATE and RAYDIOS singles at home cause they have been recorded way to crappy anyways. REAL NUMBERS take the punk edges of before mentioned bands and drench it into a bittersweet juice. Brian Hermosillo (of THE FEVERS and numerous other bands) recorded this masterpiece, an you may also know the other bands the REAL NUMBERS are playing in… BOYS CLUB and RETAINERS!

REAL NUMBERS - Tear It In Two 7" (Floridas Dying Rec.) 5,60 EUR
Following the release of one the best 12”s of last year, REAL NUMBERS is back with more U.K. DIY style pop via Minneapolis. “Tear It In Two” is their best track yet. Driven by one of the catchiest bouncy bass lines, and a guitar tone that can only be likened to playing a chain link fence, this song is a modern pop classic.

REAL TURDS - Demons bbq 7" (Red Lounge Rec.) 4,50 EUR
Selfpened hits & misses like "Demons BBQ", "I'm a Real Turd" or the wild "Leibstandarte Traci Lords" make you wonderwhy not all Krauts can display such a thrilling sound and humor?!!? They have been called:"a slower version of the HIVES but with the same thrilling Action" take a listen..and become a member of the Leibstandarte Traci Lords for life!!!

REAL TURDS - Negerpunk 7" (Red Lounge Rec.) 4,50 EUR
New 7" by this High Voltage Organ-A-Go-Go Band! Are now the REAL TURDS and even better!!! Singer Tex Dixigas is a chubby MICK JAGGER Style dancer on constant Sugar High!! Leibstandarte Traci Lords 4 Ever!!

RED MASS / STRANGE ATTRACTOR Split-10" (Short-Circuit Trash 01)
Limd. 500 regular sleeve and black wax 10,90 Euro
Limd. 100 have different artworks "Freaky Young Hendrix" / "Puking Man", fixed to old-style shellac sleeves and pink wax! For P.Trash Club-members only! 13,90 Euro
A record that has more colors than a Disney movie on LSD and is crazier than the whole Muppet Show running out of Ritalin. Yes, Ladies and Gents, it's the P. Trash premiere of the nice and handy 10inch format with a bunch of manic and fabulous tunes on either side.
Starting with STRANGE ATTRACTOR (spinning on 45 rpm) you get some short and snotty blasts of melodic Punk songs by Jeff, drummer of the STATUES. He makes more noise with his warehouse guitar than an entire Bluespunk orchestra and recorded this tasty collection in his basement all by himself with a little help from Ian of the SEDATIVES on Vox organ. His version of Germany's first Punk band BIG BALLS AND THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT ''Kick her in the dirt'' will kick you in the balls, no matter how big or dirty!
More sonic madness awaits with RED MASS on the 33 rpm side. It's Choyce from CPC GANGBANGS and LES SEXAREENOS beating this meat and his cheap guitar in ''Stains'', doing a handclapping good job in a run-down version of NERVOUS EATERS' ''You've heard this chords before'' before closing with the bebopping ''Charlie Brown'', bringing out the Muppets again.

RED MASS - Happy Endings 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.)
Red Mass New Recordings !! Single with 3 cover art variations and 3 labels:
RED MASS - Happy Endings 7" (Goodbye Boozy Rec.) cover art, Limited to 110 hand numbered copies 5,50 EUR
RED MASS - Happy Endings 7" (Red Mass Rec.) cover art Limited to 95 hand numbered copies 5,50 EUR
RED MASS - Happy Endings 7" (Chaos Rec.) cover art Limited to 95 hand numbered copies 5,50 EUR

RED MASS - Same 7" EP (Certified PR Rec.) 5,95 EUR
Backstock, Last Copies! The latest in 7-inch action from RED MASS, who create dark, driving, and repetitive apocalypse-punk that's unique to Montreal, especially considering that this band features members of now-defunct CPC GANGBANGS. Their dissonant and disjointed dark-wave eventually erupts into hypnotic noise. The sound and vocals range from the low preach of Bad Seeds-era Nick Cave to the severe rants of Fear's Lee Ving, all bound and gagged with acidic guitar solos revived from long-dead Eddie Hazel.

RED MASS - Split Brain Experiment 10" (Rococo Rec.) 13,90 EUR
RED MASS creates dark, driving, and repetitive apocalypse-punk that's unique to Montreal, especially considering that this band features members of now-defunct CPC Gangbangs. Their dissonant and disjointed dark-wave eventually erupts into hypnotic noise. The sound and vocals range from the low preach of Bad Seeds-era Nick Cave to the severe rants of Fear's Lee Ving, all bound and gagged with acidic guitar solos revived from long-dead Eddie Hazel. This 10" starts out curiously open but gets progressively darker as you are sucked deeper into their vacuum of violence.

RED MASS - To All The Good People 7" (Dusty Medical Rec.) 5,50 EUR
RED MASS is the brainchild of Roy Vucino of CPC GANGBANGS and LES SEXAREENOS fame, but functions more as a collaborative art project meets doomsday cult. Releasing scores of material at a near constant pace without sacrificing quality or originality, Red Mass serves up new directions in current rock n roll from mind blowing psych, trashcan free-jazz, electronic infused punk, and just about anything else Mr. Vucino can throw into a song. On this Dusty Medical 7", Red Mass looks backwards with the excellent a-side "To All the Good People," finding common ground between his previous bands while updating the sound to kick a hole in today's mutating sonic wasteland. The b-side, "The Truth About Baby Jane," is a weirdly atmospheric and psychedelic piece buzzing with bizarre electronic noises perfect for late night paranoia or early morning shame. Like all RED MASS releases to date, this record is essential to anyone navigating the historical river of true modern rock n roll as it pioneers into strange new territories. 500 copies (black)

RED MASS - Too Many Parties/ Kinda Funny 7" (Wallride Rec.) 5,75 EUR
All pre-orders and 1st who order now will get the super limd. clear wax edit.!!!
The newest manifesto from Montreal’s RED MASS, fronted by Choyce of CPC GANGBANGS. Two infectiously catchy and equally deranged slices of noisy experimental garage punk that could only come from the one and only RED MASS. Electronic and live drums, fuzzed out guitars, sound effects with hook drenched choruses to tie it all together into a manic odditorium of psychedelic weirdness. Touring extensively with a constantly rotating lineup of likeminded artists, musicians and fellow weirdos, RED MASS will shortly be taking over your shitty town, and soon the world.

RED MASS - White Nights 7" (Zaxxon Rec.) 6,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Two new catchy master-mind songs by 'art punk collective' RED MASS. Directed by ROY VUCINO and this time featuring HANNAH LEWIS (Birds Of Paradise), Pouf (ex Smash Up Derby) on drums and Phil Borden, who also took care of the recordings. Mix up early metal with basic garage punk along with catchy rnr parts and super catchy choruses and you may be near to know what to expect... but ain't RED MASS a 'band' of not to know what to expect ? This is good stuff, this is weird stuff, all family members will enjoy... mastering by Tim Warren, all 300 copies are on Red Vinyl.

REDNECKS - Blitzkrieg Bop Live 1978 CD (Feathered Apple Rec.) 14,00 EUR
Great 1978 Swiss Punk-Live CD from a live radio broadcast including solid covers of The Heartbreakers (Johnny Thunders), The Ramones, etc. by ex-members of The Bastards and Jack & The Rippers!

RED RED RED - Static Signals/Disconnected 7" (Perpetrator Rec.) 6,00 Euro
First slab off the line for new Detroit combo, RED RED RED....ex-PIRANHA Ryan Sabatis, lays down the drumsticks and hauls on the six string to devastating effect. Imagine the more straight forward moments of early recorded PIRANHAS, spring loaded whiplash proto-punk riffs, with a just as tightly coiled rhythm section...the snarl of the PAGANS, the monstrousness of the HUNCHES, the rhythmic ruthlessness of SCRATCH ACID....LP "Mind Destroyer" coming on Big Neck Rec.

REGAL – Two Cycles And A Little More LP (Born Bad Rec.) 15,90 EUR
Regal is probably the only French garage band whose members met on World of Warcraft. Very quickly confronted by the limits of their skills on banjo, Xavier (drummer for The Last Rapes of Mr. Teach, Le Pécheur) and Caelan put their folk aspirations aside, called upon Maxime to play bass guitar, and turned to a post-garage-punk-psych-country style. They were also joined by Antoine Marchalot, the "living good of comical comic strips," whose personal and unexpected sense of humor is equal to his sense of rhythm. The band organized several European tours, sharing stages with Hellshovel, Thee Oh Sees, J.C. Satàn,...

REGISTRATORS - Imagination World 7" (Snuffy Smile Rec.) 6,50 Euro
Limited two song Japan 7-inch from one of Japan`s greatest punk bands of all time!!! Only a very few in stock!!!

REGULATIONS, THE - Different Needs 7" (P.Trash 36 / Ny Våg 15)
Limd. 900 x black wax/ thick cardboard sleeve 4,50 Euro
Limd. 100 copies come in black vinyl and with an extra silkscreen foldout jacket. Sold Out
This is the European version of the REGULATIONS highly anticipated new platter where the Swedes brilliantly mingle dirty `70s Swedish Punkrock with the energy, rudeness and melody of early `80s LA Punkrock a la ADOLESCENTS or CIRCLE JERKS.
Rough, melodic and complex guitars, very good arrangements topped with some gritty vocals and pissed-off introspective lyrics make each of these 4 songs a hit. Top notch material from one of the best Hardcore-Punk bands around today.
Comes as a split release between P.Trash and Dennis Lyxzen's Ny Våg Records with the same insert and artwork as the US-pressing but in a red/white cover.

REIZ - Same LP (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 11,90 EUR
REIZ - Same LP (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) Blue Sleeve 11,90 EUR
Highly recommended debut LP by these german youngsters called REIZ. Formed out of LIBERTY MADNESS / MODERN PETS members and local classifieds these guys deliver ten deutschpunk / garage / 70s punk smashers that make you think about bands like THE SHOCKS, BUTTOCKS, MARIONETZ or THE BRIEFS. Grab it by the pony while its hot. REIZ-Time!

REKLAMATION – Namnlös 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) Limd Red wax 6,50 EUR
REKLAMATION – Namnlös 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) Limd Black wax 5,75 EUR
YES from Hjo with love, one of my absolute favo records, i am so proud that re ken have done this amazing EP one more time one of my top 10 records ever. All 4 track is hot punkrock.

REMENBERS, THE - It's 7" (Plastic Idol Rec.) 5,00 EUR
Straight from Marseille, France, to your turntable, the REMENBERS make their vinyl debut with three primitive garage punkers delivered in jarring, needle-pegged fashion. This band could be easily found on YAKISAKANA, NASTY or P.TRASH REC. in the near future. File under FATALS, HOMOSTUPIDS or KUNG FU ESCALATOR. The title track is a devastatingly powerful introduction, fueled by a thundering rhythm section, shards of guitar squall, and scornful vocals. The B-side goes straight for the jugular with a pair of bouncy, speaker-shredding gems. Limited to 500 copies on red vinyl. Vive la France!

REPROACH / CITIZENS PATROL - Split 7" (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 5,20 EUR
Two times Hardcore punk, wicked fast and pretty sick. CITIZENS PATROL from the Netherlands deliver 4 new songs ffo NEGATIVE APPROACH, DRI or TEAR IT UP, that will make you crazy. REPROACH from Belgium are know for their crude and angry hc punk somewhere between INFEST and DEAD STOP - two new songs. Two of Europes most active skate- / thrash- / fast- / 80s hc bands, that team up for a very overdued release for all kids, that are into fast and nasty punk.

RETAINERS - Lose It 7" (P.Trash 24)
--limd. 500 x black wax/ thick cardboard sleeve 4,50 Euro
--limd. 430 x red wax/ thick cardboard sleeve (Red wax for the tour and Mail-Order only) (Out Of Print)
--Special Edit. limd. 70 copies come in red vinyl and has an extra silk-screen-jacket wrapped around it. (Out Of Print)

RETAINERS - Waste Of Time 7" (Fashionable Idiots Rec.) 4,90 EUR
Twin Cities prolific punk/garage/surf hybrid return with their fifth single, hot off the heels of their great LP on P.Trash!!! Another in the red burner destined to damage your ears in the most infections ways possible!

REVEREND BEATMAN - It's a Beat-Man's World 7" (Squoodge Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Limd. 222 pieces in black wax and a 300 gr inside out sleeve, big centerhole cut and a beautiful artwork by Alvar Raw Beat He published on Squoodge not only extremely limited vinyl singles, but also tried repeatedly to new music varieties. In addition to classics from blues, rock and punk trash, he sees it with electro-punk, post-industrial, EBM and Spoken Words to score. Squoodge is very proud to present a new masterpiece of the Godfather of Blues Trash:
On this 45 rpm Reverend Beat-Man turns with two beautiful numbers all the soul of honor. The A side is a James Brown classic, interpreted in the unique and charming Beat-Man-kind. "It's a Beat-Man's World" is a firework full of charm and wit.
The B-side is actually also an A-side. Here, Beat-Man can not splash out and he has even written and composed a soul song. With "I'll be there for you" he has written a (love) anthem, to hear one in twenty times still misses a goosebumps. This disc is a Beat-Man Must Have a class!

REVERSE COWBOYS - Elvis Product 7" (Bowery Rec.) 5,00 EUR
KBD sound´s heirs, The REVERSE COWBOYS were birthed amidst a slew of blood, sweat, punk rock, and booze sometime during 2006 in a garage in San Diego, California. Since this mess they have been spreading their music all over town playing shows whenever possible. With the release of their debut 7 inch record titled 'Elvis Product' they hope to share this music with anyone and everyone within an earshot of the noise. Do you remember ice and the iced ? Here are the REVERSE COWBOYS!!!

REWINDER - Mainstream Killer 10" (JM Prod Rec.) 13,50 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Highly Recommended!!! Here is a eight track 10" recorded fast, loud, with a precise vision of what the music has become today. This record reminds the day when the equipment was destroyed on stage, when the mainstream establishment was threatened by the underground. The sound and the fury turn into a new combo mixing primitive garage and trash grunge. Rewinder is a duo combining feminine sensuality as well as masculine rage, it is the dirty energy of MUDHONEY, the heavy rythm of L7 and the destructuration of SONIC YOUTH. The concept is to inject the nineties energy into our boring years. A return to the basics, rewind, play and rediscover. The two strong personalities of the band create a sonic blast and a high energy on stage. Aware of a current world in constant need for renewal, REWINDER uses the modern technologies in order to renew the DIY ethic.

RICCOBELLIS / TWISTER – Our Problem Is Not The Fuel, It's All The Rest! 7" (Monster Zero Rec.) 5,75 EUR
Italian Ramones-influenced, pop-punk acts RICCOBELLIS and TWISTER have recently released a split 7-inch titled “Our Problem Is Not The Fuel, It’s All The Rest!” via One Chord Wonder, Monster Zero and Let’s Goat Records. It features 2 brand new tracks from each!

RICH CROOK - Solo 4 Song EP 7" (P.Trash 85) (Co-release with Ghost Highway Rec.)
Limd. 150 "P. Trash Regular" Edit. sleeve artwork right hand side, red wax! 5,50 Euro
Limd. 150 "Ghost Highway" Edit. sleeve artwork left hand side, white wax! 6,50 Euro
Limd. 100 P.Trash Club Edit. comes with deluxe silk-screened covers, black colour printed to metallic mirror silver paperboard, red wax! 10,50 Euro
LOVER! Mastermind Rich Crooks` Solo debut EP 7" under his own name "RICH CROOK"!
4 songs, 4 hits… starts with "Tonight Alright", a rolling pop tune flourished the hippie sound to a modern haunting melody that you will never forget until summer comes to partying with your flower girl in a car on a dark road with a banshee in the back seat… "Tinker Toy" has this essential listening moody guitar style but still with a positive feeling at the end, that only can be represented by Rich.
"Black Eyed Kid" a bit more 60ties inspired song with a great added organ and an amazing but not to flashy Fuzz Guitar! The EP ends with the slower cover "I'm Going Home" by Pittsburgh’s THE SWAMP RATS, makes you dream to get a complete full length by RICH CROOKs flower-garage-punk sound soon.. But what ever it is...is done the unmistakenable LOVER! / RICH CROOK Style!
Artworks drawn by our pal Bernd / Corporate Rock Knockout Zine.

RIOTS - Same LP (Subversive Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Self released, debut LP here by this great new band from Oslo, Norway. Move over TURBONEGRO plus MODERN ACTION-77touch, because there’s some new blood in the water. Obviously swimming in the same riff infected cesspool as their Norwegian contemporaries, these dudes have a rough, rockin edge. But instead of channeling glammy metallic, Rock like their Turbo contemporaries; Riots channel more classic pub rockin’ punk bands like Slaughter And The Dogs, Cock Sparrer and Menace to create an albums worth of tunes that just stick. Really can’t reccomend this one enough. This thing is fuckin great!!!

RITUAL CONTROL - Inoculation 7" (Sabotage Rec.) 5,25 EUR
RITUAL CONTROL started in early 2013, drawing members from a healthy assortment of West Coast hardcore acts. After a demo recorded at Oakland’s Dutch Oven a few months in, the band’s first appearance was a modest side show at Austin’s Chaos In Tejas, just a few blocks from the site where FRAMTID AND TERVEET KADET were tearing the house down. A few months later, with an EP on Residue and a new guitarist in tow, RC hit the northwest, and then recorded the Inoculation ep at Atomic Garden in Palo Alto, CA before a short trip to Texas and Mexico. Sharp, heavy, and disconcerting hardcore – maybe they sound like the product of a combination of the members’ other bands, or maybe they just sound like RITUAL CONTROL.

RIVER CITY TANLINES - Modern Friction 7" (Savage Rec.) 5,00 Euro
RIVER CITY TANLINES from Memphis shouldn't need any presentation. Members from LOST SOUNDS and the TENNESSEE TEARJERKERS it up. One original and one re-worked cover of the Back From the Grave classic "She Said Yes" by the PAINTED SHIP.

ROBOT ASSASSINS - Beneath The Planet Of The Apes 7” (Total Sound Rec.) 5,75 Euro
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! This 7”, released in 1997 on the bands’ own Total Sound Records has been highly praised by everyone lucky enough to get their hands on a copy and to this day fetches a pretty penny on ebay. The ROBOT ASSASSINS, from Oakland, were years ahead of their time but sadly broke up before ever making much of a mark and over the years they came very close to throwing the remaining copies of their one and only record into the San Francisco/Oakland Bay, but luckily they didn't. Later in the year Sweet Rot will be posthumously releasing an LP made up of all unreleased recordings form the band, which Terminal Boredom and Static Party have compared to A FRAMES, The HOMOSEXUALS, SIMPLY SAUCER and The URINALS. In the meantime, we’ve managed to convince the band to let us sell their remaining copies of the release.

ROCKET REDUCERS - Sme LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 12,50 EUR
Debut full length here from the ROCKET REDUCERS hailing from a small town way up north. After a self released 12", these Canucks are back with 12 songs of no BS, tuff neck, Rock 'n' Roll. Remember bands like the New Bomb Turks, Pagans, Teengenerate and Radio Birdman? Well the ROCKET REDUCERS certainly do and they do a damn good job re-wiring punk rock with thick, catchy Ramones-based riffs, played at break neck speeds! The vocals reverberate back ‘n forth in the mix and the recording quality comes off a little rough around the edges which works well for the band. The songs have a nice scuzzy, grit to them giving you the sense that these guys probably roll out of bed around noon, put their Chucks on and head to too the liquor store before going to practice; or gettin’ their pre-party drink on. Raw boned, Rock 'n' Roll played fast, primal and hooky...the way punk rock was meant to be played!

RODRIGUEZ - Black Fingers Tips 10" (Relax-o-Matic Vibrator Rec.) 10,90 Euro
OX Fanzine wrote: Again a wonderful 10 inch by Relax-O-Matic Records from France. As a German from the north of Germany I never liked the austrian dialect, and I always said that the austrian can't rock...I still think that the austrian have a bad dialect, but they can defintely rock! I enjoyed it very well by listening it the first time. On this album there are nine classical garage-punk songs, which made me enthousiastic. The sound is dirty, without being under-produced. The rythm section is making good power, the singing is snotty and agressiv. The lead-guitar work stands out from the typical classical three chords system. Rodriguez have also the confidence to set here and there a Pop refrain. Excellent! It should always be like this. Also the NEW TURKS fans of course too...

ROME ROMEO - Same LP (Machette Rec.) 11,50 EUR
Europe exclusive distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
1st orders get limd. CLAER WAX!!!!
ROME ROMEO was formed in 2007 after the demise of beloved No Idea Records punk band 'FIFTH HOUR HERO'. Along with members from acclaimed Quebec bands 'LE NOMBRE' and 'LES MARMOTTES APLATIES', ROME ROMEO set out to write their first e.p. in the fall of 2008, writing a total of six songs. The self-titled e.p. features five danceable, bass-heavy numbers that rock more like FUGAZI or LE TIGRE than anything from the No Idea catalogue. “Lose Your Head” contains a verse that could be from a long-lost FIFTH HOUR HERO demo, while “Money Loves Money” contains a brilliant hook... with more KYUSS than AVAIL running through the rolling stoner-fuzz of “Good Friends” and “Skin Temperature.” ROME ROMEO defy the genres that they were once held to, and showcase their hook-ridden talent on their e.p., destined to be the soundtrack of summer. http://www.myspace.com/romeromeomtl
Machette Rec. released a Limd. 333 North American version of the Sold Out STEFAN AND THE PROBLEMATIX - Same 7" (P.Trash)!

ROOM 101 - Vox Humana 7" (X-Mist Rec.) 5,90 EUR
This is ONE MAN (Roburt Reynolds from New Orleans) recording and playing everything on this three song EP - and it's no less than a FUCKING POWERHOUSE! No hackneyed cliche of Hardcore, like most of contemporary bands do! You'll get a thrilling mixture instead: Thrashing hardcore like with "Exterminate Adult Thinking", a both raging and catchy song like "Drone Wars", and last not least the odd funky Post-Punk song "Boiys" on the B-side. Like the debut EP of ROOM 101, this is a jam-packed and challenging record! Reminding of the best aspects of 80s Hardcore bands like BIG BOYS or REAGAN YOUTH, a great voice in the vein of Sam McPheeters or the young Keith Morris, but it's also slowed down and irritating (with the Wurlitzer organ or womans yelling in "Boiys")... Expect the unexpected.
Comes in proper heavy cardboard-cover, with lyric-sheet, mini-poster and download-code included. Artwork by the infamous Winston Smith, the man who designed most of the DEAD KENNEDYS covers and invented the DK-logo.

ROTE ROSEN - Never Mind The Hosen CD (Rosenkopf Rec.) 8 Euro

ROCKETS - Very First Ride 7" (Ball Rec., first press with trading cards & comic very rare) 15 Euro

ROTTEN FRUITS - Abomination 7" (Criminal IQ Rec.) 6,00 Euro
--Limd. 3 dif. col. editons in stock (Pink, Green, Yellow) You need them all 1st comes 1st
--We also welcome the ROTTEN FRUITS to the Criminal IQ roster - the self-proffessed "gayest band in Chicago" with a 4 song 7"

ROUTES - Left My Mind LP (Dead Beat Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Stellar Reissue of The Routes debut full length that was released in 2006 on CD-only during the height of the Compact Disc craze. And what better way to celebrate 10 years of Japan's finest than with a proper Reissue of The Routes 'Left My Mind' - the timeless fuzz Garage ripper that really put The Routes on the map. Led by the soulful, raspy crooner, Chris Jack, The Routes didn't simply interpret the fuzzed-out, guitar frantic sounds of bands like The Downliners Sect, The Yardbirds and The Pretty Things; they attacked 'em, with a finesse and style that would later become the raw and primitive cornerstones of their frenzied Riff 'n Roll sound. This deluxe vinyl Reissue includes the entire 'Left My Mind' album along with an unreleased exclusive bonus track that hasn't been unleashed...until now! A nice thorough Reissue including lyrics, vintage photos and extensive liner notes by Chris Jack, along with a few notes by Lightning Beat Man who has his own historical ties to this pivotal release. The original recordings have been fabulously remastered by Andrew Sharlte at Black Diamond Recording Studios and the Reissue includes a beautiful graphic layout by Scott Sugiuchi from Hidden Volume Records.

ROYAL ROUTES - I Want Her 7" (Perpetrator Rec.) 6,00 Euro
Last blast by Montreal's answer to the CHEATER SLICKS, these sporadically-releasing misfits birth a final fine pair of tunes after a song on Killed By Trash Vol. 1. A take on a original By NZ 60s wildmen, the Chants R'N'B, and a stomping original.....bleating harmonica, bristling guitars, snarled mumbling psychotic vox, and savage drum battering....darker brethren to the DEMONS CLAWS, and a side experiment in madness from the SCAT RAG BOOSTERS, these RNB heathens will be sorely missed...

ROYAL ROUTES - Movin Up 7" (Yakisakana Rec.) 4,90 EUR

RUBY - Same 7" (Rockstar Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Yeah, this melody driven Punk Rock Band out of Berlin is truly one of the great things that the year 2016 had to offer. With (ex-)members of: IDLE HANDS; BLANK PAGES, DIE TUNNEL, OUT ON THE LIMB etc..., RUBY resembles the superheros of Punk Rock. Dark and catchy downstroke Guitars, earworm quality hooks and male/female singer taking turns are a pretty solid guarantee for a flawless Punk record.

RUBY - Same One-sided 12" (Stencil Trash Rec.) 17,90 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Powerpunk from Berlin. (ex-)members of: IDLE HANDS; BLANK PAGES, DIE TUNNEL, OUT ON THE LIMB etc...
Pressing infos: 190 copies in a 2c silkscreened cover - 350g/m² nutmeg paper - clear wax - silkscreened b-side - stamped brown paper a-side label pasted over the white label - with insert printed on 250g/m² recycling paper - black deluxe innersleeves - numbered by stamp

RUDY BURP & THE CHERUBS CD (Creativ Studio Rec.) 8,00 EUR

RUNS, THE - Piss and Shit 7" (Criminal IQ Rec.) 5,50 Euro
Another band with no redeeming qualities proudly unleashed by CIQ. Six songs to go with your six pack of Steel Reserve. Dumb fun for aspiring nihilists abused with an electric bargain basement pogo beat and rudimental fuzz-riffery (ala Spits, GG, or Metal Urbain) that push along such universal themes as "My Job Sucks" and "Constipated". "End of Days" even gets apocalyptic on the way to the bathroom to puke up the mix of Draino, Wild Irish Rose, and Kool Aid in suspect punch at the Cretins' charity ball. Speaking of bathrooms, "Constipated" will please shit fetishists world wide. Corpophagia is the brown alternative to bourgeois green capitalism... ask Dirty Sanchez the infamous burrito vendor.

Limd. 500 regular edition 11,50 Euro
Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers, frontside artwork printed on red paper, backside artwork printed on black paper and stuck together! For P.Trash Club-members only! 13,75 Euro
Legends of DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, MOTORSPORT, The SPECIMENS, KAMIKAZE TRIO, The ACTIONEERS and SWEARJAR. What do these bands all have in common? Members from the infamous sub-par supergroup RUSSIAN ROULETTES.
Agostino Soldati bangs his vintage drum kit with a fury rarely seen in this town. Sam Agostino screams and scratches his guitar like a possessed demon and Tim Wold pounds his bass guitar into submission!!!