Do-5" !!! GREAT COLLECTOR stuff!!! LIMITED edition with two exclusive tracks each by both bands, put onto two tiny pieces of colored (red & blue) 5"vinyl, with a full-color silkscreened foldout-cover by cartoon-artist Dennis Tyfus! Highly Recommend !!!

X NO WAY OUT X/ PALERMO STRAIGHT EDGE - 6 Song Ep (Xalliancex Rec.) 4 Euro

X-PRAYS - Same LP (Bowery Rec.) 11,50 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! X-PRAYS is a Punk trio from Madrid, formed by members of WEBELOS, GRUPO SUB 1, OBEDIENCIA... and arisen from the ashes of the missing Asiatics, but more aggressive, more direct and definitely more Punk! The amazing female vocals are the absolute stars, wich immediately bring to your memory KBD bands as VKTMS, Electric Deads, UXA, and they would neither be out of tune by sharing the stage with bands like SPASTICS, TYRADES or GORILLA ANGREB. However, they don't resign to their own sound, combining, in a fairly original way, simple instrumental with these bold vocals. The result: inmediate, direct and catchy songs that will make you flip out! Listen and judge for yourself. 320 copies!

X-PULSION / STREETS Split 7" (No Good Rec.) 7,50 EUR
A great split E.P. on the equally great No Good label. X-PULSION is great chaotic punk with super snotty vocals (I love the nasal back-up vocals on Heaven only knows) and the last song; Castration is a great short outburst of proto hardcore, while Streets do punky reggae, but I still think it’s pretty cool done as I don’t mind some of that from time to time. Listen carefully to the drumsound on the X-pulsion tracks as it’s played and produced with chaotic perfection, just as MAD VIRGINS and CELL 609.

X-RAYS - Crawling Back To Vegas 7" (Savage Rec.) 5 Euro

X-RAYS - Going Postal LP ( Saddle Rec. ) 9 Euro

X-RAYS - Whores Are Cool 7" ( Saddle Rec. ) 4 Euro

YASS - Things That Might Have Been LP (X-Mist Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Finally available, the highly anticipated and long-awaited first album from black forest Noise-Post-Punk sensation YASS! Markus (TEN VOLT SHOCK) and Frank (KURT, TEN VOLT SHOCK) are combining their driving-blistering guitar sound and heavily pounding beats with dark and pulsating synthesizer-loops to an energetic and powerful piece of modern Noise-Rock/Post-Punk. References if you like: LIGHTNING BOLT meets CHROME meets SIX FINGER SATELLITE... or like BATTLES on speed! But in any case: Totally great and truly fascinating! LP with 10 songs pressed on 180g-vinyl, with a printed cardboard innersleeve, and packed into a die-cut cover.

YAZOO - Only You 7" (Mute Rec.) 4 Euro

YEAR ZERO - Year One LP (Full Trash 57)
Limd. 500 regular edition 11,50 Euro
Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers, gold, black & green artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper! For P.Trash Club-members only! Sold Out
Whatever these Canadians guys secretly mix in their drinks, it seems that it brings out an endless stream of brilliant and catchy, yet distinctive songs in each of their bands SEDATIVES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, LAST COMMUNION and MOTHER'S CHILDREN.
So here's their new combo YEAR ZERO with a debut LP that actually consists of two parts; ''Bottle Artillery'' with 7 songs recorded in 2010 and the 9 tracks session ''No Tongue for Eros'', recorded a year earlier. Packed together, they called it ''Year One'' and it sounds fierce yet grounded, relentless but positive, and so effortlessly unwavering to the very end. It is both excitingly familiar and so fresh in skill and maturity that you are unlikely to hear anything like it elsewhere currently. Pulling from the classic Power Pop leanings of the BUZZCOCKS in songs like ''Pros & Cons'', to the ragged and rapid REPLACEMENTS and mostly HÜSKER DÜ tones in the majority of the songs, right down to the influences of fellow Canadians the DOUGHBOYS or PUNCHBUGGY, this record is a tight, fuzzy underground treasure in the waiting.

YES MISTRESS! – Drunk Again 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) Black Wax 5,50 EUR
YES MISTRESS! – Drunk Again 7" (Ken Rock Rec.) Red Wax 6,00 EUR
4 tracks. From Yes Mistress!, this is the 2nd 7” from a band born of bad vibes, a love for noise, and passion for pure rock mayhem. 350 copies printed. 175 on red vinyl, 175 on black vinyl.

YOKOHAMA HOOKS - Creepy Crawl 7" (Lipstick Pickup Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Awesome female fronted angular punk from Spokane Washington.This is the first release on Jeanie's, new all girl label, Lipstick Pickup Records. Each release will be limited to 300 copies with handmade covers.

YOKOHAMA HOOKS - Turn On 7" (Tic Tac Totally Rec.) 5,50 EUR
The Hooks drive out heavy-handed, angular punk rock stabs that conjure delusions of a less bleak, female fronted DAILY VOID (in terms of pure, driven intent)...somewhere between there and a less "goofy-topic-oriented" LIVE FAST DIE. 3 songs altogether. The two originals here exude a "I could give exactly two fucks about any "weathering" the hands of time may throw" attitude. And it's the kind of time-tested punk rock that can flat out bury it's feet into position and make you take it like a staring contest which works for them very well. And the cover of Bloodstains on the flipside is the perfect reference, linking this record right to the scene of the crime. Excellently recording and production, and highly recommended if you like awesome 45's.

YOLKS - Don't Cry Anymore 7" (Bachelor Rec.) 5,90 EUR
Brand new 7” from Chicago’s self proclaimed and self crowned Kings Of Awesome, THE YOLKS!!! Side B finds The Yolks treading familiar waters, producing another one of their trademark punk rock n roll jams with “I Wanna Be Dumb”, a song that celebrates the sheer joy of being stupid while lamenting the fact that intelligence works only one way. Unfortunately, one can only get smarter, not dumber, and once you’ve learned too much, it’s too late. SUCH IS LIFE. Side A, however, marks the continuation along a newer path for The Yolks. “Don’t Cry Anymore” is a lot less Ramones or Booker T and the MGs than much of their previous output, and a lot more Ethiopians, Clarendonians, and Everly Brothers, with brothers Nathan and Spencer Johnson singing those sweet, sweet harmonies whose gentle beauty will surely lift your spirits, and maybe, just maybe, might melt your cold, dead little heart. It’s a sound that not many bands are going for nowadays, and it is already making beautiful women swoon, tough guys choke back tears, and audiences across Chicago shower The Yolks with flowers, kisses, and admiration every time they play! With this single The Yolks show once again their ability to write songs in very different styles that nonetheless always sound cohesive, for in the end they never stray far from the immortal wellspring of pure, unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll. Buy this record and see for yourself that, indeed, The Yolks truly are THE KINGS OF AWESOME!!!

YOUNG, THE - 4 Songs 7" (Criminal IQ Rec.) 5,50 Euro
Next in a long line of great Texasly challenged punk bands come the Young from Austin who deliver four prime punk cuts for your discerning palette that rise musically into anthem mode. You can find such anthemic qualities in 80"s bands as diverse as Dag Nasty, Husker Du, and Les Thugs and The Young follow suit managing to sound angry, committed and utterly timeless. Melodies rise from an adrenalin rush that travels the globe. From California to Sweden and back to Chicago kids of all ages will thrill to The Young!!

YOUNG BOYS - Bring 'em Down / Run Away May 7" (Rococo Rec.) 5,90 EUR
This new blast from Rococo is a two-song single from Young Boys, a four-piece from Brooklyn, New York, who craft urgent pop songs drenched in reverby feedback that should make any fan of The Jesus and Mary Chain quiver in delight, as evidenced by the a-side howler, "Bring 'em Down." But while there are many bands out there that merely worship at the feet of TJAMC and exist in supplication mode, Young Boys are not merely copyists. They do have a knack for placing the listener in that era, though. On the b-side, "Run Away May" they evoke the feel of The Psychedelic Furs, at precisely that time the band were shedding their darker skins and easing into their pop life. Young Boys demonstrate that they have balls, Pop balls, psychedelic garage-punk balls maybe, but balls, nonetheless.

YOUNG CANADIANS - A.K.A. The K-tels LP (Lady Kinky Karrot / Rockin`Bones Rec.) 10,90 Euro
The Young Canadians blazed onto to the Vancouver scene in early 1979 and were soon heralded as one of the most creative, mostly undiscovered punk/new wave scene's best bands, alongside the Subhumans, Pointed sticks and D.O.A. This reissue includes the Hawaii EP (1979), the Bob Rock-produced This Is Your Life EP and few previously unreleased live tracks.

YOUNGER LOVERS - 4/4 Kick 7" (Southpaw Rec.) 5,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Hot on the heels of his latest LP "Rock Flawless" Brontez Purnell and Co. blast us with 3 more pop tunes that make you want to shake your ass through the night.

YOUNGER LOVERS - Rock Flawless LP (Bachelor Rec.) 11,75 EUR
BRONTEZ PURNELL is not only the head of THE YOUNGER LOVERS, he writes the ”She‘s over it!” column for MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL zine and he‘s got his own dance ensemble „Brontez Dance Company”. Before he came to Oakland, CA he lived in Triana, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he released a zine called SCHLEPP, after moving to California he started a new zine called FAG SCHOOL, he played in guitar in the band PANTY RAID with Seth Bogart a.k.a. HUNX, both joined the band GRAVY TRAIN!!! and after they broke up and HUNX moved on Brontez started THE YOUNGER LOVERS. So far THE YOUNGER LOVERS put out one EP called „California Soul” recorded and produced by former high-school pal Vice Cooler (Hawney Troof, XBXRX) in the basement of Club Short, and later the “Newest Romantic” LP, recorded and produced one drunk summer at Sugar Mountain by Brian “Hammy” Hamilton / THE FLESHIES. The new record has been recorded and mixed by Matthew Melton (BAREWIRES, SNAKEFLOWER 2) This release is limited to 350 copies.

YOUNG GUV AND THE SCUZZ - A Love Too Strong LP (Southpaw Rec.) 16,90 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Young Governor began as a solo outlet for Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook. Since 2009 Cook has released 11 singles along with two EPs, (a prolific side project for a guy who is already in a full time band). While each release has varied in style and sound they all carried that same intensity and pop sensibility. On Young Guv’s new 12” on Oakland, CA label Southpaw, Cook enters a legit studio for the first time and brought with him some of the best musicians Toronto has to offer. Recorded and mixed by Steve Chahley, Canada's hidden gem engineer and mixer and "nicest man on planet earth" according to Cook. The intention was to make a high fidelity pop record with heavy influences from Guided By Voices, Tom Petty, and The Replacements. After one spin, no one could argue, Cook has unleashed his pop masterpiece onto the world. Includes digital download code.

YOUNG GOVERNOR - Where It's Quiet 10" (12xu Rec.) 11,75 EUR
Latest and most expansive YOUNG GUV effort to date from Toronto's BEN COOK (FUCKED UP, MARVELOUS DARLINGS, THE BITTERS), keeps churning out the hits, this time in the form of a 10" that continues to mix elements of garage-punk and power-pop into a melodic beast that takes cues from THE REPLACEMENTS and THE UNDERTONES. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

YOUNG GOVERNOR - Cindy's Gonna Save Me 7" (Dirtnap Rec.) 5,50 EUR
YOUNG GOVERNOR is Ben Cook from FUCKED UP. And MARVELOUS DARLINGS. And Bitters, and probably a bunch more we can't think of at the moment. When he contacted Dirtnap about releasing one of the 10 million or so 7"s they got coming out in the 010, it seemed like a no-brainer. "Cindy’s gonna save me" is a fractured lo-fi Pop gem, with perhaps a bit more of a 60’s influence than some Young Guv material. B side is a UK Pub style smash. All copies come with download coupon.

YOUNG GOVERNOR - Firing Squad b/w 25 With A Bullet 7" (Plastic Idol Rec.) 5,85 EUR
In a few short years, Ben Cook has carved out a sweet little niche for himself under the moniker "YOUNG GOVERNOR." The Guv's stamp is pretty much everywhere you look these days: he writes, he records, he slings wax as a budding record label mogul, and he still finds time to rock the guitar in FUCKED UP and do his Poppunk job with MARVELOUS DARLINGS! Last year, he even landed a part in some teen idol flick, playing drums opposite Nick Jonas, and lived to write a song about it for his agent. Word is, the Guv is taking it to the stage in 2011 with a full band. No ETA yet, but we'll all be paying attention for sure. This single marks our fourth dance with Ben and it's a real corker. "Firing Squad" was on its way to a super-indie when we rescued it, while "25 With a Bullet" appears here in its third--and best, we think--form. Limited to 600 copies, black vinyl.

YOUNG GOVERNOR - Pizza Face 7" (SP Rec.) 6,50 EUR
Europe distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
Pizza Face is back! Originally released from Scotch Tapes in 2010. it was lathe cut 7", only 66 copies, sold out in 45 minutes. This version has original cover art with Japanese language, remastered, Black vinyl.

YOUNG GOVERNOR - The Beat Of My Heart 7" (Wallride Rec.) 5,75 EUR
The prolific Ben Cook of YOUNG GOVERNOR (also of FUCKED UP & MARVELOUS DARLINGS) presents another 7" of melodic, lo-fi, Garage Pop-Punk tunes, throwing in a bit of a '60s British feel on the A-side "The beat of my heart," with the B-side being rounded out by a more dreamy shoegaze-inspired number.

YOUNG LEAVES - Alive And Well LP (Baldy Longhair Rec.) 14,90 EUR
After a successful gig at Fest 12 last month the Massachusetts based power trio The Young Leaves will hit the road to support their third release Alive and Well. With this release the band shows its here for the duration and also shows growth in their songwriting, musically the band is sounding louder and better than ever. A three piece Post-Punk band that comes off sounding like someone took the best parts of Dinosaur Jr., Weezer, Husker Du, and The Ramones, mixed it up thoroughly and then threw in the some revved up Elvis Costello style vocals to keep it interesting. The band consists of Chris on vocals/guitar, Lindsey laying down the fierce bass lines and Rico completing the attack on percussion.

YOUNG MOTHER - Future Classics LP (Telephone Explosion Rec.) 16,25 EUR
Back In Stock! The 25th release from Telephone Explosion! "Future Classics " is Young Mother's debut LP which features nine kraut-inspired jams from one of Toronto's best current bands. Amazing vocal performances abound, while the band walks a tightrope between noise and melody that is truly impressive.

YOUNG OFFENDERS - Leader of the followers LP (Deranged Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Those young enough to make music in their free time rarely have any unique life experiences to sing about. Those with the battle scars and broken bones put down their instruments and capitulate to "real life." The YOUNG OFFENDERS guitarist Jason recently asked: "When you get to a certain age and you’re a creative person, you’re like, ‘How can I make a fuckin’ living and still not hate myself?’" San Francisco’s YOUNG OFFENDERS’ answer comes in the form of their first record that’s not a split LP or a 7", inside of eight tightly-knit, dancey, not-scene-or-subgenre-specific songs. You like a little bit of melody in your Punk? You like sexy bald brains? You like songs with definite parts, weight of thought, sharp edges, and punch? You like cohesion, the feeling of "Fuck yeah. This is an album. For fans of ALOPECIA, wishing every spin of the came with a freshly-pulled pint, MISSION OF BURMA, BLITZ, FUTUREHEADS, international diplomacy, 4/4 beats, The CHORDS, John Peel’s sense of adventure, EDDY CURRENTS SUPRESSION RING or AIRFIX KID.

YOUNG OFFENDERS - Razorcake Sister Series 7" (Razorcake Rec.) 5,50 EUR
At first glance, the Young Offenders can easily be mistaken for a pack of reckless sods who seem hell-bent on nothing more than beer and a close shave. But on further inspection, you can find them to be a vital cornucopia of endearing personalities and regional accents who have harvested their favorite aspects of post-punk, power pop, and early hardcore to create a sound that is unmistakably their own.. This records features 3 originals and a HEX DISPENSERS cover.

YOUNG WASTENERS - Same 7" (Hjernespind Rec. / Kick-n-Punch Rec.) 4,50 Euro
BACK IN STOCK after the 1st press sold out in seconds. Not the same old shit - certain friends and acquaintances have been singing the praises of this Danish band for a while and I'm glad I paid attention. A rough-hewn, catchy punk sound routed heavily in early west coast punk, with cajoling melo dramatic vocals by Willy Viagra (cute) and jabbing guitar chords. It realty doesn't sound like anything else I can think of, at the moment, although there are some obvious touchpoints, such as the CIRLE JERKS and ADOLESCENTS, but these guys put their own personality all over it. Buy now or never!!!

YOUTH AVOIDERS - Same LP (Build Me A Bomb / Deranged Rec.) 12,90 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
After a very well received 7" several tours, YOUTH AVOIDERS return with their 1st full-length album. For fans of hardcore-punk, this will be without a doubt, the best record to come from France in a long-long time. Part hardcore reminiscent of CAREER SUICIDE’s punchy delivery and part punk with a frantic guitar work that brings to mind DEAN DIRG. Loads of catchy hooks delivered at high velocity makes this a real stand out record.

YOUTHBITCH - I’m In Love With Girls 7" (Dirtnap Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
YOUTHBITCH is a four piece based out of Portland, OR, but made up of transplants from Illinois, St Louis, and Idaho. Their second LP, Don't Fuck This Up, came out on Jonny Cat Records in August 2012. The Willamette Week called it 'the best local document of such a sound since the Exploding Hearts’ Guitar Romantic, and it deserves a vaunted spot next to Gentleman Jesse’s self-titled debut in taxonomies of contemporary classics. Now they're back with 3 of their best songs yet, a heterosexuality-affirming hit on the A-side, backed with 2 of their trademark wired-up geeky garage/pop jams on the flip!

YOUTHS,THE - Same 7" (Criminal IQ Rec.) 5,50 Euro
The YOUTHS from Portugal, The Youths play great, old-fashioned, pissed-off, teenage rebellion punk ‘n’ roll. With garage rock stomping and production, complete with hand claps, this record is a fast, smart blast of angst done right. These guys are tuneful but don’t veer into pop-punk territory, this is a raw record from start to finish and is getting lots of play in my house at the moment. I’m hoping they can turn this into a full album someday soon. For fans of PEDESTRIANS, REATARDS, REGULATIONS, ADOLECENTS, etc..

YUSSUF JERUSALEM - A Heart Full Of Sorrow LP (Born Bad Rec.) 13,50 EUR
YUSSUF JERUSALEM - A Heart Full Of Sorrow CD (Born Bad Rec.) 13,50 EUR
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! Totally amazing first album. From the hate filled first two minutes of it and right through the next 28 minutes of sad doomy bedroom folk, cold drones, and beautiful weird pop. All killer no filler.

YUSSUF JERUSALEM - Blast From The Past LP (Floridas Dying Rec.) 17,50 EUR
The first 7" I put out on Florida's Dying was a split with Buttercups and The Creteens (Benjamin Daures's band at the time). 2008's "Heart Full Of Sorrow" was the first LP released on Floridas Dying, and if I have things my way a Benjamin Daures LP will be the last thing I ever put out on Floridas Dying. Benji's a life long friend and a brother till the end. That being said it is with great satisfaction that I release the follow up to "Heart Full Of Sorrow" on Floridas Dying. "Blast From THe Past" is nine more tracks of beautifully sad pop songs about chivalry, death, and heartbreak that manage to successfully integrate Norwegian black metal, Rocky Erickson, french pop, and spaghetti western guitar work into one incredible album. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!

ZACK ZACK - Wir Haben Zeit LP (Dirty Faces Rec.) 11,75 EUR
ZACK ZACK - Wir Haben Zeit CD (Dirty Faces Rec.) 12,50 EUR
Zack Zack is the new band from Smail and Lotze from the legendary Berlin Punk outfit THE SHOCKS. They were completed by Andy from THE CREEKS and the drummer from THE MINUS APES. This is the continuation of the last Shocks album, but instead highspeed Punkrock you´ll get more poppy melodies. The album contains 10 originals plus a cover from the New Zealands finest 60s garage Punk Band THE BLUE STARS. Most songs are sung in German, but there are some English parts as well.

ZEBRASSIERES - Black Brainwave 10" (Short-Circuit Trash 03)
Limd. 500 Regular Edit. 11,75 Euro
Limd. 100 have deluxe silk-screened covers, neon-pink / neon-yellow print! For P.Trash Club-members only! SOLD OUT
Hand a '77 Punk band a Kleenex to clean their singser's snotty snout and engage a DEVO flower pothat that enriches the sound with that distinctive synthie jingle and welcome on the new offering by Ottawa's ZEBRASSIERES. Not a dull moment of taking a breath on these six non-stop go-go goers that move forward like a robot beyond control with a mind of its own and the cables in the speech centre crossed to pronounce twisted messages in songs like ''Lone fish'', ''Sexbot'', ''Magic Magician Man'' or ''Mythic Battle Of The Cosmos''. Recorded by Yogi Perogi, who already captured the quality sound of the WHITE WIRES and the STEVE ADAMYK BAND and mastered by Dave Williams of the SEDATIVES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND and CRUSADES.
Another fine display of Canadian inbreed finesse with the Power and the Pop when it comes to the Punk.

ZEBRASSIERES - Gooey Zoo Oneside-LP (Full Trash 74)
Limd. 300 regular Edit. comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, silver-metallic, black & neon-yellow artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!! 14,25 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. include the FUNFUNS Oneside-LP on the B-Side and comes in black wax fixed into deluxe silk-screened covers, silver-metallic, black & neon-orange artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper!!! Sold Out
After a two-year epitaxy in the wild of Ottawa, the ZEBRA was captured first by the the famous animal whisperers of the Going Gaga zoo in 2010, where it birthed this 8 song record loaded with the finest earcandy. That's what ZEBRASSIERES are known for. Copies went a-flyin' fast and lotsa people missed out on this one.
Now, the ZEBRA's back in its cosy European stable here on the P. Trash farm and the first offshoot is available again in a very limited edition of 300 one-sided copies. All wrapped up in new silkscreened artwork and remastered by Dave Williams of the SEDATIVES and the STEVE ADAMYK BAND, who gave the stylish New-Wave/Pop-Punk sound a classy polish.
Sounds like the stripped down B-52's that got the WHITE WIRES treatment and were added some synthesized DEVO chop chop. Simplistic and stylish stuff to bring out the sexbot in you.

ZEBRASSIERES - I Am A Human LP (Full Trash 86)
Limd. 500 "Regular" Edit. comes in black wax fixed into recycled/natural sleeves! 11,75 Euro
Limd. 100 "P.Trash Club" Edit. comes in deluxe silk-screened covers, Neon-Yellow / Silver artwork printed on thick recycled/natural paper! For P.Trash Club-members only! 14,90 Euro
Good news for all Sexbots out there: ZEBRASSIERES are back & surprise, surprise: it’s called “I Am A Human” - a full length packed with 10 crisply new songs of their synth-driven frantic power-pop.
This new party platter brings some upgrades especially in song writing, which is rich in variety so the artwork is more colourful. Even more microphones are in the zoo, so this comes with additional & perfect fitting male/female vocal parts to let the party get closer to your eardrums before you go completely nuts.
From the handclaps guided intro-stomp of the titletrack, via the REATARD-ish “Enter The Third Dimension” and two more bouncing poppers through to the psychedelic head-banging finale “Opinion” on side A.
One thing is for sure: It’s not a test! It’s ZEBRASSIERES at their best! Maybe, there’s only one urgent desire awaken right now. Don’t worry!
The first song on side B name it & the whole thing is to accomplish it – “We Want More” – so the party continues without a changed mood... “Do You Wrong?”.
It is recorded by Paul "Yogi" Granger @ The Meatlocker, Ottawa (URANIUM COMEBACK, STEVE ADAMYK BAND, WHITE WIRES) and mastered by Hajji Husayn Mastering at the North London Bomb Factory (RED DONS, MOTHER'S CHILDREN).

ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH (DES TODES) - Would you rather...? LP (Alien Snatch Rec.) 11,90 EUR
The garage kraut sultans ZHOD slam their debut album onto our planet! tied deep in the garage, the love to shift your grooves with noncyclical waving instro sound-convoys back to a furious attacks of hypnotic, guitar punches and catchy choruses and freight train bass lines. Imagine ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT get pulled in the gutter by MAN OR ASTROMAN. KING TUFF commanding a cobainy submarine and the OH SEES' are detailed doin' service in the engine room. In a nutshell, just put TY SEGALL downhill on a bike with no brakes.
How come? Hiding in deserted Berlin backyards ducktaping broken windows and enriching their art progress with pharmacy bags of medical weed and cheap liquors, they onboarded reel-to-reel recording mastermind Nene Baratto (MOVIE STAR JUNKIES, Outside Inside Studios) to finally knock it out! It´s ten songs of fuzz-soaked, dreamy garage rock of this never-resting german four piece. They just put the cream on their european tour for the flippin´ festival summer and heading back to any basement weirdness or BYOB party right after to the Liverpool Psychfest! doing laundry is yesterday, stay dirty with ZHOD!

ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH DES TODES - Busy Ghost 7" (Alien Snatch Rec.) 5,50 EUR
Alien Snatch proudly welcome the german garage punk kids of ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH on ALIEN SNATCH! Flying wiener dogs deliver three songs - "Busy Ghost" is a dark standout dance floor stomper with pop appeal and the B-Side has two fuzzy assaults in "Summer Guts" and "Chatroulette". ZHOD started few years ago as a manic pussy galore instrumental astroman band and then added vocals to wreak havoc. So here is the dartboard: art damaged protoplasmic noise rock, madmen indie with teenage-twisted psych and blown-out grunge nods and the outer ring is garagey recklessness - the game can start! You just feel the kids go ape on the slippery mall floor anytime and want to join them in their next practice. now gimme me a highway toilet gimme a hockey arena gimme me a tokyo subway! Revive the vibe of the CLONE DEFECTS. In the meantime they shared stages with TY SEGALL early this year and will open for THEE OH SEES this summer. This is Warsaw, not LA! So if look for the new buzz & ambition and aesthetic allure make sure to have kleenex to wipe the spit & sweat out your face first. Cum stats: three songs, plain labels - handnumbered & limited to 400 tour 45.

ZERODENT - Same LP (Alien Snatch Rec.) 13,90 EUR
Remarkable debut PUNK LP from Perth, Australia which could be filed in the late KBD, early DIY era without gloryifying a fake canon. ZERODENT brushes your teeth with angst-ridden shrapnel-shooting guitars and vocals that will hit your stomach delayed like a speedboat ride. Thuggish no-bullshit punk rock with some power pop tunefulness, the way we like it! You get a certain cold mid-80s feel sometimes, giant-blanks of industry ruins and wastelands, but do things ever really change? Bordering on no-wave and late 70´s UK blue collar punk churlishness, they don't get too angular and keep the melodies flowing in a early WIRE like scrappy lo-fi punk style. Try to pin them down in your next OZ name-dropping dart game, it´s closer to THOUGHT CRIMINALS then SCIENTISTS and in the no-score desert between STRAIGHT ARROWS and ROYAL HEADACHE. Mastered by knob twiddler Jim Diamond and on US tour this autumn including GONER FEST. Vinyl runs on 45 RPM to get the maximum blast!

ZEX - Child Soldier 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Regular Edit. 5,75 EUR
ZEX - Child Soldier 7" (No Front Teeth Rec.) Limd. Edit. Printed on translucent film sleeve 9,90 EUR
New ZEX 7"!! That's right, two brand new cuts from Canada's finest... ZEX who mix the classic UK first Wave Punk Rock sound with a touch of NWOBHM.

ZEX - Uphill Battle LP (Maniac Attack / Subzine / Plastic Bomb / Warhead Punx Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Germany distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
This is the band's second full length and as always, it's great. ZEX from Ottawa always has that old school punk sound, a bit of the 80s in their music and they do a good job at it. The guitar (Jo Capitalicide) and the bass (Gab Hole) are throwing good riffs, the guitar has a good distortion, he brings some good solos and nice melodies through all the songs. Good drumming keeps the music moving (Mark Useless). The vocals of Gretchen Steel are perfect for the style of music they have.. She has the right intonation that reminds us of the British bands of the 70s and the 80s. Not unlike AVENGERS, RUNAWAYS and GIRLSCHOOL!!! In the end the band is releasing a great album that sticks to their style of punk rock, catchy and always reinventing itself. Good work again from ZEX.

ZEX - Wanderlust 7" (No Front Rec.) Regular version is the cover with the image on it. 5,50 EUR
ZEX - Wanderlust 7" (No Front Rec.) Limd. version cover is the Zex logo laser-cut out of acrylic (various colours available including transparent and mirrored!) 12,90 EUR
Man, are NFT happy to be bringing you this amazing single…the European release of the debut ZEX 7”.
Out of a dingy garage in Ottawa, Canada comes ZEX – a new Rock 'n' Roll band fueled by '77-'79 Punk Rock and New Wave of British Heavy Metal singles featuring Jo Capitalicide (Iron Dogs, Germ Attak). This is a band on a mission: full of guitars that riff histrionically, pissed-off vocals and great melodies, Zex are true rebels and let’s just say if you miss the classic punk rock sounds of the late ‘70s and possibly the early ‘80s, ZEX will blow you away.
if you like it raw and in your face, but yet still very melodic then ZEX is what you need. This record is is studded with songs that stick to your brain like glue. ZEX is a band that struts, doesn’t devolve into cliché, and, basically, are the sort of snotty-nosed brats that you wouldn’t want to get into a fight with them in the street. They bring heft and muscle to their music, and, simply put, if you like awe-inspiring music regardless of genre, you need to get this band into your life right now. Like, right now. Go.

ZOLA JESUS - The Spoils LP (Sacred Bones Rec.) 14,90 EUR
Sacred Bones is proud to present The Spoils from Zola Jesus. Hailing from the unsuspecting locale of Madison, WI, Zola Jesus—the alter ego of Nika Roza Danilova—occupy a sphere of sparse industrial rhythms, no-fi drones, and ethereal femme vocals. Those who have seen her handful of live shows, heard her WFMU set, or caught any of the acclaimed, sought after, and now mostly out of print releases on Die Stasi or Troubleman Unlimited already know. For those uninitiated The Spoils may be the most fully realized representation of her sound. Zola Jesus have two previous releases on Sared Bones, the Souer Sewer single and a limited CD of a live performance from WNYU.

Zonic Shockum - Whores 7" (Beefeater Rec., limd. 500) 4 Euro

ZOOMEN - Same 10" (Relax-o-Matic Vibrator Rec.) 10,90 Euro
Razorcake wrote: Sounds like whatever country they're from's attempt ad the HIVES, but with a properly punk attitude of general irreverence ( if you're are brave, check out the sleeveless, horizontally - striped, too-short Mickey Mouse T-shirt one of the band members is sporting over his hilariously conspicuous midriff. Now THAT'S comic genius!). Sometimes I pretend they sound like the DAMNED or RADIO BIRDMAN. This record occasionally strikes me as being realy fuckin' good, but, at other times, I can help but thinking that, a hundred years from now when the aliens come down to planet earth and start sifting thru heaps of our popular culture from the first decade of the 21st century, they're gonna spend all of ten seconds going over the punk records, and head straight for the copies of Katamari Damacy! Oh well, BEST 10' since the Teenage Knockouts!!! BEST SONG : "Sorry" BEST SONG TITLE : "Piggy Wiggy Dance" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT : The second time I saw Peter Noon, I kept getting massive laughs by referring to (even sponsor) Piggly Wiggly TM grossery stores as "the Piggy Wiggy!" Oh that Peter!

ZOSCH! - Birds Don't Lie LP (Spastic Fantastic Rec.) 10,90 EUR
ZOSCH! are three women and two men from Cologne/Germany. With double female vocals, they create their own highly enjoyable mix of danceable Punkrock, Disco-Synthies and great lyrics! In times minimalistic, in other dense and impulsive. Comparisions to Le Tigre or Bikini Kill are misleading. Rather imagine a more punky version of LOST SONDS, mixed with some goodold Deutschpunk and a fresh breeze of the new Wave sound of the eighties. this record definetly will make you want to put on your dancing shoes and go "yeahyeah"! 180 gr. Vinyl in thick 300gr. cardboard!

ZUKUNFT ? NEGATIV ? - Oneside LP (Prügerprinz Rec.) 11,90 EUR
Behind ZUKUNFT? NEGATIV! hides a side-project of SNIFFING GLUE members and EA 80 vocalist Martin "Junge". This limited Mini- lp + scratchin, deliver fresh '80s german hardcore in the tradition of INFERNO, MALINHEADS or RAZZIA.

ZUSTÄNDE - 5 Song Debut 7" (Kink Rec.) 5,20 EUR
Highly Recommend by P.Trash!!! 5 x 77' Punkrocksmasher from german youngsters ZUSTÄNDE. Think our german heros DEAN DIRG, MODERN PETS, DERBY DOLLS & MALADRO!TS fixed their sound to a concrete mixer, and you will get 5 Überhits!!!

ZYGOTEENS / HUSSY Split 7" (Big Action Rec.) 5,75 EUR
The Hussy is a two piece with the most intense scathing guitars & pounding drums this side of Wisconsin. The Zygoteens are sadly no longer together, but when they were, you could file them under the FM Knives. Two songs from each band, hand screened covers, mixed color vinyl.

ZYGOTEENS - Sleeping With The Stereo On 7" (Timmeheiehumme Rec.) 5,00 EUR
ZYGOTEENS - Sleeping With The Stereo On 7" (Timmeheiehumme Rec.) we also have a handful limd silkscreened-sleeves 8,00 EUR
Exclusive distributed by P.Trash Records!!!
YOUR hit-record for late summer 2010!!! Four fantastic Powerpop/Punkrock songs on 45 rpm by this trio from Milwaukee/Wisconsin (feat. Members of GUT REACTIONS and PLEXI 3)!!! Catchy as hell and inspired by THE REAL KIDS, MODERN LOVERS, GIZMOS, DICTATORS and pure teenage folly! The songs of THE ZYGOTEENS are usually kind of fast, pretty loud, and only usually in-tune and on-beat. Under the layers of fuzz, snapped guitar strings and busted drum sticks are well crafted pop-songs that are surprisingly sincere and delivered in an immense outpouring of passion and energy. The songs represented on the "Sleeping With The Stereo On" EP are very autobiographical and cover all bases as to what the band is interested in: girls, sleeping, and watching TV. These songs have the right hooks to provide the soundtrack for your late-night summer dance parties AND the right lyrics if you can't make it to the party because you didn't wanna go outside so you just decide to fall asleep while watching TV ... OR if you're at the party and you see that girl you have a crush on in the arms of some other jerk. So whatever you're doing on Saturday night, these songs have got ya covered!
Brought to you by the P.Trash brother in crime Bernd "Timmeheiehumme Records", the unpronounceable sublabel of the mighty CRKO Fanzine (Corporate Rock Knockout)! The regular edition comes with a neat full-color cartoon-artwork. A small limited edition with silkscreened-sleeves (silver on black) is available directly from THH Records!